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Chapter 25:


Aquila awoke, stretching her sore muscles as her heightened senses and powers automatically took survey of her surroundings. It had been about a month since she had last seen or heard from Percy. Nico, thankfully, was keeping her informed of what was going on within their world. The battle was coming soon, she could sense it. Even in the Underworld, things were restless…well, more so than usual at any rate.

Speaking of another world, she had yet to risk another visit to Harry. Aquila had been keeping tabs on him the best she could, but it certainly wasn't the same. Perhaps it was now time to do so, to see how much she could maintain this time. She felt stronger than she had last time, and so perhaps her powers had expanded beyond even what she already knew.

She could sense things more since her half–death. Though she had always been able to reach out through the shadows, the more she gained strength the more she realized she could do. It was unusual and unprecedented…but she wasn't complaining.

Standing up straight, she slowly breathed in and out, practicing her meditation. Aquila knew she would need full concentration in order to see if she was better. If she was, it would improve things greatly for both of their sides.

Yet…suddenly, her powers reacted. Aquila's eyes snapped open and she reached out with her power to find what had caused the sudden alert, her defenses instantly high. It could simply be a stray soul or hellhound, but she refused to take any chances. Past experiences had taught her to always be on alert and prepared.

A moment later, she relaxed, if only slightly, as she realized that the presence causing her defense and power spike was simply Nico. Yet…why was he visiting in person? Usually he simply sent shadow messages. This worried her. And again, she was hit that she was concerned for people. She was Bellatrix and Hades' daughter. According to reason, she shouldn't…at least, that was what everyone kept telling her.

Lowering her outer barriers, she allowed Nico to see her. Immediately, she sensed his emotions: distraught, worry, and confusion.

As the barriers lowered, he entered, shocked by the wave of power he was hit with as he moved forward. Just how powerful was his sister now? He felt his own shields wanting to block it, while at the same time recognizing it as "friendly" dark magic – that is, not a threat to him. Taking a deep breath, the "young" teen began to speak.

"Aquila, will you – "

"What do you need me to do?" she interrupted, knowing, much like her, that her half–brother had trouble asking for help.

"Percy wants me to convince Father to help out with the war. To try and gain a following from the dead."

"Gee, such a simple task," she replied wryly. "I'll try to move around, feel out and convince the spirits and skeletons I can," she added, marking the cave with her magic, so she would be able to return.

"Go ahead. I'll be behind you."

Hades sat on his throne, secretly spying on his past lover from within his realm. What had happened to her? The Bellatrix he had known was caring and loving. She was powerful, but not crazy. He – the Bellatrix she had become was not one he knew.

Moving his hand over a pearly white eye, he began reflecting, ghosting through the past.

"Cissy, come on!" Bellatrix called over her shoulder, heading towards the lake in their back garden.

Suddenly, the sixteen year old stopped short.

"Who goes there?" she called, seeing a shift within the shadows.

"A friend," a cool voice answered.

"Who are you?"


"What do you want with me?"

"You are a very beautiful young lady. I wish to privately court you," he replied.

"Are you a pureblood? I won't date anyone less," she responded, head held high.

"I can be. Come with me and I will show you," Hades said, holding out his hand, tendrils of the dark hanging around. As Bellatrix took the hand, the tendrils encircled her, enveloping her as they traveled.

"Where are we?"

"My domain, lovely," Hades replied, finally making himself known.

"You – "

"I rule over the Underworld," he told her, unable to believe she didn't already know this.

"You're powerful, then," she stated.

"Very," Hades said, smirking.

The image changed, revealing the two in a strong embrace.

"I love you," she whispered, leaning in to kiss her boyfriend of two years. "I'd like to marry you."

"I – we can't officially marry. You know that, my Bella," he replied, shifting her.

"But we – we can still be together, yes?"

"Yes, of course. There aren't any rules saying we can't," he replied. Not yet at least, he thought privately, remembering the most recent of council meetings he had been forced to attend.

"Then when – "

"Just as soon as you graduate, I will allow us to," he answered.

The image swirled once more, revealing a later image.

"Hades, I – I have something I need to tell you," she said, only six simple months later.

"Oh? And what's that, my sweet Bella?"

"My parents…they wish for me to marry."

"I see. And how do you feel?'

"I wish to stay with you."

Hades just nodded, beginning to pace.

"There's something else, isn't there."

'I'm pregnant," she replied. Hades' head snapped to hers.

"I love you Bellatrix. But I believe, all things considered, that you should allow your parents to plan this wedding. Having a child out of wedlock could be dangerous for you," he said, heart breaking.

"But I – "

"Go Bellatrix. I will be watching."

Hades sighed, coming out of his memories. It hurt to see her so, to even have let her go. But no one had known the truth about him. He couldn't – he couldn't force her.

A knock sounded, causing him to startle. He appeared even more shocked as the spitting image of his past lover appeared. "Father, I need a favor," said the ghost of his late daughter.

"How – "

"I will explain later. For now, you need to listen to myself and to Nico. There's trouble, and we can help."

Hades readily agreed, if only to help the ghost figure of his daughter…of their daughter.

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