"Last Whispers"

KH Fanfic

((I originally called this 'Xion's Final Moment' as a temporary name, but I decided that that's not creative enough xP. So I called it 'Last Whispers" because it's the best thing I could come up with in...a few seconds...^^'

So anyway...it starts off at the end of 358/2 Days--Don't read further unless you've played the whole game--after Roxas battles Xion.

It's a tiny bit different, because in the game the ice comes up a little, then all at once when she dies. But in this it goes up gradually...so yeah...))

Roxas was strong. I knew that well, even before our fight began. I knew, deep inside, that he would win. I knew that I probably wouldn't see him again afterward.

So why did I even decide to start it? I could have gone to Sora by myself, without forcing my best friend to hurt me. I guess I didn't think about what he would be feeling afterward, or what I would be feeling.

Well, of course I didn't. Nobodies weren't supposed to feel. But still…after being with Roxas and Axel for all this time…how could I not think that we have emotions? What we shared…our friendship…it was as real as possible. Even if we were Nobodies.

"Who are you…again?" Roxas stumbled a bit, from falling so far. At least he was mostly okay. "I feel like I'm forgetting something really important."

I felt like crying, at those words. I knew that it wasn't his fault, but that didn't stop it from hurting. I loved him. Both Roxas and Axel. And I would be forgotten…

When I collapsed, Roxas caught me. His arms were so…comforting. It's a bit late to notice while dying, but it was still true. He asked me if he had done this to me.

I denied it. "I chose this," I told him, as I was beginning to disappear. My feet and legs were freezing in ice, and my strength left. I was dying. But why did it have to hurt, emotionally, so much?

I put a hand on his, the one that he had under my shoulders. "Roxas…I need you…to do me a favor," I managed to say. He was staring at me with those deep blue eyes, the same eyes that Sora had…but I couldn't help thinking that Roxas's eyes were prettier. They reminded me of the deep ocean, while Sora's only reminded me of the sky. The ocean was a much rarer sight.

"All those hearts I've captured," I continued. "Kingdom Hearts…set them free…" it grew harder and harder to form words as my body continued to disintegrate. The ice traveled farther up my legs, covering my knees, thighs…slowly, but at the same time, quickly.

"Kingdom Hearts…free them?" Roxas asked. It was a lot to ask, I knew that. But it had to be done by someone, and…Roxas was probably the only one capable of doing so. I trusted him.

"It is too late…for me to undo my mistakes…" I managed to reply. It was then painful to even let a single word out…every word had to be forced out, burning my throat…still, it was worth it. For Roxas. "But you can't…let Xemnas have Kingdom Hearts…you can't." I probably didn't sound very convincing, since I was fading away, after all…but I had to try. "Goodbye, Roxas…" The ice advanced some more. "I'm glad to have met you…oh…and Axel, too…you're both my best friends…"

I raised the hand that had been on his up before it could be encased in the ice that was now past my waist, and caressed Roxas's face. I wasn't sure why I did. It just…felt right. Comforting. I knew I was about to cry…I would miss him so much…

"Never forget…that's the truth." It took a great deal of effort to even murmur these words. The ice was starting to cover my chest, and I could barely breathe. I wanted so badly to cry…but wouldn't it make Roxas feel worse? I knew it couldn't make the situation any better.

His face was starting to blur in my eyes. My vision wasn't working right, any more. I tried to memorize what I could. Even if it were only for a few more seconds, his face was what I would last see…

I faintly noticed that my arm dropped, but Roxas caught it.

"No!" The pain in his voice only made me want to cry more, but I was too far gone for that to be possible. In the last second, I saw recognition in his face, his eyes, before it became too blurry to make out any details. He had remembered me.

Wasn't that enough?


((next part might be a slight spoiler for "Remembering XIV"))

When I woke up, I was surrounded by white.

'I'm in Sora's mind,' I realized. I don't know how I did, but it just…came to me. Sora was still asleep.

'Roxas…' I remembered what had last happened. 'What is he doing, now? I wish I could see him…'

I would have cried, if I were capable of doing so. But I didn't have a body anymore.

Did I have anything?


((I might write my other fanfic, "Remembering XIV," from Xion's point of view. So here's the first day, kinda as a test run.

Feedback/reviews are appreciated! ^_^))

DAY 359 ~ Seasalt Icecream
Sora's mind was pretty boring when it was white. Sometimes memories would play--me seeing them through his eyes--and I guessed that they were part of his dreams.

Sometimes he dreamed of talking to some of his friends from the island. But when it was plain white, there was absolutely nothing to do.

I guess I shouldn't complain. I was supposed to be dead, anyway.

So I passed the time by re-living my own memories. I started with the earliest one that was most important to me--the day Roxas invited me up to the clock tower for the first time.

He handed me a blue icecream that was on a stick and asked me to try it. I did. It was salty, but also sweet…unlike anything I'd tasted…though that didn't say much since

I didn't even have memories from the past. I told Roxas what I thought of the ice cream, and he smiled.

I remember thinking that his smile was even sweeter than the icecream, until I told myself to get real. I was a Nobody.

Roxas told me about his friend Axel. I had faintly remembered seeing him before, but I guess I hadn't payed much attention to anyone until I met Roxas. He kind of…broke whatever kind of trance I'd been in for the first week or two.

I asked if I could be friends with Roxas and Axel, of course not knowing what I was getting myself into. I didn't regret it, but if I'd known the future would I have made the same choice? Would I still have even spoken a single word to Roxas?

He said that he could ask Axel. He wasn't sure about this stuff, himself. But he said we could all thee eat icecream up on the clock tower together, once Axel got back from his mission.
I agreed. After that, we didn't talk about much…just watched the sunset and ate our icecreams.

That was barely the beginning of what was to come.


The memory had to end once Sora started dreaming again. I guess I couldn't visualize things as easily when he was dreaming. Maybe I was supposed to watch the dream.

I did, anyway. He dreamt of the old Riku…I guess Sora hadn't seen Riku at all recently. Or maybe he had asleep the whole time, after Riku changed…

Then the dream focused more on Kairi. The day that they'd been split apart, once again, at the island. Sora promising Kairi that he would come back.

I hadn't seen Kairi at Destiny Islands. Though she was more likely to be on the main island, and I hadn't gone there. But Riku…what had he been doing at the islands, the one time I saw him there? Had he been checking on Kairi?

I would probably never know.

Thinking of the beach there reminded me of the promise that Axel, Roxas and I had made…that we would visit the islands on our next vacation day. I wondered if the organization has had one, yet.


Sora's dream had faded, giving me time to think about the past again. I recalled the day that we had our vacation.

I had just used the training room in the Organization's castle, fighting against Dusks and such. Afterward, I rested in my room for a bit. Just relaxing.

I went up to the Twilight Town clock tower to meet up with Roxas and Axel. They were there already, as expected.

Roxas asked if I had ended up going anywhere. I hadn't, so I asked if they'd gone somewhere without me.

"Axel went somewhere. He went to sleep," Roxas teased. We joked about him for a bit--in a friendly way.

I wished I could go back to those days.

((This is somewhat incomplete, sorry....))