Daggett, Norbert, Danny, Jazz, Dani, Wulf, and Cujo the Ghost Dog still prepared to take on Vlad Plasmius stood there. Vlad Plasmius was shocked. "What! But how could you all still be alive! You should of been all destroyed!" Vlad Plasmius said.

"Thanks to a friend of ours name Clockwork. We got out. Now we're here to stop you and save my friends Sam and Tucker. Give up, Vlad!" Danny said.

"Never!" Vlad Plasmius said.

Vlad Plasmius shot a bolt of energy at them all, but they all jumped out of the way. "Hey, spoot head! Eat ice!" Daggett said.

"Yeah, eat ice!" Norbert said.

Daggett shot a beam of ice at Vlad Plasmius. Shocked by this. Vlad jumped. "Since when did you Beavers get the ability to use ice!" Vlad Plasmius said.

"Not so weak you think we are now do you! This game ends here! Now you really will be sorry you have done this!" Norbert said.

"Oh, we'll see about that!" Vlad Plasmius said.

Vlad Plasmius made his way towards them. "Dani, Wulf, Cujo! We'll keep Vlad busy. Help Sam and Tucker!" Danny said.

"On it, Danny." Dani said.

Dani, Wulf, and Cujo the Ghost Dog made their way to help get Sam and Tucker and got their now trying to find a way to get them out. Vlad Plasmius didn't notice this as he had his attention on the Ghost Boy, his sister, and the two Beaver Brothers. Danny shot Ectoplasmic Energy Blasts over and over again at Vlad Plasmius who in return kept dodging them or turning intangible to avoid getting hit. "You gotta do better than that Ghost Boy!" Vlad Plasmius said.

Danny was about to keep shooting, but Vlad Plasmius got to him and punched him causing Danny to fall to the ground. "Danny!" Norbert and Jazz said.

Norbert, and Jazz ran to Danny to check if he was okay, and helped him up. Daggett who was fighting alongside them notice this. "Danny! Nobody messes with my idol! Nobody!" Daggett said.

Daggett shot more of his ice, which hit Vlad's hand freezing it. Vlad growled trying to break free of the ice that froze over his palm. "How do you like them apples, Spoot Head!" Daggett said.

"No more than you! No way am I going to lose to a Beaver like you and you're so called brother!" Vlad Plasmius said.

"Just you try!" Daggett said.

With that Daggett kept shooting ice at Vlad Plasmius until he was completely frozen solid. "Yeah. Take that!" Daggett said.

Norbert, Danny, and Jazz came up to Daggett. "Ha! That wasn't too hard! We did it!" Daggett said.

They began to hear the ice that had Vlad Plasmius frozen solid begin to crack and break. "Then again...maybe not?" Daggett said.

Pieces of ice shattered all over the area. Vlad Plasmius looked at them. "You thought it would be that easy to beat me! Guess again!" Vlad Plasmius said.

"Everyone keep fighting, Vlad!" Danny said.

Daggett, Norbert, Danny, and Jazz kept fighting Vlad Plasmius still keeping him busy since he didn't notice Dani, Wulf, and Cujo the Ghost Dog still we're figuring out a way to get Sam and Tucker out. Sam and Tucker we're speaking, but still could only make muffled sounds. "Don't worry, we'll get you both out. Just somehow?" Dani said.

Dani turned to Wulf and Cujo the Ghost Dog. "What do we do? I can't find a way." Dani said.

Wulf and Cujo the Ghost Dog couldn't think of anything else, and decided to claw his way through the generators to free Sam and Tucker. Wulf clawed the generator Sam was in and Cujo the Ghost Dog bit his way through the generator Tucker was in. "Heh, heh. Didn't thought of that." Dani said.

They untied Sam and Tucker. "You both alright?" Dani said.

"We are now." Sam said.

"Yeah, we really thought you all we're gone and nothing was going to stop Vlad. Thank goodness now though." Tucker said.

"Well...it's what a hero does, but right now. Excuse us, while we help my cousin Danny, Jazz, Daggett, and Norbert." Dani said.

"Okay." Sam said.

"Sure thing. Go for it." Tucker said.

Dani, Wulf, and Cujo the Ghost Dog made their way to help Daggett, Norbert, Danny, and Jazz fight Vlad Plasmius. It seems Vlad Plasmius was so powerful. No matter how much they kept fighting. They couldn't seem to stop him. "Give up!" Vlad Plasmius said.

