Rating: M

Pairing: Hermione/Bellatrix "Bellmione" ;)

Summary: A surprise is waiting for Hermione when shopping in Diagon Alley.. ugh, just read:)

Chapter 1

Hermione Granger was strolling down the crowded street of Diagon Alley, her brown curls bouncing on her back. The streets were filled with hungry shoppers and Hermione was one of them. She had parted with Harry and Ron because they were much more interested in the latest Quidditch equipment rather than going to an old bookstore. Just as she turned around the corner the whole street seemed to become deadly silent. Hermione stopped in her tracks, slowly turning around. The sight before her made her breath hitch in her throat.

Death Eaters were appearing out of nowhere, three of them right in the middle of the market, their wands raised. A boy that seemed to be no more than seven stepped out from the crowd and shouted.

"You took my daddy! Where is my daddy?!" His mother shrieked in agony as she jumped forward to silence him by covering his mouth with her hand.

The death eater let out a low chuckle.

"Your daddy eh?" Hermione recognized the voice, it was Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Tell you what little boy" she said and leaned over him and his mother who was crouching down submissively.

"Your daddy is dead. Yeah, we chopped him up real good" The terrified look on the boy sent her laughing as she lifted her wand again and yelled at no one in particular.

"Anyone else who's wondering where their daddy might be? Or perhaps mommy? Or sister?" She turned to another boy on her left side and advanced towards him. "Or brother?" she almost whispered. The boy looked as though he was about to faint but seemed determined to be courageous and did not step back.

Shrieking with laughter Bellatrix began sending curses at everyone, resulting in utter chaos. Hermione saw jets of red and green as she ran behind a stone pillar trying to get an aim at her fiend. Screams of agony struck her as people ran in all directions trying to get away from the raging lunatic that had disturbed their peaceful shopping.

Hermione thought of Harry and Ron and her heart beat increased, feeling worried, but she was certain she hadn't seen them in the crowd.

Glancing at the other death eaters she noticed they were busy duelling what seemed to be a rather skilled wizard as he could manage them both at the same time.

Hermione concentrated on Bellatrix instead and stood up from her hiding place, shouting "Expelliarmus!" drawing the death eaters attention as her wand flew away from her and in Hermiones direction. Staring wild-eyed at her Bellatrix's mouth was formed into a mad grin.

"Oh but look who we have here! It's the mudblood!" she ducked easily when Hermione sent a 'stupefy' at her. Feeling panic rising within her Hermione began to back away from the advancing death eater. She sent a few more curses but missed as Bellatrix suddenly vanished from thin air.

Hermione blinked, confused. She looked around but saw only a few people left, most had fled the scene. The two death eaters had managed to overpower the

wizard and now noticing her staring at them, they began to walk towards her in a quick pace.

Feeling glued to the ground Hermione started shaking not sure of what do, she was completely alone, but oh she had two wands didn't she?

"Stupefy!" she yelled again using both wands which sent the death eaters high into the air and into a wall behind them, knocking them out effectively.

Hermione felt completely bewildered, less than half an hour ago everything was fine. She scanned the area and saw at least half a dussin bodies lying on the ground, lifeless.

With tears threatening to spill she began to run, she didn't care which direction as long as she got away from it all. Her cloak was billowing behind her as she ran down a side street and didn't notice the sign above which read 'Knockturn Alley'

It was getting darker and darker in the small alley but Hermione didn't stop running. She was holding onto both wands tightly, giving her a slightly funny look as she jogged on. Suddenly she hit something so hard she fell onto the ground with a loud thump. Seeing nothing in front of her she felt confused.

She saw the folds of something silvery and immediately shouted with joy.

"Harry!" She began to sprint towards who she thought was her saviour. Her grin was quickly wiped away as the invisibility cloak discovered the person beneath it.

"Hello little girl" Bellatrix said almost friendly before seizing Hermiones wrist with brutal force.

"I think I'll take that back thank you" she spoke softly and twisted her wand from Hermiones grip. Hermione swallowed hard and tried not to whimper as the older witch slapped her hard across her cheek.

"Filthy.." she whispered.

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