"You are the most pathetic thing I've ever seen!" Mummy yelled at me again, throwing the hotel room's lamp against the wall, her blood red eyes burning holes into my eyes with disgust. I thought that I had learned to avoid her attitudes, apparently not.

"I should have burned you when I found you! Little shit, I try to feed you and all you do is give me shit" She grabbed some of the bed post, snapping it in half and stalked towards me, "I'm done with you, I thought Victoria would enjoy you for her army, but you are worst than the humans themselves!"

She was talking to herself again, not entirely directed to me, giving me the opportunity to huddle more securely in the corner of the room. I was small enough to hide in the shadows, though I knew she could see me perfectly.

She snapped the post in further anger and I gulped in fear as she proceeded more forcefully towards me, no more distractions.

I sucked in a breath and glanced towards the door. I had thought about escaping for my whole two years of existence, the whole two years of dealing with Mummy. She said humans will hurt me if I ran away from her, vampires will burn me… she will burn me.

"Look at me," she hissed, her eyes going coal black, "I want to see the pain in your eyes as I burn your limbs piece by piece."

My gaze continued to flicker from her to the door. If I ran she would follow, I had an advantage with speed, but so did she. I eyed the window behind her, it was light, but it was quickly fading. Humans weren't allowed to know about us, Mummy had said that so many times, forced me to stay indoors and out of the sun when the sun was out, it drew attention to us.

Mummy suddenly ran at me and I bolted to the door, swinging it open and running across the street and into the crowded streets, the aroma of blood, food, and chemicals. Even with my short legs, I know that my speed allowed me to become a blur to them, and that my six year old looks made it easy to get around people, under legs, between small gaps.

Mummy couldn't follow me now, but she would catch up soon when the sun went fully down and her longer legs would bring her to me faster. I don't know where I was going, but I my survival instinct pushed me past different cities, different borders, climates, and so forth until my small beating heart couldn't take it any more and I leaned against a near by tree to catch my breath.

My stomach clenched and I knew I was hungry again. Mummy always spit in a cup for me, I always enjoyed the sweet taste of it, but now I couldn't get her to feed me. She told me no one else could feed me, that I had to stay with her.

The moon hung high in the sky, and a comforting silence in the air. I sat down on a tree stump and sniffed. Mummy only let me wear one pair of clothes for the two years, her old clothes. They were cut and buggy on me, no pants, just a big baggy shirt. It was cold out, the way the moist air and cold wind beat up against me I had to shudder and rub my arms with my small, kid hands.

My arms were hot, but with it tightly contrasting with the temperature it made the cold worse.

I stretched my legs out in front of me, wiggling my toes to distract myself. The dirt was smudged all the way up to my knees, nails filled with dirt. Mummy said I was ugly, and no wonder. She was beautiful, more beautiful than those pictures on the books I borrow from the old man that lives next door to us in the hotel, whilst next to me I'm dirty and smell horrid.

I blinked as pressure started building up behind my eyes. I blinked rapidly to try to dispel it, thinking it was tears that were trying to break through, but it just built up until it went black. I cried out in panic, getting up on wobbly legs. I felt around blindly, and my vision burst with too many colors, and to a place that wasn't where I was a second ago. I was inside a lovely house, light colors decorating its walls, like the hotel, but with more.. Character was it? Yes, much more character than the hotel.

I moved my legs, still feeling the forest ground under me, the twigs snapping, and a root. I was seeing something different.

I was scarred.

The point of view changed, and I was taken into what looked like a living room. People- no, vampires like Mummy were seated there, but they had more pretty eyes than Mummy. Honey, golden like sleeping beauty's hair. I'm pretty sure there was seven of them, all looking the same but some how very different.

"Can you hear me?" I whispered out hoarsely, I haven't spoken in a year now, Mummy wouldn't allow it. They didn't respond and I tried again, "Hello?".

No one moved an inch. I stepped forward, thinking maybe my movement would bring their attention to me but I cried out when I tripped over the root I had felt earlier. My head made contact with a still wet mud puddle. I spluttered and coughed out mud from my mouth, and still, the scene in front of me, the vampires didn't acknowledge my presence, didn't know I was watching them.

I fumbled my body to a sitting position, about to try to yell out again their was a knock, I focused on my surrounding, using my exceptional hearing to focus, but the forest was still quiet around me, and it was then I realized it was from the vision of the house.

Each vampire looked at one another, and one with a white coat stood, and headed to the opposite end of the room, my view following him until I saw him opening a well framed door, a curious expression crossing his face when he saw it, I leaned my head to get a view of the person, forgetting I wasn't really there in body, but I did get to see who was at the door.

I screamed, yelling to close the door, run away. Mummy was mean, she wasn't nice, these vampires didn't need to go through the pain I had to go through.

