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I've got this kick ass story arc thing going on in my head and MAN are those gears rotatin'. I can't get 'em to stop IT'S THAT AWESOME

...well...I think it's awesome anyway. But I'm sure you guys'll like it when I finally get the motor in my head and hands to work properly so I can write it. Until then, here's a story I salvaged from my LJ. c:


"G-gil! Harder!" Matthew yelled as he leaned forward, his hands fisting the fabric on the couch.

"I-I'm tryin', Mattie!" Gilbert grunted as he gritted his teeth. He shifted forward slightly as well, biting his lower lip in concentration as he continued pumping his arm.

Matthew let out a rather frustrated groan, muscles tensing and lips drawn into a thin line. "G-gil!"

"Be quiet! I'm concentratin'!"

"Y-you're not going fast enough!"

"I would if you would just-"


Yes No

Both Gilbert and Matthew simultaneously let out loud groans of disappointment.

Not again…

Gilbert tossed the wii remote on the table. "This game sucks…" He murmured, rubbing at his sore arms.

Matthew sighed heavily, relaxing in his seat next to the albino. "You're only saying that because you keep losing." He pouted slightly, folding his arms across his chest as he leveled a rather childish glare at his counterpart.

Gilbert snorted. "Not like you could do any better!" He barked out in a laugh. Matthew flushed slightly and looked down.

"I'll have you know I'm actually decent at this game. I got us to this level, didn't I?"

"But you failed just as hard as I did!"

"I did not!"

"You did too, Maple Boy!"

Matthew opened his mouth to give a retort but soon found himself silenced by the look on Gilbert's face. He wasn't frowning. He wasn't glaring. Rather…He was grinning from ear to ear.

Something about that grin looked familiar…

"Gil…" Matthew mumbled as he slowly edged away from the albino. Gilbert had that gleam in his eye. That god damn gleam that meant he was planning something and Matthew, for the life of him, could never figure out what.

However he did know that said plan always involved something along the lines of a kiss or seizing of ...er…regions of sorts.

"Hey, Mattie…?" Gilbert was leaning over towards the Canadian, giving him a wicked grin.

"Y-yes, Gil?" Matthew suddenly found himself pressed against the armrest. Damn...There went escape...

"I've an idea of a different game we could play." The Prussian shifted so he was hovering over the smaller man, his lips merely inches from the other.

"G-game!?" Matthew squeaked, cheeks flushing a deep scarlet.

"Oh yes," Gilbert said –rather huskily, Matthew noticed– as he inched forward, slowly closing the gap. "I think you'll like this one a lot better than that Nintendo shit."

And with that, Gilbert swiftly closed the distance between the two.