Ch.1 "Man-made Demon"

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"Enough already. We chased you across an ocean." One of two doll looking people floated in the air glaring at the person in front of them. "Our ears. It's about time you give them back.

The sliver-blond hair nineteen year old looked at the two "dolls" with a smirk. "Forget it. Do I look like I'm gonna listen to you clowns?" The blond stuck out his tongue, holding the black hat on to the mob of hair on the head. The blond's eyes were sapphire blue and his skin was light tan of tone. "You'll have to kill me first." On the blond's cheeks were whiskers like marks.

"We intend to." The doll with laid down yarn hair growled. "Stop being so mouthy, you sorry patchwork." This doll's scarf was held by a large safety pin.

"It's like we said." The doll with yarn hair standing up sneered. This one had a shoulder bag. "You're nothing. We don't consider you a real demon."

The blond only snorted. "See if you can, Puppen. Look at you. You're a joke. Nothing but a stupid puppet." The blond smirked while the doll with the safety pin glared at his. "Besides, when did I ask you for your opinion anyway, Mariotte?" The blond tapped his coat. "I ain't interested in being pigeon-holed. I am what I am."

"That's why you're a reject." The doll pull one of the two pins out of its right ear, the only ear it had and tugged on it to make it grow into a spear. "Give back our ears!"

"Forget it." The blond grabbed his shoulder and pulled himself and began to spin in a whirlpool of fabric. "They're mine now!" Both dolls recoiled as the fabric spinning began to decrease in amount.

"Mariotte, he's getting away!" Puppen shouted.

"Duh. I can see that." Mariotte threw the pin spear. "You can do something too, you know." The pin graced the fabric, ripping some away with purple stains before the fabric completely disappeared.

"You hit him." Puppen said while the spear came back to Mariotte.

"Yeah. He threw something at the last second. It went right through me." Mariotte moved his scarf to see the hole.

"It was a rock."

"A rock?"

"Yeah. Hexed with his blood even." Puppen held up the rock reading what was written on it. "'Frailty, thy name is stone.' He's saying, 'You're weak, so obey my command.'" Puppen explain. "He can control objects if they have his blood on them."

Mariotte snorted. "He has to do this every time? He can't even throw a rock? How pathetic."

"He's just a patchwork." Puppen sighed. "He couldn't have gotten very far." Both dolls looked over the village below them.

"We'll catchup to you... Soon enough, Gertrude. Soon enough."

"Huh?" Uzumaki Naruto blinked as the sun's rays hit her face as she woke up inside an abandon house. "How long have I been sleeping..." Naruto sighed looking at the window. She had always been on the run, even when she got sent to an alternate reality for thirteen years and got a nine tail demon sealed inside her, since her "rebirth." She couldn't remember much when she was still a human. Every day was a challenge of life and death, never giving the wicked any rest.

"Great, still haven't healed." Naruto groaned, looking at her wound on her right arm. Purple blood stained her coat. "Agh.... It hurts... I must have been born under a bad sign...."

"Naruto stood up and looked out the window. "There's the recipe to worry about.... So, I best recuperate here..."

Naruto let out a sigh before noticing her hat was missing. "I wonder if I dropped my hat in the yard." Naruto jumped out the window and looked into a pair of onyx eyes she never thought she would see again.

-WHAM!- "Ow!!!"

Twelve year old Uchiha Sasuke groaned, holding his head as he looked at what he hit. He found a strangely dress sliver... maybe blond hair person kneeling, holding his head.

"Uh.... This is the first time I've seen you here... Er... How are you?" Sasuke asked. Mentally, though, he was cursing in his mind. He ran into someone near his super-secret training ground!

"It's not 'How are you?' You idiot!" The blond hissed.

"Oh... Were you hurt at all?" Sasuke looked at the clearly foreigner and saw the blond's arm. 'Nani? Nani? No matter how you look at it, something's definitely missing... To top it off, it's purple... I wonder why.' Sasuke decided it was nothing to worry about and wanted to leave. "Good thing you weren't hurt. See ya!" Sasuke turned around to walk away.

"Not so fast." The blond patted herself while smiling in annoyance. "Just one thing. A question, in fact... The word 'recipe.' Does it mean anything to you?"

