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Sookie looked over at her friend skeptically as she took a sip of tea. It had been four days since Eric had hinted to knowing something more about Amelia. She knew she was not a vampire, but there was something extra. She knew things that the rest of the world should not know. Vampires were extremely secretive. How had she, a governess, her companion, come to know about vampires? Sookie was about to do the unthinkable. She was going to lower her shield and look into her friend's mind. Amelia was sitting across from her, casually reading out of a poem book. Sookie set her cup down, and Amelia stopped reading, sensing the tension in the air.

"Is something the matter?" Amelia looked at Sookie with earnest concern.

"That all depends, you see. I am not exactly sure." Sookie folded her hands neatly in her lap. She stared down at her hands. "I am going to ask you a question, and I want you to answer truthfully."

"Go on." Amelia's voice was as dry as paper.

Sookie looked up to her, "How did you know my husband was a vampire? You knew before I did, and very few humans are aware of what they are."

Amelia sat stiff in her chair. "Perhaps I am just one of those people who is aware."

Sookie's brows knit together. Amelia was avoiding the question. "You know what I am asking, Amelia. Eric trusts me with only a few day people. Why you? Why did he allow you to stay with us when he is fully aware that you despise him?"

And then it came. Sookie's eyes widened, betraying her calm exterior. Word of spells, Christianity, witchcraft, and things she could not comprehend filled her head.

"Amelia, are you a witch?"

As Sookie whispered this question, Amelia shot up from her seat; the book in her lap hit the hardwood floor with a bang.

"I have to go. This conversation is all nonsense." She began to walk to the door, but Sookie stood up and hurried over to Amelia, grabbing her arm. "Let me go! I will see you at dinner. You must calm yourself. This vampire husband has made you fanciful."

Sookie tried not to look hurt. "I am not being fanciful." She let Amelia's arm go and brought her finger to her temple. Amelia looked away knowing what Sookie was hinting.

"I did not want you to know," Amelia spoke in a tiny voice.

Sookie's face softened, "I am not angry, Amelia. I am confused why you hid this from me when you knew I was different. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Telepaths do not have their lives threatened by the church."

"No we end up in asylums instead." Sookie bit her tongue at the immediate regret of her bitter tone. "I am sorry."

Amelia's stance relaxed a little. "Keep this to yourself, please. I would hate to be troubled again."


Amelia took a step closer to the door. "I will explain, soon, but now I must go."

"Amelia, talk to me, please."

"I am sorry."

The words slipped through the open door way as Amelia left the room.

Alone, Sookie walked mechanically back to her seat on the settee. Orange rays of dusk filtered in through the multi cut glass windows of the upstairs drawing room. So much for a pleasant, late afternoon tea. Thoughts of her discovery swarmed in her head like a mass of wild bees. It made her head ache. There were so many questions, so many emotions. Her only friend had hidden a secret from her. Had she not trusted her? Sookie was confused and hurt, and all she wanted to do was run down the hall to Amelia and tell her that she did not care what she was. She would always be her friend.

"You are frowning."

Sookie blinked, feeling cool fingers draw across her forehead.

"And you are upset. I do not like that."

Sookie focused on the face in front of hers. She had been so lost in her thoughts she had not even noticed Eric walk in. The room was much darker now and a bit colder.

"Lover." He took a seat next to her on the settee and gathered her onto his lap. "Why are you sitting in the dark?"

"Amelia is a witch."

"I see."

"You knew, didn't you? Why did you keep this from me?"

"I did know, but it was not my secret to tell."

"But I am your wife, and she is my closest friend. Why would you hide this from me?"

Eric tensed slightly. He drew a loose piece of hair up and away from Sookie's face. "If she is your closest friend, shouldn't you be asking her this?"

Sookie sat chagrined for a few minutes. Her brows knit tightly together and muscles tense. A few minutes later, her shoulders began to relax.

"You are right Eric. I want to be angry with you because you knew and you kept that from me. But I have known Amelia for years, much longer than you." She leaned her head on his shoulder. "I suppose I am simply upset that, for such a long time, before I met you, I thought I was the only different human in the world. Now I find that the person I used to cry to, the one who always was the voice of reason and comfort, never shared her own secrets." She relaxed deeper into Eric as his cool hand rubbed softly at the lingering tension in her back. "It would have been most comforting if I knew I was not alone. But she did not trust me with her secrets. Even if I spilled everything to her, she still hid. I think that is what upsets me the most. It is not that she is a witch. It is that she hid it."

"Give her time. If she is as close to you as you claim, she will come to you."

"Eric, how do you know what she is?"

