I had the WORST nightmare the night before last and came up with another story.

This one is different though…it's kind of…since Season Six has been confirmed, it's kind of what I wish would happen now and it's in Dean's POV, mostly and takes place after 5.10.

I honestly love writing Sam, and I'm learning to write Castiel better and I love that, but I feel 'safer' in Dean's skin, even though there is an OC in here and I feel 'safest' in hers.

Just kind of a story line that could happen and I needed to make myself feel better and forget the damn night terror…which is still pretty damn vivid…grrr.

WARNINGS: Language, Controversial Topics, Dark Themes, Sex, Violence, Blood



"You are one stubborn son of a bitch!" She yelled at him, clenching her fists and getting up in his face.

His hazel eyes were boring into hers and she had to ignore the flip-flopping of her stomach.

He narrowed his eyes at her. "I don't see you backing down either, Sweetheart!"

She was breathing on him and it was making him feel feelings he really hadn't felt in a while and he though about backing up.

"That's because whether you like it or not, Princess, I'm in the right here." She told him, putting that cheeky smile on her face.

Every time she gave him that look that told him that she knew more than he did, part of him wanted to smack the look off of her face, and the other part of him wanted to close the space between them completely.

"If by right you mean wrong." He agreed, nodding.

Egging her on was something that seemed to come naturally to him, and he didn't know why he took the other step forward.

Her breath hitched for a moment. "Just stick to the damn plan before I make you stick to it!"

He couldn't control himself any more when she stepped up to his body and brushed against his member through his pants with her body and he kissed her, seriously catching her off guard.


72 Hours Earlier…

Sam and Dean came as soon as Bobby had called them, neither of them sure if it was some kind of emergency or not, but Bobby called and asked them come and that was all that mattered. Dean was the first one to Bobby's door, and after a pause after a hard couple of knocks, the door was ripped open and there she stood. Both Winchesters did a double-take as she bit her lip and looked at them, wondering if they were going to get on it and introduce themselves or not.

She was about 5'8" with deep brown hair and warm eyes and her figure though not perfect model-figure was definitely attractive. Dean smirked a little but soon realized that she was feeling rather testy and wiped the look off of his face, deciding to get down to business here. Bobby had called them and who the Hell was she? Why was she answering Bobby's door?

"Well?" She asked them.

Dean stepped in. "I'm Dean, and this is Sam—Bobby called us."

"Oh—the Winchesters." She said, opening up the door and turning to walk towards a different room so they could enter on their own. "Dad, they're here!"

"Dad?" Sam asked suddenly, he and Dean exchanging looks.

Not in any of their time hunting with Bobby had they been aware that Bobby had any children. They walked into the other room, Sam closing the front door behind them, and saw Bobby reading a spell book in his wheelchair, his daughter sitting at the table sharpening a knife. Bobby looked up as the boys came into the room and he nodded, motioning his head in the direction of the stressed out brunette.

"Sam? Dean? This is my daughter, Grace." Bobby told them. "I'm not as surprised as you two, but I'm still surprised."

Grace smiled at Bobby with a comfort and a fondness that Sam and Dean were now seeing for the first time. She'd seemed so annoyed before, but for some reason with Bobby she was incredibly cordial. Sam and Dean were still confused, but they were pretty certain that they were about to find out a lot—that was why Bobby had called them and asked them to show.

"Maybe if you hadn't hit and run, you'd have known I existed." Grace told Bobby and he smiled a little at her.

Still, he shook his head. "Boys, I called you here because Grace found me after her mother was murdered and I don't want her to do this hunt on her own."

"I can handle myself but…I agree with Dad—I don't wanna end up dead. Your help would be appreciated—I apologize for being testy at the door." Grace told them, deliberately making eye contact with Sam because she had been attracted to Dean's eyes and didn't want her face to betray any emotions if she looked at him again. "I've also been informed that—"

"—I was summoned?" Castiel asked, popping into the house and interrupting Grace's sentence.

Dean smiled at him. "Nice to see you again, Cas."

