Chapter 14 is here. I've had it written for a while but I haven't had any internet to send it off to be beta'd. But now it is done :) There are some very naughty lemons in this chapter; I thought a bit of smut was needed to lighten the mood from the last chapter.

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The rest of the day was rather blissful, in Harry's opinion. It was delightfully hot outside and it felt good to just stretch out on the soft, warm grass, basking in the sun's rays. He'd flicked through the old Daily Prophet Fenrir had stolen from Hogsmeade and was surprised, although somewhat relieved, that there was nothing about him being a werewolf. There was, however, the word 'missing' on the front page in large block capitals, with a photo of him beneath it, as well as a short paragraph to the left of the photo, which read:

Harry James Potter, a.k.a. the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One, the saviour for the Wizarding world, is believed to have been held captive by none other than Fenrir Greyback, the ferocious, merciless werewolf, well renowned for playing with his prey before brutally devouring it. There are those who still hope our saviour is still alive as many believe the werewolf would not want to destroy such a trophy. We urge anyone and everyone to keep a lookout for the boy, not only for his safety, but for ours too.

He'd felt slightly sickened at the wording in the paragraph, particularly how they brought up Fenrir's less than pleasant history. Nonetheless, as annoyed as Harry was by their exploitation of Fenrir's temperament, as well as how they made Harry sound like a lost prize, he found he still kind of missed the Wizarding world, primarily, if not purely, Hogwarts. He'd realised recently how much he had relied upon civilisation in his life, and now to be without it was just... well, it took some getting used to. Not that he didn't like living out here in the forest; quite the contrary, he found it to be invigorating and refreshing... but he did miss his old dorm at Hogwarts, and the hot water for bathing, and the exquisite food the Great Hall had to offer. Despite that, he found that, while lying sprawled out on the grass, he could ignore the galling words and focus on how warm the sun was and how content he was at this moment in time.

He yelped and sat up straight when he felt a hand stroke over his navel. Being naked somehow heightened his senses around his abdomen.

"Hush, pup, it's just me," Fenrir purred.

Harry let out a shaky breath and relaxed. However, the man's hand had now travelled to his left hipbone and was drawing light swirls with the tip of his finger; the barely-there touches Fenrir was inflicting on him made him feel dizzy.

"What are you doing?" Harry muttered, his eyes focusing on the probing hand.

"You looked so delicious, spread out like that on the grass," Fenrir replied.

Harry flushed and batted his hand away. "I was just sunbathing, Fen."

"Mmm, but you look so appetising. Besides, I don't want you out here too long; I like your skin pale and milky, so no tanning. Your skin's so pretty in the moonlight."

Suddenly Fenrir hoisted Harry up so he was straddling Fenrir's lap, their faces almost nose-to-nose. The man ran a coarse hand down Harry's spine, stroking over the bumpy vertebrates until he reached the small of his mate's back. At the touch, Harry started; it only just occurred to him now that his exposed genitals were resting on Fenrir's torso as he was embraced in the man's arms. He made to pull away, feeling rather embarrassed, but Fenrir kept a strong hold on him.

"Why so tense all of a sudden, mon petite?" he asked gruffly at Harry's attempt to get away.

Harry shifted slightly, trying to ignore how good Fenrir's heated body felt against his cock.

"I...uh... heh, it's... um..." He racked his brains, trying to come up with an excuse that would justify his uneasy attitude, as he didn't really feel like pointing out that his balls were resting on the man. "I want a shower," he blurted.

Fenrir stared bemusedly at the boy in his arms. "What?" he asked. Harry looked just as confused as Fenrir felt. "You... want a shower?"

Harry worried his lip before nodding jerkily. He didn't know why the close contact with Fenrir frightened him so much; he'd been enjoying the man's body heat as well as the feeling of being wrapped in strong arms, but he was too uncertain to let anything else happen. So he'd changed the subject, and quite successfully at that, if Fenrir's next sentence was anything to go by.

"I can take you to the lake again, cub, that's no probl–"

"No, it's not just that." Deciding he might as well let out some of his thoughts and feelings now, he elaborated. "I meant... I think I miss Hogwarts." Fenrir snarled but Harry continued. "Not... not the people... well partially the people, but I miss hot showers and soap, and the warmth of the common room, and the beds and ... Not that being with you is bad, it's just being brought up with those things and then suddenly not having them... it's strange, and I know you're trying to make up for it but sometimes –"

He was cut off by hard, chapped lips pressing against his mouth. He grunted in confusion as Fenrir messily swiped a tongue over his lower lip before nibbling on it firmly. Soon Harry began to melt into the kiss – or tasting as Fenrir would put it – but before he could fully lose himself, Fenrir had pulled back.

