Please Read: This takes place a few years after Renji and Isshin get married. Ichigo is no longer in diapers and everything is hunky dory.


A Few Years Later...

Donny sat awkwardly at the unfamiliar kitchen table. He'd never been to the kids house before but he had seemed cool. Now that he was sitting here though, it felt very awkward, and very much like he didn't belong. His eyes traced the kitchen walls, and as far around as they could before scanning back again. It's got a very nice vibe to it. He decided.

As he waited his leg began jiggling and his thumbs started to twiddle. Being impatient, as he was, he found it very difficult to wait for the orange haired kid who had brought him home. About ten minutes into waiting another person appeared in the room. He had long, slightly wavy, red hair. Tattoo's zigged and zagged their way down his partially exposed torso. There appeared to be a permanent scowl on his face though he also faint laugh lines along the corner of his eyes. Donny was clueless as to who this person was but kept his mouth shut. The man didn't appear to notice him either and went about his business.

A minute or so later his friend finally came out, dressed in a loose fitting white t-shirt and a pair of tight blue jeans. "Yo Donny. Sorry to keep you waiting."

"Ichigo," he started in his somewhat broken Japanese, "I was waiting for you. Are you ready to study?"

The orange-haired college student plopped down in the chair adjacent to Donny's and leaned back. "Not quite yet. We have to wait for Ishida to get here. He'll be here soon."

Nodding Donny looked around the room again, hoping to make some sort of small-talk. Finally he noticed that the redhead was still in the room, making himself busy at the sink. "Ichigo." He paused. "Who is this man? He doesn't look like family...?" The question was seen easily in his eyes.

"Oh. Him? He's my step-dad, Renji." Ichigo replied, his eyes wide as if he'd just noticed the guy.

"I thought you lived with your dad and that your mum passed when you were little?" The blond felt even more confused now. Perhaps he needed to brush up on his Japanese again.

Ichigo chuckled a little. "He's my dad's husband. They got married a few years back." When the puzzled look came over his Australian friend's face he was a little taken-aback. It had been a long time since someone had seemed so confused that his dad and Renji were married. "What's with that look? Have you never seen a gay couple before?" He asked, still smiling though it was a bit more forced now. If his friend turned out to be homophobic he wasn't sure how he was going to deal with it.

"Never a married one." He admitted after finding his voice again. "So your dad, your first dad I mean, is a homosexual?" It was a first, for Donny, to hear about an honest-to-goodness gay married couple. "And how much of an age difference is there? I thought your father was in his mid to late forties."

Depends on which years you're talking about. Ichigo thought. Truthfully he wasn't sure how many years apart they'd be. His dad had been alive for a few hundred years before Renji had come around. Renji was around a hundred and fifty years old according to his life in soul society but his age according to humans was only in his mid-twenties. (Maybe twenty-five.) Quickly he came up with a lie. There was no way he was going to tell the boy that his father was twice his step-dad's age. "They're roughly eight years apart. Renji has just aged better than my dad."

"That's a fairly large gap?"

Ichigo shrugged. "Love has no boundaries I guess... So are you anti-gay or something? What's with all the questions?"

"I didn't mean to offend you. I have nothing against free-love. It's just odd for me to hear about it so openly. Many people are very ashamed of themselves when they are like your parents. But, Ichigo, you never did answer my original question-"

"Technically he's not gay. And he's not really bisexual either. Renji was kind of exception for him. He forced himself on my dad during a really rough part of my life in hopes that it would help him better understand me. It just so happened it turned into love. Renji isn't gay either... At least not that I know of-"

"Don't get snarky you little brat." Renji said suddenly as he turned off the faucet. "You know damn well I'm not gay and you also know damn well why what happened between your father and me happened. Don't go twisting the facts to fit your own personal amusement." He turned to glare at his step-son.

"Shut-up Renji. Go get cozy with my father or something and stop eve's dropping."

Donny watched in silent amazement at their interactions. It felt much different than many of the traditional families he had met over the last year or so. They were completely at ease with each other and joked around freely. Although their words were harsh there was absolutely zero malice. "You have a very odd family, Ichigo, but I think I like it."