"No! No matter what! We won't. Even to the end of time! We won't let you take over earth and get away with this!" Danny said.

Danny threw a punch at Vlad who quickly grabbed his wrist before slamming Danny onto the ground. "I told you I'm more powerful." Vlad Plasmius said.

Danny tried to get up, but Vlad Plasmius placed his foot on Danny's chest making it hard for him to get up. Danny struggled to get free, but Vlad Plasmius kept his foot on him hard. "Get you're foot off my brother, Vlad!" Jazz said.

Jazz shot some bolts of beams with her Fenton Peeler, but Vlad took out his palm open and forced the bolts of beams back to Jazz, which hit her causing Jazz to scream as she fell to the ground injured. "Jazz!" Daggett, Norbert, and Dani said.

Jazz tried to get up, and shoot one more time, but Vlad somehow controlled the Fenton Peeler suit and kept it stuck to the ground as if it was a magnet. Jazz began to struggle to get up, but couldn't. "Do what you can. You can't get up!" Vlad Plasmius said.

"You're in for it now, Vlad!" Dani said.

Dani flew towards Vlad getting ready to punch him, but Vlad quickly grabbed her and energy began to form in his other hand before releasing it at Dani. Letting go of her. She flew to the ground already in huge pain. She was breathing heavily trying to catch her breath. Wulf and Cujo the Ghost Dog ran towards Vlad trying to claw and bite him, but easily overpowered them sending them flying and hitting the ground. Leaving Daggett and Norbert as the only ones left standing. Danny was still struggling to get free, but Vlad then shot a beam of powerful energy hitting Danny causing him to scream, before going into an unconcious state. Taking his foot off. Vlad Plasmius picked the knocked out Danny up and threw him along with the others who we're on the ground injured. "Daggett! Norbert...please help us!" Jazz said.

"We can't go on doing this...we're too injured." Dani said.

"No!" Sam and Tucker said.

Everyone heard Sam and Tucker. Vlad Plasmius saw them and then lifted them up into the air with his power before doing some ability to knock them out. "Sam!" Norbert said.

"And Tucker!" Daggett said.

Not knowing what to do. The Beaver brothers had to be brave and fight. Knowing with all the fighting skills and ice powers that Frostbite gave them. For sure, they hoped Frostbite's secret to defeating Vlad was true. "That's it! Tricking us all these years is one thing! But doing this to our friends is going too far! You're iced!" Norbert said.

"Give up now, and maybe I'll spare you all. Admit it, Beavers. I'm too powerful. You can't beat me." Vlad Plasmius said.

"Not a chance!" Norbert said.

"Bring it!" Daggett said.

"Might as well. Suit yourselves." Vlad Plasmius said.

Vlad began shooting beams of power at Daggett and Norbert who kept dodging the attacks. They got to Vlad and began shooting their ice powers at him, but Vlad created a Shield, which made the ice powers useless. "Ha ha ha ha ha! Resistence in futile. Give up now while you can!" Vlad Plasmius said.

"We...will not give...up!" Daggett said.

"We can't let you!" Norbert said.

Daggett and Norbert kept fighting Vlad Plasmius, but they did the best they could, and Vlad Plasmius was too much. He shot a bolt of energy at Norbert hitting him. Leaving Norbert really injured his ice form began to go away and Norbert reverted back to his normal appearance self. "Norbie! No!" Daggett said.

Tears filled Daggett's eyes as he ran up to his brother trying to shake him. "Norbie! Norbie! Please wake up." Daggett said.

Daggett had tears running down his face as he tried to wake Norbert up. Norbert opened his eyes. "D-Daggett...please...save yourself, brother. Please for me. Just save yourself..." Norbert said.

"No, I won't leave you all behind." Daggett said.

Vlad Plasmius walked up to them as Norbert closed his eyes by the time he got there. "Aw, what's the matter. Is the poor Beaver crying because his brother is really hurt." Vlad Plasmius said.

Daggett looked very angry now looking up at Vlad Plasmius. "Nobody...I mean nobody hurts my brother or my friends!" Daggett said.

