I'm here!

Bliss knotted her skates and adjusted her helmet. She was excited to get on the track again and kick some ass.

"Ready, Ruthless?" Maggie Mayhem asked as she flexed her tattooed muscles in the rusty locker room mirror.

"Yeah. It's been..."

"Encounter with the ex?" Maggie asked. "Do you want me to tell my ex story again?"

"Ew, no! Not the special shampoo again." Bliss grumbled.

Just then, there was a sharp rap on the door.

"Can I come i-iin?" The voice shrieked.

"Um, yes?" Bliss said as she ran her wheels along the floor.

"HI! I came to wish you luck before the big debut!" Macy ran in, clutching about ten Babe Ruthless trading cards.

"Wow, thanks..." Bliss stammered, looking around awkwardly.

Maggie rolled her eyes and kicked her skates extra loud before rolling out of the room. Bliss heard dance music booming from the back office where Razor was.

"Razor?" She asked, opening the door.

His hairy legs were peeking from cut cargo shorts and his socked feet were stuffed in brown sandals, propped up on his wooden desk as he sang to the dance beats.

"Aagh!" He cried, throwing his hands over the heart of his opened Hawaiian shirt.

"No one was supposed to walk in on me before our first game!"

"Sorry..." Bliss said, suffocating a huge laugh. "I'm kind of stressing."

"Last year's star rookie? Stressing?" Razor chuckled. "Over what?"

"Well, our first game is against the Rollers, and..."

"Oh, your little friend. Let me tell you, this game is only a game. Yes, it can be life, but it shouldn't get it the way of yours. Well, at least TOO much."

Razor then turned around and pushed the volume up, which was Bliss's cue to leave.

Back in the Roller's locker room, Pash had her fingers wrapped around Birdman's arm.

"I can't WAIT for you to meet the ladies!" She said as she walked faster. "Maven is the strongest lady EVER!"

Birdman's mouth fell when he saw the girls in their fishnets, skirts, and tanks.

"Oh my..." He stammered as an angry Pash wiped a bit of drool from the edge of his mouth.

"Look at the freak!" One of the Rollers chuckled.

"Are you a fan? Get lost!" Another hollered.

"Rotten, who's the nimrod?" Maven asked as she swung her leg all the way up onto a rack.

"This is my BOYFRIEND Birdman." Pash said with a cool smile.

The girls chuckled.

"Derby girl, you've got to drop the drip." Maven laughed, twirling in a circle.

Birdman dropped Pash's hand and quickly strode from the locker room.