About a month had gone by since the fireworks show and all its drama, and-


Sakuras cellphone blared as her hand shot out from her blankets to answer it. Quickly, she answered it, knowing exactly who it was. She couldn't help but let a smile race across her face. She had been waiting since, well forever to get a call like this, and even though it was three o'clock in the morning, she shot out of her bed like a rocket, and even stood up as she answered the pink slab of plastic.


"Shut up..." Ino groaned, interuppting her as she lay on the floor next to Sakuras feet. They were having a sleepover, and Ino could really use those three hours of sleep before early training the next day...

"Oh, right, sorry," Sakura replied quietly, jumping over the blonde that was tangled completely in her blankets, "So anyway," She whispered, as she heard the soft click of the bathroom door shut behind her, "whats up?"

"I had a dream about you," The voice coming out of the phone was dead serious, it almost sounded haunted. Sakura could not help but blush with pleasure.

"Really?" She asked, gushing, completely ignoring the groans of protest from the other room as her voice went up a few octaves. Sasuke-kun had had a dream about her? Sakura felt a little shiver tingle down her spine. If Sasuke-kun actually had a dream about her, it could only mean-

"You got mauled by a bear," He merely said. Sakura blinked. Then she looked at her phone in apprehension and hung up. Then she turned it off, and rushed back into her room, juming back into the sleeping bag that was waiting for with open flaps. She huddled into it, wrapping her extra blankets she'd brought around her snugly and shivered, this time with the cold feeling she only ever got when someone mentioned that horrible socially destructive incident with Rock Lee. She had still, not even after a month, been able to live that down after Kiba and Naimi had talked about it at the fireworks show, Kiba passing it on to Shino, eavesdropping fangirls of Shino passing it on to whoever would listen. Suddenly, she buried her head under the covers as she remembered the accusing eyes as people had taken in Naimis rather impressive injuries, the whispers as Rock Lee continued to do things for her without being asked, the snickers as they joked about him being her own personal hitman.

That Sasuke was an insensitive jerk. Hinata could have him.

Yeah, dont know what that was, I just felt it was sad for Sakura to still like Sasuke seeing as in this story is Sasuhina. So I just decided it would be better for her to 'see the light' rather than get with naruto at the moment. (I just can't imagine a COMPLETE turnaround, after that obsession)

Yeah, I just suddenly had the urge to write this, I dont know, I just found it funny :3

Anyway, this is now OFFICIALLY the end of the story: When Hinata SNAPS, it was a fun ride. But do not fear, for, in my days of AWOLNESS in the past, I have been working on ANOTHER random story, about SHINO, also featuring AKATSUKI randomness!!! :D So if your interested, just, I dont know, tune in tommorrow and I'll have the first chapter up!! I dont mind if you don't read the whole thing, you just HAVE to read the first chapter, because I actually REALLY think its funny, and I dont usually find my own work INCREDIBLY funny. :D So anyway, Ill just check how many reviews I have so far... ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT!11 OwO LETS TRY AND MAKE IT TWO HUNDRED!!!! OK, so, Ill just, uh, stop typing now...

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