"That wouldn't be the first time I heard that. Well, at least the part about my family being weird, but it's definitely a first to hear someone tell me that they like that my family is this way." Just as he finished speaking Ishida came into the room clad in a white t-shirt with a blue cross-shape slightly off kilter, and a pair of skinny-jeans that were so tight they literally clung to every last one of his feminine curves. "Oh Ishida. Took you long enough. I had enough time to explain my dad's relationship you took so long."

Frowning Ishida strode over to the table, pushed his glasses up, crossed his arms over his chest and replied, "Well excuse me. This was very short notice. I can't just appear on your whims. I have other duties you know."

"I know. I'm just teasing so chill. Oh yeah, Donny, this is Ishida. We've been friend's for a while now. Four or five years I think. And Ishida this is one of our foreign exchange students at the University, Donny. He's from Australia."

"It's nice to meet you." Donny fumbled to get to his feet and hold out his hand.

"The pleasure is all mine." Was Ishida's simple reply as he too held out his hand. They had a brief handshake before letting go. Turning back to the orange-haired child Ishida leaned in and quickly brushed his lip against the boys, having already forgotten that he was angry, and said, "I'm going to get some water. I feel like I haven't had a thing to drink in days."




"What was that?"

Turning back to the blond he blinked and then it clicked. He'd forgotten a very important detail about their relationship. "Ishida is also my boyfriend. Well, more accurately, my fiancee."

"Are you gay?"

"Yup. One hundred percent."

The other boy shook his head in wonderment. Trying not to be impolite, but awfully curious, he asked, "Is everyone in your family...?"

"No no no. Like I said. My dad isn't really gay, my mom had never kissed another girl in her life, and both my sisters have very doting boyfriends whom, although they won't admit it, they're very attached to." Ichigo replied nonchalantly although it didn't bother him a bit which it really didn't. He got the feeling that Donny had never been so exposed before.

"I-I see." He said as the thoughts tumbled around in his head. "Tell me. What's it like kissing another boy anyway?"

"Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"Of course I have."

"It's like that, only that they have less chest." Ichigo replied jokingly, his smirk perfectly casual now.

"How would you know what it's like to kiss a girl? You just told me you were completely, one hundred percent gay."

"He's kissed a girl or two in his life. For quite awhile he was a huge heart-breaker." Ishida replied suddenly as he appeared back before them. "He didn't know he was gay until just a few years back."

"Just a few years back?"

"I was seventeen when I really came to terms with it. I had figured I was since I was about fifteen." Ichigo clarified, wrapping an arm around his boyfriend as he sat in the seat next to him. "Anyway, let's get to studying. That's what we're here to do right?"

"Oh. Right." Donny replied.

A few hours passed with them sitting at the kitchen table with their textbooks opened wide and pencils furiously taking notes on open notebooks. Throughout the entire period Donny couldn't help but keep glancing at the two boys across from him. He was becoming more and more curious as to how it felt to kiss another man; to do all those things you did with a woman with a man; he wanted to know. Finally it was too hard to concentrate on studying. "Ichigo, perhaps we can take a break? We've been at this for almost three hours."

Ichigo nodded his consent as he stretched one way and then another. As he did his shirt came up, exposing just the slightest bit of his midriff. Donny took note of how smooth skin appeared and how toned it was. There didn't seem to be fat anywhere. "Let's go watch a movie or something. We can finish studying afterwards."

"That sounds like a good plan." Ishida replied as he too stretched. Although his body was a bit lankier, Donny noted, it was almost as toned as his boyfriends. Maybe it's just a stereotype but I thought gay couples tended to like one of the two being a bit smaller than the other. Which reminds me... I'm curious to know who tops in this relationship or if it's joint? If I had to take a guess I would say that Ichigo would have to be the more dominant. "What should we watch?"

"Anything as long as it's not some cheesy horror film." Ishida replied, standing and pushing his glasses up his nose. "I see enough horror without watching someone spew their awful cliché writing on the big screen."

