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Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Voldemort was at the entrance to the nursery. Lily gasped, and hugged Harry to her, before putting him in the crib, and standing in front of it. The Dark Lord advanced. Lily pleaded. A green light lit up the room, and Lily Potter collapsed the floor, dead. Harry, realizing that it wasn't his father beneath the dark cloak, cried out, begging his mother to wake, and grabbed the hand of his younger sister, who remained unseen to the 'bad man'. Voldemort pointed his wand at the boy, but shattered as the spell backfired, the result of love protecting the Potter boy. The Dark Lord's soul attached to Harry Potter. The Killing Curse's power, however, affected not only the boy, but when through the boy's body, through the entangled fingers, and affected his sister as well, causing both to have identical lightning bolt – shaped scars on their foreheads. This left both Potter children scarred for life…and orphans.

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