Be forewarned that the vampires featured in this story have been created and or altered. They may appear more savage and cruel then their original forms. Not every chapter has a happy end or an end at all. There will be twist and tragedies in every character's existence while here in my world. Not every dilemma can be solved in a lucrative manner so sometimes you'll just have to run. Enjoy.

The air in the front lobby was chilly and the couches were clearly made for decoration, not comfort. My best friend Brooke and I waited on the hideous furniture as my dad checked us in to our hotel in Seattle.

This was the first year Brooke has been allowed to come with us to visit my grandmother, who has been too sick to have visitors the previous years.

Brooke was practically my opposite. She was 5'10" with blonde hair so light it was almost white and soft green eyes. Her soft childlike features gave her an air of innocents. On the other hand I was 4'9" with hair so black it's blue in some lights. My piercing ice blue eyes and more angled features usually intimidated people. No one liked to look me in the eye.

The only thing Brooke and I physically had in common was that we were both 16 and were the odd one's in our families. Everyone in my family had blond hair and grey eyes, the only one who ever have black hair or blue eyes was my great-great-grand mother who disappeared shortly after giving birth to my great grandmother, back in the civil war. In Brooke's family everyone had bright orange hair and brown eyes and Brooke is the first not to.

"Come on girls." My dad called across the room.

Brooke and I quickly grabbed our bags, desperate to find warmth and comfortable furniture. We talked excitedly on our way to our room.

Once on the 10th floor my dad handed us our room keys and we parted ways.

"Oh, my God, we're finally here!" I yelled as I flopped down on the bed.

"Let's hurry and unpack so we can go out." Brooke pulled on my feet till I was on the floor then she dumped the contents of my bag on my lap.

"Hey!" I protested.

"You can complain latter let's just get unpacked and hit the city." I didn't object.

We had all our cloths unpacked in half an hour. Brooke ran to the bathroom while I flicked on the TV.

I hate hotel TV. All they gave you were soap operas, the news, and cartoons.

I was blazing through the channels when something caught my eye.

"Death tolls continue to rise. Police expect gang activity is involved. If any new information if found on any missing person please contact your loc-"

I looked up to see Brooke with the remote in hand.

"You ready?"

The strangest feeling filled me at that moment. It wasn't a good one but it wasn't particularly a bad one either. I shrugged it off.


Then we were gone.