This is based on the manga/Brotherhood series, episode 21.

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A lesson in life and love

Lieutenant Havoc looked out the hospital window, watching a few birds flying through the sky. He had never been a really jealous person, but right now he envied those birds more than anything. They could go wherever they wanted and nothing could hold them back. They were free. He, on the other hand, saw himself as the complete opposite of those birds. He was restricted. He was once free but now his disability held him back. He couldn't be a soldier anymore. It was all he ever wanted to do with his life. He had listened to Roy's words and he would do the best he could to "catch up to him", but what could he do? If he couldn't be a soldier, then his life had no meaning.

The doctors had come in and given him the whole talk; what was going to happen now, how to deal with being paralyzed and the regular checkups he would have to have. They had also told him what they called "good news". His penis was still, quote, "fully functional." Not that it mattered to him.

'Like anyone would want to be with a cripple.' He thought. 'Besides, after what happened with Solaris or Lust or whatever her name was, I don't think I can ever love again. I'll just get hurt again, maybe even worse than this…'

Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in."

Sergeant Fuery walked in.

Havoc half smiled. "Hey."

After what had happened, he could take comfort in the fact that he still had his friends. Though, with this particular friend, he was a little uncomfortable. He really, really liked him, not just as a friend. He had considered asking Fuery out but he had learned in the past that a relationship with co-worker was not always the best idea. Though it was very, very tempting…

Fuery said nothing. He just looked at him; it appeared that he was glaring at him. Finally, he said, "You're an idiot."

Havoc scoffed. "I haven't heard that one." He replied sarcastically.

"You're a complete and total idiot!" Fuery slammed the door shut.

"Fuery, what…" Havoc was in shock. This was not like him at all. He'd never seen him angry, he was usually so calm.

"Do you realize the danger you put the Colonel and Lieutenant in? Do you realize the danger you put yourself in?! And all for a good-looking woman! She was obviously up to no good since she kept asking you for information. How could you have been so stupid not to notice that?!"

He paced around the room.

"Why did you do this? Why did you bother with her?! Why do you bother with any other person?! Can't you see that I have feelings you?!"


Fuery turned to look at him. Tears were streaming down his face. "I've always liked you. I care for you more than anyone ever could!" He buried his face in his hands. "I'm sorry. I…I should go." He started to leave.

Havoc sat up. "Oi, come over here. Don't leave."

Fuery hesitated but walked back to him.

Havoc pointed to the bed. "Sit."

The young soldier did as he was told.


He edged closer. Havoc hugged him. Fuery returned the hug. Havoc let go after about a minute, holding onto the Fuery's shoulders. He looked him directly in the eyes.

"I'm sorry." He said. "I know it probably doesn't mean much but all I can say is I'm sorry. I was an idiot. I regret everything. You're right; I'm a total idiot. "

Fuery sniffed and rubbed his eyes. "You're not a total idiot. I'm sorry. I went a little too far." He looked at him. "I didn't mean to blurt that last part out. It's ok if you don't feel the same way."

Havoc took his chin in his hand. "I have feelings for you too."

They kissed. They kept kissing for a very long time.

After the kiss, Fuery lay down next to him and they talked. They talked for hours, each finding out new things about the other. Havoc wondered why he had never asked him out before. He was such a sweet, caring person. He was exactly the kind of person he hoped his "better half" would be like. Talking led to more kissing, which led to deep conversations about each other, life and things like that, which led to even more kissing, which led to…


Havoc was in Fuery's bedroom, sitting up on the bed. Fuery was positioned over him, his hands on Havoc's shoulders. Both were completely naked.

"Ready?" Havoc asked.

Fuery nodded but stayed still.

"We don't have to do this now, you know." Havoc said.

He shook his head. "No, I want to do this. I'm just a bit nervous cuz I haven't done it for a while. But I want this, so much." He slowly lowered himself down, taking Havoc's member inside of him.

Havoc gasped. 'He's so tight…God! So good…"

He heard Fuery give out a small strained whimper of pain. His eyes were clenched tight.

"Are you ok?"

Fuery breathed heavily as his eyes fluttered open. He started to slowly move up and down. "Yeah…it's just that… besides the fact that…it's been a while,…I've never….done it in this position…before…and…" he blushed. "You're…REALLY big…"

Havoc smirked. "I'll take that… as a… compliment." He began to pant as well. He reached up and gave him a quick kiss. "To tell you… the truth… I've never done it… in this position either."

"Am I…doing good?" He asked nervously, massaging his shoulders.

"Oh yes…Oh God yes! It's incredible! But really,…take your time… I'm just happy that…you're with me. That's all....I could ever....ask for."

Fuery smiled and began increasing his speed. "The pain is…fading quickly…oh my God Jean…this feels so good!!"

Havoc held onto his hips brining him closer. He never took his eyes off the sight in front of him: Fuery's naked body coated in tiny droplets of sweat; his face flush, eyelids half closed; the moonlight framing his figure. 'Such a beautiful sight…and the feeling...oh…this unbelievable feeling…'

The speed of the rhythm increased even more and Fuery took him in deeper. Both were lost in a cloud of rapture.

"Ah, yes…right there! So big…AH! Wonderful, Jean, wonderful!!"

"So good, oh God! Go faster! Kain!"

Havoc grabbed his partner's length and pumped it, keeping in time with the movements. Fuery moaned and arched his back at the touch.

"Jean…I….I'm so close."

"I am too…"

Fuery cried out his partners name as he released, coating both their stomachs and Havoc's hand with cum.

Havoc moaned "Kain,", gave a low groan and filled Fuery up with his warm seed.

Fuery shivered as he lifted himself up and lay down next to his partner.

"That was amazing." He said as he nuzzled him.

Havoc put his arm around him. "More than amazing." He smiled.

They fell asleep almost instantly, wrapped in each other arms.


"You're being stationed in the South?" Havoc asked, incredulously.

Fuery nodded sadly as he looked out the window. "Yeah." He sighed. "I hate it too. We were just starting out, you and I."

Havoc looked down. "I should have known. I'm not meant to find love…"

"Don't say that!" Fuery turned to him sharply. "You think I'm going to give up on what we have?" He hugged him. "You can't just give up on something even when things seem bleak." He put his arms on his shoulders and looked at him. "Just look at you: you could have died back then but you didn't did you? Doesn't that mean anything to you? You're still alive so you should live. You're not useless. You have to keep going. So what if you can't use your legs anymore? Lots of people are in wheelchairs and they keeping going with their lives. You should do the same. Don't say that we don't have a chance. We still do. I'll find a way to come back to you. You can't give us up. More importantly, you can't give up on yourself."

Havoc was on the verge of tears. He put his arms around the young man and held him tightly. "You're right. I shouldn't surrender. I won't give up. But please," he looked at him. "Promise me you'll come back. I don't think I'd want to live my life without you."

"Of course I'll return." He smiled, a single teardrop ran down his cheek. "I can't imagine my life without you either."

They shared one last kiss and said their goodbyes. Havoc waved to Fuery as he walked off. He then saw several birds fly in his direction. One flew towards him and landed on his wheelchair. He grinned. He wasn't trapped. He could find a way to help his comrades. He wasn't quite as free as a bird but he could still fly. And for the sake of the people he cared out, the Colonel, his friends, and his newfound lover, he would fly as far as he could.


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