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"Cartman….," two voices simultaneously growled out, the malice practically dripping through both their snarled lips. The addressed visibly stiffened at the tone. Reaching up tentatively to tug his soaked hat off and simultaneously removes the gloves covering his hands, the brunette gave a clipped chuckle.

"I don't really think what I smell like matters at the moment, do you? What's important, is Kyle going to be okay?" Brown eyes darted from face to face around the room in a bout of rare anxiety. The redhead, not quite understanding the tense atmosphere, attempted to step in and relieve some of the thickness in the air by giving a slight, if not forced, smile. He tugged on the IV tube next to him.

"Yeah Eric, I'm doing fine….the drugs sure help," he rasped, throat still dry. Kenny immediately moved to fetch him some more water, but his glare never left Cartman. Stan was the next to speak as the brunette cautiously moved closer to sit down with them, squeaking along the way.

"Right, he'll be fine….no thanks to you. Where the hell have you been fatass?" he barked. Kyle frowned. Why was there so much animosity right now? Not to be self centered, but shouldn't they be focused on his well being right now, given the current situation?

"I was just out and stumbled into Wendy on the street. You know how the girl gets, she blabbed my ear off before I could get away," the brunette supplied, not missing a beat or even batting an eye. It sounded like a reasonable enough explanation to Kyle, seeing as that he did in fact know how Wendy could gab away for hours on end… But neither Kenny, who was pressing soft circles into his hand with his thumb, having returned with the water, nor Stan seemed altogether convinced. Two pairs of blue irises threw each other a glance. It may have just been the pain medication being pumped into him, but the red head could have sworn there were words spoken through that look.

It was beginning to concern Kyle that his two friends were suddenly on a break from feuding to submit Eric to a bad game of twenty questions. Nothing before this had stopped their bickering. Before he could further attempt to contemplate, the blond at his bedside stood slowly, raising himself part by part like a predator. Cocking a brow, Kyle watched as his 'boyfriend' stalked around the bed to the other side where Cartman sat. The brown orbs were eyeing him intently with a sparkle of curiosity.

"You were only talking to Wendy on the street? Tell me then, Eric, why you absolutely reek of sex," he challenged with the utmost venom in his tone. At this, Cartman flushed a delicate shade of scarlet and pulled at his wet collar, letting loose a slight cough.

"Well, okay, so maybe Wendy and I didn't just….talk, alright?" he confessed, albeit rather reluctantly. Next to him, Stan sucked his teeth, mumbling angrily under his breath. The blond's frown deepened as he narrowed his cerulean eyes, leaning down to hover over the brunette.

"And tell me, did you two screw in the rain?" Both Cartman and Kyle blinked in surprise.

"What? No way dude, that's lame," Eric retorted, scoffing, "We went back to her place, since it was closer to where we saw each other." Kenny glowered at the rebuttal, retracting himself and crossing his arms over his chest as he angled his neck toward Stan. There was another look then; one of those looks that definitely had words behind it. The ebony haired boy gave a short nod, and Kenny returned his attention to the subject who was seemingly on trial. Orange clad hands raised into the air, squiggling here and there while the blond's mouth moved slightly, whispering to himself.

"Kenny, what the hell are you doing?" inquired Eric. The hands didn't stop moving, but they visibly slowed during the response.

"Shut your damn mouth asshole," Kenny snapped. He continued his little thing while Cartman furrowed his brows in surprise. Kyle's brows shot up. Just what the hell was going on? He had to be missing something here. Suddenly he felt a warm, familiar hand envelop his own clammy one and squeeze it tightly. Looking down, he confirmed the feeling, seeing Stan's tanned hand tightly clasped around his. He looked up to his face to see the blue eyes glaring daggers at Cartman. Then, Kenny's hands stopped.

The room suddenly went cold.

"If you went back to her house…then why are you wet?" Kenny demanded, voice just above a whisper but still full of hatred. By now, Kyle was struggling to stay awake. The pain medication flowing through his veins was making him sleepy at the worst possible time. He had to be there to stop any ridiculous fight his friends may get themselves into.

