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~*~Chapter One: Goodbye Breakfast, Hello babies!~*~

Chibiusa was about half way between the living room and her bedroom in the attic when the nausea hit her. She held her hand to her mouth and turned to make a b-line for the bathroom, but it was no use. She stumbled to her knees as she lost all the contents of her breakfast. She coughed and whimpered as she stood back up, still feeling sick.

She was feeling pretty off when she woke up that morning, but she had been able to keep control of her stomach up until this point. She groaned and tried not to breathe through her nose. The smell would only make her get sick again. She was about to hurry off to find something to clean her mess up with when Mama Ikuko rounded the corner with a bunch of towels and a tall glass of water. "Chibiusa-chan," she cooed, thrusting the glass into the girls trembling fingers. "You better stay home from school today," she said as she bent over to clean up the mess.

"Mama Ikuko," Chibiusa sighed as she tried to grab the towels from the older woman. "You shouldn't have to clean up after me…" But as soon as Chibiusa bent over to try and clean she turned and lost, what she supposed, was the water she had just tried to drink. "Oh no, I'm so sorry…"

"Hush," Ikuko insisted.

The sound of Usagi's yawns filled the small house as she came walking down the hall, hair wrapped up in a towel fresh from her shower. "OH yuck, did someone get sick?" Usagi stammered as she pinched her nose and noticed Chibiusa. "Oh man, I don't want to get sick too…" and the blonde tried to turn to walk away. Ikuko proceeded to thrust the empty glass from before at her young daughter.

"Usagi-chan, please go fill this glass up with some water for Chibiusa."

"OK," sighed Usagi. "But I'm going to be late for my first day of college if I linger around too much longer."

"Then I suggest you hurry with that water," Ikuko frowned. "Honestly, it's not like you being late for something is anything new."

The young woman scrunched her face up into a dramatic pout, "Mama, you can be so hurtful!" A moment later Usagi returned with the glass of water. She handed it to Chibiusa who had just finished changing into a clean night gown. Usagi marveled at Chibiusa. The pink haired teen might have been a spoiled brownnoser, but she really was pretty, even when she looked tired and sick. Usagi vaguely wondered if she had been that pretty when she was 16.

Chibiusa thanked Usagi and waved goodbye as she watched the bubbly young woman run out the front door, book bag in tote. "If Usagi can make it in college," Chibiusa laughed despite her nausea. "Then a little sickness is nothing for me…"

Ikuko laughed and sheepishly placed her hands to cover her mouth as she giggled, "If that isn't the truth!" She sighed and gestured to the staircase. "Go get some rest, Chibiusa-chan. I'll call the high school and let them know you will be staying home today. Is there anything you'd like?"

Chibiusa smiled weakly, "You're so kind, Mama Ikuko." She thought for a moment. "Maybe some soup?"

"Sure thing, kid-oh." The purple haired woman smiled as she walked off to the kitchen. Chibiusa turned around and made her way back up to the attic.

She was just about to crawl back into her bed when she noticed the sudden sparkling coming from the long mirror that stood against the wall. She walked over to the mirror and placed her fingers gently against the glass, "Helios…" she whispered her lover's name airily.

Helios appeared in the mirror, pressing his hands to hers. His priestly robes brushed gently against the floor as he stepped through the mirror and into the room. He held Chibiusa gently by the hand and looked at her with concern. "You're not feeling well again?" he asked her as he gently caressed her cheek.

"Sshhh," she whispered to him. "Mama Ikuko will be very suspicious if she he hears a man's voice coming from my room again. Last time we nearly got caught…" the pink haired girl blushed. She walked across her room and locked the door. Then, she proceeded to turn on the little radio on her nightstand, turning the volume up loud enough to drown out there whispers. She felt another wave of nausea then and decided to sit down before it could get the better of her. Helios walked to the bed and sat down beside her. He gently pressed his lips to her forehead.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Chibiusa whispered as she inched away from him. "You might get sick."

"Serenity," he cooed. "You've been complaining about feeling ill for over a week. If I haven't gotten it yet than I'm pretty sure that it's not contagious." He gently stroked his fingers through her hair.

"Yeah, but I actually threw up earlier," she grimaced. "Maybe whatever I have didn't really kick in until today." She inched away from him again. "I really don't want you to get sick, Helios."

"Ok," he shrugged as he stood up and gave Chibiusa the space she had requested. They heard the sound of footsteps clicking up the stairs. Chibiusa gave Helios a panicked look and he quickly stepped back into the mirror. Chibiusa unlocked the door and jumped into her bed, quickly pulling up the newspaper and hid behind it. The door clicked open and Ikuko walked in with a tray. She sat the tray down on Chibiusa's nightstand. "I hope leak soup is ok," she said. "It's very good for you."

"It's perfect. Thank you, Mama Ikuko." Chibiusa peaked out from behind her newspaper and smiled.

"Get some rest," Ikuko smiled back. "I'll be downstairs if you need anything." She was just about to leave the room when she turned around and reached for the radio, but before touching it she looked at Chibiusa and asked, "Is this too loud? I mean I know you teenagers like loud music, but when you are sick?"

"Oh, it's ok," Chibiusa hoped the nervousness in her voice wasn't too obvious. "It helps to distract me, but thank you for your concern."

"OK," Ikuko shrugged, deciding that she would never understand teenagers. She left the room and closed the door gently behind her.

