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As they rode to the arena, Petri gave Lia a very brief explanation of what he and the others were trying to accomplish, promising a more detailed tale once and everyone was safe.

"Just go with it for now," he urged as they dismounted Lia's horse.

"Even just what you told me is a lot to take in," Lia sighed, tying the horse's reins to a hand rail before tapping Petri on the elbow. "Remember though, if they aren't here, we are leaving."

Petri nodded, grasping Lia's shoulder and following her into the building. He held his staff close and off the ground and listened intently for any sound of the others or possible danger.

"Infrared mode," Lia said quietly, relieved when the gazer responded. She looked around slowly and noted the heat sources the device picked up. "Ok, so it looks like there are people in here," she said quietly. "There's one group that looks like about eight people and then two different heat sources that are on their own. Here," she took Petri's hand off her shoulder and placed it again the nearest wall. "I'll take a look and be right back."

Petri counted quietly to himself while Lia was gone, hugging close to the wall and hoping he was less visible by doing so.

"Ok," Lia began as she returned, huddling close enough that the teen could feel her breath on his cheek. "So the others are here but they're locked in some sort of cage-thing and there are three guys watching them. Also, I didn't see Bakura in there so he must be one of the other heat sources I'm picking up." She sighed, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I'm not sure what to do. Those three guys didn't seem armed but I doubt the two of us would be much of a match for them.

"Hmm...this will be tough then," Petri muttered, covering his mouth with one hand as he tried to think of a solution. "Probably our best bet would be to get the other's free. You said the cage looked weird. What do you mean?"

"It...well it looks kind of like something I've seen before. Like from Duel Monsters but different. Do you remember the card Nightmare's Steel Cage? It's something like that only more like a rectangle."

"If that's the case..." Petri shrugged off his back pack and set it on the ground as he passed his staff to Lia. He felt around until he identified the Millennium Rod, handing that to her as well. "Ok, I think I have an idea," he said, hoisting the bag onto one shoulder and reaching to take his staff back. "If we can get this rod to Marik, he should be able to take it from there."

"Ok…" Lia replied hesitantly. "But we would still need to get it to him. Are we just going to run in and hope for the best?"

"Of course not," Petri assured her, waving a hand dismissively. "Tell me, how is the room set up from the doorway?"

"Well let's see...there isn't much to it really. When you go in it opens up to the right. The others are in a cage straight back into the room. There are some boxes off to the right that the three guys were sitting on. The room is...maybe like twenty by twenty? It's mostly empty; the boxes they were on were just in the corners of the room."

"So no furniture...Where is the room?"

"It's the first door on the right."

"Then here's what I need you to do. I'll go in first and make a distraction," Petri began.

"Are you out of your mind?" Lia hissed.

"One of us needs to be a distraction and there's no way it's going to be you. Whatever happens, make sure Marik gets the rod. He'll handle it from there."


"I need you to trust me," Petri cut her off sharply, grabbing her arm. "I promise that I'll explain everything but until everyone's safe you need to trust me."

Lia took a shaky breath and nodded her head softly, despite knowing the teen couldn't see the motion. "Ok."

Petri grinned and gripped the straps of his backpack. "Wait until you have a clear shot of making it. If we both get caught then we're all in trouble." He quietly made his way along the wall until he found a door frame and carefully lowered his bag to the ground. Drawing in a deep breath he tried to recall what Sakani had taught him about fighting.

'If you can help it, never let your opponent know how long your reach is,' he thought, changing his grip on his staff so it passed between his arm and his side to hide its true length. 'You won't always have the luxury of fighting an opponent on gravel or something like that so you'll have to figure out some way of getting them to give away their position. Get them trash talking or monologing and you'll be better off. Remember that fighting isn't about how many times you strike your opponent but making hits that count. Dodge when you can, strike when you're sure. And remember,' Petri thought as he stepped through the doorway, smiling brightly.

"Excuse me? Is anyone in here?" the teen asked cheerfully.

"How did you get in here?" a male voice demanded from his right.

"Oh, sorry," Petri laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head. "The front door was unlocked so I just came right in. I'm looking for my friends. There are eight of them altogether. One has really spiky blond hair. Have you seen them?"

"What are you doing?" Rajan's voice hissed.

"/Get out of here,/" Malik added in Japanese.

"Oh? Hey there they are!" Petri grinned, waving in their direction.

"Heh, oh these guys are your friends huh? Why don't I show you to them?" the man's voice asked again.

'The most important thing to remember if you do have to fight,' Petri recalled Sakani's words even as he pretended to be helpless. "Oh thank you, you know I'm completely blind, as you can see, so I have a hard time getting around on my own." He felt the man's hand land roughly on his shoulder and quickly ducked out of his grasp, drawing a confused grunt from the man. He focused on the direction the sound had come from and made his opening attack, thrusting his staff in a quick strike.

'Don't hold back. Strike to kill,' Petri thought, pulling the staff back as he heard the man cry in pain and fall to the ground. He wasn't sure where he had hit him, but the fact he had fallen was reassuring.

"Oh I'm so sorry," Petri pouted. "I'm such a klutz."

The other two men got to their feet and Petri slowly stepped around the first man. 'Ok, so the others are trapped over here. I need to get these guys to look the other way.' "If you don't mind letting my friends go, we have a really tight schedule to keep."

"No one's going anywhere until Zorc gets here," the second man said.

"Now that's not a very nice attitude to have," Petri sighed, shrugging. "I guess we have to do this the hard way."

"Big talk from a blind kid," the third man scoffed.

'That's all I needed to know,' the teen thought, cringing a bit as he heard movement from the first man. 'Have to move fast.' He focused on the sound of the two men coming toward him, dodging around the one to his right and spinning to face them as he edged backward away from the others.

"Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough(1)," he taunted.

"Little brat," the third man tsked, coming toward Petri again. This time the teen struck with his staff again, relieved when his attack landed and not caring where he had hit. A rustle of fabric gave the second man's position away and he quickly swung his staff in a low sweep, mentally cheering when his weapon again made contact and he heard the man fall to the floor.

'I guess I really do have the devil's luck,' Petri thought brightly. "Is that all you've got?" he asked with more confidence than he was feeling. "Guess that's why you're stuck here on guard duty."

"That's it. You asked for it. Lucifer!" the third man snapped.

"/He summoned his Ka spirit Petri!/" Yugi called out in warning.

"/Eh? Wait, they can do that?/" Petri asked, clutching his staff and looking around. 'Shit, I can't tell where it is. It must be able to fly. What do I do now?'

"/Duck!/" Rajan ordered. Without thinking Petri reacted, his heart racing as he felt a draft from the attack he'd barely dodged. "/Strike twelve o'clock high!/"

'Twelve o- Oh!' Petri stabbed the end of his staff up at an angle in front of him, feeling it connect with something. Moving quickly he followed up the attack with another strike and then took a few steps back, feeling behind him for the wall.

"Why isn't he getting tired?" the second man demanded.

"I guess Lucifer's power only works if you can see him. You lot stay out of this," he snapped at the others.

"/One's in range on your two,/" Rajan said, ignoring the man. Petri attacked in that direction, feeling that the strike grazed something and then felt a tug on his staff.

'That's not good,' he grimaced, immediately holding onto the weapon with both hands and trying to maintain control of it. He heard Rajan, Yugi, and Malik calling to him in warning as a hand grabbed his shoulder. A second later he was punched in the stomach, the blow making him gasp for air and loosen his grip just enough of the other man to take his staff. 'Definitely not good,' he thought as the front of his shirt was grabbed and his back was slammed against a wall. He grabbed at the hand holding him, coughing and trying to catch his breath.

"Little shit," the first man's voice spat at him. "Think you can make fools of us?"

"Y-you ok?" the second man asked.

"Yeah, but I'll feel a whole lot better once I beat this kid to a pulp. Heh, you must be this Gamer person we were told about. Looks like your luck's run out. Zorc wants you dead and I think I can do that for him no problem."

Petri fought to keep his expression neutral and prayed that Lia would hurry up. He felt something prod against his cheek and realized the must be his staff.

"First though, we should get some payback. He did make us look bad in front of our prisoners. Let's make an example of him," the third man chuckled.

'If Lia hasn't come in yet, one of them must still be watching the door,' Petri thought. He flashed a grin. "So tell me, how's it feel having your asses kicked by a blind kid anyway?" he asked. 'Please not in the face.'

"That's it," the first man growled, pushing him harder against the wall.

'Oh god he's going to hit me in the face isn't he,' Petri realized, gritting his teeth and waiting for the blow to come.

"What the- how did you get out!?" the man suddenly demanded before he cried out in pain. Petri leaned back against the wall as he was released suddenly and assumed that his sudden freedom was thanks to Marik. He doubled over, hugging his abdomen and breathing deeply both to calm himself and to recover from the fight.

"Are you okay?" Lia asked. He nodded slightly in response. "Are you out of your mind?" she demanded more seriously. "They were going to tear you to pieces!"

"Could you yell…at me when I'm not trying to keep from throwing up?" Petri asked, letting himself slide back against the wall and hugging his knees. "J-just give me a few," he muttered.

"Where is Bakura," Marik snarled at the last of the men still conscious. When it was clear he wouldn't get an answer he slammed him to the ground and looked back at Rajan.

"That was a bit excessive," Rajan sighed, one hand on his hip while the other held Petri's staff. "I guess it's good you didn't kill them though."

"We need to find Bakura," the blond yami growled, clenching his fists.

"He must be one of the other heat sources I picked up," Lia said, looking around. She pointed to the wall the three men had been in front of. "One of them seems like it's right there...but...there's no door here and there wasn't one out in the main area." She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Maybe it's a maintenance room or-"

"There is a door," Marik stated, stalking toward the wall.

"What's that thing?" Malik asked, pointing at Lia's gazer.

"It's kind of a long story," the girl replied, waving her hand.

"Let's just not ask questions until everyone's safe, deal?" Petri asked, climbing to his feet and leaning against the wall. "Man, I am not cut out for melee combat. Getting hit hurts."

Marik glared at the wall, the eye of wdjat appearing on his forehead, revealing to him the veil of shadows that clung to the wall, obscuring a lone door. He grabbed the door knob, the shadows retreating from his touch.

"Tch. Locked," the yami tsked, drawing the Millennium Rod, which he had tucked away after dispelling the cage that had held them moments before. He hadn't wanted to kill the men earlier he realized, turning the item in his hand. The door, on the other hand, he had no qualms with destroying. Tightening his grasp on the Rod, he dispelled the remained shadows to fully reveal the door. He took a step back and kicked the door, putting all of his anger into the motion. The door cracked and gave way to his foot and he made a face.

"Feel better?" Rajan asked, shaking his head.

"No, now my foot's stuck," Marik grumbled. He looked back as he felt someone catch him under the arms and sighed, sagging in Rishid's embrace and tugging his foot free.

"I think you broke the hinges at least," Rajan commented, moving to inspect the damage.

"W-who's there?" a voice asked from the other side of the door.

Yugi gasped, rushing to the hole in the door and peering through it. "Ryou?"

"Y-yugi? /Is that really you?/"

"/Stand back,/" Rishid instructed, motioning to Marik. Together they rammed against the broken door until they were able to help Ryou out of the small room.

Ryou looked around at the unfamiliar faces before clinging to Yugi. His hair had gotten much longer since they had last met and was pulled into a pony tail in a vain attempt of keeping it in check, the end of it hanging just past his tail bone. He was wearing a long sleeves blue top that hung down to his knees and was embroidered around the sleeve cuffs and neck and a simple pair of black pants but no shoes.

"/Yugi. I can't believe you're here,/" Ryou said, hugging his friend tightly.

"/Sorry to break this up, but we need to hurry,/" Malik said. "/Bakura's still missing./"

"/Bakura? But I'm Bakura,/" Ryou said, looking to Malik.

"/He means the spirit of the Millennium Ring,/" Yugi explained, taking a step away from Ryou.

"/Spirit?/" Ryou's eyes widened and he grabbed Yugi's hands. "/He's here too?/"

"/He led us to you,/" Yugi confirmed.

"/Oh no…/" Ryou shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut. "/I was a trap. I should have figured.../"

"/What?/" Marik demanded.

"Okay, I at least know what that meant," Lia huffed, placing her hand on her hips.

"Ryou said he was a trap," Petri supplied for her, grabbing a hold of her arm. "Where was that other heat source thing again? In the arena?"

Lia nodded and motioned to the others. "Follow me." She led them back out of the room, Ryou clinging to Yugi's arm as though fearing he would be left behind. They approached the nearest entrance to the arena only to find that it was shielded by a shadowy aura.