"Are you sure you're just not scared?" Donny asked, teasingly.

Ishida humped as a defensive air came about him. "Why would I be scared of something that is clearly fiction?" He jerked when Ichigo slapped him in the butt. "What was that for?"

"Just testing how jumpy you are." Ichigo replied, standing as well. "Anyway, let's go see what's on Netflix... Or maybe what's on demand?"

Donny shrugged and finally stood. He didn't particularly care what they watched.

Having decided the three of them went into the living room and made themselves comfortable. Ichigo sat in the middle of the couch with the boys on either sides of him. Picking up the remote he flicked on the tv and began surfing channels. After having found nothing he proceeded to turn on Netflix where, after a few minutes of bickering, they decided to watch Night of the Living Dead. Ishida had protested greatly.

"Didn't I say I didn't want to watch any cheesy horror films?"

"You'll live. Unless..." Ichigo leaned over and dug his teeth gently into the flesh of the boys exposed arm. "You get bitten."

Ishida shook him off and glared at him, wiping the saliva left on the arm of the couch. "You're so immature." He declared, folding his arms over his chest.

Snickering Ichigo pressed play on the remote and got comfortable. About half an hour into the movie, his attention was caught on the fidgeting of his Australian friend. He noticed that every few minutes or so the blond would glance over at him, his eyes tracing up and down his body once before returning to the screen. After the tenth time or so of getting caught, Ichigo got an idea. One that would rock the innocent kids world. Before putting his plan to action he leaned up and whispered it, as discreetly as possible, into Ishida's ear. A faint smile crept onto his face and he nodded ever so slightly.

Slowly Ichigo pulled back. Then, casually as ever he let his hand creep it's way over Donny's lap. If the kid noticed he didn't say anything. When it finally came to rest it rested right where a small lump had started forming. Ever so slightly he rubbed it, going in gentle circles. All of a sudden Donny shifted and when Ichigo glanced at his face, he noticed that it was stretched in a painfully blank expression.

"C-could you please not do that?" Donny stammered, shifting again as he tried to maneuver his way out of Ichigo's reach.

"What are you talking about, Donny? I'm not doing anything." Ichigo replied innocently. His hand slid down a little until it was right beneath where the kids balls would be. His fingers rubbed the spot gently, doing it exactly the way he knew Ishida liked it. A soft groan escaped Donny's lips.

"Will you guys pipe down? I'm trying to watch this movie." Ishida chided, pushing his glasses up his nose and sneering at them.

"I'm sorry. I thought you said you didn't even wanna watch this movie? And Donny says I'm doing something to him and I'm not, I swear." Ichigo said sarcastically, rolling his eyes for effect. His fingers wrapped gently around the now prominent bulge and gave just a slight tug. The blond groaned a now less concealed groan.

Unsuccessfully moving away, Donny whimpered as his body further betrayed him. As he had never been with guys, and never thought of them sexually, he didn't even know he was capable of getting hard because of them. He didn't want to get hard because of other guys. It felt so wrong and yet here he was, damn near melting under the touch of a boy he'd known for barely six months. "Please, stop, Ichigo. I don't mind your sexuality but it's not my thing, I swear."

Chuckling Ichigo replied, "I still don't understand what you're talking about."

"If we're going to do... This... Can we go somewhere private? And Ishida-san, can't you see what your b-boyfriend is doing to me?" Donny couldn't help but stumble over the word boyfriend when it came to two boys. It felt off and it felt funny coming out of his mouth.

Ishida sneered for a moment longer and then smiled. "He's requested we move somewhere a little more... Private. I don't know if that's such a good idea though. Things might get a little bit... Hot."

Ichigo sighed and let his hand drop away as if he hadn't been doing anything at all. "Well, if he insists, I guess we have no choice right?"Grinning now he picked up the remote that was sitting on the coffee table and flipped off the t.v. Then slowly he got to his feet and turned to the two boys still sitting on the couch and said, "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's hop to it."

The two of them glanced at each other for just a brief moment before hoisting themselves onto their feet. Shoving their hands into their pockets they followed the orange-haired boy up the stairs and to his room.

