Short chapter is very, very short. D: But I just kind of wanted to wrap everything up and give this a nice little open ending. XD I'll be working on But it was Godiva! more now, and possibly starting a new fic sometime soon, in case anyone's interested. Thanks to everyone that read, alerted and reviewed!

When L announced that Light could go to bed, the teen was still hastily trying to think of a way to diffuse the detective's anger. He had gotten enough of his senses back to realize this was very, very bad, but he couldn't for the life of him figure out how he was going to fix it. L led the way to the bedroom, still not speaking very much, but seeming more calm. Light sat on his side of the bed, stealing another glance at the man.

"Ryuzaki, I just want to apolo--"

"Light-kun." Light hated being interrupted, but at least they were back to a first name basis. That was a good sign, at the very least. "I'm certain you remember what I told you when we had that fight."

"Uh…well, which fight? There have been a lot."

"The one soon after we moved into the new headquarters. Misa was there, if you recall."

Light did remember that…he had thrown the first punch after L mentioned his dismay that the investigation basically had to be started over. And that he had wanted Light to be Kira, of course. But what was L wanting him to remember from that? The man just continued watching him expectantly.

Suddenly one thing that had been said stuck out to him. It was worth a try, anyway. He didn't want L just looking at him like that. Light furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "An…eye for an eye?"

"Correct," L said in his usual monotone, sitting down and pressing his lips against Light's.

Light's breath caught in his throat. So this was L's idea of revenge? It couldn't have been, it was too gentle. Almost…pleasant.

Until L clamped his teeth down on Light's lower lip, of course. Light yelped, holding the back of his hand over his mouth when the detective sat back. "What was that for?!"

"For what you did at the club. We are even now."

"That was hardly like what happened!"

"Light-kun wouldn't know, he was drunk."

"I wasn't drunk enough to forget what happened just a few hours ago!" Light glared, grabbing two fistfuls of the man's hair and pulling him in for another kiss.

L wrenched his head away for a moment, not bothering trying to dislodge the teen's hands from his hair. "You made the score uneven again." When L tackled him and continued kissing him, Light was still trying to decide whether this was better or worse than the man just ignoring him angrily. Of course he would have to give it more thought later, when he wasn't busy trying to yank L's shirt over his head. "You're such a petulant child, Ryuzaki!"

"I believe this would be a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Light-kun," the man muttered, moving to take it off himself but stopping when he saw the teen cast a horrified look at the doorway. He followed Light's gaze, blinking thoughtfully. "Oh. Hello Yagami-san." Light just continued looking on in horror as his father coughed awkwardly.

"Er…hello L. Light, your mother wanted me to bring you some dinner…I'll just leave it on the table. I'll see you tomorrow." Soichiro hurriedly excused himself from the room, leaving the food on the table and making his way back home.

"We were just fighting!" Light called after him when he had articulated himself enough to speak again.

"I believe he is already gone. Eat your late dinner now. I want some cake." With a noise of dismay, Light followed the detective to the kitchen.

"Well way to go, Ryuzaki. Now he'll think I'm gay."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry. It's more likely that you are attracted to both genders. About 80%, if you ask me," the man calculated as he retrieved a piece of cake from the fridge.

"I would know better than you. You can't just say something like that."

"No, I do not think you would. I know you very well. And while I'm at it, I believe there is a 90% chance that Light-kun is attracted to me."

Light scoffed, his face flushing a little. "There's a 100% chance that you're just conceited."

"Being conceited doesn't make my line of thinking wrong."

"What does it matter, anyway? Even if I did have feelings for you, it's not like you would even do anything about it."

L laughed a little. "I don't believe I mentioned feelings, I mentioned attraction. But thank you for bringing the matter up. And I think you'll see I have already done something about it."

"That didn't count." Light removed the lid from the bowl his father had left, peering into it. The detective handed him a fork and sat at the table.

"Now who's being petulant?"

"You," Light said insistently, eating a little. After few minutes of silence, the man leaned over and pressed his lips to Light's cheek.

"How many more times will it be until it counts, Light-kun?" Light swallowed the bite of food he had been chewing, giving L a contemplative look.

"Keep going, and I'll let you know."