"I don't know how to shut you up sometimes," the man muttered.

Harry swayed slightly, still rather dazed by the ferocious kiss. "Sorry," he breathed.

Fenrir shook his head wearily. He was upset to hear that Harry felt that way, but he just didn't have the strength to let the boy go back, just for a pathetic, little, human shower.

"I know this is all new to you, pup," he said, lifting Harry slightly so the boy was sitting on the floor instead of his lap, "but it's so much better than living with those people back there."

"You say that but I don't understand why you hold such a grudge," Harry said quietly, crossing his legs.

Here Fenrir paused, deliberating on whether or not to tell the boy his reasoning. Finally he thought it would probably be for the best if he did, plus it would enlighten his mate to all the manipulative wizards he'd saved him from. "I don't know how much you know about the late Albus Dumbledore, but he's been know for his manipulations. The first time the Dark Lord held power, the old man was recruiting. He persuaded a number of werewolves to join him and his fight for the greater good. What we didn't know was that his plan for us was to send us out on the bloody battlefield to fight for his cause." Harry flinched, thinking of himself and the prophecy, as well as the inevitable war. "Three out of the twelve of us survived the battle against the Dark Lord's Death Eaters: myself, an old acquaintance of mine called Julien, and, surprisingly, your old teacher, Lupin." Harry's eyebrows practically disappeared into his hair.

"R-Remus? He... he was involved?"

Fenrir nodded, averting his gaze from the intense green eyes in front of him. "He survived mainly because he didn't attack anyone; he just defended himself and his friends. It was then that me and Julien realised we had been played, used, manipulated into doing the old man's bidding, with nothing for us in return. Lupin, however, took comfort in being alive and safe, and welcomed Dumbledore's flattery and lies of protection. Maybe now you can understand why I detest the thought of wizards."

Harry, who was extremely surprised at being told this story from seemingly out of the blue, swallowed thickly. "I... I'm sorry, I never knew... He... Lupin agreed to... Dumbledore really did that?"

Fenrir nodded slowly. "Bastard," he grumbled.

"But... you joined Voldemort! Why would you do that if he killed your kind?"

Fenrir pinched the bridge of his nose; he was beginning to regret going into this story now.

"Because we had no other option. It wasn't safe for us to live on our own, what with the prejudices against our kind; we needed support. There was no way we were going back to Dumbledore, so we were left with only one option. The Dark Lord provided us with fresh meat to keep us alive, he never used magic on us, he never forced us to use magic, and whatever we did for him there was something in return for us."

Harry snorted softly. "You're making Voldemort sound compassionate."

"Maybe he was. More so than Albus Dumbledore anyway."

Harry stared at Fenrir, who was sat on his behind, his legs spread with his body leaning forwards so he could pick at a toenail. Harry thought he looked like an overgrown, hairy toddler. Or maybe a big, cuddly teddy bear.

"Where is he?" Harry asked stiffly. "Voldemort. What's he doing now? Why aren't you with him?"

Fenrir continued to pick at his toenail, ignorant of Harry's disdainful glances. "I dunno. He hasn't contacted me or called me. I haven't seen him since I scented you."

Harry's breath quickened. "Why? Aren't you loyal to him? What would happen if he found out about"

Fenrir shook his head in exasperation. "You ask too many questions, cub. Questions I don't know the answers to." He stopped picking his toe and leant back, putting his weight on his palms. "I am loyal to him, just not as loyal as his Death Eaters. I've left him for longer than this before so he shouldn't fret. You see, we have this arrangement; he doesn't control me and my life, and I remain loyal to him when needed."

"How does he call you?" Harry asked suddenly, his gaze flickering to Fenrir's bare left arm. "You don't have a Dark Mark."

"Of course I don't!" he exclaimed. "You think I'd let myself be branded like that? Nah, he found another way to call me. Him, being one of those lajellythings –"

"Legilimens?" Harry offered, and Fenrir nodded.

"That's the one. Him being one of those, he devised this way to call me through my mind. I get this low hissing noise in my head and it's like I open a door to him if I want him to talk to me. Then, if I allow him in, he can tell me what he wants."

