Danny Phantom, and Angry Beavers crossover. Takes place after the unaired episode called Bye, Bye Beavers where only its audio track of the whole episode could be heard and takes place after the danny phantom episode called D-Stabilized so this would also mean that this story also takes place before the episode of Danny Phantom called Phantom Planet. P.S. I don't own any of the rights of Danny Phantom or Angry Beavers. Both are owned by Nickelodeon.

Full Plot Summary: Thinking that they will be gone forever never to be heard of or seen again. The two beaver brothers, Dag and Norb gives their final goodbyes before vanishing out of their world. Still thinking that they no longer exist. Daggett and Norbert wakes up in a strange place, but surprisely they find out they still exist. Now sticking together so they don't get lost. They try find things out if they will be in the place for the rest of their lives and avoiding dangers that comes across them. The two beaver brothers then soon meets a half human/half ghost hero who goes by the name of Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom meets the Angry Beavers

Daggett and Norbert sat on top of the hill watching the view down from their dam and the lake they live on as they were spending their last moments together before they would disappear forever. After receiving a letter that they would be disappearing all the two beaver brothers wanted to do is stay together. "N-Norbert?" Daggett said.

"Yes, little brother." Norbert said.

"I'm really upset. I mean what is going to happen to us when we disappear. We'll might never see each other again or our mom, dad, little sisters, and friends. Why did this have to happen." Daggett said.

"I don't know, Daggett. I wish I could find out, but listen, Dag. Were brothers and even if we are gone forever. We'll always be with each other.....Oh Daggett really why did this have to happen. I don't want to be gone forever!" Norbert said.

Norbert began to cry as well with Daggett. "Daggy, one last thing before were gone." Norbert said.

Daggett wiped his tears away looking at his brother. "What that's Norbie." Daggett said.

"BIG HUG! I'm going to miss you!" Norbert said.

"I'm going to miss you too!" Daggett said.

Daggett, and Norbert hugged each other still crying. As they hugged each other with both of their arms. They began to feel strange. They were disappearing. "I'll never forget you, Norbie. Brothers forever." Daggett said.

"Me neither. Brothers forever too." Norbert said.

They still hugged as they began to fade away until there was nothing left of them. They were out of existence in their world forever never to be heard of again or were they actually.....Norbert opened his eyes everything he saw seemed blurry until it all cleared away. Getting up and rubbing his head. Norbert looked around. "Wha.....? Were not gone forever? Daggett....dag?" Norbert said.

Norbert looked around for his brother. He turned his head and saw Daggett on the ground. Norbert shaked his brother to get him to wake up. "Dag, please wake up!" Norbert said.

Daggett opened his eyes getting up as he looked around and then saw his brother Norbert beside him. "Norbie! You're alive! I'm alive too. I thought we were going to be gone forever? What's happening." Daggett said.

"I don't know Dag, but all that matters is were alive." Norbert said.

"We maybe alive, though, but where are we. What is this place?" Daggett said.

"Not sure, but already I suddenly don't really like it." Norbert said.

Daggett, and Norbert looked at the entire place. Shivers and chills going down their spines at the same time. "Might not like it just like I said already, but there's nothing we can do. We might be living here for eternity. Lets stick together so we don't get lost." Norbert said.

"Dot, dot, dot. Really going to hate it just so you know." Daggett said.

"So will I, Daggett. Now just come and stop being such a doofus, little brother." Norbert said.

Daggett nodded as the two beavers walked off to check the whole new world they seemed to be in. Norbert was ahead while Daggett was behind. Daggett could hear scary voices of ghosts and caught up to his brother to feel safe. "Norbie. I'm scared. I don't want to live here. I want to be back at our home, where we were safe. What if we don't survive." Daggett said.

"Don't feel scared, just stay close to me. There's nothing to be afraid of as long as I'm around." Norbert said.

"Well.....alright." Daggett said shattering his teeth.

As they kept walking they didn't see where they were going and bumped into someone's legs who was blocking the way. "Hey, watch it, buddy. Beavers trying to get through." Daggett said.

Both stopped rubbing their head as they looked up to see what appeared some metal like ghost with green fire on his head and chin. Wearing a black muscle shirt, and pants along with a spaulder on his left shoulder, and metal gloves that he was wearing on his hands. It was Skulker. "Hello. Might want to watch what you say about me, you little weird weasels." Skulker said.

Daggett, and Norbert got up still looking at him. "Excuse me, but were not weasels." Norbert said.

