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25. Serpentine

In my dreams of love, I am a serpent!
gliding and undulating like a current,
my eyes, two pills of sleeplessness
and hypnosis;the tip of a spell
my tongue...I draw you in like a wail!
I am a capsule abyss.

Harry would be lying if he said that he did not feel a sick sense of pleasure at Dumbledore's current state of confusion. The Headmaster was insisting that Harry stay with the Weasleys this summer, but he could not give Harry a good reason as to why. The man seemed to not know, himself, why he wanted Harry at the Burrow, nor could he seem to recall where Harry would be staying if he wasn't with the Weasleys. He knew Harry did not live with his relatives, but he had no idea where Harry did live.

Harry barely managed to keep a very Slytherin-esque grin off his face. He'd deliberately decided to leave Dumbledore out of the secret for this very reason. Dumbledore couldn't insist on Harry not going to the place he called home if he didn't know where that place was.

"Harry, I really do think it would be in your best interest to stay with the Weasleys this summer," Dumbledore pressed again. "I insist on it."

"With all due respect, Headmaster, I see no reason why I cannot stay with my current guardians, nor have you offered me a good reason why you insist so."

"But Harry, my boy, with Voldemort being back I'd feel much better knowing that you were somewhere safe."

A dark look flashed across Harry's eyes. "I am not your boy, so please refrain from calling me that. And I do not appreciate you implying that my home is not safe. If you could not find me there all those years, that is if you bothered to actually look for me, then I do not think Voldemort will be able to find me either. Now, unless you can give me a viable reason I should leave my place of residence, I think this meeting is over."

Dumbledore sighed. "Just one more question, and then you may leave."

Harry waited, impatiently, to hear what the man would ask.

"Have you heard from your godfather lately? I've been unable to reach him."

Harry pursed his lips, but spoke not a word.

Dumbledore sighed again. "If you, by chance, do hear from Sirius, could you inform him that the Old Crowd is gathering again and I would very much like for him to be present."

Harry gave no sign of affirmation, he turned quickly on his heel and departed the office.

"Harry!" Draco had been waiting for him outside of Dumbledore's office. Harry smiled at him, then set course for the Gryffindor dorms; it was the last day of term and Dumbledore had demanded they meet before Harry had had chance to make sure he'd gathered all of his things. Draco fell in step beside him."What did that coot want with you? You were in there forever. I do not like that man."

A small smile twitched at the corners of Harry's lips. Sometimes, it didn't take any effort at all to reconcile this Draco with the six year old boy who'd boldly declared his dislike of girls and Harry at the breakfast table the first day they'd met. It was almost as if Draco hadn't matured at all. He was still spoiled rotten, impatient, short tempered, and selfish, but somewhere along the line he'd become trustworthy, caring, gentle, and lovable.

They reached the portrait of the Fat Lady and Draco followed Harry into the Gryffindor common room without even hesitating and no one gave him a second look. The common room was populated by haggard students rushing about in search of lost things and saying weepy goodbyes to each other.

"Come here, Harry," Draco said, grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him towards one of the sofas. Draco wrapped an arm around Harry's waist and pulled the smaller boy flush against his body. "We both know you've had all your things packed for the last two days," Draco stated, cradling Harry close to him and caressing his cheek. Harry looked at his playmate questioningly, but was then distracted by the blond's lips meeting his.

Draco's lips were soft against his, but were also very persistent. They moved against Harry's hungrily, plying the smaller boy's lips apart and slipping his tongue passed and sweeping it across every surface of the warm, moist cavern. One of Draco's hands cradled the side of Harry's neck while he continued plundering his mouth. His other hand rested against the small of Harry's back, holding him gently yet firmly so that Harry couldn't pull away if he wanted to.

Harry moaned and parted his lips farther, meeting Draco's attack head on. Draco was a very talented kisser and his actions tended to leave Harry brainless for more than a few seconds. The hand Draco had on his waist drifted down and cupped Harry's bum, pulling Harry impossibly closer to him. Harry groaned loudly when Draco rocked his own hips forward and rubbed his hard cock against the matching hardness growing in Harry's pants.

