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"She freakin' bit him!" Emmett gawked as he saw the faint bite mark on Carlisle's forearm that was quickly recovering with the venom repairing the skin. At the sight, all eyes went to me and I shrunk back into Edward's chest.

"Now, now" Carlisle's voice said above the silence, "let's not overreact".

If overreact as in everyone talking over one another in a chaotic manner like mommy did when she started screaming while throwing things on the ground, that's what everyone did- though Edward rocked me back and forth in his chest while arguing with his family. My head started pounding as I tried to comprehend what they were saying, words slurred into one another, all the tones and implements, they all seemed to blend to a mixture I couldn't tune myself in.

Then something seemed to hit my head, not physical but like it hit my brain. I cried out in pain, my hands covering my ears while I looked up at Edward- the person closest to me who locked eyes with me- like he was the one shocked.

Edward's POV

Edward? What happened? Carlisle's calm voice spread itself in front of my shock as I stared into molten doe eyes just as shocked as I felt.

I couldn't read her mind- and when I had tried, she felt it like it was a physical probing, I had hurt her. Her delicate hands cradled her head full of honey curls, eyes looking up at me, almost accusing me.

Then her eyes filled with opaque tears.

"I'm so sorry, sweet heart" I said, admitting to the crime and pushed her hands gently away and gently rubbed her temples with everyone watching. She blinked rapidly and her tears escaped, rolling down naturally blushed cheeks, breaking my unmoving heart. She opened her mouth but closed it as her pupils dilated and she clenched them shut, allowing bigger tears to roll out.

"I can't-" I said in a chocked voice but lost my train of thought as Alice suddenly gripped my shoulder and she threw me into a vision of her own- one that neither of us enjoyed.

The mind field that Alice's vision presented put shame into my heart. It was such a sad setting and the baseball game that was going on before me lacked the usual thrill. It was slow, I was even slow with the bat. Emmett had a ghost of a smile, even Rosalie didn't seem like her usual self-confident self.

The little girl wasn't there. I would have that with the recent incident that we might need to keep her under our shelter but then again the Vulturi might have interfered.

Alice's hand went up and the whole game stopped and everyone tensed in anticipation, Esme's face breaking as she clutched Carlisle's arm.

Then they came. The first two definitely mates, the woman having bright red hair and the male having cropped blond hair. The next one in line seemed Caribbean, dark olive skin, elegant. All three had red eyes except the last one, the one that broke my heart.

It was the little girl.. just not so little now. I could spot those doe eyes anywhere, those blushed cheeks...

I snapped back into the present and gasped for unneeded air. What the hell? I looked up at Alice but she looked away, her lips thin.

My eyes narrowed.

"We can change that" I hissed, pulling the little girl in my arms and cradling her there, "their indecisive".

Alice's eyes slashed mine, her eyes hooded, her tiny fists clenched, Edward, it isn't our choice to make, the little one brought this future on herself, not us or the Vulturi.

I snarled. Who would want to make a living with heartless killers.

Watch it Jasper growled in the back of my mind, his eyes darkening at the threat posed to Alice, you are frightening the child

I looked down and found the girl shaking in my grasp, her face turned away from my body, eyes dilated and twitching back and forth.

Do you smell that? Esme whispered in a a low voice. I breathed in deeply and my eyes zeroed in on her tears, they were fresh and smelled of vampire venom.

"Venom" I whispered, rubbing the girls back to try to sooth her back into my body, then thought better of it, my body probably wasn't the most comfortable place to be, "you must be tired, sweet heart".

She turned her face up towards mine, sniffing in through her puffy, small, nose, "I'm not in trouble?"

"Of course not," I replied in an instant and sent glares at everyone else, who quickly assured their agreements, "do you want to clean off and get some sleep?"

She flickered her eyes to the ground, hooding her expression and looked up with fear glinting in them, "... you aren't going to call Mommy, are you? She'll get mad and me"

"Do you know that name of your Mommy?" Carlisle asked, ready to start receiving information to start researching.

She blinked, "I...Isabella, yes, Isabella, she named me after her".

"Your name is Isabella? Such a pretty name" Esme cooed, her motherly side kicking in as she knelt by us.

"I.. I don't like it" the girl murmured, easy enough to read, if not by mind, then by her facial expressions so that we knew she was afraid of hurting Esme's feelings, "if you wouldn't mind, I like Bella".

"Bella" Esme tried on her tongue and beamed, "beautiful".

Bella smiled shyly back then looked back at me, "I am in need of a bath-" she gulped, averting her gaze, "please"


I hated doing this, but I didn't want to lose control again, so when Rosalie and Alice offered to help me bathe I played aversion and told them Mommy taught me how to use it. I let Edward walk me to the bathroom and waved hesitantly at him. He smiled and bound down the stairs. I closed the door softly, a soft click sounded when I closed it all the way, but didn't lock it, knowing they would hear it and get suspicious.

I turned and hurriedly turned the sink faucet on, turning the handle all the 180 degrees. I went to the tub and turned on the water, both hot and cold, the noise muffling any movement I made.


I looked around until I found the ventilation that leaded to what, I hope, leads to a different room with windows to escape. I climbed on top of the toilet and huffed when my fingers barely reached the screws. I suppose being half of two dominant species comes with its pros and cons.. I jumped, defying gravity for a few seconds with blurring speed to unscrew the screws and catch all of them and the vent itself before it fell to the floor.

I laid them in the sink and took a deep breath, blocking out guilt and put the stealth I had grown to build on with Mommy and jumped fluently, gripping the edges of the vent hole and slipped into the air ventilation. I sniffed the air and almost sneezed. Holly crow, did they every clean this thing? I held my breath and started climbing through the mini maze, looking for an exit with the most light. It was a smaller vent but I squeezed through it after gently kicking it out of the wall... and fell on a leather couch. It slightly worn in, so it hurt without the stiffening texture like all the hotel beds had.

I rubbed my head, hoping that no one heard my sloppy fall before looking around, I believe then I was.. gawking. It was filled with so many books, so much that I wanted to squeal in happiness.. I'm sure Mommy's neighbor would be jumping in glee with me if he was here. I could read well, I taught myself with the little help I could get without Mommy knowing, and from what I could understand, they were organized by dates... some not even bent in. I pulled myself back in and looked at the large windows that would aid me in my escape.

They were huge, looking out over the forest, and one big latch that opened them. I looked down and flinched back. There was no ledge like they had at the hotel balconies, just went down to a flat ground. I looked down at my body. Could I handle the impact? I looked out and stepped forward.I took a deep breath.

Only one way to find out, right?

I carefully unlatched the window and let it wheel open, no sound giving away my escape. I felt the soft breeze touch my hair and dragged it in, thankful for the soothing touch of nature. I looked up and then down, taking a step and watched as the ground wheeled upward to meet my relaxed legs. It wasn't that I wasn't scarred, but I had to be ready to bend them, like all the divers at the pool did, especially the cute ones.

I bent them and my knees made contact. I bit back a yelp as needles of pain weaved through my blood stream and took slow, deep breaths to control any other unnecessary sounds. Once I got my heart rate under control I stood- and wobbled a bit before regaining my balance. I sniffed the air. Going into the forest didn't sound so good after last time being stuck there, so I took the path towards the beating hearts, the honking horns and the smell of pollution.

I didn't know how long I made my own decisions, taking a turn here, taking one there, but soon I came upon a house with lights shining from within, a car with red, blue, and white tented boxes on top of it with 'Forks Sheriff' on it. Hopefully I could act normal enough to have a place to stay until the morning to get away from all the temptation that Edward's family presented.

I walked up the wooden steps and knocked, waiting.

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