Chibiusa jumped out of the bed, and nearly got sick again. That was when Helios stepped back through the mirror and insisted that the young princess lay back down. He proceeded to lock the door for her before sitting down at the foot of her bed. He was looking at Chibiusa with a very tender expression that seemed to be filled with worry. There was an awkward moment of silence before he finally spoke, "Remind me again why we have to keep our meetings a secret?" He sighed deeply. "I really hate having to hide things from your loved ones, especially from the prince and princess. It's not right, Chibiusa-chan."

Chibiusa lamented. He just didn't get it. "Helios, it's not such a big deal in this time, but in the future…" she huffed. "My papa would not approve at all. Even Mama would end up taking his side in the end." She looked at Helios with a serious expression, "It all comes down to politics. There are many countries, military officers, and even ambassadors from other planets who have put forth requests to court me."

Helios was about to open his mouth to say something, but Chibiusa just kept on talking.

"And if we were engaged I suppose it would be possible to come up with a diplomatic solution… But something just tells me that it would cause a lot of upheaval amongst the people to acknowledge a cleric as future king, especially one that can't be there in the Crystal Palace most of the time…" Helios looked incredibly hurt. Chibiusa had launched into her tirade so quickly and become so caught up with her frustrations that she hadn't even considered better wording. "Oh Helios…" she sighed, and she climbed across the bed to wrap her arms around him. "You know that I don't feel that way. I think you are perfect. I love everything about you. You are my cleric with a pure heart and beautiful dream and I don't want to love anyone else in the world. But… politicians and aristocrats, they tend not to see things that way. I promise I'm going to fight for us, really… But I'd rather just cross that bridge when we get to it. For now it's just easier on everyone if our feelings are something secret, just between us…"

Helios sighed and wrapped his arms gently around his maiden. "Anything for you, Maiden." He turned her face to kiss her and she leaned in and accepted his touch with equal yearning. He pulled away and sighed, "I only wish I could be the man that you need me to be."

Chibiusa was about to object to such silly talk when she felt the sudden need to use the bathroom again, even though she'd just been down there. She blushed and quickly excused herself.

A moment later she returned only to find Helios standing beside the mirror. "I have to go now, Maiden…" His voice sounded sad.

"I understand," she sighed as she gave the priest one last embrace. "Say hello to the maenads for me," she formed a weak smile. "I'll miss you."

"Don't worry, I'll come to see you again soon and I'll be watching your dreams," he whispered affectionately as he kissed Chibiusa goodbye. He stepped into the mirror and vanished…


Helios was nearly bombarded as both Eos and Aurora came running at him. He braced himself for impact as both women grabbed him by the arms and started to drag him back in the direction of the sanctuary. "Oh Helios! What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into!" huffed the maenad on his right.

"Trouble?" he raised an eyebrow. Both of the maenads were aware of his relationship with Chibiusa. Informing them had been a necessity as he needed for them to know where he was during his brief escapes from his duties in order to visit the princess. So, what trouble could the two women be talking about?

"Don't play dumb with us!" the other maenad said defensively.

"Honestly, though," Helios stammered as he pulled out of the maenads' grip. "I really have no idea what you are talking about. Did something happen at the shrine while I was away?"

Eos stopped and turned to stare at him. After a moment she sighed and turned to her twin sister, "Aurora, I think he's telling the truth. He really doesn't know…"

Aurora blushed and shifted awkwardly, "Ummm, well if that's the case it really isn't our place to tell him."

"Tell me what?!" Helios was feeling a little exasperated now. "Can we continue this discussion at the shrine? I need to do my afternoon mediation…." He began walking back towards the sanctuary as he said this.

Eos and Aurora followed. Eos whispered quickly to her sister, "I would agree with you, except we've already made a scene. Helios isn't going to just let it go now…"

Aurora pouted, "I suppose you're right."

They had made it to the inner sanctum and Helios had begun to light the candles on the altar. "So what kind of trouble am I supposedly in?" Helios said calmly, though secretly he was feeling very anxious about what the women might say to him.

"To be honest, I'm rather shocked you don't know already…" Eos said softly. "Haven't you been monitoring Chibiusa's dreams?"

A rock formed in Helios stomach as Eos mentioned Chibiusa. He hoped she wasn't in any danger… "Yes, I monitor them…"

"But you haven't looked closely at the content have you?" Aurora questioned the priest.

Helios considered her words for a moment and realized something, "Not all the time," he admitted. "Quite a bit lately I've actually been..erm… with Chibiusa as she slept. I kept close monitor to make sure her dreams were safe, as always, but I didn't actually see them because I wasn't here in the sanctum." He looked up at the maenads with anxiety, "Is she in some kind of danger?"

Both women laughed, "We should certainly hope not!"

"Then what's the matter with her dreams?" Helios frowned.

"Here," began Aurora as she grabbed a pitcher of water from beside the fountain by the alter. She poured the water gently in w/ the rest of the fountain's flow. She whispered a few words in the ancient tongue of Elysian and pictures began to form in the water. "Look for yourself…"

Helios gazed at the pictures that formed in the water. Chibiusa dreams were extremely chaotic and very unusual. There were a lot of dreams that played out and most of them were very short. But all the dreams had one thing in common… babies. A baby that could talk, baby kittens in a bassinette. Chibiusa being turned into a baby herself. Babies babies babies… Helios wasn't a fool. He wasn't the high priest of Elysian and guardian of dreams for nothing. He knew full well that these were a tell tale sign of pregnancy, "Oh maiden…" he sighed as whispered under his breath. "What trouble indeed…"

~*~ End Ch One~*~

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