As soon as they were inside Ichigo closed, and locked, the door behind him. "We don't want any interruptions." He clarified after getting a look from the blond. "Now this is where the real fun can start. I still don't understand what you thought I was doing to you down there but I think I know exactly what you want me to do up here." Slowly he approached the kid, taking him by the shoulders, and turning him around. Once this was done he wrapped his arms carefully around his waist and pulled him closer and closer until his cock was pressed into Donny's back. Gently he rocked his hips back and forth, creating friction between them. A moment or two later Ishida came from the front and wrapped his arms around the both of them. He forced himself to press his own hardening member against the others throbbing erection. He too rocked his hips back and forth to create friction between them. Donny let out a low growl and leaned his head back until it was resting on Ichigo's shoulder.

"You seem to like that, Donny." Ichigo commented, still grinning. "Let's see if we can get you going a little more." Leaning over his opposite shoulder Ichigo took Ishida's lips between his own and sucked on them, kissing the boy until neither one could breathe any more. When he had leaned in he had crushed his body closer into the Australian's, causing the tip of his hardening cock in between his buttocks. Not enough to penetrate him, but enough. He let out another low moan. It was like he couldn't stop himself.

"Do you wanna see something hot, Donny? Something that will really get you going?" Ichigo asked. He was actually really enjoying this. He had never experienced something like this before and it was actually kind of fun. It would be fun to completely obliterate the kids innocent mind and take it over with normal perviness of a young man.

Without waiting for a reply he unwrapped himself and took Ishida with him, pulling him off to the side. As soon as Donny was no longer between them he leaned in and kissed him again. It was long, passionate, and as he did so he shimmied Ishida's pants down until they were around his hips. Leaning back and glancing at the boy first, Ichigo knelt down in front of him, and pulled down his boxers. The erection that had been hidden now popped full out in front of them all. Once he was fully exposed Ichigo took the thick member in his hands and began gently stroking, going from base to tip, playing a little bit with the slit in the crown. A pleasant, but subtle, groan escaped the boys lips. Ichigo felt the boys eyes on him as he did this. What he was about to do next was going to shock him to his core.

He put his mouth against it, kissing him along the shaft and at the base. He sucked on one ball and then the other and then began kissing along the shaft again. When he reached the top he swirled his tongue once, twice, three times around it before engulfing him in the warm cavern called his mouth. He sucked hard on it, taking it in as far as he could go; practically deep throating it. As he drew groans from his boyfriend, as he felt the sudden tug at his hair, he began humming. The vibrations went all the way through the kids lower half.

"Oh God, Kurosaki. That feels amazing." Ishida said as his fingers threaded through the fine orange hair. "Why can't you be like this when we don't have an audience?"
Ichigo chuckled but didn't reply. He continued on for another few minutes before pulling back and licking his lips. "Donny why don't you come try, hmm? I won't mind watching." As soon as the words left his lips, Donny shook his head. "Come on kid, loosen up. It won't do you any harm to try. Come on." Ichigo pushed himself to his feet and went to grab the boy by the arm, guiding him until he was in front of Ishida. Softly he pushed him down to his knees. The kids eyes were completely wild. Frightened almost. "Donny, man, are you okay? Seriously. I don't want you to think we're going to rape you or something. You just seemed really interested in what we do and it's hard to explain and really I think it would be more awkward for you to watch some gay porn video online because it would be people you didn't know."

"I-I'm fine... I think. But man I'm scared."

"Scared of what? We'll stop right here if we're the ones scaring you. Trust me, man. We're not bad people and we don't need you getting the wrong idea that all gays are beasts. There are enough people in this world like that already."

Donny shook his head. "I'm not scared of that. I'm scared that I might find out something about myself that I think I would have rather kept hidden."

Ichigo chuckled an empty laugh. "Trust me dude. Keeping something hidden can really... Tear you apart. Anyway, let's just try okay. Ishida will help guide you along. Make it easier for you. Keep your knee's spread though." To his slight surprise he nodded. He opened his legs a little wider so that they made a triangle shape. His, shaking, fingers reached up and took Ishida's cock between them.