Harry's eyes widened. He hated to admit it but he was impressed; Voldemort was, by the sounds of things, a smart, cunning, and indulgent man.

"Oh," was all Harry could muster. His mind was whirring from all this news. It was only after some heavy thoughts that panic suddenly hit him. "Wait, wait... you're still loyal to Voldemort... and he... you're with me... the Daily Prophet..."

Fenrir raised a thick eyebrow. "Out with it, pup."

Harry scrambled to his feet, ran back to the cave, retrieved the newspaper from the entrance and hurried back to sit back down next to Fenrir.

"Read it," he demanded, shoving the old paper beneath Fenrir's nose.

The man growled dangerously, glaring at the newspaper. "You'll have to read for me," he bit out. "I'm not as... cultured as some."

Harry's eyes widened dramatically. "I... sorry," he muttered bashfully. He cleared his throat uneasily and read the summary at the bottom of the page. "Harry Potter is thought to be living with Fenrir Greyback. If anyone has seen or heard from these persons, please contact the Headmistress of Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall. Also, any suspicious activity performed by any type of canine should be reported. We need to save our saviour."

Fenrir merely stared at the paper before flopping down onto his back.

"Are you not worried?" Harry exclaimed at the man's blasé attitude. "Voldemort might... no, he will read this, and then he'll know you're looking after me!"

"Then I won't go back to him. Simple."

Harry could only gape dumbly at the man. "You can't just... just decide to switch sides like that! He won't let you!"

Fenrir glared at his pup. "What makes you think I've switched sides, boy?"

Harry frowned in confusion. "I... well I thought maybe... if you were no longer with Voldemort you'd be on the light side."

"After everything I told you about them?" Fenrir sat up swiftly and got to his knees. He leant forwards so he was less than inch away from his pup. "I'm on no one's side. I do what's best for me."

Harry swallowed and nodded. He then turned his attention to the paper. "They said... they said they want to save me."

Fenrir let his glare falter for only a split second before cupping his pup's face with a large hand. "They want to save you, or need to save you?" Before Harry could respond, Fenrir continued. "Why do you think they need to save you? Do you think they'd give a shit if it wasn't the Chosen One who had gone missing? Hmm?"

Harry could only shake his head stiffly with Fenrir's hand holding his face. "No," he mumbled. The words from the whole article ran through Harry's mind like a tornado, the word 'trophy' echoing more so than the others. Was that how he was viewed? A treasure, a prize, some sort of symbol for the light side? As much as the insignificant wording hurt, he wouldn't read that part out to Fenrir; he didn't want to anger the old wolf more than necessary.

Seeing the hurt in the boy's eyes, Fenrir relaxed his grip a little. He brushed his thumb over a slender cheekbone. "I just want to protect you from what I went through, mon petit."

Harry closed his eyes, breathed in and out deeply before opening his eyes again and nodding. "I know."


Remus ran up the moving staircases, desperate to find McGonagall. He'd come to the conclusion that a little white lie would be the only way he could convince her and Moody, and any other professors come to that, to help him save Harry.

Finally he reached her office, a little wheezy and worn out from running half way across the castle, but determined all the same. He knocked thrice before entering.

"Minerva, I need to discuss something of vital importance with y–" However, he stopped short when he saw that McGonagall was not alone. Sitting opposite her desk were Ron and Hermione.

"Remus?" the headmistress questioned, standing up from her position at the desk. "What's the matter?"

"Wh-what's going on?" he asked warily.

"I was just informing Miss Granger and Mister Weasley about Potter's current predicament." Remus raised an eyebrow, indicating for her to continue. "I'm warning them about the worst case scenario. If Harry is happy with the werewolf then we have no right to take him away from that. I merely told them that, for all we know, we may never see Harry again."

Remus winced at the thought. "Actually, I'm here about that. I... I need to speak with you." When she nodded but made no move to go anywhere confidential, he elaborated. "In private, if you please."

"If it's about Harry we want to know," Hermione said hastily, turning around on her chair. Her cheeks were tearstained. Ron turned around also and nodded in agreement.

"But –"

"As head of their house," Minerva started, "and considering they are the closest people on this earth to Mister Potter, I do believe they have the right to know what we do."

Remus glanced at them all weakly. He rubbed his face before running a hand through his hair. "Okay," he said, resigned. "Fine." He strode up to the desk, pulled up a chair and sat in it, resting his elbows on his knees and holding his face. "I... I had a vision."

