Why, hello again, everyone~ It's Jester again~! I bet you're all wondering what I'm doing here once more, and that's to tell you something wonderful~! Dual Journey is now posted for your enjoyment! Don't worry, most of the story and dialogue is untouched, but there are things that have been neatened up, and the earlier chapters aren't jagged.

Now, I know there were SEVERAL complaints about some things in Green Midnight. While normally I'd give you all a REALLY good piece of my mind, Mr. Writer likes his reviewers and doesn't want me to piss you all off. So, onto the major ones…

First off, Me and my Pokemon. Like I said in my last note, that won't be happening anymore. *pouts* It WAS fun though, let me tell you that much, but I will say that I've got even BETTER things in store for the group now~!

Next up is the COMPs. …Wow, what do you people have against Devil Survivor? But in all seriousness, it's not easy trying to come up with a new form of Evoker, you know that? It's not like Princess Red could wear a collar and NOT get stared at. Nonetheless, the issue has been handled, but you didn't have to be such repetitive whiners about how you didn't like it.

Now, onto the next two points, which are 'be more creative' and ''get to the good stuff'. Uh, correct me if I'm wrong, but the story was still only in EARLY MAY. Good grief people! Even I know that the story really doesn't get rolling until the May Full Moon, even IN the game! Considering the way it's all been set up, what's been done is relatively creative, and we do need a little something called character development in here. Just wait until October rolls around, and you'll miss the slow and calmness of April, I can PROMISE that.

And now for a bunch at once: This plot is too confusing! Why does everyone know of the Velvet Room! Who is that friggin Momos character? Why is this JESTER here? First off, the plot's too complicated? In all honesty, it's a PERSONA game. Since when has the plot been simple to follow? And everyone no longer knows about the Velvet room, so that's something else you can stop worry about. IN all fairness though, would YOU be able to keep something like that hidden perfectly yourself? And in regards to Momos, forget about him. He's been pitched in Dual Journey, COMPLETELY. Just wipe his existence from your brains, and move on with your life. And as for why I'm here ... I'm here to be a recurring villain, first and foremost. But my role will be more involved than that, oh so much more… Hehehehehe… Just wait until October rolls around in teh story, and you'll see what I mean~

And now, for the major point… "ZOMG WHY DOESN"T PRINCESS RED HAVE HER WILD CARD?" …Again, it's only April. If we had TWO wild cards right from teh get go, every battle would be a Curb-Stomp battle, and even those get boring after a while. Don't worry though, Mr. Writer has something VERY special planned for Princess Red though~

Of course, with that out of the way, you might be wondering WHY I'm so much more awesome. The answer: Mr. Writer let the Otaku-hime take over my dialogue, but that's not the only change. But you'll have to wait to see the rest of those changes until everything's posted~

Now, before I leave, have some previews~!

"It's rare that we see a living creature during Green Midnight," Hamuko remarked as she petted the dog. "Aren't you such a cute little doggy?" The dog jumped into Hamuko's arms and began licking her face, causing her to laugh.

"I still don't get you how you can tell kobe beef from regular beef. And why the hell would you color a burger GREEN?" Minato eyed the burger.

"Probably because the mascot is green," Hamuko pointed to a nearby statue of an anthropomorphic green duck.

"This is one weird place…"


And with that, I leave up all! See you in "Dual Journey"!
-Jester the Otaku Harlequin

Now for my notes. Yeah, all major complaints have been addressed. The story's been refined, and the fat's been trimmed. Also, once Dual Journey has caught up to this story, it'll be taken down, so make sure you've read all you needed to! I hope you'll tune in for the new version of Green Midnight! I'll see you all in 'Dual Journey'!