Draco broke off the kiss and grinned wickedly, and it took Harry a few seconds longer than it would have had his brain been at normal functioning levels to realize that wicked grin could not be good. By the time Harry's brain caught up, Draco had already delved his hands inside of Harry's robes and began unfastening his trousers.

"Draco," Harry mumbled, flushed and embarrassed. Before he could say anything else, Draco's hand slipped inside his pants and wrapped around his cock, causing Harry to moan loudly, his eyes to roll into the back of his head, and his knees to wobble and go weak. Draco caught Harry's moan with another kiss and guided the smaller boy so that he was half sitting, half lying on the sofa behind him. Draco half draped himself over Harry as he continued to slowly stroke his cock.

Harry whimpered, unable to stop himself from arching into Draco's touch. For some reason, he thought that they shouldn't be doing this, but for the life of him he couldn't figure out why. Surely there was nothing wrong with doing something that felt so good. "Oh Merlin, Draco!" Harry gasped, his head thrown back as he panted his pleasure, his hands weakly gripping at the couch beneath him. Draco was nipping and sucking his neck in that spot that made it feel like an electric current was shooting through Harry's body, and his hand was stroking long and slow over Harry's prick, teasing the tip with his thumb and coaxing more and more pearly drops of precum from the weeping length.

Harry stared up at the ceiling, trying to gain his bearings but unable to think straight with all the pleasure running through his body. He knew that they shouldn't be doing this. Not here, at least. Not now. But why? And then he remember they were in the middle of the Gryffindor Common Room.

"Draco, stop," Harry groaned, his face flushing even more. "Someone will see us."

Draco removed his lips from Harry's neck, but continued the wicked actions below Harry's waist. "That's the thing, Harry, I don't think anyone will see." He leaned in so that his lips were tracing the shell of Harry's ear as he continued speaking. "You're so clever, my boy," he said. "You're so beautiful, and cunning, and clever, and mine." His hand continued rubbing, and pulling, and stroking Harry's cock, his pace picking up just a little bit. "What did you do, my boy? Tell me what you did. Tell me what plan you concocted in that amazing and sexy brain of yours."

Harry's body was trembling. His breath was coming out in short pants. His brain was moving slow as molasses. And he was so close! "Fid...Fidelis." He managed to gasp out once his brain finally provided him with the word.

"You're brilliant, Harry," Draco mumbled, kissing the side of Harry's neck. "My brilliant boy." He gave Harry's prick another sharp tug, and with a loud cry, Harry went spiraling over the edge.

My body is a ribbon of excess,
gliding and undulating like a caress...

Harry felt boneless and sluggish as he lay panting against the couch. He didn't know how long he lay like that, with Draco still draped over him, it could have been five seconds or five minutes, all he knew was that his whole body was still buzzing and his head was swimming.

Draco kissed the side of Harry's neck again, before sitting up and taking out his wand. Harry felt a Cleaning Charm being cast over him. "Come," Draco said, carefully tucking Harry back into his pants. "We have to hurry or we'll miss the train."

Harry allowed Draco to pull him to his feet. His brain had finally caught up with what had just happened and he couldn't help but blush. Even though no one would be able to acknowledge the information that Harry and Draco were together thanks to the Fidelis, they were still able to see what had taken place, and if for some reason the Fidelis was to fail (or be removed like he planned on doing in the future once it was safe) they would be able to remember and understand what they had seen. Knowing that people would one day recall seeing him being...devoured by Draco was...Harry wasn't sure if he'd be able to stop blushing sometime this century. But the situation reminded that there was something to discuss with Draco.

"Draco," he said softly as they made their way down to the entrance hall, "we need to talk."

"Harry, choose your words more carefully. 'We need to talk' is a breakup line, and as I already know exactly what you're about to say to me, a breakup line is slightly inappropriate."

Harry looked at Draco curiously and Draco returned the look with a smile.