"Recipe? As in cooking?" Sasuke pondered why the blond would asked that. He-as the blond looked male to him-did not look like a cook. Plus, he personally didn't see why he looked like he would have a recipe on him even with the fact, thanks to the council making it so people has to be fifteen to become a Genin, he had to take a cooking class... One of the only few classes that actually was useful now in the academy.

"I heard it was here, so I came all the way to Konoha. Do you know rich people or collectors into the occult?" Naruto asked.

"Ah... No..." Sasuke frowned. Why would a recipe be of the occult? This sparked the raven's curiosity. "What kind of recipe, though?"

'Umm... How to put this?' Naruto thought for a moment. "Well, I guess it's a mad scientist's experimental recipe.

"Experimental?" Sasuke looked at the blond with confusion, thinking he was crazy. "What are you gonna do when you find it?" Sasuke asked as the guy who he was looking was giving him the creeps/

"Burn it." Naruto evilly grinned. "It disappeared when the original owner died. For some reason, people come after me because of it.. So, I want to get rid of it."

"Oh...I see." Sasuke blinked. However, he wondered why the blond would be related to a mad scientist's recipe.

"You really don't know anything then?" Naruto sighed. She knew it wasn't gonna be that easy, but it didn't hurt to ask to find a possible lead. "Then I don't have a use for you anymore."

"Sasuke gulped. "Even if I said I wouldn't tell anyone about you?" He kept a straight face, having a feeling this person was not human.

"I'm supposed to trust someone I've just met?" Though, Naruto knew the raven actually, but this Sasuke was far different from the one she knew. And she was not going to end up failing another friend by not making anymore. "As you can see, I have my own little problems." Naruto moved closer to Sasuke. "It's pretty obvious I don't want any attention."

"Fair's fair." Naruto stopped while blinking. "I get to ask a question. You're not a human. So, what are you?" Sasuke asked, holding the bag he had in his hand.

"I guess... A demon." Naruto smirked while moving towards Sasuke. "You'll never remember it, though!" Sasuke reached into the bag.

"Oh, yeah?" Sasuke grabbed an handful of some kind of powder and threw it onto Naruto. "Be gone!"

"What the-" Naruto's eyes widen as steam came of her skin along with a sizzling sound. She then saw what the bag was that Sasuke was holding. "SALT!?"

"Salt is known to purify. I had nothing to lose." Sasuke informed the demon. "Works pretty good."

"You came prepared. And, you're pretty gutsy." Naruto got up, still sizzling. "You're right. I don't like salt.." Naruto charged towards Sasuke. "But, a single shake isn't going to do anything!" Naruto cornered the raven pre-teen. "So, too bad!"

"A single shake?" Sasuke smirked. "Then, here!" Sasuke poured the entire bag of salt onto the blond's purple wound.

"AIIIIIIEEEEE!!!" Bird around the area flew off at the blood curling scream of the humanoid demon.

"What are you doing?! Even a human would scream if you poured salt on a wound!" Naruto screamed in horrible pain. "Are you a monster? Are you trying to kill me!?!"

"Look who's talking. It was in self-defense." Sasuke said while trying to look away with a smirk. He was very proud to have defeated a demon which his older brother probably never done before!

"I was only gonna cast a spell, so you'd forget meeting me!" Naruto shouted, shock at the overkill Sasuke did on her.

"Say what?" Sasuke asked in confusion.

"....A spell..." Naruto fell over, fainting. "A spell...."

"...Sorry!" Sasuke then realized the blond fainted from salt overdose. "Er... What do I do?"

Naruto woke up to the sound of water coming out of a container and something cold on her arm. She groaned while opening her eyes to see she was hanging out of a window.

"Oh! You're up!" Naruto looked to see Sasuke using a bottle of water to clean her wound and had removed her coat, leaving just the sleeveless shirt the blond work under it on her and the bandages on her chest under the shirt on her. "Thank goodness. I washed the salt off."

"....It's freezing..." Naruto sighed, shivering at the cold. "You're still here?" Naruto looked at Sasuke while sitting down next to the raven.

"I couldn't just leave you, could I?" Sasuke stated in a matter-of-tone. Plus, even though this blond was a demon, he couldn't be all that bad.