"You guys….," he choked out, clenching his hand around Stan's, "What's going on? Why are you both turning on Eric? Why aren't the two of you at each other's throats anymore?" Three sets of eyes slowly turned toward him, losing all hatred, anger, and other feelings.

"Shouldn't you be glad Kenny and I aren't going at each other?" Stan retorted. Coughing to clear his throat, Kyle threw him a half hearted glare.

"I didn't say I wasn't…but it isn't normal at this point….so what's going on?" He heard Kenny sigh and watched his posture soften slightly. The blond uncrossed his arms, making his way back toward the top of the bed and gently cupping his cheek, pressed a kiss to his cheek, just hitting the corner of his lips. It made Kyle flush slightly and the beeping on the monitor sped up a tad, but it otherwise went unpunished.

"Don't worry about a thing. We'll sort things out. You just rest up, okay?" he whispered, pulling back to gaze at him with a comfortingly reassuring expression. It didn't quite make Kyle at ease, but it certainly helped to be distracted by those clear sky blue eyes. He felt Stan's hand tighten around his by a fraction. A small noise was all he could manage to make as he nodded his head in response, earning a small chuckle from the blond as another kiss was pressed to his forehead and his hair was ruffled.

"God," a gagging noise was made, "You guys are going to make me sick." Kyle felt the hand on his face immediately retreat as the blond whipped around and literally stalked over to the brunette who dared speak, composure cool and collected. He towered over Cartman, but didn't look at him.

"Please get up," he murmured. Kyle could've sworn he saw a blond brow twitch. Something wasn't right, even in this off situation. Eric slowly stood up while throwing Kenny a questioning glance.

"Why am I getting- Unfh!" The brunette was cut off when Kenny fisted the lapels of his jacket and slammed him forcefully into the wall, effectively knocking the air out of him. For being marginally smaller than the brunette, the blond sure was man handling him….

"You're going to make me sick, you heartless no good son of a bitch," He bared his teeth at the larger male in his grasp. "You absolutely disgust me." There was more venom lacing his tongue again as he barely spoke, trembling slightly in fury.

Then Cartman laughed and raised a finger at the blond.

"May I remind you that you dated this poor es oh bee?" And almost as if in slow motion, or again maybe it was just the meds, Kyle saw the next scene unfold.

Kenny blinked once. Then his eyes dilated in rage, as his body went rigid and he pulled one fist back. He then sent it flying forward in the football player's gut and sent him reeling over.

"H-holy...ha…ah….sh….shit…." he wheezed, one hand over his stomach. With one eye screwed shut in pain, the brunette looked up at the furious blond and after receiving no response, closed the other lid and focused back on breathing. Kenny was still stock still, Stan's mouth was set in a tight line, and Kyle's jaw hung open slightly in shock. His 'boyfriend' wasn't exactly one for real life violence. Moving his sleep hazed gaze to study said boy, he found an apologetic yet angry glance thrown towards him before a blur of orange dashed out through the door. Beside him, Stan sighed again.

"Stan…," he mumbled tiredly, "Did….?" Now the ebony haired boy brought his other hand to cover his lone hand, patting it slightly.

"Yeah, it did. Just get some sleep, Ky." He couldn't find it in himself to stay awake and was within moments unconscious once more, but not before he heard a short exchange from behind the veil of his closed lids.

"Goddamn Cartman, you're an asshole. First you're late here, then you claim to have sex with Wendy…. Seriously. Grow up dude." Then a snort.

"Coming from the boy who realized he had a boner for a guy who loved him too late. Please, Staniel, don't go there." A snarl.

"Go home Cartman, no one wants you here." Scuffing of a chair was heard, followed by squeaky footsteps and the click of the door.

"Looks like it's just you and me, bud…." And Kyle couldn't help but think,

'As always.'

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