Ishida quietly instructed him, "Just do it like you would do to yourself. That is if you've masturbated before. If not, do it like you've imagined doing it." Once again the boy nodded. Closing his eyes, and taking a very long, very deep breath, he began stroking it as he had seen his friend do only a few moments before. His callused fingers ran the length of it, tracing the one or two protruding veins with the pad of his index finger. He could still feel a thin layer of Ichigo's saliva and it made him shiver just the tiniest bit. It felt... Strange... to be touching another man but not altogether unpleasant.

As his fingers continued their work he suddenly felt someone touching his thighs and when he looked down he was shocked to find that Ichigo had slid between his legs and was staring at his crotch. A moment later and there was this none-too-gentle tug on his jeans as they slid over his hips and down his legs until they sat around his thighs. Not a minute later his boxers had followed leaving his own throbbing erection exposed. His face flushed a bright red and his hands dropped to try and cover himself but he was stopped. Glancing up he saw a reassuring smile on Ishida's face and for some reason it calmed him.

"Just relax, Donny. We're just trying to give you the best experience you can have. Just keep doing what you were doing and relax." Ishida instructed him, letting going of the boys wrist and caressing the side of his face. "Kurosaki knows exactly what he's doing so leave it to him." His spindly fingers found their way to the soft, virgin hair. It was just begging to be touched. (Much like the rest of the boy.)

Donny nodded and went back to what he was doing. A soft gasp escaped him when warm fingers wrapped themselves slowly around his manhood, stroking him the same way he was stroking the other. Shaking his head he focused on doing what he had been doing. It became increasingly difficult as the expert fingers worked their magic. At some point he stopped moving his hands and tilted his head back as the feelings overwhelmed him. Every sensation was electric and was lighting up his body. His skin was extra-sensitive to touch. A mewl escaped his lips when his Asian friend seemed to hit just the right spot. It didn't make sense to him, at all, why one spot in particular was sensitive. In fact he didn't know it was even possible.

"Donny, you doing okay?"

Gulping Donny nodded. His hands rested on the lowest part of Ishida's stomach and his fingers were kneading the skin. He was trying oh so very hard to keep his shit together and it wasn't working.

"Let's try something else. Has a girl ever given you head, Donny?"

"No." He admitted, letting his head flop forward so it too rested on the glasses boy stomach.

"Do you know what giving head means?"

"It was what Ichigo was doing earlier right? It's like sucking someone off."

"That's right. Would you be willing to try that or is that too much?"

"No. I'll try."

"I'm glad to see you're the adventurous type."

"I doubt this is being adventurous." He replied. A silence fell over them after his reply. The two waited patiently for something to happen and when it did it was wonderful. Donny's hands closed around the base and it placed his lips hesitantly at the tip. It was slightly wet and let a bitter taste. Closing his eyes and shaking his head again Donny closed his mouth around it, letting all the tastes, and flavours, filter into his mouth. It was a shocking flavour and he nearly pulled back but he stopped himself. Once his mouth had gotten used to it it didn't bother him. It wasn't a nice flavour, but it wasn't completely nasty either.

Slowly he let his mouth work it's way down to the base, following Ichigo's movements as an example. Ishida let out a very soft groan and his fingers, which had clamped down on the boys shoulders, curled and dug themselves into the soft flesh. They kneaded the skin until faint marks were left behind.

"You're good, Donny. Really good." Ishida said, closing his own eyes and leaning his head back.

Well all this was going on, Ichigo had continued his own work on the boys hardened member. Now that he was sucking his boyfriend off though it was time to surprise him. Especially having heard that he'd never had a blowjob before. Ichigo pushed himself up until his face was directly in front of the dripping member. Only a mere second later it was in his mouth. He was surprised by the different taste. It was much different from the usual but not bad. As soon as his lips had passed over the crown he'd felt a shift in Donny's body. It was very slight but he was caught by surprise. The moan that escaped made it clear though that he was enjoying it.

