You don't have to have read my other fic to read this but it does carry on some themes from it. Ashley can teleport, oh and she's not dead.

Future Echoes

"The place became full of a watchful intentness now; for when other things sank brooding to sleep the heath appeared slowly to awake and listen."

Thomas Hardy – The Return of the Native

Chapter 1

A clock chimed four times in the dark and wind and cold. The grounds of the Sanctuary seemed to hold a deeper and more mysterious darkness within its boundary walls than that found in the night sky. To those with a sense for it, there was magic in the air this night.

A dark clothed figure slipped into this otherworld through the gate, shutting it carefully behind. Hastily they crossed the open ground watching all around for signs of life. A key was used to unlock the side door and then enter the sleeping building.

The figure walked with silent confidence through the dark corridors, concentrating intently on their destination.

A ray of light was cast over the room as another door was opened. A hand reached through the door and pulled out a ready made sandwich.

"Nice one Mom," said Ashley in a whisper. She munched on the sandwich and grabbed a wedge of chocolate cake and a pint of milk and tried not to drop crumbs as she made her way to the stairwell. The elevator was out of bounds before 7am so the residents weren't disturbed by the rumbling machinery.

As she climbed the stairs she noticed a light coming from a room at the far end of the corridor. The room also referred to as her mothers study.


There was no way her mother didn't know exactly what time she'd got in, the woman had eyes like a hawk. 4am was a little late, even for Ashley, especially after recent events. She'd best check in to be on the safe side.

The bright artificial light slightly dazzled her as she entered the room. Helen Magnus looked up from her work at her daughter squinting in the doorway.

"Jeez, don't you ever sleep?" asked Ashley.

"Not while you're out until all hours, doing god knows what," came Magnus dry retort. "Where have you been all this time?"

"Sorry, I didn't realize I had to file a flight plan."

Magnus raised an eyebrow at the attitude. Ashley noticed and winced, that was a bit much.

"I was just out thinking, that's all."

"About what?"

"About you."

Silently, they contemplated each other. Magnus wondering what exactly it was that her daughter thought of her and Ashley re-examining the decision she had come to in the deep night. Ashley smiled, a smile full of confidence, some might say arrogance.

"Seeing as you're up already," she said brightly, "I'll tell you. I've had a brilliant idea."

Magnus' eyebrow remained raised, Ashley's brilliant ideas were not renowned for their high success rate. Ashley put down the armful of midnight snacks, then thought better of it and shoved the sandwich and cake in her pocket. Magnus watched her curiously.

"I… I'll just show you instead."

She reached over, clasping her hand on her mothers arm and teleported.

Magnus, temporarily stunned, found herself flat on her back staring up at a cloudy grey sky. That had been no ordinary teleport. Not that teleporting was normal in the first place. Her head was reeling from the journey through space. She attempted to push herself up off the ground but lost her balance and crumpled back to the ground. Next to her mother, Ashley was curled up on the brick surface they had landed on, her teeth gritted and eyes closed, trying to ride out the roar of the ride, hold back the pain and keep control. A few drops of blood dripped from her nose.

Magnus managed to get to her knees and stared out over the wall ahead, the look on her face one of total disbelief. She looked across the London skyline. In the distance stood St. Paul's cathedral and to the south the beginning of Tower Bridge, covered in scaffolding, under construction. They were in London.

They were in London in the 1880's.