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Chapter 24:

The Unknown Radiating

Percy looked around Camp Half–Blood. He thought again about what Nico wanted him to do. He didn't like it, but he knew in order to beat Luke and Kronos, he would have to become invincible. It wasn't that he didn't trust Nico per say, it was simply he didn't like to think about having all that power…especially since, from what little his cousin had told him, the process would be painful.

Surprisingly, his thoughts then turned to Aquila. Regrettably, he hadn't know her that well. Yet, when he did see her, she gave her all…including, in the end, her life. He wondered what it was like for a child of Hades to die.

Sighing, he turned towards the woods. Nico was taking him to the Underworld to complete the process. They had talked with Luke's mother about a week ago. Now it was just time to actually perform the ceremony.


Percy turned towards his younger friend. He was dressed pretty similarly to the last time the two had met – an aviator's jacket, black jeans, and a T-shirt with dancing skeletons on it, like one of those Day of the Dead pictures. His Stygian iron sword hung at his side.

Straightening, Percy nodded. Nico held out his arm, and hesitantly, the older boy took it. A minute later, the two boys melted into the darkness of the shadows. Cold shivers ran up their spines and strange noises could be heard left and right. Moments later, they landed in the Underworld.

"You okay, man?" Percy asked, getting to his feet and helping an unsteady Nico up as well.

"I'm fine." He said mumbled. "Let's go."

Nico began leading the way towards the River Styx. However, about ten minutes in, they rounded a corner and Nico stopped for a moment, though how he could tell his way around in the Underworld, Percy really couldn't say.

Yet that was when he felt it, too. Turning towards where his cousin was staring, he could feel power pulsing. Though he couldn't say from where, it was powerful. Then again, whatever it was, it would have to be, for it to be reaching him from behind stone.

"Nico, what's behind there?" he asked.

"I – I can't tell you. But it's not something youhave to fear," the son of Hades replied, tearing his eyes from the spot where he knew his half–sister currently resided, building up her reserve of power.

"That's comforting," muttered Percy.

"I'm sorry. But it's a secret. Surely you can understand that, Percy?" Nico said, his tone somewhere between sharp and pleading.

Slowly, the older boy nodded. "Just promise me, no swear that it won't backfire on us. That it will help and not hurt us."

Eyes locked and Nico nodded strongly, his voice firmly saying "I swear."

"Good. Now come on; we have a River to get to," Percy said, taking note of how Nico glanced once more at the concealed place within the Underworld.

From behind her secret place within the deep, dark depths of the rock, she smiled. "Thank you, Nico," she whispered into her hand, before swirling it and sending the shadow message on its way. Since Percy was not a son of Hades, only Nico would be able to hear the message, unless he chose to reveal the contents.

It wasn't that she didn't trust Percy, it was simply that now was not the right time for her true and current form to be revealed. Not to mention that much like Harry had a connection to Voldemort, Percy was in constant contact with Kronos, who was only getting more powerful with each passing day. She of all people knew how dangerous demi–god dreams could be.

Though she wouldn't say it aloud, she was proud of Nico. He had come a long way in such a short period of time. Furthermore, she had found in him something she never thought she would have – family.

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