"Wrong... A normal person would have run." Naruto sighed. "Don't I look dangerous?" Then Naruto evilly smirked and laughed with a blush on her face. "Oh, that's right! You're a monster, too." Sasuke only sweated. All he did was poor salt on-Oh, now he got it... "You took off my clothes, too." Naruto sighed. "Do you always carry salt around?"

"I take it to school for cooking class." Sasuke sighed. Now, he didn't know if this demon was really a threat. "What's your name?"

"Gertrude." Naruto sighed, using the name given to her after "rebirth" as she did not want to make friends with a person he knew and failed. 'I don't know what is worst... Being what I am or a human that has a demon sealed inside?'

"Hey! I'm still here!" Naruto ignored the Kyuubi's complains about everything. Though, the blond found it was creepy the demon was happy his container was the definition a demon.

"Hm.... Never heard of such a name... You're probably not very powerful then." Sasuke snorted.

"Heh." Naruto snorted. "I'm a lot stronger than I look. However, I am going to be great one day even though I was not born it. That's all the more reason I wanna do things my way." Naruto smirked with a chuckled. "I have my pride. Status ain't my thing." Naruto pointed at herself. "Make fun of me and you'll get hurt." Naruto guessed her ideals managed to get in her "other" body and kept her from going crazy.

"That means... You were made fun of a lot." Sasuke looked away with a sigh.

"You're always saying stuff you don't have to!" Naruto snorted before realizing she mention her past knowledge of the raven's counter-part.

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, something needs doing." Naruto sweated as the raven had first aid supplies on hand. "Let's bandage that up. Your arm, please."

"It'll heal on its own." Naruto pouted, looking away. This Sasuke was already more caring then the one she knew. "Why do you have that anyways?"

"I had to buy more salt, so I bought these, too.... I was worried, you know." Sasuke then pounced onto the blond. "There!" Sasuke slapped on a large bandage.

"What d'ya think you're doing!?" Naruto growled in anger, barring her fangs, but Sasuke ignored her while wrapping the wound. "Um... Hey... What's your name?" Naruto scolded herself mentally, not knowing why she asked that.

"Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke smiled at Naruto or Gertrude as he knew her. "People usually just call me 'Sasuke.'"

"I just need it so I can blacklist you." Naruto looked away, embarrassed.

"I didn't ask you to." Sasuke sighed. "There finished." Naruto just stared at Sasuke, very annoyed at the raven. "All that's left is to sew that sleeve."

'What a weird kid...' Naruto sighed. "Just go."

"Are you upset? You can call me anything you want, you know." Sasuke asked, wondering about this demon in front of him.

"How come it's me who has to get upset? It hurts more when you are around." Naruto growled.

"I guess I'd better get going then." Sasuke pouted while getting his stuff together. "I wanted to sit and talk more, but that's okay." Sasuke sighed as he reached the door. "Take care, Gertrude. Bye." Sasuke left.

"Hurry up... And get lost.' Naruto thought. She was not going to let anyone she cared for get hurt again. But, most of all... 'I'm not myself with you around... Not when you were my best friend my second time as a human of sorts.'

Sasuke walked past a room to see it filled with mannequins. "I didn't notice them when I was dragging Gertrude in. Mannequins in empty houses sure are creepy." Sasuke shivered. "Someone said a tailor or a designer used to live here and that there were a lot of mannequins. I guess it was true." Sasuke sighed , looking away from the dummies to not see two cloth like figures come out of two of the fake bodies

'Someone called me that name without threatening me. When's the last time somebody did that?' Naruto pondered before her ears twitched at the sound of running.

"Gertrude, help me!" Sasuke ran into the room as Naruto drank some water from the bottle Sasuke washed her wounds with. "There were these two weirdoes! They were looking for you! They were looking for you! I was scared!" Sasuke shouted.

"Puppen and Mariottie?" Naruto asked, but knew something was off. Sasuke? Scared? However, then, Sasuke hugged Naruto.

"I'm too young to die!"

"Hmm... I get it." Naruto sighed while looking at the reflection in the bottle to see it was a puppet. "I thought it was odd as I believe boys aren't into dolls." Naruto sighed while stomping onto the doll, breaking it before it could stab her with a pin. "What a lame attempt."

"But I made it look just like her. You didn't like it?" Naruto looked up to see Puppem and Mariotte had Sasuke who was confused.

