Message in a Body

Chapter One : Disorientation

Sound was like a fleeting echo, pierced by brash interludes of cacophonous reality. It was vibrant enough to jar her body into motion on the next crescendo, but dwindled again, almost dragging her back into the dark with it as it dipped into a trough, nearly taking all intelligible sound with it once more. Like wise, her vision was skewed, blurred so badly that the only thing she could tell for certain was that there was far too little light.

Acrid smoke burned deep with every breath as she tried to move once more, only to hear her own scream pierce the dim lit broken world around her. "Abby…" it was a whisper, a cry, no a concerned groan. A voice lost in it's own pain, yet filled with concern for her. "Abby." the gravel to his voice rose in fear and a cry passed his lips in tandem with a crunch of concrete against concrete as he shifted rubble from his body.

In an instant a weight lifted from own her chest, tender fingers probing fervently. "Abby…" He was closer, moving faster, terror griping his voice now as she panted in breath after breath and tried to recover from the pain that moving had caused. "Abby…" Could he not say anything, but her name?

"Abby." Oh Geez, How about, 'Are you alright' ? Maybe it was implied? Or was her name the question? Everything in her head felt fuzzy, like her brain cells were trying to trying to clear up a case of amnesia on how to fire off the synapses. "Ab- " She cut him off finally, when she found her voice again. "McGee…" Sure it wasn't much, but then what did he expect, he wasn't really saying much more then her name anyway.

"Oh thank God, Are you ok? Can you move?" Ok that explained his name calling. He was wanting to get a status. All made sense now. Abby finally tried to open her eyes again and blinked rapidly to filter out even the dim light that filtered in from the swaying fluorescent that was only half a foot above McGee's head. It flickered wildly for a few moments as she blinked and then became more steady. "I don't know." You'd think that it wouldn't be so hard to answer such questions, but…

She drew in a deeper breath and felt the sudden pain again, her sides bursting with blitzed agony and she bit back another scream, her breath hitched between clenched teeth as all her muscles seized up to try and keep her movement more sheltered. "Whoawhoawhoa." McGee stilled her, gently placing his hands on both shoulders as he pressed his body in closer. "Breath easy. .." Damn it was easy for him to say that. She felt tears slip down from the corner of her eyes as she finally was able to do so, muscle groups slowly relaxing as the pain began to become manageable.

"Alright…okay…" She wasn't really sure who McGee was trying to reassure as he whispered the words out, his own voice strained more and more with fear that he couldn't mask. Although a moment ago she was questioning it, she could breath easier now. Blackness edged back into her vision, McGee's voice lost to echoing consciousness before she came back around. "Abby, can you hear me?" She almost scoffed, ok so maybe she actually did, but it was a soft one, enough so that she wasn't feeling a whole lot in the way of pain.

"I Hope so, otherwise I'm hallucinating." Abby opened her eyes, seeing relief flooding McGee's eyes. "What happened?" She remembered that they needed to get to her lab, they had been near Gibb's desk…he was on the usual letting everyone decide what he was about to order then to do phase of the investigation and then rush to do it and she and McGee had been walking toward the elevator…Had they gotten in?

"The elevator shaft collapsed." McGee replied evenly, as she felt more weight lift off her and she realized that McGee had been trying to uncover her. " We hit the bottom and most of the debris came through the top of the elevator." He motioned upward as if she needed to know which way was up. Ok so the elevator had collapsed and debris rained down from above…wait, What?!

"I think you've got some broken ribs, possible internal bleeding, maybe a concussion, you were buried, Abby." McGee continued though Abby was working out what could have caused something like this to happen in her own mind, not listening to the list of possible injuries. "There was…was it…it was a bomb?" Abby asked him in horror, tears glistening in her eyes. McGee licked his lips and looked away a moment before he met her eyes worriedly. "I don't know, maybe. I just…"McGee looked up wondering as she did, what lay beyond should it be true. "I don't know…"


"Ow…hey." Tony pulled his arm back, giving the paramedic a look of disdain as the guy had been working to get his forearm patched up, gauze now coating the skin between frayed edges of torn burgundy where his sleeve had once been. "Sir, I barely…" the paramedic protested but was cut short as Tony spotted Gibbs walking through the parking lot back towards the building. "Don't worry about it." Tony pushed off the back end of the ambulance and headed in Gibbs' direction at a sprint. There was still a lot of ground to cover to reach the building, nearly 2,000 feet away.

Smoke was still billowing out of the building from the shattered windows of their third story home above. "Boss." Tony acknowledged him taking in a deeper breath as he slowed up to meet Gibb's fast stride. Gibbs looked over with narrowed eyes as if to ask what he was doing at his side. "I know I was heading to the hospital with Ziva, but really… 'It's just a flesh wound.'" Tony mimicked a British accent and noted Gibb's not so amused glance. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail…" Tony added as if that would somehow clear it all up. It didn't. Gibbs looked away with a scowl and Tony frowned further, looking away a moment to collect his thoughts as though trying to reconcile through the shock to get back to his normal self in this instance. "Director Vance said that Ducky and Jimmy were out on assignment…they're coming in now." Tony offered, explaining what he knew about who they hadn't accounted for yet.

"They still haven't had any word from Abby or McGee." He said at last, knowing exactly what was eating at Gibbs, as his boss turned his gaze on him. Gibb's stopped mid stride and turned on DiNozzo. "They were in the elevator," He said with a strained emotional edged to his voice. Tony swallowed, having thought basically the same thing, but wishing to hold out hope. He knew Gibbs was too, but there was every chance that…that…Tony swallowed tightly and let out a breath. "They're not dead." Tony whispered out in all seriousness for once. Gibbs met his eyes with a gentle nod, his features softening a bit.