This was all part of his white lie. He had come up with the idea while researching further into werewolf mates and their symptoms. According to one of the books he'd studied, the mate of a werewolf can tell when their bonded is in trouble; it was this fact that had inspired Remus' lie. Not to mention, his more than vivid dream of Harry on the floor, bruised and broken, had given him some idea of what to tell them. Plus, if Minerva or Moody ever went to extremes to tell if he was lying and used Occlumency on him, he would have that dream to show them.

"It's... complicated. But you see, due to my – ahem – condition, whenever the people I see as family or, more suitably 'pack members', are in danger, I sense it. I get images of them and... it's like a warning."

Hermione – whose hand had been covering her mouth – slowly let it fall to her side. "What are you saying, Professor?" she said hoarsely.

Guilt flooded through Remus' veins but he ignored it; he was doing this for Harry, regardless of the hurt he was causing those around him at the moment. "I mean, Harry is in trouble. He needs us. I saw him and... and it didn't look good."

Hermione choked on a sob and Ron wrapped an arm around her.

"I knew he was in trouble when we saw him," she whispered, but loud enough that Remus heard.

"You... you saw him?" he asked incredulously, wondering why he hadn't been told. "When? How?"

Hermione drew in a great shuddering breath. "In Hogsmeade. Well, we think it was him, but..." She trailed off.

"But he was a wolf. We think," Ron continued. "I mean, thinking about what happened, it does make sense. Besides, the wolf we saw had black fur and green eyes, the same features Harry has. And he didn't attack us, just stared at us and wagged his tail."

"Then... then when he was going to come closer another wolf came, a big silver one, and he grabbed Harry by the scruff and took him away!"

Remus couldn't believe his ears. The scenario the two students had just explained to him made a lot of sense; if Harry had seen his two friends and was going to go over to communicate with them then of course Greyback would not allow it. Remus was sure their assumption was right, for he could vividly remember what Fenrir's wolf form looked like from the day he was bitten.

"Did you see what colour eyes the silver wolf had?" Remus asked quietly.

Ron said, "No," at the same time Hermione said, "Yes." Ron gave his friend a questioning look and was about to ask her how she had seen, but thought better of it; Hermione had always been the more perceptive one out of the trio.

"They were yellow, golden almost," she murmured, her brows furrowed as she recalled the event.

"That sounds like him." Remus sighed. "It was most probably Greyback and Harry you saw. I find all of this to be far too coincidental for it to have been two different wolves."

Hermione looked Remus straight in the eye. "Professor Lupin, Greyback looked so... livid. Do you think he... hurt Harry?"

Remus shrugged weakly. Then, realising he had to come up with some persuasive argument to get his Harry back, he nodded and said, "I wouldn't be surprised if he had. Fenrir Greyback isn't known for having a calm disposition, by all means."

There was a silence before Ron spoke up.

"What did you see, y'know, in your vision?"

Remus grimaced, not wanting to go into too much detail. He swallowed thickly and explained. "I saw our Harry. He was on the floor, bleeding. Fenrir was... well, it seemed I got a detailed insight to how their mating went. It also looked as though he had been beaten somewhat."

Ron paled, Minerva's lips pressed into a thinner line than they had been in just a second prior, whilst Hermione swayed haphazardly on her chair in a spell of dizziness. Remus ignored the guilty feeling in the pit of his stomach. He had to get this lie out there to get Harry back to them. "After hearing your story, Ron and Hermione, I now know why Harry was in the state that he was; clearly Greyback was driven mad by jealousy. Jealousy growing from the happiness Harry felt when he saw you two."

There was another long silence in which Hermione and Ron shared a knowing glance; Remus vaguely wondered if the two teenagers were telepathic. They gave a curt nod to the other before turning back to look at Remus.

"We want to get him back," Hermione said firmly. "What do we need to do?"


Fenrir yawned and stretched before standing up, tipping his cub off his body in doing so. "Wolf form, now. I want to show you something."

Glad for the distraction from his intense thoughts, Harry stumbled to his feet where he transformed along with Fenrir. The silver wolf hurried out of the cave and, once he'd reached the forest, increased his pace, running and weaving through the trees. Harry followed close behind, marvelling at how easy it was to control his agility. Trees and shrubs rushed past his gaze in green blurs, while the soil beneath his paws seemed to act as a trampoline, giving him a bounce to his stride.