"Yeah, were beavers. Now out of our way. Me, and my big brother Norb are heading off now." Daggett said.

"Yes, now if you just don't mind. We'll be on our way leaving." Norbert said.

The two beaver brothers were about to leave, only to get stopped by Skulker who pulled out some weapon pointing it at them. "Not so fast. I haven't seen anything like you two around here before. You could fit well for my collection." Skulker said.

"Uh, what collection. What would you even want us for." Norbert said.

"It's nothing for you two to know. Now come with me." Skulker said.

"Norbie, I don't like this guy. RUN!" Daggett said.

Norbert nodded as Daggett and him turned around and started to run. "Hey, get back here! I'm going to add you to my collection even if you don't like it or not!" Skulker said.

Daggett turned his head still running. "Oh yeah. You gotta catch us first then. Dot, dot, dot. P.S. SPOOT HEAD!" Daggett said laughing.

Skulker got angry and began chasing after Daggett, and Norbert. The two beavers looked to see him chasing them and the only thing they had in their mind was to keep running as this being that calls himself Skulker was trying to catch them. As Daggett, and Norbert kept running. Daggett looked at his brother. "Norbie! What is he going to do to us if he catches us!" Daggett said.

"*panting* I don't know, but I don't want to find out. Keep running!" Norbert said.

The Beavers kept running until they suddenly ran into a dead end. Both turned around to see Skulker backing them up against the wall. "W-what are you even going to do to us with this collection you speak of." Norbert said.

"Yeah, please leave us alone." Daggett said.

"Might as well tell you. I'm a Ghost Hunter who hunts the rarest kind of ghosts and seeing that I haven't seen such strange beings like you two before. You both might seem valuable. You mention you were beavers right." Skulker said.

"R-rr-right!" Daggett said.

"Well then Ghost Beavers you're mine!" Skulker said.

"Hey wait just a darn minute! Ghost Beavers! Listen you got this all wrong. Me and my doofus brother here are just plain ordinary Beavers. Not Ghost Beavers. Just Beavers." Norbert said.

"Yeah! Now beat it, pal!" Daggett said.

"Hm, if you're ordinary beavers, then what are you doing here in the Ghost Zone?" Skulker said.

"Say what.....Ghost Zone." Daggett said.

"What's the Ghost Zone?" Norbert said.

"It's the realm where all ghosts live. Now as I was saying. If you're ordinary beavers, then how are you here." Skulker said.

"Well long story. Me and my brother live in our world in this dam, and we suddenly got a letter that we would vanish forever out of existence, but somehow we still exist and this is where we're at now. The place you call the Ghost Zone." Norbert said.

"Oh, I see. Really sorry if you forgive me." Skulker said.

"Sorry.....sorry! How can we accept your apology when you tried hunting us down. No way Norbie and I are accepting you're apology, spoot head!" Daggett said.

Norbert looked at Daggett and stepped on his foot. "Ouch!" Daggett said.

"Don't mind my brother. We accept your apology." Norbert said.

"Alright then, I'll be heading off hopefully to find more rare ghosts to catch." Skulker said.

Skulker turned as he walked off. However Norbert wanted to ask him something. "Wait, before you go. I have something to ask?" Norbert said.

Skulker turned around looking at Norbert. "What would that be?" Skulker said.

"Is there anyway to get out of this place." Norbert said.

"Well sometimes portals open leading to the other world. However you would have to be quick, because they will close." Skulker said.

"Thank you." Norbert said.

"Don't mention it." Skulker said.

Skulker walked off. Daggett who made his foot felt better looked at Norbie. "So what now." Daggett said.

"Well, the big metal guy told us the only way to get out of this place is to find any portal that opens, which will lead us back to the world." Norbert said.

"Good, let's find a portal then! I can't take a another minute in this place." Daggett said.

Daggett was about to walk only to get pulled back by his brother. "Hold on a second, Daggett. He also told us that we would have to get to a portal quick." Norbert said.

"Why is that?" Daggett said.

"Because if we don't. It will close and we'll just end up having to find a another one." Norbert said.

"Awwww, does life always have to make everything so difficult. It never makes it easy." Daggett said.

"Now, now, Dag. Come on. Whatever portal we see. It's our only way out." Norbert said.

"Coming." Daggett said.

Daggett, and Norbert made their way looking around the Ghost Zone for any portal they see so hopefully they can get out of this place that the two Beaver brothers are in.

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