Chapter 17


I gaze across the town as the sunset illuminates Twilight Town in an orange glow. I sit on the edge of the clock tower, away from the commotion below. The other apprentices and I are heading back to Radiant Garden, for the first time in years in my shoes. I have memories of Ansem and I eating ice cream together when I was younger and of the other apprentices before we become Nobodies. I have faint and fuzzy visions of what the town looks like, but other than that, I can't remember a thing.

I almost don't want to leave this place. I feel attached to it because of the lab Ansem and I built here all those years ago. My thoughts turn into one big jumble as the winds dies down, making the town silent. My glance shifts from the town to the orange sky and enjoy the tranquility.

"Zexion, I thought I'd find you up here,"

I snap out of my thoughts and see Vexen standing a couple feet away. There's an odd look in his eyes, making him look more serious than he normally is.

"What brings you here?" I wonder as he takes a seat next to me.

"I've been thinking…do you remember when Arina said we couldn't interfere with fate?" Vexen began. "What if…we did change the tides of fate? It's an interesting idea; because when everything seemed to fall apart, fate was actually it into something that could make us okay in the end," He explained.

"It is an interesting idea," I agreed. "But Arina is now basically part of you, so is was a good thing she faded away. What really piques my curiosity is how Ansem re-incarnated her spirit back into her body,"

Vexen was silent for a couple moments after that. He had the deep thinking look on his face and he muttered to himself a couple times before answering.

"That seems impossible, but if Ansem did it…than it really is possible. This could show to be an interesting experiment. But the problem would be connecting the spirit to the body," Vexen let out a long sigh. "I'll have to look into this more when we get back to Radiant Garden. Speaking of which, we should go to the others before they start worrying about us," He added standing up.

I nodded and followed him down the stairs of the clock tower. I took one last look at the town. Now it seemed like we were leaving our second home. I smiled to myself before descending down the long staircase. Once at the bottom, we heard a familiar voice calling to us before we got on the train.

"Hey, Zexion! Vexen! Come here, I need to word with you!" It yelled out to us.

I turned around and saw Axel running towards us. He slows down and paints heavily for a couple moments. I turn towards Vexen; he shrugs his shoulders at me before we turn to Axel again. He runs a hand over his bright red hair and drew in his breath.

"I just wanted to say…I'm sorry," He told us.

"Come again?" I wondered, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry for killing you guys. I don't know what I was I thinking," Axel sighed. "I killed you, Vexen, because it was an order. Marluxia turned out to be a traitor. I wanted proof that he wanted to take over the organization. I didn't want to do it…but it was an order. I also did it so that Marluxia couldn't use your research for his own intentions,"

"Zexion, I only killed you to move up Saix's ranks. I didn't realize how reckless that was. You were the organization's best tactician; we almost fell apart without you," Axel shut his eyes and sighed once again. "Vexen, Zexion…I'm sorry for what I did,"

I smile slightly at him. "I accept your apology, we got our hearts back and came back to life as our Somebodies. It doesn't matter either way. I accept your apology," I told Axel.

"As do I," Vexen added.

"Thanks guys, the guilt's been killin' me for ages!" Axel exclaimed. "It took a lot of courage just to tell you guys! I'm just glad I told you before we took our separate ways,"

I nod towards Axel once more. I took a step towards the train station before I realized something. My heart was back and we survived this crazy adventure. I only continued to call myself Zexion because I felt something wasn't right. Ansem was gone, and I had my heart back. Zexion didn't have a heart, nor did Vexen: they don't exist anymore.



"It's not Zexion and Vexen anymore," I tell him as I turn around. "It's Ienzo and Even," I finished.

Axel smirked. "Well then, Ienzo and Even, I guess this is it. Our paths part here, but if fate permits it, we will see each other again. When we do see each other again, my name will be Lea. Got it memorized?" He told us pointing to him forehead.

Even smiled a bit. "Yes Lea, we certainly have committed it to memory," Even turns to me. "Come Ienzo, we should catch up with the others before they start worrying about us,"

"Bye A-Lea. Take care of Roxas for us!" I tell him.

"I hope Arina's with you two as well!" Lea called back as he took off running.

I had to admit I was going to miss him a little. As the train zooms through the countryside, I can't help but take a last look at the sunset. This town led me to the other apprentices, where this whole adventure began. The place where I learned about my unknown destiny. This was the place where I lost my heart all those years ago. If Ansem were still alive, it would've felt just like it was eleven years ago. But destiny has done its work on us; we're free of its shackles. We can shape our own path, the path we wanted to shape before we became Nobodies.

"Ienzo?" Braig snaps me out of my thoughts. "Dude, are you all right?"

"Yeah," I replied as the sun dips below the horizon. "I'm okay,"


Roxas and I sit on the clock tower as the train pulls out of the station, carrying Xehanort and the others back to Radiant Garden. I smile to myself. I'm glad I got to tell Ve-I mean, Even and Ienzo how sorry I was for killing them. It was something worth telling them.

"Hey, Lea?" Roxas asks, breaking my thoughts. "There's somebody down there waving to us," He points out.

I take a bit out of my ice cream and glance at the bottom of the tower. I've never really liked heights, but the figure down below seemed to comfort me. I couldn't see his face very well, but I saw familiar blonde hair spiked up in a mullet-hawk. I squinted to see the face and my mouth dropped open.

"Demyx! Is that you?" I exclaimed.

"Axel? Roxas?" He yelled up, I couldn't hear his voice so well. "Is that really you guys?"

I finished off my ice cream and rushed down the clock tower. Roxas ran after me, a wicked smile on his face. We've always considered Demyx our friend because we always pull pranks on the other members on April fool's day. I burst out of the station and ran into Demyx. I felt the breath rush out of him with OOF!

