Alright, so I totally just remembered I love Stan and Kyle from South Park while going through some of Dragonrider's deviant art things. So thank that lovely artist for her 'style' flash because most of my descriptions in this are inspired by that little bit.

The starts were so beautiful. He only wished that he could wish upon them and have his only fantasy come true. Sure, he had some other wants, but mostly he just wanted that one thing. He wanted those dazzling cornflower blue eyes to look at him and never look away. He wanted the pale hand to forever be in his grasp; he wanted to be happy. The boy was his only happy…but he might have to push him away. That's right, push him away.

Stan Marsh. He knew his best friend cared, he really did, but he just couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't even Stanley's fault, it was that goddamn conniving Wendy Testaburger. More like 'Test-a-Hotdog,' in the boy's opinion. Her, with her stupid pink berette, was steadily becoming more and more aware of the way he acted, but didn't dare mention anything to Stan in fear of him defending his best friend. And when you said anything about him to Stan…well, you had better have insurance. Damn good insurance. But that stupid Wendy would always cling to him and get sickly affectionate in his presence, because she knew the boy wished he could take her place. And he knew that he never could.

The wind blew past his face on the rooftop, pushing a strand carrot colored lock into his eyes. Stan. Kyle sighed dejectedly up at the night sky, pondering on why the world hated him so. The red head knew the day would come sooner or later. He would have to either let go and at least be on speaking terms with the group, or fess up and be shunned even more than was already so. If that was possible, anyway, seeing as he was a pale, short Jew. Kyle just thanked god he had Stan and Cartman to back him up.

Stan, now at a good five foot eleven, and Cartman somewhere near six two, made quite the team of body guards. It was strange, that now their child hood friend 'fat ass' no longer existed. He had to buff up to join football, and the brunette boy was ripped now. He was still wide, sure, but all the fat was replaced by abs and even a waistline. Stan was just naturally well equipped, and his recreational swimming surely helped his kicks to the torso.

Kenny was still with them too, but he now served as Cartman's keeper and Kyle's only emotional outlet. The blond was the only reason Cartman would willingly help Kyle, and when he was being an ass Kenny put him back in line. They went well together, and had been for the last three years. Everyone was absolutely stunned by Cartman's choice in a partner, considering his great new looks, and he had chosen Kenny McCormick. People knew to shut up though, or even Kyle would toss a punch or two.

Stan was supposed to meet him on the school rooftop. About twenty minutes ago, in fact. He was probably off groping Wendy or something along those lines.

It didn't really matter, though, in the long run. Kyle was tired of sitting on the fence with this. The jealousy, the pain, the stupid gestures Stan made to unintentionally lead the red head on. The Jewish boy knew that he took more of an interest in the Marsh boy since they were in eighth grade, when Wendy broke up with Stan and sent him into another 'Goth phase.' Stan came to his house sobbing one night, and when they both woke up, Kyle was the one heartbroken when he saw the onyx colored mess of hair against his chest. That's when he knew what he wanted.

And it was Stan Marsh.

The thought nearly made him cry again. Today he'd have to finally break the 'news' to his best friend. What would they be afterwards? Would Stan fight for him? No, he thought sadly, don't let yourself hope like that. The bigger you build yourself, the bigger you fall.

"Oh, dude, I'm real sorry for being late Kyle." Stan settled himself next to his friend. Kyle hadn't even noticed him walk up…apparently he was too deep in thought. He needed to focus. Clearing his throat awkwardly, the red head tried to construct his lie carefully.

"Stan," his voice was remorseful, longing even, "this won't be easy. On me or you. My mom…she…says you're a bad influence on me…and…she says I can't talk to you anymore." He took a chance, looking up into those glossy royal blues. When had they become glossy? Usually they sparkled…

"A-are you serious, Ky?" Fearing his voice would betray him, the Jew nodded slowly. He didn't have to be a genius to know that the scraping he heard was Stan running. Hell, if he'd just lost his best friend he'd want to run too. Oh, that's right, he thought bitterly, I have.

School that morning was hell. Kyle could barely stand to even glance at Stan; he looked so lost. Kenny had opted to stay with Kyle since Cartman hated him, so Cartman was pushed in Stanely's general direction.

"You really didn't, did you?" The blond's voice was cautious, laced faintly with concern. Jade eyes met sapphire in a sad gaze as he nodded slowly. Kenny sighed, settling himself in beside Kyle and throwing an arm around his back.

"Kyle, you didn't have to lie to him. You could have just told him the truth," he chided, his voice soothing. Leaning into the embrace, Kyle sighed.

"No, I couldn't Kenny. I'd have to endure him glaring at me every day for the rest of my life if I told him. It…hurts to see him like this, Ken, but I think he's better off this way. Like they say, ignorance is bliss…" Funny he said that, because it was Stan's life motto. Why did he have to remember so much?

"Kenny," he choked," it hurts, Kenny." Crystalline droplets found their way out of the emerald eyes and onto his face as he spoke. The blond tugged him into a full hug, stroking his back tenderly. Kenny nuzzled his head with Kyle's affectionately.

"I know it hurts, Kyle…I know. But you need to keep your mind off it, alright? Don't dump salt on the wound."

"You don't understand, Kenny…I can't forget about him. He was my best friend…and I want him to love me, so badly Kenny. He's all I ever think about…it hurts…!" His shaky voiced cracked on the last word, sending him into fitful sobbing into Kenny's chest.

The blond boy looked at the teachers shuffling students out of the cafeteria. Pursing his lips, he pondered quickly on how to distract the distraught boy. Grinning, he pulled away from Kyle.

"Kyle," he whispered lovingly, "Kyle, look at me." The red head didn't respond. Kenny slid his hands up Kyle's back, arms, and rested them on his cheek bones, tilting his head up to look at him. He was still weeping uncontrollably, and the pain you could see in his beautiful eyes was heart wrenching. Smiling sadly, Kenny took the moment that Kyle was surprised to press his mouth down, connecting their lips in a chaste kiss.

"There," he stated, pulling away," now you have something else to think about." He threw his best friend one last gracious glance before standing up and leaving the utterly shocked Kyle.

Kenny just kissed Kyle. Literally kissed, right on the mouth. Stan stared at Kyle in awe, wondering why Kyle was just sitting there. Apparently he had stopped bawling, seeing as his shoulders shook no more, but he had pulled his knees into his chest to rest his head atop them. Why was Kyle even crying in the first place? Stan blew his breath out, frustrated. His head was racing with unanswered questions. Why couldn't Kyle just ignore his stupid mom and come talk to him? Why didn't Kyle's mom want her son to avoid him anyway? Why the hell was Kenny kissing Kyle? But most importantly…

Why did Kenny's actions make him angry? It was more than angry, though. He was furious, the kind of blood-boiling anger that led people into mental institutes. But then, there was also something…else he felt, something totally unfamiliar. Whatever it was, it made him want to punch Kenny. Hell, Kenny's boyfriend was asleep right in front of him!

Alright, I admit, this originally was a one shot, but I decided to make it a little more juice and make it a possible three shot or just multi chap. I used to dislike KennyxKyle, but I read one fic and I just realized I like the pair if you write it right. Curious what that fic was? Die For You. By who? I forget, but yea. Awesome story. If I get five reviews I might update sooner. And who do you guys think Kyle will end up with? Hmmm? Write it in a review, guys. C: