As Hinata walked up to the man of her dreams, training in the indoor gym, her face turned a deep crimson. For today Hinata Hyuga had made a very important decision, she was going to confess her feelings to her crush.

Now these was not going to be the confessions of a criminal or a cheater, but confessions of love. (duh)

Meaning she was going to tell Naruto that she loved him....(just in case you don't get it) which seemed simple enough, but it's surprising how much one underestimates these type of things, and Hinata had been underestimating these type of things since she was at least twelve, too shy to even look at her crush, much less ask him out, though she had wanted to.

Her crush had continually liked someone else, a certain someone with pink hair and sea green eyes... A girl named Sakura.

As Sakura contined to blow Hinatas crush away with her charm and good looks, Hinata watched.

And as her crush kept asking Sakura out, Hinata waited.

And as he finally got the guts to kiss Sakura, Hinata wished.

Until finally, after a good long five years of just wishing and watching and wating she decided to act. After all, Sakura still had her heart set on a certain jerk (which, lets face it, was NEVER going to like her) and her crush was still single, the time couldnt be more perfect.

So Hinata, filled to the brimm with resolve, rushed up to him and decided to tell him of her love with as much confidence as she could muster,

"Umm.. uh- um... Na-naruto k-kun?" She spoke, her face blushing and her voice barely a whisper. Okay, so maybe her confidence was a little pathetic, but if Naruto-kun accepted her....

"Hmm... What is it, Hinata?" Naruto asked, in a foul mood. He had just seen Sakura flirting with Sasuke AGAIN. Ugh, that just pissed him off.

"U-u-ummm wo-would you llike t-t-to umm--uh..." Hinata floundered about searching for the confidence she needed so desperately.

"Geez Hinata, just spit it out!" Naruto now had his full attention to her, even if it WAS because he was impatient.

"Go out with me?" Hinata asked in the smallest voice possible.

"eh? what?" Naruto asked, completely taken aback.

"U-u-umm its.. its nothing, I sh-should go," She stammered, losing her resolve. Maybe, if she just rushed home now, Naruto would forget what she had just said, and she could ask him out in another five years.. Yes, she thought, thats a great plan... But just as she was about to rush out, Narutos voice interuppted her,

"WAIT!" He exclaimed, "Yeah sure I'll go out with you," He answered, but with a strange look in his eye. Hinata didn't care though. All she thought of was the fact that her wonderful Naruto-kun had said YES, It was so AMAZING she felt she could almost FLY... " even though youre kind of weird.." he continued...

Wait- WEIRD? Hinatas flight dropped a few feet, but netherthelss her wings were still there, after all, Naruto HAD said yes, that was something to be happy about-

"Hehehe...Sakura-chan will be SOOO jealous!" He grinned at her, an evil chucke escaping for his lips...

and then her flight crashed completely. So Naruto was just USING her to get back at SAKURA?

Hinata stopped smiling completely. There he was, her so called love of her life, and he was just... Ughh! She thought. That just made Hinata sooo.... sooo... MAD. Something inside her completely snapped. Maybe It was because she realised the five years of her life she could have spent doing OTHER things, like training more, talking to people, cooking, had all mostly been wasted on thinking about Naruto... Or maybe... she was just pissed. Either way, the confidence which Hinata had been trying soo hard to find, suddenly came rushing back to her with a vengance. She smacked Naruto on the up-side of his head.

"Wha-what the hell was that for?" Naruto scowled, genuinely confused. It wasnt that he was a bad guy, its just that he could be a little self centered sometimes and forget little considerations, like umm Hinatas FEELINGS for example. Though he'd probably made stupider mistakes before, that still didn't stop Hinata from speaking her mind,

She freaked out.

"YOU, ARE A SELF-CENTERED IDIOT!" she yelled, making Naruto flinch, "And now that I have seen your true colours... " She continued in a quieter voice, " I don't think I can even LOOK at you, much less go OUT with you!" Naruto calmed down a little, " Good BYE Naruto!" She finally ended, with a powerful slap. And then she left, slamming the incredibly heavy gym doors with an impressive slam, leaving Naruto rubbing his cheek. Now, they both hadn't noticed, but she hadn't stuttered ONCE.

When Naruto had been the love of Hinatas very young seventeen year old LIFE, he had been present in every thought, action, and dream Hinata had almost ever had... (except for one where she had been chased by a giant cheeseburger, now that was just FREAKY.) Little did she know, that all the constant thougts of Naruto may have been the source of her over-the-top stuttering and blushing. Or... maybe not. But either way, though while Hinata would still blush beet red at any embarrassment, she would almost NEVER stutter again.

She ran out onto the road leading out to the woods, and she DIDNT look back.

... But perhaps if she had known what would happen next she should of. Just a thought.

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