YES! Now I OWN ONE OF THESE TRUTH OR DARES! MWAH HA HA! Okay, well, if one of my friends comes in during the middle of the story, I'll introduce you. My friends can pop-up at no time!

Shall I start?


Tsuki: Hello~!

Hikari: Hi~!

Tsuki: When did you get here?

Well, I must introduce you!

This is Hikari!

Hikari: Hi, da~!

Maka: Why did she add 'da' at the end?

Tsuki: To act like Russia.

Maka: Okay . . .

Tsuki: Let us start!

Hikari: YES, DA~!

Tsuki: Hikari, you have a dare, right?
Hikari: Yes. +stares down Kid+

Kid: Oh no, its about me!

Hikari: I dare Kid to read my yaoi story of him and L together!

Tsuki: I thought you couldn't use it anymore . . .

Hikari: I don't care, da~! Read it!

Kid: NO!!!!

Hikari: If I have to, I'll tie you down!

Kid: I'm not reading it!

Hikari: ATTACK! +attacks Kid and ties him to chair+

Tsuki and Maka: +sweatdrop+

Hikari: There. NOW READ IT!

Kid: NO!

Hikari: READ!

Kid: +feels defeated and reads yaoi story+

Patti: +rolls around on floor laughing+

Soul: Pfft. Uncool.

Hikari: I'm done.

Tsubaki: Are you going to untie him?

Hikari: Nope.

Kid: WHAT!?

Tsuki: Wait a minute, no loud shouts, where's Black*Star?

Everyone: +looks around room+

Maka: Who cares? He gets so annoying!

Tsuki: Agreed. Okay! My friend Jigoku texted me a truth question, so here it is:

I have a question for all S.E. girls! Which do think is cuter? Kid or Soul?

That's the perfect question!

We have been fighting over that all week!

Maka: Uh, neither . . . +blushes+

Tsuki: Why do people refuse to answer?

Is everyone going to refuse to answer?

S.E. Girls: +nods+

Hikari: That's cause it's L! PWN!

Tsuki: Uh, Soul Eater related! L is from Death Note, not Soul Eater! And Jigoku and me will fight once more!

Well, no more dares for now!

Hikari: No, one more!

Tsuki: What?

Hikari: I dare Kid to kiss Crona. +evil smile+

Tsuki: I like that one! +whispers to Hikari+ Get my video camera.

Kid: No, NO! I will not!

Hikari: +hits Kid+ Kiss Crona! FOR THE MANY WHO WANT YOU TO!

Kid: Fine. +kisses Crona+

Crona: Ahhhhhh! Being kissed! I don't know how to deal with being kissed!

Hikari: Now that's it!

Tsuki: Okay, time for my font to get bold!

Wow! A first chapter completed!

Want me to ask them a dare?

Put what dare in the reviews!

Don't send me messages for a dare!

+whispers+ Make sure it's something they really don't want to do!

Maka: What?

Tsuki: Nothing!