A.N.--I'll have all the information of who, when, etc. in the beginning. And all the shots'll be questions, things that I've always wondered about (or you, I'd love suggestions!) Or things that make you go "And...? Is that it?", and all that other wonderful stuff.



When-Around 40 years before The Phantom Menace

Who-Palpatine, Plagueis, Own Characters

Subject-Was Palpatine always evil?

And we're off!

Palpatine giggled gleefully. His mother and father tickled him mercilessly, and laughing along with the five year old boy.

"Mama! Papa! Please!" Palpatine screamed, arms flailing. "Can't…breathe!"

His parents slowly stopped, knowing that he was kidding; this wasn't the first time he used that ploy.

They smiled down at him. They were in the back waters of Naboo, living in solitude. They wanted to live in the city, as to offer their son more than wild-life as company. But their leader wasn't kind to Force-Sensitive beings, shunning them.

So their parents called the Jedi in secret, asking for them to take their child, and offer him a better life. They agreed, and promised to send one of their kind secretly, and today.

Their smiles turned to frowns. As much as they wanted a better life for Palpatine, they loved their child, and wished to be involved with him.

Sensing their shift of mood, and seeing the frowns on their face, Palpatine reached up, grasping their hands. "Mama? Papa?" His eyes shine with concern. "Wha's wrong?"

They smiled sadly. "Nothing, my child," his mother said.

Suddenly, there was a polite knock on the door. The father got up, and answered. "Hello? Are you the Jedi they sent?"

The man nodded and bowed. "My name is Plagueis." He grinned mysteriously. "I'm here to see your son."

A ten year old Palpatine woke in a start. A house burning, his parents dead. A man-monster-carrying him away.

The same man walked in the door. "Something wrong, apprentice?" he hissed.

Palpatine swallowed nervously. "Nothing, Master."

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