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"Bella! Can you hear me Sweetheart? Hang on in there love, it's going to be ok, just you wait until we can get you to Carlisle, he will be able to help you. It's going to be all right, sweet girl, just hold on Bella. Please."

I could hear my love screaming my name, but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't reach him. Slowly I was slipping away. I tried to reach out my hand, desperate to feel his fingers in mine, but it was no use. The venom was crawling towards my once stilled heart, freezing me in a position of pain. I could feel every inch of the burning, from the tips of my severed fingers across the room, to the depths of my heart. I was dying, and both my love, and myself, knew it.

I was blissful. There was no other way to describe it.

I was standing next to the beautiful bed in Edwards' room, surveying myself in the full-length mirror, although it hardly looked like me. My body had become lithe and athletic, every centimetre of fat redefined into flowing, yet powerful muscle. My legs appeared longer, more shapely, adding a good 10cm onto my figure.

My gaze travelled up to my face. My cheekbones were higher, my lips fuller, but it still looked like me, just…sharper. But my eyes, my once chocolate coloured eyes, now looked nothing like my own. Although I had known exactly what to expect, I still let out a musical gasp upon seeing them. My Blood Red eyes.

As soon as I let out the sound, I saw my love in the mirror. His expression was one of wonder; he couldn't take his eyes off of me. Every minor flaw that I had once suffered from was now eliminated. I was finally worthy to stand next to my Edward.

"How are you feeling love?"

His movement from the bed to my side had been instantaneous, but my new eyes had followed it easily. Edward in motion really was an amazing sight to behold.

"I feel… I feel fantastic! Thank you so much Edward!"

Without hesitation I literally threw myself at him, knocking us both to the floor in my enthusiasm. The moment our lips touched I knew that the seemingly endless fire had been worth it. Any amount of pain had been worth it to feel Edward underneath me once more.

His lips were rough against mine, pushing in a way that he had never pushed before. I could feel every crease, every drop of moisture on them, every whisper of breath from his mouth; every slight movement caused waves of desire to wash through me. I opened my mouth willingly, feeling for the first time his tongue on mine. I could not take this much longer.

Before I could fully register what was going on, even with my new skilled mind, I was lying flat on my back on the bed with Edward hovering over me, his hands buried in my hair, his lips attacking mine. I shuddered slightly as he took my bottom lip between his own, teasing it gently with his teeth. God, could this man be any more perfect?

Gradually our kissing slowed, his hands eventually stopping their wanderings. Slowly he lowered his head into the crook of my neck, gently running his lips over my scar. The scar he had made on me when he fulfilled my deepest desire, and turned me into what I have now become. A vampire.

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