"Please come in" Jessica yelled to the people knocking outside her office. This office was of course her room, fashioned into something resembling a work-place.

Two people walked into her room, her parents. Natsuhi's eyes were colored red from crying, and Krauss had a pissed off look in his face. Something was wrong in lovey-dovey land. They walked over to the couch that was laid out in the corner of the room, and sat down on opposite ends. Jessica pulled up a chair and set down in it backwards.

"So what's wrong?"

"Jessica, please sit properly"

Even when she is upset, Natsuhi was sure to reprimand her daughter whenever fate allowed her to. Jessica sighed, and got up from the chair and turned it around and set back down.

"So what's wrong?"

Rubbing her temples, Natsuhi said "Krauss here thinks he'll be able to travel to the moon and build a resort on it."

Jessica let out a loud laugh, and Krauss's face morphed into one more pissed off than before.

"Don't laugh! I invested a lot of money into this! Its gonna work!"

"I keep telling him it's not... But he insists it will…"

"You don't know until you try! According to my sources, in a few years there will be a huge service to allow people to get to the moon!"

"Dad, what are your sources?"

"…My business partners. They've never lied to me before."

"Or you just never noticed they have lied to you, dear."

"They know what they're talking about and I trust them!"

"Dad, do you reeeaaa~lly believe that there will be moon travel? The most cutting edge technology right now is the famicom. And you still haven't gotten me one yet."

"Jessica, a young woman doesn't need to waste her time with stuff like that! You need to focus on your studies!"

"Then go away, you're distracting me from 'my studies'."

"How dare you say that to your parents? Krauss, say something to your daughter!"

"…moon travel will be possible…."


"Huh? What?"

"Your daughter is telling us to get out!"

"Maybe we should. She's not helping us at all! …And she's just laughing at me anyway."

"Everyone's laughing at you, dad."

"Not my business partners! I'm telling you! Soon we will be living on the moon!"

"Oh yes, and then we'll be dancing with the rabbits on the moon! Dad, get real. It's not gonna happen. No matter how much you believe."

"Stop it! I'm never buying you that famicom if you keep this up!"

"Dear, she has a point. Listen to her."

"She has no point! She's just 18; she doesn't know shit about anything!"

"Even if she's 18, don't use such language around her!!" over-protective Natsuhi, as usual.

"She's 18! Let her cuss!"

"…You guys are straying from the point!"

Jessica put them straight, and made them start talking about the moon again. She got up from her chair, and laid down on her bed, facing the ceiling.

"So, Dad. You believe in moon travel, right?"


"Mom, you believe that there won't be travel to the moon, right?"


"The problem here lies with how gullible dad is."

"Don't call your dad gullible!"

"Mom, you think he's gullible too…."

"That's not the point! Don't insult your father!"

"Ugh. Fine. Dad, you need to learn that moon travel for regular citizens won't be possible soon."

"Prove it. If you don't have any proof, I don't believe you."

"I learned about it in school a year ago."

"What class?"

"Ummm… what was the class called…"

Krauss almost caught Jessica in a lie, but her fast-wit protected her…

"Rocket Science."

"They teach rocket science at school?"

"Ya, it's part of the new curriculum."

"I don't remember you signing up for that class, Jessica."

"You don't? I had you sign a paper for permission. You probably had a headache when you signed it and forgot."

"I would know if my daughter signed up for rocket science! Don't blame everything on my headaches!"… Natsuhi said that while rubbing her forehead.

"Anyway, Jessica! Moon travel will be possible! I don't care what rocket science taught you! Do I have to go up to your old teacher and tell him to stop lying to his students!?"

"H-he retired last year! I don't know where he is!"

"Then I'll complain to the school board! Bad teaching needs to be stopped!"

"Dear… it's not bad teaching. Its good teaching."

"It can't be good teaching if they lie about everything!"

"Arrrgghhh! Shut up! Travel to the moon won't happen!"

"Jessica! Don't tell your father to shut up!"

"Then you tell him that! I can't take it!"

"I would never tell him to shut up!"

"Well sometimes you have to! You can't wait for him to do something idiotic and then say something! Part of being married means you have to point out when your husband is doing something dumb! Tell him he's stupid to his face and maybe he'll listen!"

"Natsuhi would never tell me I'm stupid! Why did I even come here!? You don't know anything about love Jessica!"

"..Dear… you're being very… dumb right now"

Natsuhi spoke out in the midst of the argument between Krauss and Jessica. Krauss went silent, and Jessica burst out laughing.

"You need to learn that we will never have a resort on the moon. Please, dear, just learn this."


"Hahahaha! She said it, she actually said!"

Jessica rolled around on her bed, laughing. She was laughing a little too hard, and she broke out into a coughing fit.

"Dear! Grab her inhaler! She's choking!"

"Eh!? Where is it!?"

"I don't know! Somewhere in the room!?"

"Damnit! Where is it!?"

"I see it, it's on top of the stand over there! Go get it!"

"Why can't you go get it!?"

"Ugh, this isn't the time! I'll go get it!"

"No, I'm going! You told me to!"

They both ran to the stand continuing their ridiculous argument, and grabbed the inhaler. Natsuhi handed it to Jessica, and Jessica took a few whiffs of air from it. Her breathing returned to normal.

"Jessica! Are you okay?"

"Ya don't worry"

"You need to learn to control yourself, Jessica…"

"Ya ya, I know."

"..so now what?"

"Well, I helped you didn't I!? Pay me!"

"Pay you what?"

"Pay me by buying me that NES."


"Fine, 1000 yen?"


"Ugh, pay me by sending Shannon in here?"

"Why her?"

"We need to talk about someone."

"It better not be about Kanon!"

"It isn't. We need to talk about where my old rocket science teacher went."

"…I still don't remember you taking rocket science…"

"Doesn't matter, send Shannon in here, with some tea."

"Fine then, see you at dinner Jessica."

"Bye mom, bye dad."