Title: Death's Angel

Author: phoenixtears07

Fandom: 07 Ghost

Rating: T

Genre: General, Drama

Synopsis: AU/AR Teito-in-military. Every God needs at least one angel. Verloren was no different. The only problem? The angel was taken from him, and the Seven Ghosts sealed him before he could find that precious being. Now, a thousand years later, the God and the angel will be reunited once more as reincarnated humans.


Teito was silently brooding on the rooftop when a blond whirlwind slammed into him and nearly sent both of them tumbling over the rail. They would have gone over if a hand hadn't grabbed his collar just in time to prevent what would have been a horrible death.

He growled and pushed the energetic blond boy off of him. "What are you doing, Mikage? You could have killed us both."

Mikage carelessly waved off the accusation. "Alexander would never let us fall to our doom."

The black-haired boy who saved them from a painful end scowled. "I considered it."

Mikage pouted and grabbed Alexander in a headlock.

"Ack! Get off, Mikage!"

Teito watched the two wrestle with a blank expression. The sixteen year old had no idea why they wouldn't leave him alone. Mikage had gotten some odd notion that he needed a friend and had then proceeded to drag Alexander Faust along with him.

Like him, Alexander was also a former slave taken from Raggs during the war. But, Alex had been found in the palace while he had been found wandering the ruined streets. Chairman Miroku had taken an interest in both of them and oversaw their training as battle slaves. Frankly, seeing Alex only brought back unpleasant memories and Teito was sure it was the same for the black-haired boy.

Still, Mikage was relentless in his pursuit to help the two antisocial boys open up. So, Teito put up with his antics, if only to keep him happy and less annoying.

Teito was just glad Mikage and Alex were a year younger than him, thus he did not have the same schedule as them. This meant Mikage spent more of his time showing Alex the joys of friendship.

As much as Mikage tried to bridge the gap, Teito remained the odd one out. And truth be told, he preferred it that way. Alex needed the blond far more than he did.

"Oh, Teito! Your graduation test is tomorrow, right?"

The brunette turned his attention back to the blond. "Yeah."

Mikage gave him a thumbs up. "Good luck then. I hear not many people pass the exam, but I have faith that you'll be one of those to pass."

Teito nodded. "Thanks."

The blond jumped to his feet. "Now, let's go get something to eat. I'm starving!"

A disgruntled Alex straightened his clothes as he stood up, and blue eyes met green. With a silent nod, the message was sent and received. The black-haired boy followed after his friend, leaving Teito to his thoughts and the silence.


"This is prisoner 6247. You must beat him in order to pass. Everyone should join forces and put everything they've learned to practical use. Otherwise, you'll really get killed." With that said, the proctor left the room.

Teito stared after her with a deadpan expression. 'She sounded really happy saying that.'

The prisoner slammed his fist into one of the student's faces.

Teito heard the unlucky guy's nose break with a sickening crunch. "Tch. Why are they all so useless? They haven't even gotten one hit on the guy yet."

He dropped into a ready crouch when 6247 turned to him. Dodging a flurry of fast punches, Teito gracefully danced backwards while searching for an opening. 'There!'

He darted forward and drove his fist into the prisoner's stomach with all his battle-honed strength. 6247 doubled over, gasping for breath. A ring of zaiphon formed around the prisoner's neck.

Teito calmly stepped back. "Give up or I'll take off your head."

The prisoner stammered out a barely understandable plea for mercy.

The door opened and his instructor stepped in. "You must kill him to finish the exam, Teito."

"Do not be compassionate, Teito. It is a weakness."

Chairman Miroku's words echoed in his head from his battle slave days. Without a word, he clenched his hand.

Blood splattered everywhere. Teito closed his eyes just as the bright red substance splashed onto his face. He heard the body collapse in the deafening silence. Slowly opening his eyes, he surveyed his handiwork.

"Congratulations, Teito. You pass."

Teito stepped over the body and made his way to the door. He did not look back.


He stood in a field of snow-white flowers that stretched as far as his eyes could see. A dark forest loomed behind him. He stepped out of the shadows and into the bright scene. Flower petals brushed against him as they danced on the wind's currents.

A dark, hooded figure stood in the midst of the shower of white petals with its back to him. The dark apparel and sharp scythe in the figure's grip did not fit in the peaceful atmosphere, but there was a feeling of rightness.

The hooded figure seemed to notice his approach and turned its head. The wind pushed back the dark hood…

Teito jerked awake and nearly fell out of his chair. The man who shook him awake stepped back apologetically.

"Teito Klein?"

The brunette nodded.

"Chairman Miroku wants you to meet him in his office right away."

Teito nodded again and watched the man walk away. He glanced around the library. Not many people were around since the graduation exams were over. Sighing, Teito stood and stretched.

On the way to the Chairman's office, he thought about his dream. It wasn't the first time he'd had it, but it was the closest he had ever gotten to seeing the figure's face. Silently cursing the bad timing, Teito politely knocked on the partially open door.

"Come in."

He strode into the office, noticing a small group of people, and saluted. "You wished to see me, Chairman."

The old man behind the desk leaned forward to rest his elbows on the surface. "Ah, Teito. You're just in time. This is your new commanding officer."

The man standing in front of the desk slowly turned his head.

For a moment, Teito saw a dark, hooded figure superimposed over his new commanding officer, then the image was gone and he found himself staring into surprised violet eyes.

"Meet Chief of Staff Ayanami."


Authors Note!!

Points of interest:

1) I hate action scenes. I will skim over them big time unless I have no choice.

2) Students study for two years in the military academy before they graduate. This story takes place a year before anything canon happens.

3) The OC, Alexander Faust, will be taking Teito's place in terms of the canon protagonist. Basically, this means that Teito is not the Raggs prince nor does he have the Eye of Michael. Alex will be the one running from the military and all that good stuff. But, the story focuses on the Black Hawks, so the OC won't have a very big role.

4) The italicized sections are either dreams or memories.

5) I can't decide whether or not to add in a bit of romance. The story won't turn into some big fluffy ball of cotton candy, but it can help in the character development area. If I do add in a bit of shounen ai, it will be AyanamixTeito, AyaTei, or whatever it's called.

Okay, I'm done with my extended comments.

Please review and tell me if I should add in the shounen ai.