In what felt like no time, Fenrir began to slow down as the trees started thinning, and Harry saw a clearing up ahead. Fenrir changed back first, and Harry followed suit, once again forgetting about their nudity.

"Where are we?" Harry asked, stepping to Fenrir's side. Vaguely Harry could hear a trickling sound and he turned to the man who was staring at him, a knowing look in his amber eyes.

"Just follow me," he murmured.

He stalked across the earth and made his way to the clearing. When both he and Harry had reached it, Harry couldn't hold in his gasp; the sight that met his eyes was like nothing he had ever seen before. In front of him was a wide sparkling lake with a waterfall pouring its contents into the bright blue, rippling water. The cliff the waterfall fell from was about forty feet high, and it was adorned with ivy and other various plants.

"This is..." Harry trailed off, unsuccessfully finding words to describe the beauty before him.

"You said you wanted a shower?" Fenrir asked, a hint of light-hearted derision to his tone.

"I did, but this... I wasn't expecting this." Harry shuffled forwards, wanting nothing more than to cool off in the sparkling water from the hot summer air. "I've never seen anything like it!"

"Course you haven't, seeing as you've been living with humans all your life." Fenrir sniffed haughtily and Harry had to hold in a snigger; the aristocratic look really didn't suit the old werewolf. "Go on then, don't just stand there. You said you wanted a shower, now go and have one!"

Harry started slightly and looked up at Fenrir, who was looking at him expectantly. "Aren't you joining me?"

Fenrir sneered. "Bathing and showers aren't my thing, pup. I helped you out last time because it was your first wash in the wild. Now you know what to do, so off you go!"

Harry frowned, feeling a little anxious about having to wash while Fenrir merely observed. "Okay..." he mumbled. He turned to the lake and made his way over to the edge. Once there he sat on the bank and dipped his legs into the water. Miraculously enough it wasn't all that cold, unlike the first bath he had experienced with Fenrir which had been in a cold, grubby, old pond. So, wanting nothing more than to wash the grime out of his hair and off his body, he pushed himself into the water, finding he was able to stand comfortably with his neck just out of the rippling water. The sparkling, trickling waterfall caught his attention once again and he waded towards it, intending to use the cascading water as a shower jet.

Fenrir watched his little mate make his way over to the waterfall and felt an indescribable surge of lust cloud his mind. Maybe it was the way Harry's bright, white skin seemed to look translucent beneath the clear water, or possibly the way water droplets that had dripped down his pale body made his skin glisten in the evening sun. As Harry attempted to push himself out of the water on the other side of the lake so he could stand under the falls of water, Fenrir had to hold in his groan of approval; Harry's pert little ass was stuck up in the air as the boy scrambled to get up on the surface. The boy hitched a leg up onto the ledge while the other remained footed on the underwater ground and, in doing so, parted his ass cheeks. At this Fenrir growled wolfishly and his cock twitched at the position Harry was in. However, seeing how his little mate was struggling to get out, but also so he could ravage the boy behind the curtain of water, Fenrir took a run up and leaped into the water, ignoring the subtle pain in his feet as he hit the bottom of the shallow depths. He waded over to Harry, who had turned around to see what had caused the splash.

"I thought you weren't joining me?" Harry remarked as Fenrir finally caught up with him.

"Looked like you were having trouble getting up onto the ledge," Fenrir muttered, stepping close to his pup and invading his personal space. "Need a boost?"

Harry scowled. "I was almost up. Another few seconds and I would have had enough leverage."

"Really?" Fenrir leered. "Because I was staring at your ass for so long, mon petit, I'd begun to wonder if you were just teasing me with your own full moon." Harry looked mortified and Fenrir grinned wickedly. "C'mon, I'll give you a lift. Turn around."

The boy obeyed, though very warily, obviously nervous about having his back turned to the man. Fenrir placed his hands over the narrow hips and hoisted Harry up and out of the water as though he were a five year old. As soon as he was out of the water enough to push himself up, Harry scrambled onto the surface. He squealed and whipped round as he felt a sharp nip on his left ass cheek.

"Did you just... did you just bite me?" he spluttered.

Fenrir shrugged. He really couldn't have stopped himself if he'd tried; Harry's ass had been right in front of his face, and those firm cheeks looked so ripe and just... biteable. Instead of answering his mate's question, he hoisted himself out of the water with ease and hopped to his feet deftly. Ignoring the blushing boy on the floor, Fenrir made his way into the cavern behind the waterfall and waited for Harry to join him. Not a moment later the boy was shuffling into the cave, his cheeks still a delicious crimson colour. However, upon seeing the dim light and the water's light reflected on the walls, Harry seemed to forget his embarrassment and he took in his surroundings in awe.