"Demy, is that you?" I took a step back and examined him.

He looked a little more mature than he was in Organization XIII. His hair was longer, but he still had a mischievous smile and his eyes shone the color of the ocean like they did when he was a Nobody. He wore a cerulean blue t-shirt under a navy blue short-sleeved hoodie, Capri length jeans, and silver converse. A silver belt decorated with teardrop charms hung on his hips. He also wore black and blue-stripped arm warmers.

"Demyx! Long time no see!" Roxas greets, high-fiving him.

"I'm not Demyx, remember? I'm Myde, Demyx's somebody," Demyx corrects.

"I'm Lea, got it memorized?" I tell him pointing to my forehead.

"You did the same thing to Even and Ienzo! You're gonna drive me crazy!" Roxas jokes.

"Who's Even and Ienzo?" Myde wonders, giving us a blank expression.

We walk all the way up the clock tower again while Roxas and I begin to tell Myde our tale from beginning to end, over sea-salt ice cream, of course. I start off with telling him about our short battle with Ansem. When I began to tell him how Xigbar and Xaldin rescued me, he raised an eyebrow in confusion. Roxas was about to tell him who they were, but then an, "Oh, right," escaped his lips. I continued to tell him what happened to Roxas and Even. I told him briefly about Arina, but I don't think I did a good job because I barely knew her.

Myde got interested when I told him about the battle against Ansem. At the bloody parts he would mumble, "Gross," and then I would continue. I told him how Even went emo after Arina died. Then after three days, he finally got over it and her being somehow made it into his heart. I didn't know the exact details because no one bothered to tell me what had happened between them.

"Finally, they went back to Radiant Garden a little over a half hour ago," I started. "Before they left, I told Even and Ienzo how sorry I was for killing them. Th-"

"Who are Even and Ienzo? You still never told me!" Myde complained.

"Vexen and Zexion's Somebodies," Roxas replied.

"You killed them?" Myde's eyes grew wide. "I thought that maybe that Sora kid killed them. Wow, Lea…" He sighed before taking a bite out of his ice cream.

"As I was saying…I apologized and then Zexion said, "It's not Zexion and Vexen anymore, it's Ienzo and Even," Then I replied, "Then you may call me Lea, got it memorized?" Then they left shortly afterward. Then we ran into you…you know the rest," I sighed.

Myde chuckled. "You could've at least laid off the 'got it memorized' and spared their sanity. But I kinda wish I could Ienzo again. We talked to each other a couple times and I've grown to like him," He stood up. "Where are you going after this?"

"Maybe the Destiny Islands to see Sora and his friends. Or maybe even explore the other worlds a bit," Roxas replied.

"Maybe you can come to Atlantica with me!" Myde exclaimed. "It's so awesome there! You get a mermaid tail and everything!"

"Fun for you, but water was never my thing. Ya know, fire plus water equals no power…I think I'll pass," I explained.

"Come on, Lea!" Roxas complained, finishing off his ice cream. "Don't be such a party pooper!"

"Fine! But if we go to Atlantica, then I'm dragging you to Neverland," I smirked.

Roxas smiled. "Deal," We shook on it.


We arrived in Radiant Garden later that afternoon and began to fix up the place. It was a mess after barely being cleaned for years, much to the annoyance of Even. We all shoveled the walkway so it was free of the snow that blanketed the town, wiped off the two inches of dust that covered everything, and re-arranged some of the furinture. It was already beginning to feel just the way it was before we turned into Nobodies. We didn't even fall asleep until it was nearly midnight. We didn't even have beds! Instead we slept on the various pieces of furniture in the living room.

Xehanort was fast asleep on the recling chair within a matter of mintues, Aeleus was curled up on the couch by Xehanort, Briag and Dilan fell alseep on the other couch, and I was curled up in the other chair, Even leaning against it. It was almost like we were apprentices again, but Ansem was dead and…I guess you could say Arina was dead, but she was basicaly a spirit in Even's heart.

This was how it was all those years ago… I thought as my eyes began to close. This is the way things should be…

Tick tock, hear the clock countdown
Wish the mintuehand could be re-wound
So much to do and so much I need say…
Will tomorrow be too late?

Feel the moments slip into the past
Like sand through an hourglass
In the madness I guess I just forget
To do all the things I said

Time passes by, never thought I'd wind up
One step behind, now I made my mind up

Today I'm gonna try a little harder
Gonna make every minute last longer
Gonna learn to forgive and forget
'Cause we don't have long, gonna make the most of it

Today I'm gonna love my enemies,
Reach out to somebody who needs me
Make a change, make the world a better place
'Cause tomorrow could be one day too late

One day too late
One day too late

Tick tock hear my life pass by
I can't erase and I can't re-wind
Of all the thing I regret the most I do,
Wish I spent more time with you

Here's my chance for a new beginning
I saved the best for a better ending
In the end I'll make up to you, you'll see
You'll get the very best of me

Time passes by, never thought I'd wind up
One step behind, now I made my mind up

Today I'm gonna try a little harder
Gonna make every minute last longer
Gonna learn to forgive and forget
'Cause we don't have long, gonna make the most of it

Today I'm gonna love my enemies,
Reach out to somebody who needs me
Make a change, make the world a better place
'Cause tomorrow could be one day too late

Your time is running out, and you're never gonna get it back
So make the most of every moment, stop saving your best for last

Today I'm gonna try a little harder
Gonna make every minute last longer
Gonna learn to forgive and forget
'Cause we don't have long, gonna make the most of it

Today I'm gonna love my enemies,
Reach out to somebody who needs me
Make a change, make the world a better place
'Cause tomorrow could be one day too late

One day too late
One day too late
One day too late
One day too late...

One Day too Late by Skillet

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