Daggett lunged at Vlad Plasmius trying to attack him, but Vlad grabbed Daggett by the tail and threw him to the ground. Daggett got back up to his feet and clenched his teeth and hands. Daggett shot ice beams from his eyes to hit Vlad Plasmius, but he took out his hand and blocked the Ice Beams making them no use. Seeing that didn't work. Daggett ran towards Vlad to punch him, but Vlad Plasmius gave a quick punch at the Brown Beaver. Vlad Plasmius then shot a ball of energy hitting Daggett causing him to fall to the ground now really injured as well just like everyone else. Daggett tried getting up, but fell back down because of how week he was. Vlad Plasmius walked up to Daggett. "I told you. I would beat you all. With you all beaten. For sure now. I'll get rid of you all once and for all!" Vlad Plasmius said.

"You...you're going to get it...I'm telling you." Daggett said.

"Get what. I'm getting nothing, but what I've always wanted. Any last words. Now all of you say goodbye, while I set this machine up to blow up the place." Vlad Plasmius said.

Vlad Plasmius turned around and went to a machine he was going to use to blow the place up. Daggett was weak. Too weak to get up and layed there like everybody else. Daggett thought this was over for real. Really over, as he closed his eyes shut as if this was now the end...suddenly. Images of Frostbite began swarming around Daggett's mind. Telling him the secret to defeating Vlad. "Just believe in yourself. No matter what." Images of Frostbite said.

This shot into Daggett's mind as he opened his eyes. "Frostbite is right...just believe in yourself...just...believe in...YOURSELF! Oh it's on! Spoot Loop!" Daggett said.

Daggett jumped up on both feet and ran towards Vlad Plasmius who was about to get the machine ready to explode the place, until suddenly. Vlad heard Daggett and turned around. "*Gasp* In earth's sakes!" Vlad Plasmius said.

Daggett jumped up into the air and kicked Vlad Plasmius had in the stomach. Vlad bended down to his knees with his hands across his stomach. Not being able to look in time. Daggett punched Vlad Plasmius across the face, and many different ways of hitting him, before giving one final blow in his face. Now that Vlad Plasmius was too weak. He turned back into his human form trying to get up, but Daggett shot his beams of ice freezing his hands, and feet. Unable to move. Vlad began to struggle. "How is it though! This is embarressing. I lost...to a Beaver!" Vlad said.

"That's right, but I'm no ordinary Beaver. I'm Daggett. Just had to believe in myself." Daggett said.

"When I get myself free! You will be sor-" Vlad said not finishing.

Before Vlad could finish speaking. Daggett froze his mouth and body except for his head. Leaving him stuck and frozen. "That will teach you." Daggett said.

Now that Vlad was beaten in fighting. He was back to normal powerful self just like he always has been and the power went back to Daggett and the knocked out Norbert. With Vlad taken care of. Daggett turned around and ran up to his friends. Trying to wake up his brother Norbert first. His brother got up. "D-Da-Dag...Daggie." Norbert said.

"Norbert! Oh thank goodness you're okay!" Daggett said.

"Thanks...I guess...what about Vlad? We have to stop him." Norbert said.

"Don't worry. I already taken care of him." Daggett said.

"You...w-what?" Norbert said.

Norbert looked to see Vlad Plasmius defeated all frozen except for his head. "Dag...you really...you really did it." Norbert said.

"Sure did." Daggett said.

"Good, let's hope the others are okay." Norbert said.

Daggett shook his head agreeing with Norbert and first ran up to Jazz who was wasn't paying attention to the whole thing at all. They found a button to turn off the Fenton Peeler, causing the armor to come off of Jazz. She got up. "Daggett? Norbert?" Jazz said.

"Don't worry, we're both okay." Norbert said.

Jazz saw what appeared to be Vlad defeated. "You both did it!" Jazz said.

"Actually. It was my little brother, Daggett." Norbert said.

"It was." Jazz said.

Norbert shook his head. Jazz looked at Daggett who looked at her back. She leaned down picking Daggett up hugging him tightly. "You we're so brave, Daggett. Thanks for saving us." Jazz said.

"It's nothing really." Daggett said.

Jazz let go of Daggett putting him down. Daggett, Norbert, and Jazz then got everybody else to get up and we're now all fine. "Did any of you defeat, Vlad." Danny said.

"Daggett did." Norbert said.

"Really." Dani said.

Wulf and Cujo the Ghost Dog nodded surprisely. "You're kidding right?" Sam said.

"Seriously..." Tucker said.

"No we are not. He did." Jazz said.

"Good, job Daggett. Now let's go ask him how we can get you both back home." Danny said.

