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Chapter 48:

Family Connections

Two and half weeks later, Jessalyn walked into the Great Hall, only to stop short. People were here, people she didn't know. A lot of commotion seemed to be going on, and many adults seemed to be present as well.

"It's family weekend for the tournament," a voice said, coming up behind her. Jessalyn looked up to see Cedric Diggory standing next to her. "Your brother should already be through that door if you want to join him," he said, pointing to behind the teacher's dais table. Nodding her thanks, Jessalyn quickly made her way to the usually forbidden room.

Standing in the entrance way, she immediately noticed the Weasleys surrounding Harry. She was about to leave when Fred caught her eye and motioned for her to join them. Rolling her eyes, she obliged, immediately being hugged and smushed in between the twins.

"You're his family too," George said, his voice low.

"Yeah, why should you have to leave?" Fred continued, his voice matching his brother's as both squeezed her tighter.

"You," Mrs. Weasley said suddenly. "You're that other girl who's playing with Harry's affections! I remember you! You were with him when he saved Ginny. Have you been playing him all this time? Well, it's not right and I simply won't tolerate it! I – "

" – wouldn't believe everything Rita Skeeter writes," she interrupted coolly.

"And why not?"

"I'm his sister, in case you've forgotten. I would never do the things she wrote about," Jessalyn explained, her voice colder still.

For once, Molly Weasley was speechless as Jessalyn turned on her heal, shrugging the Weasley twins off, and walking directly out of the room. She didn't stop, however, to sit at the Slytherin table, but instead headed straight towards the Common Room.

"Hey Jess! How – what happened now?" Draco groaned as he saw his girlfriend.

"I just got told I was a cheap fake player," she summarized.


"I don't want to talk about it," she said, sitting down and leaning against him. Naturally, Draco put an arm around her. After a moment, she spoke again.


"Don't be. Now how's your wrist feeling?"

"I don't know. I see Professor Snape tonight to check in."

"I – "

"Jessalyn?" Blaise said, suddenly interrupted as he came over to them.

"Your brother's outside. Says he wants to talk to you."

Jessalyn simply nodded her thanks and went to meet Harry.

"Why'd you leave?"

"Did you want me to stay?"

"Of course. It's a day for the family of the champions to come together."

"You were with your family."

Harry groaned. "Jess, we've been through this. You're my family. You always will be."

"Then why didn't you defend me?"

"You got there first. And besides…I like to see that you're finally standing up for yourself. At the Dursleys, you never do."

"I'm learning when to pick my battles. It's not worth it there," she replied, but her tone was a little less cold.

"You should try – "

"Harry, it's not worth it. And – and why won't anyone accept me? Or believe me when I say I'm your sister?"

"I don't know. But I do know that the twins seem to be very protective of you. To them you are family. Just wait and see. The others will come around soon enough."

Slowly, Jessalyn nodded. Ron most likely won't though, she thought.

"They're great. Ginny, Hermione, and Dean, too. And Neville seems all right. I haven't really gotten to know him yet."

Harry nodded, a smile appearing. "I'm glad you're making friends in other houses."

"You mean you're glad I'm getting to know your friends," she corrected. When her brother opened his mouth to speak, she stopped him. "It's all right. I understand. Just – I like them, I do. But I'm not going to give up my friends either."

Harry nodded again, running a hand through is messy hair. "I understand. I may not like it, but I understand."

"I'll see you later, Harry. I'm going to go rest for a bit. Can we – maybe one weekend, can we spend it just the two of us?"

"Sure. We can spend it on a Hogsmeade weekend."

"I – I can't go to Hogsmeade. I don't have a permission slip signed." She said, her expression falling.

"Really? After all this time? I – I would have thought…never mind. We can do it another weekend, just the two of us. On the Quidditch pitch, maybe."

"I'd like that," she said, her voice soft, reminding Harry of when they were younger.

"I'll see you later, Jessalyn," he said, pulling her into a quick, safe embrace, careful of her wrist.

He then watched as she turned back into the Slytherin Common Room. He wouldn't lose her. No matter what.

Later that night Jessalyn made her way to report to her latest appointment with Professor Snape. She honestly couldn't see why her brother hated him. Sure, he was a harsh teacher, but that didn't mean he didn't care. In fact, she was quite puzzled by why he seemed to have wanted to help her so much. He said he had known her mother…was there more to it?

Knocking, she waited to be allowed in, only moments later.

"Hello Professor," she greeted simply.

"Miss Potter, come in," he instructed, just as simply. "Are you recovering well from your episode?"

"I suppose so, sir."

Severus eyed her carefully as she took her now usual seat in front of his desk. Taking out his wand, he ran a quick overall diagnostic spell, and was pleased to see that she was, in fact, telling the truth.

"May I see your wrist?"

Silently, the girl obeyed. After running a more specific and localized diagnostic spell, he spoke. "You seem to be recovering well. However, your wrist seems to be taking longer than I would have previously thought. I am going to cast a strengthening spell, to try speeding up the process. I suggest you begin taking the potions I originally gave you again. If you need more, you are to inform me at once."

She nodded, silent still. This troubled Severus. What was she hiding? She looked up as he cast the spell and Severus swore he was looking at Lily again.

"Professor? Will you tell me about my mother now?"

Slowly he nodded, moving to sit across from her.

"As you know, she was a Gryffindor. She was one of the brightest of our class. She always stood up for what she thought was right. Lily was very strong–willed, determined, and loyal."

What Severus hadn't noticed was how his voice had gotten softer as he spoke, how it had lost most of its hard edge.

"You loved my mother, did you Professor?" she asked quietly. Severus' eyes widened before he slowly nodded. "We lived near each other, so we had met prior to coming to Hogwarts."

Jessalyn just nodded. "Is that why it's so hard for you to look at Harry and me? Because we remind you of her?"

Severus just nodded, astounded at how perceptive she was…it was Lily all over again.

"Thank you, Professor, for telling me." she said then, her voice still just as quiet. "I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to," she continued.

"Thank you, Miss Potter. I will see you in class, and I wish to check your wrist again in three weeks."

"Yes, sir," Jessalyn said, rising to her feet. A moment later, just as she reached the door, Severus said her name again, causing her to turn.


"You no doubt know by now that Sirius Black is your brother's godfather, yes?"

Jessalyn nodded, unsure of why he was telling her this.

"Well, I am your godfather," he said. Jessalyn's emerald eyes went wide.

"I – I have a godfather?" she whispered in disbelief. When he nodded, a bit puzzled by her response, she smiled, and without thinking, rushed forward and wrapped her arms around the normally stoic Potions Master.

"Thank you," she said, gratefulness clear in her soft voice.

Shocked and surprised beyond belief, he carefully brought his arms around her petite body. His voice hoarse, and just as quiet as hers, he replied, "You're welcome."

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