"Now see, isn't this better than showering in some lousy old bathroom?" Fenrir said smugly.

Mutely, Harry nodded his head slowly and took a few hesitant steps towards the cascading water. He stretched his arm out and ran his hand under the vertical stream. It felt so cool and refreshing on this hot summer evening and, without hesitation, he stepped under it and let the falls gush over his body.

Fenrir let out a dog-like pant at the sensual display before him. The pale, lithe, naked form of Harry under the sparkling globules of water was just too erotic for Fenrir to just stand there and do nothing. So really, he couldn't be blamed for strutting up to his pup and joining him under the water, nor could he be blamed for wrapping his arms around the boy's waist and pulling him closer so they were back-to-chest.

Harry stiffened slightly before relaxing into his mate's embrace; Fenrir's arms provided a sense of safety and protection that Harry had never felt before, not even while staying at Hogwarts.

"Mmm, you're such a pretty thing, pup," Fenrir said gruffly, licking, sucking and softly biting up and down Harry's neck and shoulders.

Harry shuddered and subconsciously pressed back into Fenrir's touch, consequently feeling the man's half-hardened cock press in between his butt cheeks. He twitched slightly at the sensation, before – once again – relaxing and letting the positive feelings and emotions overwhelm him.

Fenrir felt his cock convulse as it pressed in-between Harry's crack. He held back a groan and tried to ignore the lust that was steadily clouding his vision. All he could think about was how much he wanted to bury himself inside that tight, warm, little hole that was teasing him mercilessly. To take his mind off these thoughts he focused on the running water, and began to rub his hands over Harry's body, washing away the light dustings of grime from the forest under the boy's armpits, over the flat abdomen, in between the slim thighs... As if by accident, Fenrir brushed against Harry's cock and, feeling rather excited as well as pleased, he felt the tense organ twitch beneath his touch. He peered over Harry's shoulder and saw that the boy was almost as hard as he was.

"Someone's enjoying their shower a little too much," he murmured in Harry's ear.

Harry's breath hitched; he suddenly felt so damn needy and it was taking all of his strength not to give into the urge of aligning the cock that was sliding in between his cheeks up to his hole. But, by Merlin, how he wanted it. He wanted to feel what sex with Fenrir was like without it being called 'mating'. Once again, Harry felt the man's hand sliding down his chest, over his nipples, past his navel, and coming to rest just above his excited member. He swallowed thickly. Here, in this environment, under the sparkling falls with the sun setting outside of this watery cavern, all Harry could think of was how typically romantic this was. Of course, Fenrir wouldn't agree; if Harry voiced his opinion surely the man would scoff. But the feel of Fenrir's large, hairy hand hovering tantalisingly above his cock mixed together with the blissful sensation of the water globules hitting his body was turning him on more than he had thought possible. He licked his lips in an act of nervousness before taking his bottom lip in between his teeth. Slowly and shakily, he reached behind him with a trembling hand and rested it on the side of Fenrir's strong, hard thigh. He wanted to give a sign to the old wolf that he was in the mood for this without having to speak; he didn't trust his voice enough to not sound wobbly or croaky.

Fenrir looked down at the thin fingers caressing his leg and felt a strange sensation in his chest. Was it the tender gesture that caused the ache? No, he had never been one to respond to affection before... but seeing as Harry was his mate that could all change. Realising that if Harry was willingly touching him and not moving away from this position, the boy wouldn't mind going a little further. He took a hold of the smaller hand resting on his thigh and slowly edged it towards his aching cock. Harry hadn't touched him there yet, and Fenrir was curious as to how the boy would respond.

"Fenrir," Harry murmured softly – he doubted the man would have heard him at all, his voice was so whispery. Suddenly he felt his hand connect with something hot and hard and he realised it had to be Fenrir's manhood. He swallowed again and tried to control his breaths; he was nervous, damn it, but he didn't want to be. He wanted to be able to please his mate confidently and as pleasurably as possible.

"Hold it," Fenrir growled in his ear. "Grab it."

Harry's eyelids fluttered as his eyes stared straight ahead of him at the cave wall. Tentatively, he wrapped his fingers around the hard organ and he felt it throb against his sweaty palm.