Daggett, Norbert, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Dani, Wulf, and Cujo the Ghost Dog agreed with Danny as they all walked up to Vlad. Danny broke the ice off of Vlad's mouth. "Okay, Vlad. Tell us how we can bring our friends Daggett and Norbert back home!" Danny said.

"Like I'll tell you. I never will." Vlad said.

"Say it or you're in for it you crazy fruit loop!" Danny said.

"Say all you want! I will not!" Vlad said.

Daggett, Norbert, Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Dani, Wulf, and Cujo the Ghost Dog all got ready to attack him. Vlad changed his mind. "Okay! Okay! Fine. There's this device near that machine. You can use that to bring you're stupid little beaver friends home." Vlad said.

"For the record. We are not stupid! You are!" Norbert said.

"You said it Norbie!" Daggett said.

"Whatever. So will you all get me free?" Vlad said.

"I don't think so. You'll be here for a while until the ice melts." Danny said.

"So will." Dani said.

"Couldn't agree more." Jazz said.

Everyone shook agreeing. "You're joking...right? You wouldn't leave a poor man like me here for a while would you." Vlad said.

"No. Come on guys. Let's go." Danny said.

Everyone nodded as they went up to the machine to grab the device, which can bring the Beavers back home. They all left the Warehouse leaving Vlad all alone. "Hello!...somebody!...please...somebody...I feel so lonely...*sign*...just you wait Fentons. My next plan will be so bad. I'll be in outer space to do it...but right now. I need to get myself out of this." Vlad said.

Vlad tried to find a way to get out. Back at Danny's house. By the time they got back. Danny and Dani turned into their human selves, while Cujo the Ghost Dog turned back into his puppy form and everyone was in the living room talking to each other. After a while. They got the device ready and a portal opened, leading to Daggett's and Norbert's universe. Daggett, and Norbert we're standing near the portal along with Cujo standing beside Daggett and Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Dani, and Wulf looking at them. "Well...I...guess this is goodbye then..." Norbert said.

"Yeah...I guess so..." Danny said.

"We're really going to miss you all." Norbert said.

"We will too." Tucker said.

"And I just want to tell you all...thank you for helping me and Daggie. We'll always be friends and we'll always remember you." Norbert said.

"Us too." Jazz said.

"Oh of course. Norbie, Jazz. Give Danny the drawings Dani and I drew for him." Daggett said.

"Right." Norbert, and Jazz said.

Norbert and Jazz took out the drawings and gave them to Danny. "Here, Danny. Daggett, and Dani drew these for you." Jazz said.

Danny took the drawings. "Thanks, Dani...thanks Daggett." Danny said.

"You're welcome." Daggett and Dani said.

"In case we don't ever forget each other. Why don't we take a picture of us all together." Daggett said.

"Good idea. Wait here. While I get the camera." Jazz said.

Jazz went upstairs to get the camera and came back down. They all went to the couch sitting down. Danny, Sam and Tucker we're sitting in the middle. Jazz was sitting on the left, Dani was sitting on the right. Wulf was behind Jazz. Daggett was sitting on Danny's shoulder holding Cujo the Ghost Dog and Norbert was sitting on Danny's lap. The camera took a picture of them twice. One for the Beavers, which Norbert held and one for Danny and the others, which Danny held. After that was done. They all went back to the portal, where the Beavers we're standing at again. "Before we go. I want to do one last thing." Daggett said.

"Sure, Daggett. Take all the time you need." Norbert said.

Daggett walked up to Danny. "Goodbye, Danny. You'll be always the greatest superhero and my biggest idol." Daggett said.

Danny tried to hold back his tears and he leaned down hugging Daggett. "Goodbye, Daggett. No one will ever take you're place as number one fan of me. You'll always be number one and for you to stick up for me." Danny said.

Daggett had a tear going down his face. "Yeah." Daggett said.

Danny let go of Daggett and the Brown Beaver walked up to Jazz. "Bye, Jazz...you taught me so much." Daggett said.

Jazz had tears going down her cheeks. She picked up Daggett and hugged him. "Bye, Daggett. You cute little Beaver. It's going to be hard, but do take care." Jazz said.

"Thanks, Jazz. You too." Daggett said.

Jazz didn't want to let go of Daggett. She wanted to still hug him, but did anyway. Daggett walked up to Wulf. "Bye, Wulfie. You along with Dani we're some of the greatest friends I made." Daggett said.

Wulf made a sad face and licked Daggett goodbye. Daggett then walked up to Dani. "Bye, Dani. We sure did share lot of things." Daggett said.

