In the midst of a battle between light and dark, six heroes will arise from the abyss of darkness

Nothingness, space, wind, ice, earth, and illusion

However a seventh will arise from the darkness within a heart

Fighting their way through evil they'll concur someone from their heart's own memories

When all is lost the seventh will either watch the others perish or perish themselves

When all hope is lost only the truth shall be spoken

And a heart shall be crushed, but lighted from the sprit within…

My whole life I've wondered what this met. When I first read it, it felt like I played a role in this strange prophecy. If I did play a role in this; who was I? A question that has puzzled me ever since I began studying. What was my purpose in this world? I've studied human emotions and I thought that I would be a physiatrist and help mental people. But I'm not the best person to talk to when your emotions are eating you. But then my life suddenly became clear when all I saw that light when I was in total darkness.

Along the way my part in this prophecy became clear the day I met my boyfriend. Crazy world, isn't it?