Cain lurking in the shadows of the deserted parking lot. Well, almost deserted. There was a single car being loaded by a human. Her long ponytail extended down her back until it ended into a curl that seemed natural. It exposed the warm, pale skin of her neck, the only thing between Cain and his next meal. The vampire was soundless as he got behind the back of the girl, corning her to the truck of her car.

He opened his mouth and prepared to sate the bloodlust. And Kenberly woke up from the nightmare that had plagued her for the last few months. She didn't remember how many; she barely remembered her name. The nightmares were truly the only thing keeping her sane.

The rest of the slaves were still sound asleep as they should be; it was around noon. In the world of darkness Kenberly was surrounded in, there were vampires, shape shifters, and even witches, the schedule was completely opposite of the human routine. All the girl could do was sit there unless she fell asleep; it was nearly impossible to walk around in this horrid place without being caught. Kenberly had figured that one out on her own. So, the girl fell back onto the bed she was forced to sleep on and stared at the bottom side of the top bunk.

Well this was just fabulous; Kenberly had six more hours to just sit there and sleep was eluding her.

"Why can't I just sleep?" Kenberly whispered fiercely to no one in particular. She nearly jumped out of her skin when someone answered.

"I'm having difficulties sleeping as well," said the voice of her many other nightmares. Kenberly felt herself stiffen. "Walk with me."

Kenberly knew that if she argued or put up a fight, that should would be beaten bloody. She got up and stood mechanically, as she should've, and talked with Lord Cain, showing no emotion or any hint of sanity that she still contained. The human couldn't be absolutely sure, but she thought that her master genuinely thought she was broken. He, of course, hadn't taken any blood from Kenberly lately, but that could change easily if he hadn't fed today.

She hoped he had, her life might be on the line if he hadn't. She could always try to mask her thoughts, but then again, vampires could rip through all of the walls in your mind and find whatever information they wished. She could also succumb to insanity, which didn't sound very appealing, but would probably save her life.

That, apparently wasn't a choice Kenberly would have to make right then. "Go fetch Sahara for me," Lord Cain demanded. When she hesitated, he smacked her face and she went scurrying. Falling prey to insanity was beginning to look better and better to her, as it had gnawed on Kenberly for months. It was technically called 'breaking' and Kenberly had to agree that the term was correct.

The sunlight pouring in from a window stung Kenberly's eyes, but she had to stop to stare at it for a moment. She hadn't seen sunlight in so long… A whip snapping from behind her sent her running through the marble halls to Sahara's room. Sahara had been a good person before Lord Cain's trainer had broken the girls mind.

"Sahara," Kenberly whispered in the younger slave's mind, and her eyes opened instantly. "Lord Cain needs you. I will show you the way to him." The blank stare Kenberly got was enough to bring a tear to her eye. If she ever got out of this place, she would make Lord Cain suffer for what he had done to all these innocent people.

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