"That is a story for another time." He lifted her cup off the table. "Your tea is cold. Come. Let's go back to our room. I will call a dinner tray for you and then warm you up properly."

Sookie tried to keep a sullen face, but the heat had had begun to spark between her legs.

"You cannot warm me up. You are a vampire. You have no body heat."

"My temperature has nothing to do with making you hot, my dear."

Sookie let out a squeak as Eric lifted her off the settee and carried her out the room and down the hall.

There was calmness about Eric's face right after they had made love. He had always been a calm and collected man, but there was always something else. A level of alertness, tense muscles under beautifully tailored clothing. He was ready to fight at any moment. But there were moments that he seemed completely at ease. He was most relaxed when Sookie read to him or when they had just done something like they had done tonight. She loved him when he was sweet—a side she was convinced even Pamela rarely saw. The candle light flickering across his strong features and the low light made his grey blue eyes stand out more.

"Susanna," he spoke softly, playing with a piece of her loose blonde hair. "I want to tell you about Amelia and how I know that she is a witch."

Sookie sat up slightly and focused on Eric's face. She watched him as he got up and poured her a glass of wine from the fireside table where she had dined an hour earlier. It seemed like minutes had passed as he walked back to the bed with the glass in tow. It seemed like her whole body was anxious to hear anything new about her best friend's secret life. Eric joined her on the bed and handed her the glass of red vintage.

"You may want this. The story is long and unpleasant, but for your sake I will try to spare you the ugliest."

"Don't," she said as she placed her free hand in his, her eyes focused on his with intent. "I want to know everything." Sookie gave his hand a little squeeze. Reluctantly he smiled at her eagerness.

Eric quickly fetched a few pillows from the disheveled bed and floor and propped them up behind himself and Sookie. They both sat back into the fresh cotton and down. Sookie held her wine with both hands, careful not to spill any on their linens. Her eyes watched him in waiting, begging him to speak.

Finally he did.

"I am going to start from the beginning. It would make the most sense. It all started about twenty years ago. Amelia was just a child then, as I am sure you were too." Eric blinked and paused. He seemed to be thinking to himself for a moment. "First let me start off by saying that there is a reason Pamela and I are on our own. Often vampires stay in groups. The groups are referred to as nests because they will feed and share within the same dwelling. I was part of a nest for a while. After I left my maker, I felt more comfortable being around others like myself, but a nest can have a negative effect on a vampire. All of the ugly aspects of our being are brought forward. The more time a vampire lives in a nest, the crueler, greedier and violent a vampire can become." He paused again, swallowing. Sookie could feel through him that this was not an easy subject for Eric. "I can be all those things, but I know when enough is enough. I left the nest and headed to England. It was there, much later, I found and made Pamela."

"But I thought you turned her much earlier than twenty years ago."

"I did. I was only informing you so that the rest of what I am about to say makes sense."

Sookie took a sip of red wine and waited for Eric to continue.

"Pamela and I had just returned to England from our last travel excursion before she set off on her own. I was pleased with how I had taught her the ways of our life, and I was confident she would be discreet when she forged out into the world. I also knew that if I ever had to call on her, she would return to me at once." Eric smiled.

"When Pamela left, I sought retreat in the country. I stayed in a village not far from where Amelia lived. Vampires and other supernatural beings can spot each other. The energy around us is different from humans. It is also easy to identify the differences between one type and another. Witches are humans, but their power makes it easy for us to spot them. But at the time, I did not know about Amelia and her family—not until they showed up." There was a bitter tone to Eric's voice.


"Vampires are often nomadic. We do not like the staying in one place for any extended period of time, and the same goes for vampire nests. Unfortunately, an extremely rough and barbaric group moved to the village where the Broadways lived. They were not quiet about their stay. People went missing. Humans were found dead. Few villagers were convinced what was happening was due to any illness. I was on my way to confront the leader of the nest, but the witches got there first. I watched from a distance as the vampires writhed in pain from the spells that had been placed. Amelia's father warned the nest to leave by the next nightfall or he would expose them to the humans. It was a foolish mistake made by a man whose rash choice he would soon regret. The next night I found the village had formed a mob headed to the Broadway's home. The vampires had glamoured many of the local villagers into thinking the Broadways were devil worshiping witches and responsible for the missing villagers and deaths. I went to their house to warn them." He paused again, a small smile flit temporarily on his sullen face. "Seeing Amelia at your home as your companion was the only proof she had survived that night."

"But you saved them. Why does she hate you?"