"Look what we found, Patchwork. We came to return them." Puppen smiled while holding Naruto.

"We didn't think you'd get very far." Mariotte sighed.

"Making human friends again, I see. Can't get rid of old habits, can you?" Puppen chimed while putting Naruto's hat on Sasuke's head.

"You're an embarrassment to demons." Mariotte snorted while Naruto snapped the pin that was used to control the doll.

"Hmph." Naruto frowned while dropping the broken needle.

"We have him hostage, but you're still gonna keep them?" Mariotte asked.

"What are these people-or whatever they are-on about? Ears?" Sasuke asked, very confused on what is going on.

"You don't know who he really is?" Mariotte asked the human who shook his head. "Then I'll tell you."Mariotte sighed. "We're demons, but that doesn't mean we're always lucky. Sometimes we lose body parts... How? Accidents, for one. Battles. Even fires." Sasuke looked at the two demons with an raised eyebrow. "Anyways, there's lots of ways to lost body parts, There used to be a human who collected body parts... One hundred years ago, that is... This one person was particularity good at collecting parts. But, collecting wasn't satisfying enough... So, he decided to conduct an experiment... What kind? The kind involving his collection. He wanted to see if he could create a new demon. That abomination is the result. He's a man-made demon." Mariotte pointed at Naruto.

"An experiement? A demon? Man-made?" Sasuke asked, everything coming together for the raven. "That means, the recipe is for..."

"Yup. It's how to make me." Naruto put her hands behind her ears. "These ears really belong to them."

"Figures. That's why they want them back." Sasuke sighed.

"Something like that." Sasuke gulped as both puppet demons made needle swords and put the near Sasuke.

"Uh... Yeah. I'm definitely in trouble here, aren't I?" Sasuke sweated, wondering how he got into the mess. "We're not friends enough for you to help me, are we?"

"Of course not!" Naruto sighed without emotion as well as mocking laughing.

"That is cold. People will hate you if you're only looking out for yourself." Puppen cried at Naruto's cold shoulder.

"Just one thing... You got some left?" Sasuke instantly knew what Naruto was talking about and held up his gripped hand up. "Do something when I get there. Then hurry up." Sasuke threw fist full hands of salt at the two demons as Naruto ran towards him.

'What I am doing?' Naruto though as she reached to Sasuke who reached for her. "Sasuke, grab a hold. Don't let go!" Naruto grabbed Sasuke and pulled Sasuke into a clothe portal. 'Something must be wrong with me today.'


"Huh?" Naruto blinked before they landed in a large piles of mannequins.

"Wow..." Sasuke sweated at all the figurines.

"Look at 'em all. This was probably the workshop." Naruto sighed while seething. 'I couldn't even leave the grounds. I must be weaker than I thought.' Naruto sweated. This could be bad.

Sasuke looked up to see the roof was gone. "Was this stuck by lightning?" Sasuke paled.

"Not good." Naruto got up. "Let's go. It isn't safe." However, then then, one of the mannequins moved and grabbed the blond as others began to move. "We're outnumbered."

"We're surrounded!" Sasuke shouted. "The mannequins!" Sasuke was shocked as Naruto crushed one of the mannequins' heads to bits.

"Those demons always liked inhabiting. They can easily control them." Naruto and Sasuke were back and back as all the dolls got up.

"Let's escape like before." Sasuke asked, knowing the blond did something similar to the Shunshin no Jutsu his cousin Shisui was good at.

"Can't..." Naruto sighed. "They're too close. They'll catch us. I need to save my powers for now." Naruto frowned. "I'll settle it here. Otherwise, they'll probably chase us."

"Probably?" Sasuke sighed, sweating. "With those ears, isn't that a given?" Sasuke then realized something. "You're doing this for me?" Sasuke asked while Naruto faced Mariotte and Puppen.

"I get irritated just looking at you." Puppen growled.

"You like humans that much?" Mariotte mocked.

"Hey, Sasuke. Sprinkle salt around you. It's better than nothing. Throw some my way when I say the word." Naruto sighed as Sasuke smirked.

"You bet. I'll do better than that even." Sasuke chimed, actually teaming up with a demon! This was his lucky day!

"Just a normal amount, thank you." Naruto sighed, not wanting Sasuke overdo it as Sasuke pour salt around him in a circle.

