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Amu's POV

I started to cry a little. I tried to stand up, but I couldn't. My left leg hurt like hell, so I sat back down. If I chose freedom, he'd kill Ikuto. If I chose for Ikuto to live, Tadase would keep me here. No matter what, I can't be with Ikuto…? I thought.

"Amu, your freedom is more important than me!" Ikuto yelled.

"Take your pick, Hinamori-sama!" Tadase shouted.

I let out a sob.

"Amu, take your freedom! Let him kill me!"

"You see, Hinamori-sama? He's practically begging for death. Give him what he wants!"

I started crying hysterically and uncontrollably. "Tadase," I said, "I once thought I loved you. But what you're doing now only reminds me that your inner character is something evil. So evil that I can't see your chara. Tell me, what happened to Kiseki?"

He stayed quiet for a moment. "He… disappeared after I poisoned Yaya…" he said.

"You've betrayed yourself, Tadase. But even if you did…"

I paused and looked at Ikuto. His eyes were filled with a pain I'd never seen, an anticipation in his eyes that made me nervous. "… you win. Let Ikuto go. I'll stay here."

I saw Ikuto's eyes grow dark and his expression changed. "Amu… Amu, what are you doing? You'll be stuck down here forever!"

I looked down at the floor. "I know," I said, "But… I couldn't live if you were dead. And Ikuto, I know that I've told you that I love you, and that you told me you'd protect me, but… that's impossible now."

I looked back up. Tadase's eyes showed a flash of fiendish delight as he untied the knot from around Ikuto's neck. "I see," He said, walking toward me. He grabbed my wrist in an attempt to pull me up, "A sign of true love, letting your lover live while you suffer. Alas, our poor heroine will never be able to keep her promises, and will wither away into-"

He was cut off by a loud sound that was familiar to my ears, almost as sorrowful as the sound of Ikuto's violin, and almost as beautiful in a time like this. A gunshot.

Ikuto held his gun out at Tadase. Tadase collapsed. He wasn't dead. I could see him breathing.

Ikuto darted straight for me and wrapped his arms around me. "Amu!" He shouted, "Amu, are you okay? Did you break your leg?"

I nodded. "I-I think so. But I-I think that's all that happened." I buried my face into his chest. "I-I'm so glad that you came! H-he was g-going to k-kill me!"

Ikuto picked me up, one arm supporting my back and the other supporting my legs. He kissed me softly and quickly. That same emotional wave flowed between us, the feeling of a want, lust, ant love. A need that nobody or anything else could fulfill.

"Let's get out of here," he said, braking our kiss.

I nodded and put my head on his chest. I was glad to be back in his arms. He carried me over to the boat he'd used, sitting down and setting me right next to him. He wrapped him arm around my shoulder comfortably. I placed my head n his shoulder and I closed my eyes, and we sang together.

After I have traveled so far

We'd set the fire to the third bar

We'd share each other like an island

Until exhausted, close our eyelids

And dreaming, pick up from

The last place we left off

Your soft skin is weeping

A joy you can't keep in

I'm miles from where you are,

I lay down on the cold ground

And I, I pray that something picks me up

And sets me down in your warm arms

A month later or somewhere around that

In, of course, Ikuto's point of view.

I walked into the Hinamori household on a Saturday night from work. That's right, work. I decided that if Amu were pregnant, I'd need to get a job. And since her parents had to find out about the kid sooner or later, Amu and I both decided that with the two possible outcomes- either Amu's parents would support their daughter or would throw us all out- we would definitely need the money.

And, yes, I was still staying at Amu's, even though the cops arrested Tadase for kidnapping and we probably didn't have any reason to worry. But, truth be told, it was nice to be able to spend every night with Amu.

And the job part wasn't so bad, either. I had a pretty cool job. I was hired to play the violin at some fancy, expensive, five-star restaurant in town. The pay was good, and I got to do something I loved. Not to mention that I got to eat there for thirty-percent off with anyone of my choice, so Amu and I had a new place to go for our dates.

Everything seemed to be going well in my eyes. Place to stay, my dream job, an amazing girlfriend, and a baby on the way. What more could I want?
With a smirk, walked into the house and had the urge to hell Honey, I'm home! Or something of the sort, but I didn't. Amu and Ami both had "Ikuto radar" and knew the very second I was back. I went right ahead with taking off my shoes and hanging up the fancy tuxedo jacket that I had to wear at the restaurant and waited for hugs and kisses from Amu and shirt tugs from Ami.

But they didn't come.

I looked around the room and realized something. The house looked completely empty and quiet. The TV wasn't on and there wasn't anything cooking. Weird, I thought, they aren't home.

I looked around the room for a note of some kind, and I found one on the kitchen table.


We're taking Amu to the hospital to have the cast on her leg removed. We'll probably be back after you finish work.

Midori Hinamori

I sighed and flopped down on the couch. They could have at least waited for me to come back. I just shook my head and flopped down on the couch. They'd be home soon.

And not even two seconds after I'd done so, the door burst open. In came Amu, panting and out of breath completely, almost as if she had been running. She looked over at me, her eyes filled with tears and lip quivering.

"Amu?" I half-yelled, running over to her and catching her just as she started to fall. "What's wrong? Where are your parents? And why are you running when your leg is-"

"Ikuto…" she whispered, sounding close to a complete break down, "They found out."

Of course, she meant that her parents had found out that she was pregnant. "How? And why aren't they here?"

She let out a sob. "I-I jumped out of the car while we were still driving…"

"Why? Do you have any idea how dangerous that was?"

She nodded. "But I had to. I had to get home before they did."

And that's when her parents burst in, looking as angry as hell.

"You!" Her mom yelled, pointing at me, "You got her pregnant, didn't you?"

I nodded. "I'm not going to lie. Yes, actually, I did."

She glared at me. "And you aren't going to apologize?"

"For what."

"For ruining her life!"

"He didn't ruin my life," Amu said, still crying.

"What do you mean? Yes he did, he got you pregnant, for God's sake!"

Amu was going to shout in protest when her mom pointed behind her. "Get. Out. Of. My. House. Both of you! NOW!"

No getting out of this one.

Amu started crying again and I sighed. "Amu," I whispered to her softly, trying to comfort her and leading her out the doorway, "We'll be okay. I promise."

Her mom slammed the door behind us. We walked down the street, walking as close together as we possibly could. Amu looked up at me with tearful eyes, but a small smile on her face. "You promise?"

I nodded and returned the smile. "I promise. And I always keep my promises."

There's a lesson to be learned from this two-book series, one that is very important.

Any ending, no matter what it is, can be a happy one. All you have to do is have faith.

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