"Move your hand." Fenrir's voice resonated through his ear drum, giving Harry the shivers.

Hesitantly and slowly at first, Harry began to pump his hand up and down, feeling the man's foreskin move with him. When the man let out a deep growl from within his chest, Harry felt encouraged to do more. He moved his hand further back so he hit the base of Fenrir's cock on his down-stroke, and on the up-stroke he pressed his thumb firmly over the head.

"Mmm, fuck that feels good," Fenrir muttered, arching his neck back and wrapping an arm around Harry's slender torso. His other arm moved further down the boy's body so his hand was now grasping Harry's cock. At the touch, his pup started violently and mindlessly thrust his hips forwards. Fenrir felt his face morph into a feral smirk.

Together, Harry and Fenrir continued to pleasure the other in silence, Fenrir holding in his breaths, pants and moans better than his cub. However, after a few minutes, Fenrir pulled away, not missing Harry's whimper of loss. He took a few steps away from the water and, finding a dry spot on the cave floor, he laid himself down. Harry looked at him, his cheeks flushed with his erection standing tall.

"I want to try something, my pet, come here," Fenrir said huskily, drinking in the boy's debauched appearance.

Harry shimmied over until he was standing next to his mate.

"Sit on top of me, facing away from my face," he ordered quietly.

Feeling rather excited but equally just as nervous, Harry obeyed. He straddled Fenrir's chest and waited for further instruction, all the while eyeing Fenrir's thick, weeping erection.

"Lean down," the man whispered, and at once Harry knew what was to happen.

He didn't mind, but once he bent down, his face would be over the man's cock. He took a deep breath before lowering himself, his hands either side of the man's taut thighs. Seeing Fenrir's glory this close up wasn't scary, as Harry thought it would be, but it just turned him on even more. Without hesitation he licked up the side of the man's cock, his hand holding the base.

"Mmm, you're a quick learner, pup," Fenrir said with a chuckle.

As Harry was licking and sucking, all Fenrir could think of was how delicious the boy's ass was as it rested right in front of his face. He waited for a few more minutes, soaking up the pleasure Harry was giving him, until he couldn't resist any more. He leant forwards, grabbed the cheeks and licked a tongue line up the boy's crack. Instantly Harry shot up and whipped his head round to find Fenrir looking at him with a smirk on his face.

"You don't like it?" he simpered, bringing a scowl to Harry's face.

Determined to show the man he wasn't nervous or frigid he leant back down again and took the head of the man's cock into his mouth. Fenrir groaned and bucked his hips instinctively before resuming his position at Harry's hole. Like their last session, he continued to lap at the boy's ass, bringing delightful little moans and whines to the boy's throat. He pulled back before taking a finger and slowly circling the tight little hole. He teased it for a while, pressing the pad of his finger against the crack, until he decided he couldn't wait. He took his digit into his mouth, lathered it up and pressed it back against Harry's ass. This time, however, he slowly started to push it in.

Harry's body tensed immediately and his prior actions on Fenrir's cock stopped. He panted as he felt Fenrir's chunky finger enter him. He groaned around the organ in his mouth and felt Fenrir buck his hips up at the vibration. The finger inside him prodded and poked, forcing itself deeper. Harry's hips swayed and pushed back in a subconscious gesture of wanting more. So Fenrir obliged. Another finger was added and Harry winced; although he was no longer a virgin, his ass was still not completely accustomed to being full. However, the small amount of pain he felt around his ring of muscle soon vanished when the two fingers thrust forwards callously, hitting the bundle of nerves deep inside his anus.

"Ohhhh..." Harry muttered, his face resting on Fenrir's thigh whilst his hand still had a hold on the man's cock.

"Do you want this, little pup?" Fenrir whispered as he continued to push his fingers in and out of the boy's hole.

Harry's body convulsed as a shiver ran through him. He pushed himself up slightly and peered over his shoulder at Fenrir. "Yes," he breathed.

Fenrir smiled. "Off you get then, lie on the floor and –"

"No," Harry said shortly. He was blushing profusely but he didn't care. He wanted to show Fenrir that he didn't need to be told what to do or how to act. He wanted to be a naturally good mate. "No, I want to try something."

He swivelled round so he was facing the man now, and suddenly Fenrir realised what the boy intended to do. To say he was shocked would be an understatement; never would he have thought the boy would take matters into his own hands and tell Fenrir what to do.

"You be careful, mon petit," he mumbled. "Here, give me your hand."