This only went on for five or six minutes before they all pulled away from each other. Ichigo slid out from under Donny, and Donny pulled back from Ishida, and Ishida stepped away from both boys. They all looked at each other for a moment before both Ishida and Ichigo smiled.

"Do you think we could go further or do you think we've pushed our luck too far already?" Ichigo asked, smirking as he sat up.

"I think we'd have to ask him now wouldn't we?" Ishida replied snidely. "So Donny, what'll be? There's a lot more we could possibly show you but I don't think we'd be up for it."

"Show me." Donny didn't even hesitate to reply. His mind was whirring with the different possibilities of what could potentially happen next and his erection wasn't going away. It was obvious that he was getting turned on by both experiencing, and watching, all these things.

Chuckling Ichigo got to his feet and strutted over to Ishida. Without a moments notice he wrapped his long arms around the skinny neck and pressed his lips into the other boys, his kiss passionate enough to leave bruise marks. Meanwhile Ishida's hands got busy unbuckling his boyfriends pants. He was the only one still wearing them. As soon as they were undone he pushed the down as far as he could go before he pulled back and ordered, "Loose them." A second later and Ichigo was completely naked except for his t-shirt. To Donny he ordered, "There is a tube of lube in Kurosaki's top most left desk drawer. Get it for me." The boy immediately did as he was told. Within the next thirty seconds or so Ishida's three main fingers were covered in the slippery liquid.

His fingers traced the lower contours of his lovers back before sliding between the firm butt-cheek's and searching for the prize he knew waited within. Once he found it he pushed one finger through the slightly looser ring of muscles. Ichigo let out a small grunt of discomfort but otherwise didn't respond. He pushed another finger in with the second one and after a moment he pushed the third and final one in. Ichigo squirmed a little and his face was construed a little bit but it relaxed as Ishida's fingers scissored and loosened the hole up.

"Where do your fingers go?" Donny asked innocently as he watched, his eyes wide as saucers. He had always been a little dense and didn't realize that men could have sex in a way similar to a man a woman. He'd never heard of someone having anal sex and was completely dark on the subject.

"They're inside of me, stupid." Ichigo replied, groaning when Ishida's fingers brushed over his prostate. "Do you want to know what it feels like?" Donny nodded. "Then hand me the lube and get your skinny white ass over here." Grabbing the discarded bottle, Donny handed it to Ichigo and stood next to him. "Get a little closer." Ichigo commanded as he, too, lubed up his fingers. Once there were wet enough, and Donny only stood about half a foot from him, Ichigo reached down and prodded between his cheeks until he found what he was searching for. It was painfully obvious that he had never been taken from the back before which would mean this was going to painful for him. "This is going to hurt but you'll have to bear with me, okay?" Once again Donny nodded. "You're so obedient it scares me."

"You should always listen when someone is better at something than you are. It keeps people from making stupid, and perhaps irrational, mistakes." Donny replied, flinching as he felt one of his friends fingers enter him. He felt the first knuckle, then the next, and finally he could feel it all the way inside him. Ichigo had been right. It was painful. It hurt and the sensation was completely weird, and strange, and he didn't know if he liked it yet or not. Then the finger was moving. It entered and exited him slowly, stretching the muscles.

After about a minute it paused. Ichigo then told him, "I'm going to put in a second finger okay? Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Let your body relax until it feels like jello. Keep doing this until I say to stop." Without waiting for a nod or response Ichigo pressed the second finger into him, listening as the boys steady breath hitched. He heard the boy let out a slight hiss as the second finger dug deeper into him. When it was fully inserted he just sat there, letting the muscles keeping him in, loosen a bit. Then he slowly began scissoring, stretching them even more. Donny let out a pained sound and clamped his hands at his sides. A couple of tears welled up in his eyes but he forced them away. The pain wasn't that bad. It wasn't until the third finger entered him that he made some noise. He let out a low growl and his head came down heavily on Ichigo's shoulder.