"So did I." Dani said.

"Here, Dani. I want you to have my Muscular Beaver Comic Book." Daggett said.

Daggett took out his Muscular Beaver Comic Book lending it to Dani. "Really Dag? Thanks." Dani said.

Dani took the Muscular Beaver Comic Book and then looked at Daggett for a minute. She then kissed him on the cheek. "Goodbye, Daggett." Dani said.

"Bye, Dani." Daggett said.

Daggett and Dani hugged. They let go and Daggett walked up to Sam and Tucker. "Bye Sam. Bye Tucker." Daggett said.

"Bye, Dag." Sam said.

"Bye." Tucker said.

Daggett walked back to Norbert and Cujo the Ghost Dog. The two Beavers waved goodbye to everyone who waved back. "Goodbye Daggett. Goodbye Norbert!" Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and Dani said while Wulf just waved goodbye still.

"Bye." Daggett and Norbert said.

Before heading inside. Daggett picked up Cujo the Ghost Dog. "Come on, Cujo. We're heading to what will be your new home." Daggett said.

Cujo the Ghost Dog barked happily. Daggett who was holding Cujo the Ghost Dog and Norbert began to walk into the Portal and turned their heads one more time for one last look at their friends who in returned looked at their Beaver Friends one last time. They all then waved goodbye to each other one more time before Daggett, Norbert, and Cujo the Ghost Dog proceeded into the portal heading back to their universe. With that. The portal closed. "We'll never forget you Daggett and Norbert." Danny said.

"We sure won't." Jazz said.

"Guess it's time for me to be going too then. Bye Danny. Bye everyone." Dani said.

"Bye Danielle." Danny said.

Everyone else waved goodbye. "Don't worry, though I'll come back for visits. Bye then." Dani said.

Dani turned invisible and flew out of the house flying off into the sky. Wulf then caught their attention. He had to get going. "Okay, bye Wulf." Danny said.

Wulf licked Danny goodbye before creating a portal and jumping in to close it. Wulf then created a another portal, which would bring him back to where he lives. In the woods at the camp to live like he always does. Danny was wondering. "Jazz? Sam? Tucker?" Danny said.

"Yeah?" Sam, Tucker, and Jazz said.

"You think we'll ever see them again." Danny said.

"Who knows, but it could always be possible, if we don't though. We have the picture to remember them." Jazz said.

"Right of course." Danny said.

Danny looked at the picture of him, Daggett, Norbert, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Dani, Wulf, and Cujo the Ghost Dog together in the picture. Jazz, Sam, and Tucker came to look at it as well. "Come on. Let's do some ghost hunting just in case." Danny said.

They all nodded as they went off to do Ghost Hunting. Back in the Beavers Universe. Daggett, Norbert, and Cujo the Ghost Dog came out of the portal. They we're finally back home and could see the lake they live on and their dam just ahead. "You, okay brother." Norbert said.

Norbert helped Daggett who was still holding Cujo the Ghost Dog in his arms up. "I am, Norbie." Norbert said.

"Come on, then. Let's go home. The dam is just ahead." Norbert said.

"Okay." Daggett said.

They walked off together heading back to their dam and Norbert still had the picture of them and their friends together. Daggett and Norbert went to bed later that night and when morning came. Daggett who had Cujo the Ghost Dog sleeping with him in bed and Norbert woke up. They we're in their pajamas and sat at their kitchen having breakfast. Cujo the Ghost Dog walked up to Daggett. "You're a good doggie. Yes you are, Cujo." Daggett said.

Daggett petted his new pet Cujo the Ghost Dog on the head and then Cujo the Ghost Dog went to lay down somewhere in the kitchen. Daggett looked at Norbert. "Norbie?" Daggett said.

"Yeah, little brother?" Norbert said.

"You think there is any chance. We'll ever see them all again. Already I'm starting to miss them." Daggett said.

"I do too, but who knows. We might see them again, but it just has to get there, but we'll always be remembering each other and look at least we have the picture of all of us together right here." Norbert said.

Norbert showed Daggett the picture of all of them. "That's true, Norbie." Daggett said.

"Sure is, brother. It sure is." Norbert said.

Norbert looked at the picture, then Daggett came up to look at it with him. Cujo the Ghost Dog ran up to also look at it with them knowing they will all always be friends and never forget each other for the rest of their lives and ever.