"I'm going in. Stay out here," Marik announced, the eye of wdjat still glowing on his forehead. He drew the Millennium Rod once more, holding it before him. The Rod glowed brightly and the shadows receded from the entry way. Without hesitation he threw open the door and started into the arena.

A cloaked figure paused, his hands at Bakura's neck, and looked toward Marik as he entered. Immediately he pulled away from the thief, snapping his fingers. Bakura's gaze fell to the floor and his shoulders slumped.

Marik's gaze shifted from Bakura to the cloaked figured, his eyes narrowing as he continued to approach.

The cloaked figure moved out of the circle of light to stand between Marik and Bakura, one hand moving to his chin as he studied the approaching yami thoughtfully.

"I can't have you interrupting this," he said finally.

"What did you do to him?" Marik demanded, his tone controlled but deadly.

"How to deal with you," the cloaked man mused quietly, ignoring the question. A smirk crossed his lips and he moved his hand from his face, aiming it toward the yami.

Marik raised the Millennium Rod, the item flashing gold in the darkness. "What did you do to him?"

"What did I do to who?"

Marik blinked, looking around. He was suddenly standing in the ancient living room of his family, his mother looking up at him from the floor where she sat with his younger sisters Aasera and Zahira. He took a step back from them, eyes wide.

"Rajan is at school today isn't he?" she asked. "And Petri should be outside with your father. Are you ok Ramses?"

Marik shook his head slowly, gritting his teeth and trying to see through the illusion. He was surprised at how hot he felt and realized that the sun was shining brightly through the nearby window. Drawing in a breath, he felt a wave of nostalgia mixed with déjà vu as the familiar smells of his past life, long forgotten in the thousands of years past.

"This isn't right," he said aloud, looking at his right hand for the Millennium Rod. He kept his hand clenched though it seemed like nothing was there. "I'm not falling for it," he shouted at the ceiling. He jumped as the image of his mother placed her hands on his cheeks, turning his attention to her, deep concern in her eyes.

"Ramses, what is wrong?" she asked, his sisters coming to stand to either side of her, their worried faces in his peripheral vision. "What has gotten into you?"

Marik trembled, her touch feeling so real, it was hard for him to deny the mirage. He closed his eyes, trying to shut out what his senses were telling him was real.

"It's ok Ramses," his mother's voice said softly, so close to his face he could feel her breath on his cheek. "It will be over in a few seconds."

"Ramses!" Rajan's voice shouted. Marik's eyes snapped open and again he was in the dark arena. A dark creature now stood where the illusion of his mother and sisters had been seconds before, tendrils of shadow wrapped around his arms, its open maw moving toward his neck. The end of Petri's staff suddenly pushed the creature's head back, Rishid wrapping his arms around it to prevent another attack.

"More interference," the cloaked man said, unamused as he turned away from Bakura again. He waved his hand and the shadows congealed before him to form three more creatures, each a formless beast.

Marik growled, the Millennium Rod flashing brightly, the light encasing each of the creatures in a net of energy.

"I suppose I underestimated all of you," the cloaked man muttered, looking over Marik, Malik, Rishid, and Rajan as they stood ready to attack him. "I should have killed you as you slept instead of waiting to have the thief do it for me. I will just have to correct that mistake." His eyes glowed crimson from within the shadows of his hood and more shadow creatures began to form before him.

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"Now's our chance," Yugi whispered, moving through the door and turning down a row of seats. Ryou still clung to his hand but he glanced back to make sure Lia and Petri were following. They moved as stealthily as possible to the arena floor toward the shaft of light where Bakura was imprisoned.

Lia drew a knife from her pocket and set about cutting through the rope binding the thief's wrists.

"Bakura," Yugi whispered, grimacing as he realized he still couldn't connect to the yami through their mind link. He grabbed Bakura's shoulders and shook him roughly. "Bakura snap out of it," he hissed.

Ryou bit his lip as he looked over Bakura. He hadn't considered what the spirit of the Ring would look like in person, but seeing the almost dead look in his eyes was definitely disturbing. He hugged himself, looking to the cloaked man to make certain he was distracted and shuddered before returning his gaze to his yami.

