No ordinary love

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Tim stood at his front door trying to find his keys to let himself in. He stood on the beautifully crafted porch with his bag slung over his shoulder and a bag of takeout from the restaurant his lover liked so much.

'Aww damn it'

He quietly cursed himself as his keys fell, dropping onto the smooth oak with a jangle. He had been planning on surprising his lover with dinner and ........well with himself, but the best laid plans were thwarted by the noise his damn keys made.

He bent down to pick his keys up and looked up to see his lover's feet waiting at the now open door. Gazing up from his position, he focused on the crystal blue eyes of one Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

'Oh hey, sorry. This really wasn't what I planned'

Gibbs smiled at the sheepish look on his lovers face, they had been living together for well over two years and even though they couldn't legally marry, they were married in every other way. They had long ago made each other next of kin and everything financial had been legally changed to give each other power of attorney. Hell, they even shared a bank account.

Gibbs hooked his hand gently round Tim's elbow and tugged him up to stand. Leaning over he kissed his lover deeply before ushering him inside and closing the door. The warmth of the house hit Tim and he found himself melting at the comfortable familiarity that he now called home. No sooner had the door closed, he found himself being stripped of his bag, coat and food and was being led into the kitchen where a large pot of coffee was brewing.

The pitter patter of paws on the wooden floors signalled the arrival of the second love of his life, even after a somewhat shaky start to the relationship, Tim soon discovered how much he loved his fur ball of a dog.

'Hey boy, how you doing. How much of the back yard have you dug up today?' Jethro nuzzled his wet nose into Tim's palm and rolled onto his back, lavishing in the attention his master was giving him.

'Only managed to dig up the roses in the corner today, either he's learning or he's just getting old. Ain't that right boy'

Tim chuckled quietly as Jethro padded out, the treat Gibbs had just given him hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

'The roses huh, guess I'll have to replant them at the weekend'.

'Already taken care of'

Tim felt his lover's arms wrap around his chest and leaned back into the warm body that he loved so much. He covered Jethro's left hand with his own, the rings they wore making a quiet dinging noise as the ring fingers connected. It was their anniversary today and Tim had been stuck in Mtac trying to track the Navy Destroyer that had fallen off the radar after the captain was murdered. Jethro hadn't expected Tim home so soon so the sight of his lover being home this early was a pleasant surprise.

'So, what were your plans Timmy'

Tim could feel the erection pressing firmly against his buttocks and felt his own length twitch, the arousal stirring deep in the pit of his stomach.

'Oh, nothing special. I knew you'd be in the basement so I planned to come home with your favourite meal, set it out and come disturb you wearing nothing but my birthday suit. Damn clumsiness got in the way'

He felt a short huff of breath on his neck and then the warm lips as they began to gently caress the patch of skin on his neck just underneath his ear.

'Mmm hmm, and then what did you have planned?'

Jethro's voice was heavy with arousal and at that moment, Tim knew that dinner would have to wait.

'Mmmm, don't stop............I planned to have a leisurely bath with you and then give you a massage before spending the night having my wicked way. Happy anniversary by the way, I know we haven't had much time together today what with you being with the director and me being tied up in Mtac'

Tim pulled a small box out of his pocket and pressed it into Jethro's hand. Jethro pulled away and looked at the perfectly wrapped box with a small silver bow on top. Tim turned and watched, his trousers tenting uncomfortably, lustily following every move his lover made with his eyes.

Jethro unwrapped the box, his own erection still evident through his trousers and opened the lid to reveal a platinum ID bracelet with his name engraved on the top. Tim reached over and turned it over to reveal the underside to reveal another inscription.

'Forever and always, love Tim x x'

Tim soon discovered early on in their relationship that behind the abrasive prickly man laid an old romantic that managed to make him feel so loved and special that his heart quite literally missed a beat every time he thought about him.

'Tim, I don't know what to say. I love it' Jethro put on the bracelet and pulled a blindfold out of his own pocket, gently wrapping it around Tim's eyes before guiding him up the stairs.

As they climbed the stairs, Jethro rubbed his hands up and down his lovers back, keeping a rhythm that made his lovers erection grow harder. Tim could feel the pre cum starting to dampen the front of his pants as his arousal grew deeper and deeper. He was surprised when Jethro stopped them both and he heard the sound of a key being turned, he felt his lover jolt slightly as he pushed open a door.

'Take a step forward'

Tim obeyed and found himself being guided into the room that was used to store junk. Jethro had fitted a lock to the door so Tim couldn't get in but it wasn't needed because in the two weeks that followed because Tim hadn't once asked why it was locked, Jethro wasn't even sure he had tried to get in.

'Tim, I'm going to take the blindfold off but I don't want you to open your eyes until I tell you Ok'.

Tim nodded as he was pushed gently down onto what felt like a plush leather office chair. Jethro chuckled as his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

'Ok, now open them'.

Tim opened his eyes and blinked a couple of times while his eyes adjusted to the light. His breath hitched as he took in his surroundings and he felt tears prickling at the corner of his eyes.

Jethro had spent the past two months making the most exquisite office furniture Tim had ever seen and felt the chair being swivelled round so he was sat directly in front of a large ornate oak desk. On the top of it sat his old typewriter and his grandfather's pipe.