"For peace of mind?" Puppen chuckled while snapping his fingers. "The mannequins can easily break through charms like that. Wanna see?" The mannequins began to attack. "Now what, patchwork? Gonna waste each mannequin with a magic rock? He'll be dead before that." Naruto saw Sasuke in trouble.

"Now!" Naruto shouted as Sasuke threw the salt in his hand to cause the mannequins to move back even though she was sizzling from the salt. "Good job." Naruto bit her finger and began writing on the floor. "I'm glad the roof is missing." Naruto finished writing "Frailty, thy name is shadow." "I don't have to write it for each one."Naruto smirked while the demon's mannequins were stopped by their own shadows.

"The shadows!" Sasuke was shocked when he saw the two doll demons' shadows.

"Curse him!"

"Get back! I am your master!" Both were shouting at their shadows that were moving on their own."Obey me!"

"Heh heh! They look stupid, just like the original... Cool, I can tell which is which." Naruto laughed, enjoying the discovery.

"Of course!" Mariotte shouted. "Demon's shadows are different! They reflect their masters' true appearances! You didn't even know that!?"

"Ah, gee. That means that's Gertrude's real appearance?" Sasuke asked in shock as he saw Naruto's shadow.

"Wow." Naruto sweated while looking at the large demonic shadow with a trident in it hands and had wings and was every jagged. "Pretty awesome....It looks pretty mean, though."

"It's like what we said. He's made up of choice parts from powerful demons. So, his potential powers are incredible! What did you expect?!" Puppen shouted.

"Waugh!" Naruto saw her shadow went on the prowl. "I can't control it! Puppen! Mariotte!" Naruto shouted before the shadow of her beheaded the two demons.

"That's your true form! But, you can't even control it!" Mariotte shouted. "That's why you're a reject!"

"Still alive?" Naruto sweated, seeing the two heads still talking.

"How harsh, though. You finally made a friend. But, you're gonna kill her at this rate ." Puppen chimed as Naruto's shadow went after Sasuke.

"The salt!" Sasuke gasped as the salt began to go up as his own shadow tried to keep the demon shadow back only for it to get pinned down by the shadow's trident.

"Sasuke!" Naruto ran towards Sasuke.

"His shadow's pinned. She can't get away now." Puppen chuckled.

Sasuke gasped and covered himself as the shadow's claw neared him only for Naruto to get in front of the human.

"It went right for my injured arm the second it saw me. Deep down, I'm probably despicable." Naruto smirked at Sasuke. "Are you scared of me now?"

"I'm positive you're nice. You saved me again." Sasuke sighed. "Does that mean you wanna be my friend?" Sasuke asked with a smile. He didn't have a friend, so having a demon for a friend would be cool.

"Not in the least." Naruto sighed, looking away.

"Maybe it's because the way you're made, but you got all egotistical. Look at the mess." Puppen said as Naruto's shadow charged at Puppen's head. "Maybe now you'll think about who you really are. Yow!" Mariotte knocked Puppen out of the way before Puppen could be kabob-ed by a trident.

"Forget it! I'm the king of my hill." Naruto sighed before facing her shadow. "I don't care who's controlling you. Now that you're here, you listen to me. I have nothing to give you." Naruto smirked. "You'll have to beat me if you want to be free!"

"Waugh! He provoked it! He thinks it's just himself!" Puppen cried out.

"Either way, he's in trouble." Mariotte sighed.

"The shadow's gonna possess him!!" Puppen shouted the shadow charged Naruto who held out her hand. "Like I said, I have my pride!"

"He put his hand out! He's giving up?!" Both demons shouted in shock. Sasuke, however, watched in shock as the shadow absorbed into Naruto's hand and formed the words "Frailty, thy name is Uzumaki Gertrude Naruto.

"The real me?... It's a part of me to begin with." Naruto chimed while crushing the shadow in her hand. "I will control you."

"He totally crushed it! Patchwork wins!" Puppen shouted in shock.

"It's a total upset." Mariotte sighed.

"I just remembered. Do you still want your ears back?" Naruto asked, her confidence was very high at the moment.

"One's enough!" Puppen said, causing Mariotte to glare at him. "In fact, more than enough!"