"You're my boy, Harry, I know how that brain of yours works. You're about to tell me that you think that we should pause our relationship during summer vacation, or at least the physical aspects of it because you feel dishonest doing things like that while we're living with my parents. You also feel like you're abusing their trust, but at the same time you're not ready to tell them the nature of our relationship because of that very reason. You're going to adamantly refuse to engage in any sexual acts with me in your childhood bed no matter how much I wish you'll change your mind about that. Am I close?"

Harry blushed but nodded.

"I understand your feelings Harry, and I'm going to respect your wishes. I would never pressure into something you don't want." He placed a quick kiss on Harry's check. "Why do you think I made sure to get enough of you to last the summer back in the common room."

Harry's blush deepened. Draco laughed.

By this time they'd gotten on the last carriage and were on their way down to the train. "So, tell me about this Fidelis of yours. The Fidelis charm is supposed to conceal a location."

"Actually, the Fidelis Charm is supposed to conceal a secret. No one has ever put forth the effort to make it conceal all types of secrets, they were content with just the concealing of a location."

"But you made it conceal all types of secrets?"

"I may have modified it a bit."

"To the point that to crafted a completely new spell based off the Fidelis?"

"I wouldn't say it's a completely new. The principle is the same: concealing information within one person and only allowing people that person tells to even be able to think of the information. The incantation is only one word different and the wand movement differs by a flourish."

"Harry, a modified spell changes either the incantation or the wand movement. Changing both makes it a new spell. You may have based it around the Fidelis, but if you were to take it to the Ministry to registering, you'd have to register it as a new spell instead of a sub-spell of the Fidelis."

Harry squirmed in his seat and blushed a bit more. He had, of course, known everything that Draco was saying, but he hadn't actually thought it was that much of a big deal. But the awe and excitement Draco was showing made him think maybe it was a big deal.

"You're brilliant, Harry," Draco stated as they got off the carriage and boarded the train. "So tell me about our secret in particular. What exactly is being concealed? Who's the secret keeper? Not a Gryffindor, I hope. Who's in on the secret?"

"Draco, Harry!" Blaise called out from farther down the train. The two of them headed over to him and were surprised to see he'd managed to commandeer a compartment to himself. "What kept you two so long?" Blaise asked once they were all seated. "Weren't getting up to any hanky-panky were you?"

Harry's blush told the truth.

Blaise laughed loudly. Deep, full body chortles filled the compartment. "Tsk tsk, Draco, taking advantage of little Harry here. What would your mother think?"

Draco set Blaise with a hard look and a raised eyebrow. "I have it on good authority that you and Finnegan got caught by some Slytherin seventh year prefects in an upstairs corridor doing a lot more hanky-panky than me and Harry just did."

Blaise grinned, unashamed. "Have you ever notice how amazing Seamus' mouth is? That Irish brogue of his is one thing, but what that boy can do with is tongue is simply sublime."

Harry hid his face in his hands and shook his head in disbelief. Did either of these two have any modesty?

"You're a dog, Zabini," Draco stated. "Especially considering the fact that I personally caught you and Dean Thomas getting up to some hanky-panky just yesterday."

Blaise just grinned again. He'd told Harry quite clearly that the way he intended to get Seamus was to win over both him and Dean. Because Seamus was never going to leave Dean, and Blaise had nothing against threesomes.

Draco rolled his eyes and wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulder, pulling him closer to him. "Tell me about your Fidelis."

Happy for the subject change, Harry started talking quickly. "The secret is worded to conceal the fact that Lucius Malfoy took in a boy named Harry Potter, though the knowledge that he has a ward isn't completely hidden. It conceals that Harry Potter calls Malfoy Manor home, though it doesn't hide the fact that I don't live with my relatives. It also hides that I have any relationship deeper than passive acknowledgment of each other's presence with anyone in the Malfoy family. The exact wording makes it so that the information that I've ever been to Malfoy Manor is hidden, in through that hides any action that happened as a direct result of that, including any friendships I may had built while living there."