"Tell her to go away!" I screamed into the silent night, "don't let her come in!"

"May I help you?" the vampire who answered the door asked, eyeing her red eyes with a weary expression.

"I'm afraid I lost a friend of mine, have you crossed any weird smelling vampires around your home? I'm leaving as soon as I can, I'm moving to the next stated to look for her if she didn't come through here" Mummy asked, smiling sickly at the man.

I forced myself not to scream, but silently begged the man to send her off.

The short pixie vampire came up to the man and peeked in a view, and then.. She looked up, straight up at me. She blinked and I scrambled to think of something to say, she may be able to hear me.

"She tortures people, she will kill your family!" I screamed out towards her, hearing my voice echo off the trees. The pixie still stared up. "Send her off, tell her no one came by, tell her to go away!".

Alice's PoV

"It's going to be sunny tomorrow morning" I piped up snuggling deeper into Jasper's lap, sighing in content went he petted my hair. "The best place to go would be the forest next to the mountains," I sent a glance to Emmett, "plenty of bears in stock".

He grinned in response of started talking animatedly with Rose, who continued with her nails but turned her head to acknowledge him. Typical.

Carlisle smiled, already having called the hospital to announce his absence for the 'hunting trip'. He kissed Esme's forehead lightly, her eyes going up to him warmly.

I shook my head, giggling slightly and stuck my tongue out at Edward when he shook his head at me. "Grow up, Eddie".

"Edward" Edward corrected, scowling at the nick name that Emmett came up with twenty years ago.

All of our heads turned as footsteps were heard in the lawn and I was about to see why I didn't see a visitor coming when a vision struck me.

A little girl was sitting in the muddied ground, the deep forest all around her. She looked about six years old, rosy cheeks and chocolate doe eyes. She lay in the forest, deep in it by the way no light came in from around her, only from above from the moon.

There were goose bumps on her skin, signaling that she was cold, and I wanted to kick whoever left her there alone from the little clothing she wore. She looked scarred, her eyes going around blindly, breath quick and wild. Why was I seeing this girl?

She kept looking, a sick expressing coming to her face and her eyes immediately met mine, shocking me to the core. She wasn't supposed to see me!

"She tortures people, she will kill your family!" She screamed at me, her voice hoarse and desperate, blue tented lips trembling with emotion, "Send her off, tell her no one came by, tell her to go away!".

My eyes snapped back to focus just as Carlisle sat up to answer the door but Edward immediately halted him, apparently seeing the vision through my mind. He sent a glance to me and I straightened myself from Jasper's body. Jasper seemed tense, and waves of reassurance were sent my way.

I smiled lightly at him, kissing his cheek before getting up and standing in front of Carlisle.

"The person at the door," I whispered lowly for his and Edward's ears only, "isn't a good person, my vision told me that, tell her no to her question"

"What question would that be?" Carlisle asked, not doubting my visions, but honestly curious, his eyes flickering to Edward's when he saw that he was backing me up on this.

"She will ask if you have seen someone," I hissed, remembering the suffering little girl all alone in the forest, "tell her no and send her away".

His eyes flickered to the door and he nodded, walking to the door.

I leaned to my right to see the person as he opened the door, wanting to see the woman who put fear into the innocent girl.

I sucked in a hard breath, conclusions why the girl was so frightened whizzing through my head, and anger clouded my head. She wasn't a vegetarian, and from her eyes she has recently killed and feed off of a human, her smile making me want to strangle her.

"I'm afraid I lost a friend of mine, have you crossed any weird smelling vampires around your home? I'm leaving as soon as I can, I'm moving to the next stated to look for her if she didn't come through here" she asked, her smile tenderly focused on Carlisle, faking worry.

Carlisle didn't rush with the answer, knowing she would be suspicious if he did. After a minute he shook his head apologetically, "sorry, my family lives here for the time being, we know who comes and goes, and no vampire, save for you, has come in, not even a strange scent".

Brief anger flashed through her red eyes, gone in an instant, but we all saw it. "Thank you, I will leave right away" she murmured nodded her thanks before turning and running out of mine and Carlisle's sight.

"We're leaving for the early hunting trip" I announced, I looked at Edward who nodded in agreement, "now get ready".

"What's wrong, Dear?" Esme asked, worry lacing her voice, and I could just imagine how it would sound when she saw the little girl we were about to find.

"We will see" Edward grumbled to me, reading my thoughts again, he too, apparently upset by the little girl's health and well being.

"Just hurry" I murmured to Esme before turning to Edward again, "I will try to see more to get a solid location, but could you possibly find blankets and one of my smallest pairs of clothes?".

"Of course" He stated and was out of the room in an instant.

Jasper touched my arm lightly making me breath out a sigh.

I could only hope we would get to the girl in time before one of Emmett's notorious bears find her or she dies of hypothermia…