"I really am glad I wasn't killed by these clowns." Naruto sighed while Sasuke smiled.

"You did it." Sasuke grinned, holding up his hand.

"What's that?" Naruto asked, wondering what Sasuke was going.

"A handshake... Like this, silly." Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand and they grabbed each other hand. "This is how we congratulate ourselves. It's a way of capping the happiness welling up." Naruto stared at Sasuke. "Maybe you weren't happy." Sasuke sweated before Naruto gripped Sasuke's hand.

'I was always running away, even when I was human a second time. All I could think was staying alive. I didn't have anyone to really talk to... Until now, that is.' Sasuke blinked as Naruto hugged him.

"Gee... You were happy then!" Sasuke chimed.

"Shut up." Naruto sighed. 'It's nice, yet intense in a way... I am happy for a change.' Naruto smirked. "I'm also glad it worked out."

'Maybe I can finally find some peace.... Espeically trying to get over not being able to see the few friends I had in that other world...' Naruto sighed, looking up to see the sky. 'I hope they are alright...' Meanwhile, in the Konoha where Naruto was the human container of the Kyuubi no Yoko, a thirteen year old Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke were looking for jutsus and such to locate their missing blond teammate.


"You're going!?" Sasuke whined as Naruto was putting on her had cap, fully healed.

"Yeah... I don't want to stay in one place for too long." Naruto sighed. The real reason was she did not want to get anymore attracted to this Sasuke. She couldn't bear leaving another friend.

"But..." Sasuke's eyes watered up.

"Uh-oh. He's about to cry." Puppen and Mariotte recoiled.

'No... Not the puppy dog eyes!' Naruto tried to look away. If he did the next level, then she would melt!

"Please don't go..." Sasuke mumbled while pouted his lips.

'Dang... He did do it...' Naruto sighed, seeing the ultimate weapon... Puppy dog eyes with pouting lips and a mumbling overkill. "Fine... I guess I can stay a little longer."

"Yes!" Sasuke hugged Naruto, glad to be keeping his friend.

"But, I am going to train you as I am not going to be liable for any injuries... Got that?" Naruto asked only to sweat as Sasuke's eyes were sparkling in fan glory.

"Yes! You're going to train me! So cool!" Naruto paled.

"...Patchwork made a monster..." Mariotte sighed, Puppen and he deciding to stay with the man-made demon for a while as they did not want the blond to cause a huge mess and lose their ears.


"OW! OW! Easy with the needle!" Puppen cried out as Naruto was neatly sewing the doll-like demon's head back onto his body.

"Stop moving and it will be a lot easier." Naruto sighed while Mariotte noticed Naruto's handy work.

"Hmph! You're pretty good at sewing." Mariotte snorted as Sasuke had left to go pick up some food, so Naruto decided to sew back on the heads of the fallen bodies.

"I'm pretty good a sewing body parts back on." Naruto sighed, causing both demons to sweat. "I wasn't kidding if you wanted your ears back. Before I was made into this abomination as you call me, I was Uzumaki Naruto, the demon healer and my skin, hair, and blood was put into this body to make everything stay together which is why I turned a strand of my hair into the thread I am currently using. All I have to do is take off my skin, shape it into a new ear for you both, and then sew it back onto your body and it will become a perfectly new clone of your old ear." Naruto said, finishing with Puppen's head and pulled out another hair that turned into a very long thread which Naruto threaded through a bone needle. She grabbed as speechless Mariotte and began to sew his head back onto his body.

"T-That is so gross!" Puppen shouted while his partner in crime was in shock. "You can do that!?!"

"Possibly if my healing nature is now with this body as that damn collector used my brain, heart, blood, all my blood vessel, hair, skin, and reproductive organs for his little experiment... That's why my soul controls this body as I am the glue that also holds it together. You think a brain new living soul would have been made when he made this body by using a still living brain?" Naruto snorted. Sure, her memories of being a human with demonic powers thanks to her beloved snake demon adopted mother's accidental dose of venom were blurry, but she still remembered pieces of her old self and that's what shaped her into who she is today.

"N-No thanks…" Both puppets moved away from the blond once Naruto was done sewing Mariotte's head onto his body and watched the needle become a fang and put it back in her mouth where it belongs. 'Totally gross!' Both thought, wondering about all the abilities of the man-made demon.

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