I do not own any of the characters involved in this story. I am simply playing. Blue Eyed Beast is set in Victorian England. I will do my best keep the personalities as close to original as possible, this is only an AU. Eric is very much a vampire and Sookie is has her gifts.


April, 1836


"Do you think me a monster?"

The bed linens rustled softly as Sookie turned to face to him. "Why do you say that? Should I fear you, because of what you are or because of the things you've done?"

She waited from him to speak but he didn't. He just lay on his side, perfectly still, his two pale sapphire pools staring back into hers. She let out a breath and leaned in closer to him letting her hot breath wisp across his mouth. "Do I see a monster before me? No."

Before she had time to place a kiss on his cool lips she was under him with lightening speed. His face was dark, hovered over her and bared his teeth.

"Then tell me, sweet love, what do you see."

A primal growl vibrated through his chest. She should have been terrified in that moment, having that beast of a man staring down at her as if she were his next meal. But instead, a smile crept across her lips. His large powerful hands were cradling her head with more care and caution than one would use in handling a robin's egg. Sookie lifted her upper body off the bed and laced her fingers through his loose blond locks.

"I see my husband."