Snow blanketed the muddy landscape, transforming brown into white. The air chilled, brining a frigid wind from the north that blew all about the great hall. The long grass was covered in nearly a foot of snow and it was piling up on the courtyard wall below. Eowyn stared out into the now alabaster world, inhaling the clean, fresh air that the snow brought with it. A large gust of air blew up into her face and she drew her fur mantel about herself. Several of the kitchen boys were having a snowball fight and their happy laughs and yells drifted up to her on the icy wind. She remembered when she and Eomer had done the same, frolicking about in snowball fights and sledding. She smiled quietly to herself. She now looked out past beyond the courtyard and Edoras to where the very tips of Fanghorn forest could just be seen. The great trees were hard to distinguish from the horizon, for they too were frosted with white. Beyond the forest, the great mountain range of Ered Nimrais was shrouded in clouds that wreathed their peaks like crowns. Eowyn was jolted from her reverie when her husband entered the room and accidentally slammed the large wooden door behind him.
"Sorry!" he said cringing. She smiled sweetly at him, and then laughed.
"Leave it you Faramir, to ruin a perfectly quiet afternoon." He grinned.
"And what has my lovely wife been doing all the time I was gone?" He said quietly, coming to stand behind her at the window.
"I was watching the snow." Came the softly murmured reply. His arms went around her waist he began to gently nuzzle her neck, but she did not look at him, only leaned back against his chest. "It is so beautiful, yet so cold."
"That was my first impression of you." Faramir said softly. She now turned to face him, her eyes meeting his with a deep stare, but there was a smile behind her eyes.
"Was it now? I'm glad I married you." She said contentedly, planting a gentle kiss on his cheek. "I love you."