RUSTblaster;; Waiting.

His feathers should have been black-
Because he just kept falling.

So maybe the boy (the vampire boy) brought him down to his knees (quite literally). Maybe the boy made his heart do a jump-start. Maybe the boy made him forget everything he was taught.

He was NOT a weapon.
He was NOT a thing.
He was KEI.

He's only known him for fourteen days- and he's fallen already.


Kei's oh-so-lonely counting off the days he had left (as a human). Fourteen more days till Kei Yousagare ceases to exist.

But what he doesn't know- won't kill him.

He doesn't know that his wielder, the vampire boy who had no family weapon (and used a stupid bat instead) won't take his life. Oh no- the boy will somehow find a cure for Kei.

And so, after those fourteen (enjoyable) days that Kei wished would never end, came to a stop. That stupid, stupid boy left to defend.

He left only with that stupid nailed bat, a ribbon, and a promise that he will be back.


And so, Kei waits.

He waits because he knows Aldred will come back. He'll come back with his stupid grin, to smile at Kei, and say "I told you so."


Rust blaster is AMAZING. It needs more recognition.
Aldred is AMAZING. His line "Lets play to our hearts content" was so epic.
-Fenrir X.