After All is said

For KIttyLynne who keeps me thinking romantic thoughts long after I finish her stories. Long Days and Pleasant Nights my friend.

Graduation is over

Caps thrown

Diplomas handed

High School is finished

College waits

Like a thief

Stealing you from me

But after all is said

From the Guest speaker

After all is said

From the Valedictorian

After all is said

From the principal

The school board president

The superintendant

After they finish

I want you

I want you to hold me

In this ever present darkness

Your body close to mine

Whispering sweet nothings in my ear

Kissing my neck

Brushing my red hair

Away from my face

As I gaze into your brown eyes

Falling madly

Never have I felt such passion

Not with that dumb jock

Nor with the foreign exchange student

I have always desired you

You alone

You kiss me

I can feel the passion in your soul

You tell me you love me

That you don't want to move away

To a residence hall


A number on a door

You want me

You want to stay like this forever

Your body close to mine

The heat of passion

Igniting the room

Casting out the moon's light

As if it was a curse

Another kiss and I fall

I need you

Want you

Please my love

Extinguish this fire

Before the room burns down

I love you

No matter what

Wherever you go

I will love you

The question is

After all is said

And this moment ends

Will you love me still