"It's no use, he's not waking up," Yugi sighed, shaking his head.

"I guess we'll just have to carry him," Petri shrugged helplessly. He moved one hand to his chest, rubbing it along his scar. "We seriously need to leave, one way or another."

"If…if I had the Ring maybe…" Ryou began tentatively.

"The Ring?" Yugi asked, looking to Petri. "It might work," he nodded, retrieving the item from the harper's bag and handing it to Ryou.

"/I'll keep working on the rope,/" Lia sighed, frustrated that the others were speaking in Japanese again.

Ryou clutched the Millennium Ring in his hands, studying the item that had plagued him for so many years. He looked back up at Bakura and drew in a breath. "Spirit, can you hear me?" he asked, hesitating a moment before grasping the cord of the Ring and looping it over the thief's head, trying to hang it as silently as possible. "Spirit…" he closed his eyes, his hands still on the item.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a familiar hallway. Behind him was the door to his room. Before him was an iron door bearing hieroglyphs. He had been told many times to never so much as touch the imposing door. He felt a chill run down his spine as his fingers caressed the handle of the door and turned it. It opened easily for him but he couldn't see what awaited him. Looking back to his door, he opened it as well, the light from within allowing a shaft of light to pierce the darkness.

"Spirit?" Ryou called, stepping into the forbidden room more boldly. He felt a chill run down his spine as he saw the thief in the center of the room on his knees, his eyes still downcast.

"He can't hear you," a woman's voice startled Ryou and he turned to see who had spoken. "He has been like this since Marik interrupted him." The woman sighed, appearing in the doorway. "You can call me Bast," she added, answering the question she could see in his eyes. "I should have realized that Zorc still had a small hold over Bakura. A fail-safe, it would seem."

"What do you mean?" Ryou asked, looking back to Bakura, expecting some reaction from the spirit.

"Bakura was just a child when Zorc first spoke to him. At that time, he was completely distraught over witnessing the massacre of his village," She paused, leaning her head against the door frame but not entering the room. "To make matters worse, he was suddenly surrounded by the spirits of those killed, all of them crying for vengeance. It was too much for him to cope with all at once and that made him the perfect candidate for Zorc." She sighed, her gaze softening as she looked past Ryou to Bakura. "Once Zorc had a hold of him, any emotion other than vengeance, anger, and hatred became foreign concepts. He was driven for thousands of years to get revenge."

Ryou cautiously moved closer to Bakura, reaching out to grab his shoulders and looking into his eyes as Bast continued.

"I should have realized there was more to his recent depression than stress alone. Bakura was feeling many things for the first time, including guilt. The last time he ever felt guilty was that day when he found himself the lone survivor of a doomed village. It was the easiest emotion for him to prey on, all he needed was to make Bakura also relive the feelings of loneliness and abandonment, even for just a moment."

"Spirit?" Ryou tried, moving his hands to Bakura's face. "Spirit, it's me, Ryou." He bit his lip when there was no response. "Was it you I heard the other day? I thought I heard you're voice saying that you were going to save me from the dark." He paused again. "I don't know if you can hear me, but...I'm sorry. It's my fault you're here now. I didn't know I was being used as bait. I just…I wanted to see you again." He paused again, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around Bakura's chest and hugged him close.

"You aren't alone, Spirit. No one abandoned you. Everyone is here and they need your help. Please snap out of it!" He trembled and hid his face in Bakura's shoulder. "I need you. Please, please snap out of it. I don't want to be alone anymore. I'm scared and I'm tired of being scared. Please-"


Ryou was suddenly jerked to reality as the back of a fist connected with his the side of his head, knocking him to the ground. Yugi suddenly stood over him protectively, facing the cloaked man.

"You have worn out your usefulness," the man said, looking past Yugi. "As I have no more use for you, you can die first. And you with him," he said, turning his attention to Yugi at last, his hand reaching out and catching the smaller man by the front of his shirt and throwing him to the ground beside Ryou. He held a hand out, palm open and pointed toward them as fire because to swirl in a ball before it.

Ryou looked around frantically to find the others were being held back by a ring of shadows. Marik was trying to break through them, but it was clear he wouldn't make it in time. He tried to scramble back from the flames bout his limbs wouldn't respond.