"Her father believed that I should have stepped in sooner since I was a vampire. However, that is not the way vampires are. In their eye, it made all vampires the same that I did not intervene. Though in reality I was hardly like those of the wild nest. The Broadways had to give up everything because of the vampires killing in their town. I understand why Amelia is still angry, but they fail to understand vampires. We keep to ourselves, and mind our own business. I was not part of that nest. I had no say or control over what they did. I suppose I could have fought, but honestly, I did not care enough. People died and went missing often in the more rural areas. It was not until the humans took extra notice that I began to worry."

Sookie took a few sips of wine, her brows knitted together. She understood why Amelia did not like Eric. Considering that her family had to flee the area for being exposed made Sookie understand why she had hid who she was.

"Vampires can be ruthless and irrational when it comes to what they want or if they are threatened. It is then we show what real monsters we are."

Sookie leaned over to him and placed her hand on his cheek, hoping somehow the heat of her palm might melt and soften his sullen face. She waited for his eyes to meet hers before she spoke. "Listen to me, Eric Northman. You are not a monster. You have your moments, but, all in all, I think you are a fine man. I have never had to hide like you have had to. Though I am different, I have never been hunted down by an angry mob with torches and pitch forks." She sighed imagining the fear young Amelia must have felt. It all seemed to make sense. Eric had little patience for irritations, and Amelia had been quite the cantankerous one around her husband. He was trying to make up for what had happened. "Do you think it is you fault?"

"Not really."

"But you feel sympathy?"

"A little. Exposure is something that supernaturals fear all the time, and when you see it happen to someone else, it is hard not to feel sorry for the lot."

Sookie fell silent. Her brows knit together as she focused on the masculine pattern of the duvet. She felt sorry for Amelia but could not bring herself to feel anger toward Eric. It was true; she had no idea what it is like to always hide.

"Shall I pour you some more wine?"

Sookie looked down at her glass, which was now empty.

"Oh my! I did not realize I had been drinking so quickly."

Eric took the empty glass from her and set it on the side table behind him. When he returned to her, he gathered her in his arms. Sookie pressed herself into his form. She breathed in his skin, sandalwood, soap and the dry scent of vampire both he and Pamela had. She knew she should have been angry. But she could not bring herself to do so. Sookie loved both Amelia and Eric, and she had no experience in the sort of dangers they both faced. It was hard for her to imagine that the over six-foot piece of man pressing into her could have been weary of anything.

"Thank you for telling me."

The tight muscles in Eric's chest seemed to loosen at her words. His cool fingers traveled down the delicate ridge of her back.

"I am sure she would have told you eventually. I doubt she would have kept it from you for much longer. The animosity she feels toward me would hardly go unnoticed, I am sure."

"I cannot forgive what you did or did not do for her family. I love Amelia, and I cannot go without feeling something for what she had to endure." She slid a warm hand between them, settling on his silent heart. "I cannot say that I am angry with you either. It is hard to judge someone's actions when considering the limited choices that were available. I love you, my dearest, but I think I will feel better about this whole situation once Amelia finds peace with you."

A low discontent growl rumbled through his chest, vibrating into Sookie's. Fine blonde brows formed together as she looked up as her husband's face.

"Stop that at once! I will not hear of any dispute on this matter!" Removing herself from his grasp and inching to the far side of the bed, "If you refuse to oblige, you may find your bed much colder when you wish for it not to be."

In a flash, she was under him. Another growl vibrated between them. This time the primal noise had a very different tone to it. She gasped at the feel of his arousal nudging at her entrance. His words came in a husky purr that sent a shiver all the way down to her toes.

"Such things you say, sweet pet. I will be kind to your friend, but this is a matter that will take more than a dinner to resolve. It will take an amount of time that I dare say even you would not want to spend away from my—our chamber." His hand slid down to cup her bottom. "But seeing as you are already in my bed, and I must say I am very much enjoying the warmth, let us put this sad subject away."

"But I…"

Eric's mouth latched on to hers, melting away any remaining words or thoughts of Amelia Broadway.

Eric let out a satisfied groan as he pressed forward to Sookie's slick welcoming warmth. She brought her legs up to his sides to welcome and accommodate more of him. He stroked deeper and deeper until he met the peak of her sex. She arched into him as his head found the most sensitive nerves in her core.

"You cruel woman, dare say you will keep this from me! I will see to your dear friend and find some common peace for all of us for I fear depravation of my sweet wife may bring me to my final death."

Sookie let out a combined moan and giggle. "Oh? Are we still speaking of this? Shame on you, Mr. Northman. Do as I say not as I…I Oh my sweet god!"

Eric let out a muffled chuckle, letting his fang grace her neck as he knew she was about to unravel.

"God? Hardly, love."