"So basically, you've erased your history between the time you were six years old to the time you arrived at Hogwarts with one spell."


"Who's in on the secret?"

"The two of you, the Malfoys, Severus, Blaise's mum, Charlie, and the secret keeper."

"Who's the secret keeper?"

Harry smiled. "Not a Gryffindor," he stated. Draco looked at him, before nodding in acceptance that Harry wouldn't say more.

Conversation for the rest of the ride drifted to other topics.

In my dreams of hatred, I am a serpent!
My tongue, a venomous vent;
my head lit by a diabolic crown,
the visage of death—fatal fade-away
through pupils; and my body, in gems drowned,
the sheath of a flashing ray!

The train rolled into King's Cross Station and Harry, Draco, and Blaise took their time departing. There was always such a push to get off the train as soon as it arrived that it really was better to wait unless you wanted to be trampled. It was also easier to find their parents once the press of people on the platform had cleared up a bit.

Once they'd finally got off the train and retrieved their luggage, it was easy to find Narcissa and Blaise's mother chatting with each other away from the rest of the people on the platform.

"Hello boys," Camilla greeted them.

"Hello mother," Blaise said.

"Hi, Mrs. Zabini," Harry and Draco said in unison.

"From what I hear, you boys had quite the eventful school year. You in particular, Harry."

"Nothing too different from Harry's usual escapades," Draco said indifferently. "Hello, Mother," he greeted Narcissa.

"Hello, Dragon, hello Har-Bear."

"Where's father?" Draco asked. The Malfoys always put forth the effort to present a unified front and a wholesome family image in public, so when it came to things like taking Draco and Harry too and from King's Cross the both of them was always present.

"He had some last minute business to attend to," Narcissa said, waving her hand in a way that implied 'it's nothing'.

Harry frowned.

"So, Blaise," Narcissa turned to the half-Italian with a smile, "We'll be staying in Bordeaux this summer at an estate I inherited from my mother. I already gave your mother the Floo address. We're expecting you to visit often."

"Why are we staying in France?" Draco asked.

"I just thought it would be a nice change in scenery, is all," Narcissa said. Her tone was one that deterred the asking of further questions, but Harry had one to ask.

"This is because of Voldemort, isn't it?" He asked. "Lucius has chosen his side."

Narcissa frowned, but she never lied or stepped around it when Harry asked her a direct question. "Lucius has not chosen his side, but I have and I made it quite clear to him what side that was. I thought it would be better if we stay away from him until he does reach a decision."

For all the forethought he'd put into it, Harry had never thought about how Voldemort's return and Harry's own presence in their home would effect the Malfoy family. He'd known that Lucius would need time make up his mind on the situation, but for some reason in had never occurred to him that he might end up dividing the family.

"Maybe I should stay with the Weasleys," Harry said. "I don't want to come between your family."

The look Narcissa gave Harry was hard as diamonds and cold as ice. "Harry James Potter, do not think for a single second that you are anything other than a part of this family. Until the time that you decide of your own freewill and not in come misguided idea of sacrifice to leave, you are a part of this family. And even after you decide you don't want us anymore, you will still be my son. Do I make myself clear?"

Harry closed his eyes for a second long than a standard blink, before nodding slowly. "Yes ma'am."

"Good, now gather your things. I have an International Portkey that will take us to La Ruelle in Paris so we can do a little shopping and have some dinner and we can Floo from the restaurant to the Bordeaux Estate. Lucius may join us there later in the summer." Her smile returned to her face full-force as she turned to the Zabinis. "It was lovely talking to you, Camilla, we simply must do so more often. I look forward to your visit this summer, Blaise. Come on, boys, we must hurry if we want to get some shopping done before our dinner reservation. Not to mention that dog of yours is dying to see you, Harry."

Harry couldn't help but smile as he followed Narcissa from the platform with Draco at his side.

If so I dream my flesh, so is my mind, you see:
a long, long body, serpentine,
vibrating eternal—voluptously!

Delmira Augustini (Translated by Natalia Sucre)