"S-spirit…Ba-Bakura! Help!" Ryou called, unable to tear his eyes away from the flames as them were launched toward him.

The cloak man grinned as he heard the others crying out in fear for Yugi and Ryou, but his expression was quickly replaced with a look of annoyance. The flames extinguished themselves before hitting their mark, a barrier of silver and gold light protecting the two hikaris.

As he turned to look at Bakura, he was caught off guard as a fist landed a punch to his face, staggering back and bringing a hand to the impact point. He scowled at the source, his eyes drawn to the eye of wdjat on their forehead.

"I will not be used again," Bakura stated coldly, narrowing his eyes.

"Then you can all die together," the cloaked man responded, suddenly flying into the air and hovered out of reach. He held his hands out, the single light that had been over Bakura shattering and plunging the room into complete darkness. Shadow swirled around them, taking the shape of dark creatures. "Without your Ka spirits, there is no way you can win," he stated.

"What does he mean?" Petri asked, still clinging to Lia's arm as she pulled him away from the shadow creatures and toward the others.

"You haven't noticed?" Rajan asked. "Something's preventing us from summoning our Ka spirits. Probably some kind of ward he set up. Damn it, we walked right into this," the blond swore.

A grin slowly spread over Petri's face and he released Lia's arm. "I have one thing to say then. Big O!," he shouted, pointing up toward where he thought the man was. "It's show time!"

"You don't listen well do you?" the cloaked man laughed. Petri moved his arm so he pointed it in the right direction. "You can't summon your Ka."

"Then it's a good thing I already did?" Petri replied. The ceiling suddenly gave way to a giant hand, which collided with the cloaked man, slamming him into the seats and leaving a hole where he landed.

"Aw yeah, who's the man?" Petri congratulated himself.

"Bakura for shielding us from the roof caving in?" Malik offered with a smirk, looking up at the pyramid-shaped shield. "I guess that does solve the issue of the shadow creatures though…

""Big O it's show time?" Yugi asked, a hint of disgust in his tone.

"How long have you been waiting to say that?" Lia asked, rolling her eyes.

"A few weeks now," the blind teen admitted, still excited.

"Celebrate later," Bast said, all eyes moving to her as she appeared beside Bakura. "We need to leave now."

"Are yo- no, questions later," Rajan said, shaking his head. "What do you mean we need to leave now?"

Bast pointed to where the cloaked man had landed. "He isn't mortal. That was Zorc."

"What?" Everyone save Bakura asked in unison. The ground began shaking beneath them.

"Obelisk!" Petri cried, silently ordering the Ka to lower a hand for them to climb onto. As they rose into the air a massive, clawed hand shot up from the ground, its owner hauling himself to the surface.

"Summon Osiris!" Bast commanded. "We can't win, not with only the three gods. We have to retreat."

Rajan nodded and summoned Osiris, urging the dragon to come close enough for them to get on its back.

"There is no escaping." Zorc's voice boomed, reaching out to grab Osiris' tail. Obelisk suddenly pushed the hand away, throwing a punch with its other hand.

"Get us out of here Rajan," Petri snapped. "Obelisk can hold him off for a minute."

Bakura held Ryou closer to him as he glared at Zorc, his free hand extending to create a shield of light to protect them from being blown off. "Go as far as you can," he said.

"How noble," Zorc mocked, looking down at Obelisk, who stood a head shorter than him. "But foolish." He dodged another attack from the Ka before lunging forward, one hand catching him by the neck as his lower appendage wrapped around its torso, pinning one arm to its side.

"Petri, call Obelisk back," Bast demanded.

"I…" Petri grit his teeth, one hand on his neck, the other squeezed Lia's arm.

"If I can't have a hikari or control a yami," Zorc began, looking into Obelisk's eyes. "I'll just have to kill a god." He raked the claws of his free hand across Obelisk's chest from left shoulder to right hip, mirroring Petri's own injury. "You can go now," he said, releasing Obelisk with a slight toss. Immediately the creature vanished. "One down."

Petri screamed, dropping to his knees and clutching his chest. Marik reacted instantly, dropping beside the teen and holding him up. Lia took a step back, realizing what was happening to her friend.

"We need to get him to a doctor," she said, though she already knew it wouldn't help. She drew a breath to try and calm herself and began issuing commands to her gazer. "Rajan, head east."

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