'Jethro, I.....I.......Oh my god I don't know what to say, it's perfect'

Jethro grinned at the look of shock on his lovers face; it still amazed him how youthful Timmy could look, especially with the look of wonder that was held in the large pale green eyes.

'Open the present'

Tim's gaze fell to the side of the typewriter and he sat looking at the present that was sat there. He hadn't noticed it before and had been looking around the newly decorated office that had once been used to store all the crap that the two of them had collected.

He picked up the present and pulled off the wrapping to find a framed photograph of the two of them that had been taken at the park by Abby a couple of months earlier. At the bottom of the frame sat an engraved plaque that Tim couldn't help but run his finger over.

'two hearts united as one' was the inscription and Tim felt himself well up again, he placed the picture to the left of the typewriter, carefully choosing a spot on the large desk where he would always be able to see it and stood wrapping his arms around his one true love.

'Thank you J, I love it and I love you'

Jethro held him for a minute whilst whispering sweet nothings in his ear before pulling Tim's head up and planting a chaste kiss on his lover's full bottom lip.

'How about that bath'

Tim nodded and rested his forehead against his lovers before being guided into the master bedroom.

Both men made their way into the master bedroom, their hands still entwined. They stopped in front of the large bed and kissed before Jethro pulled away and ran his finger down Tim's jawline.

'I'll get the bath started; you make yourself comfortable and meet me in there'

It didn't take long for Tim to strip down completely, carefully dropping his clothes into the hamper in the corner before making his way into the en suite bathroom that they had remodelled together a few months earlier. Most days they showered together, enjoying the feeling of being together first thing in the morning and at night after a hard day's work. Tim had finally talked his lover into remodelling after discovering how hard it was for both of them to bath in the tub that was already there. In its place sat a beautiful large cast iron bath which was supported by gold lion claw feet. It was large enough for both of them to enjoy more than a relaxing soak.

Jethro had already run the bath and was perching naked on the edge waiting for his lover to join him. The smell of the bath oil that Tim loved lingered in the air making the sight and the smells perfect.

'Mmm, Jethro. You spoil me'.

Tim had stopped at the door and was leaning on the jamb. His eyes roamed over every inch of his lover before settling on the handsome face.

'Come here lover'.

Jethro held out his hand and pulled Tim into a passionate embrace, he could feel his lover's erection momentarily stab him in the chest as the force of being pulled slammed Tim into him. Tim bent down and hungrily kissed his lover, humming deeply into his mouth as his tongue dipped inside and a warm hand encased his long hard shaft moving up and down in a slow rhythm.

He pulled away as he felt the familiar stirrings in the pit of his stomach and straightened up, gasping as he felt warm wet lips swallowing him down whole. He carded his hands through the soft silver hair as his lover sucked and licked whilst playing with his balls before moving a slick finger back to encircle his puckered hole.

Tim gasped as a finger pushed in past the tight ring of muscle and started its gentle caress. It wasn't long before another finger was pushed in and Tim cried out at the feeling of the gentle pressure against his prostate. The sounds and feelings soon became too much as Tim felt his balls start to contract.

'Shit, J, I'm gonna..............'

He came, exploding violently in his lovers mouth which swallowed everything down before licking his lover clean. Jethro held onto Tim as his legs threatened to buckle with the force of his orgasm and kissed the smooth slender stomach before him.

'You Ok?'

'Mmm, I think so........that was amazing'

Tim was completely sated at the moment but Jethro knew how high Tim's sex drive was and it wouldn't take long before his lover took interest again.

'How bout we get in before the water gets cold'.

Tim giggled as his lover plunged into the bath and settled back, motioning for his lover to join him. Tim stepped in and straddled his lover, his hard cock bobbing down to rest on Jethro's stomach. It always amazed Jethro how quickly Tim could recover and get it up again, he thought of it as a testament of their love.

'J, I want you in me'

A simple sentence that made the older man groan, his eye's now blown from pure arousal. Tim leaned forward and kissed his lover forcefully whilst using his hand to guide his lover to his entrance. The preparation during the mind blowing blow job had loosened Tim up enough to accept his lovers large erection as he sank down easily using the water as lubrication.


Tim leaned down and kissed Jethro gently before setting an easy rhythm, the water lapping against the bath with every thrust. He pulled back and started to caress his lovers chest, pinching and rubbing Jethro's nipples until they were completely erect and red with the abuse. He felt a hand wrap around his cock as the pace quickened, the controlled motions soon replaced by hard uncontrolled thrusting.

'Oh my god Tim, I'm gonna...........'

Tim felt himself coming his contracting muscles pulling Jethro completely over the edge with him, both lovers coming at same time with Jethro filling Tim with warm come and Tim coating Jethro's chest with the same.

Tim flopped forward, completely boneless. His head rested on his lover's chest as he tried to control his breathing. It took him a moment to come round and felt Jethro's flaccid cock still buried deep in his ass. He groaned when he pushed up, the tip of the cock brushing gently over his prostate sending aftershocks through his body.

Jethro had sat up slightly and watched as his lover pulled off and turned, settling himself between his lovers legs to rest his back against the firm chest behind him.

'I'm loving this bath more and more every day'

Tim chuckled as the two of them relaxed, their hands resting entwined on Tim's Chest, both in silent agreement that they belong to each other.

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