Harry offered his hand to Fenrir, who took it in his and sucked the digits, one by one into his moist cavern. He then lathered up the palm before saying, "Now lube me up, pup. I won't be ignorant of your needs."

Harry nodded and reached behind him, smothering Fenrir's cock with the man's own saliva. When he'd wiped every spot of moisture of his hands, he shimmied back before crouching over the wet member.

Fenrir watched on uneasily.

"Go easy on yourself, Harry," he muttered.

The boy nodded and, very slowly, sat on Fenrir's aching limb. Harry scrunched his eyes up in pain; fuck, it hurt this way. But he didn't stop. He continued to push the man's cock inside himself until, finally, it was fully sheathed inside him. His anus was stinging madly but, behind the throbbing feeling was a hint of pleasure at being so full. He was sure that Fenrir's healing saliva would numb the pain away soon so he merely sat there, waiting for his body to adjust.

"Are you alright, cub?" Fenrir asked, his hands coming to rest on Harry's hips.

Harry nodded and opened his watery eyes. He managed a small smile. "I'm fine. I think... I think I'm ready now."

Fenrir leaned up on his elbows. "We can stop if it hurts."

Harry shook his head violently. "No. No, I don't want to stop." To prove his point, Harry lifted his hips up slightly before sitting back down on Fenrir's cock. The man grunted in pleasure and Harry mewled softly as his prostate was hit.

Soon the pain had practically vanished completely, and Harry felt freer to move. He lifted himself almost all the way off the man's shaft before forcing his body back down. Fenrir began assisting the boy and jerked his hips up and down in time with his mate, revelling in the fact that Harry was taking what pleasure he wanted from this position.

"Mmm... fffuck, Harry..." Fenrir groaned, his head lolling backwards and his eyes glazed over in bliss. "I'd forgotten how... how great you feel."

Harry smiled, glad he could give Fenrir something back. After lifting his body up and plunging back down again, he started rotating his hips, which brought a low, primal growl to the man's throat. Suddenly, Harry felt a weight on the nape his neck and he vaguely realised it was Fenrir's hand, pulling his head down to meet his lips. Fenrir licked and nibbled at his gasping mouth before encouraging Harry's tongue to meet with his. In this new position, Harry found his prostate was more easily accessible and, as he and Fenrir kissed fervently, he also realised his cock was being massaged between their torsos as he began bucking his hips up and down in abandon.

"Hahh..." Harry whined, pressing his forehead to Fenrir's as his body fell limp to the pleasures. For the next number of minutes they stayed like that, face to face, while they continued to make love; not mate... but actually have sex out of want, not need. It was at a slow pace and Harry couldn't help but smile; it felt so right.

Fenrir, upon seeing his mate's happy little face, smiled back and ran his hands up and down the supple frame on top of him. However, soon the burning, coiling feeling his lower region lit up and he realised how close to the edge he was. He let go of Harry's head, instead choosing to grab the boy's hip with one hand, whilst his other grabbed the erection in front of him. Harry arched back and, most probably on the edge too, started bouncing harder, wanting to get as much pressure and friction in order to get his release.

"F-F-Fen... I'm going to... So close..."

Fenrir kept his thrusts hard, fast and powerful, wanting nothing more than to mark his little mate again.

Soon their pace had increased tenfold and, before either could comprehend, Harry had released all over the werewolf's chest. Fenrir followed soon after, the feeling of Harry's muscles clenching around his cock almost too much to take. He gave one last thrust and stayed in that position until he had coated the boy's insides with his seed.

"Gods..." he muttered as Harry flopped down on top of him. "That was just... you were so fucking sexy, pup."

Harry – who was breathing rather heavily – hummed his amusement at the man's words. "I liked that," he said quietly.

Fenrir looked down at the nest of Harry's black hair that was resting just beneath his chin. "Me too," he agreed, bringing his arms around to cradle the boy to his chest. For some unknown reason, he had an urge to press his lips to Harry's hair, despite the fact there was little chance of 'tasting' his mate there. He just felt like it was the right thing to do. Plus, Harry might appreciate the – he shuddered – human affection.

So he did.

He leaned down and pressed his rough lips to the soft hair, breathing in Harry's unique scent of the forest, fresh water, and a subtle scent of old shampoo the boy must have used for most of his life. They stayed in that position for ages, neither one wanting to move or pull away from the intimate position they were still in, nor caring that the sun was setting on them.