"You're the angel?" Grace asked him.

"Yes." Castiel replied, nodding at her.

Grace nodded slowly and smiled at him knowing she couldn't hide the attraction to the beautiful, blue-eyed angel. Part of her was screaming at her to get a grip because the man was an angel, but the other part of her saw only man there. There was a sadness in his eyes, and Grace wanted to know more about him, but at the same time she knew that it wasn't her place to ask—they were just supposed to help her along here.

"So what is this hunt exactly?" Sam asked, wanting some details.

Grace continued to stare at Castiel. "Dad thinks I'm crazy since none of you have ever seen one, but I think it's a Golem."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa—a Golem?!" Dean asked skeptically. "Only an incredibly holier than thou ass can and would create a Golem."

"Nevertheless…they do exist." Castiel explained with a nod. "Where did you see this creature and why do you think it's a Golem?"

Bobby looked over at Grace who looked away from Castiel, making Bobby look back at Castiel and swallow. He wasn't an idiot—he had recognized that look before and he knew already that his daughter was attracted. In fact Bobby wasn't sure how to feel about his grown-up daughter, but he was feeling some protective fatherly feelings right then looking at the looks Grace kept throwing Castiel's way.

"The creature that killed my mother had Tibetan symbols on her forehead. I have no idea who is controlling it, or why my mother had to die, but I'm pretty sure it's a Golem and not just a run of the mill homunculus." Grace explained, her voice strained, hurt.

Dean knew all too well what it was like to experience the pain of losing people close to you—in fact everyone in the room felt that way. They weren't new to loss, but the men were more seasoned at hiding the pain, and though Grace wanted to be like that, she just hadn't found a way to shut the feelings off yet. She was still a bit led by her emotions, and she knew that could get her or her companions killed…that was why she liked to hunt alone…but she was learning slowly.

In fact Grace's mother had been a hunter too—she and Bobby had met on a hunt and one thing led to another. She had only meant it was a 'thank you' for saving her life, but somewhere along the way the protection hadn't worked like she'd wanted and Grace had been conceived. Grace knew about her father, but she'd never met him, and though he had seen her once and wished she was his, he hadn't known for sure until Grace's mother had been murdered, and Grace showed up on his door step, tear-stained face, soggy from the rain, telling him she was his daughter and sporting the birth certificate to prove it.

"I will try to track this Tibetan monk down…you two keep an eye on her and go back to the murder scene to look for clues." Castiel instructed, and before anyone could say anything else, he was gone.

Dean sighed loudly. "Fine—Sam and I will babysit."

"Please, like you could you ever manage to do that successfully." Grace laughed and then stood up, sticking the knife in the holder above her knee. "Are you girls ready to go or not?"

"Can you promise me you will try to keep a clear head, please?" Bobby asked her, giving her a look.

Grace knew he meant because she would have to see her house again. "Whatever, Dad—don't worry so much."

She leaned down and kissed his cheek, making a joke about his beard and then going past the boys. They knew she and Bobby had bonded a bit before he had called them, and they wondered how long that had been but right now they weren't pressing it. When she called for them Bobby pointed towards the front door and told them to protect her, to which Sam promised readily and then Dean made a face when Bobby nodded and went back to his spell book. Dean didn't know what was going on here fully, but he was determined to find out.

"I'll give you this," Grace said aloud a Sam and Dean came out of Bobby's house and headed for the Impala that she was already standing at, "this baby is sex on wheels."

Dean grinned at the compliment. "Just wait until you hear her purr."

"You men and making everything female—makes you feel a little bit more comfortable knowing you're inside a female rather than a male, huh?" Grace asked him, Sam chuckling.

"You could put it that way, I suppose." Dean told her with a nod. "So where are we headed?"

Grace swallowed and made eye contact with Dean. "Blue Springs, Nebraska…so am I gonna get to hear her purr or what?"

Note: I PROMISE there will be more character development SOON. New chapter will be up tomorrow. If you hate Grace at first, that's fine—she has layers I will peel back eventually. Feedback is always appreciated!