"Take a deep breath, Donny. Just keep breathing." Ichigo breathed. It was so hard to keep calm with Ishida's fingers inside of him, working their magic the way they always did. "Everything is going to be okay." His fingers stretched the tight ring of muscles even further. Enough so that someone his size could fit inside. (If there was one thing Kurosaki Ichigo prided himself on it was the size of his manhood.) Eventually Ichigo felt the muscles loosen. It was time to start the next step.

"Ishida I need you to pull out. It's time for the really fun part so go lay on the bed." Ichigo ordered, his voice just barely audible. He flinched as he felt the fingers pull out just a little too quick. When Ishida had pulled out, so had Ichigo, though he more gently than his lover. To Donny he said, "Just watch for a minute, okay? We'll get to the good part soon." Ichigo watched Ishida lay down on the bed and then proceeded to crawl on top of him. He positioned himself over the seeping cock and then lowered himself, throwing his head back as it entered him. When he felt it all the way inside him he let his head fall forward and his hips began to move. First the movements were very slow and languid but they picked up speed and soon the two on the bed were panting, and moaning, a very fine layer of sweat covering their bodies. Ichigo dug his nails into Ishida's shoulders, trying to help propel him even faster. Hands were glued to his hips, holding so hard that they were leaving bruises.

As soon as Ichigo felt himself close to climaxing he stopped and pulled himself off. Turning, he said to Donny, "It's your turn." The look on the kids face was comical. It was like he just saw a ghost or something. It was hilarious. "Dude, what's with the look?"

"You. You're the bottom?" There was clear disbelief in his voice.

Snickering Ichigo replied, "Yeah. And you're about to find out what you're more suited for." Taking his shoulder Ichigo guided him to the bed and helped him on. "Now straddle him like I was but don't go down yet. Wait just a second." Holding his palm out in a stop sign way he grabbed the again discarded lube and handed it to Ishida. "Make sure it's extra slippery otherwise it's going to hurt like hell for him."

"Kurosaki, shut up would you? This isn't my first time with a virgin." Ishida glared at him as he snatched the tube away and popped it open. Ichigo blushed a furious red color and glared back. "Now go down very, very, slowly Donny. Lube can only do so much. It's going to hurt but just breathe like Kurosaki was instructing you earlier." Ishida threw the bottle aside, barely missing his boyfriends head, and concentrated on the other boy currently about to go down on him. He let his hands rest on the thin hips, which were much thinner than he had expected, and helped him down. He had a little trouble getting it in so Ishida had to hold his cock and help him down. As he pressed Donny did a lot of grunting, his face skewed in pain. Fat tears ran down both sides of his cheeks (though he wasn't full out crying) and his face didn't look happy at all. His breathing was hitched and his hands were gripping hard onto the bedsheets. His knuckles had turned white. "Keep on breathing, Donny. I'm all the way in right now. I won't move until you give me the okay."

"I'm fine." Donny gritted his teeth. "Let's get a move on." His blond hair was already matted to his forehead from the sweat and he was breathing rapidly as he tried to keep his cool. Now that Ishida was completely inside him he didn't really like it. It hurt and felt strange.

Watching Donny's face, Ishida moved his hips, thrusting in soft, upwards motions. Every time his hips move Donny let out a grunt-like sound. His eyes were closed and his grip on the sheets hadn't loosened at all. Ishida scrunched up his nose as he tried to adjust the movement of his hips. Roughly seven minutes later he'd found what he had been looking for. He struck gold. Thrusting his hips up he must have brushed against Donny's prostate because he let out a loud groan and his already tight fists grew tighter and then relaxed. Ishida hit that spot again was rewarded with the same noise. Smiling he began moving faster. He varied the speed of his thrusts to give the boy the best pleasure he knew how.

Ichigo was watching the entire time but he was becoming antsy. He wanted to try something. "Donny, pull off for a second, turn around so his your butt faces Ishida, and go down again. Lean back a little bit though." At first there was no response and they continued on but Ishida must have realized what he wanted to do because his hips slowed and then halted.

"W-why did you s-stop?" Donny panted. It felt amazing. There was no other way he could describe how he was feeling. His entire body was electric and the feeling was addicting. He loved how it felt to have the boy beneath him pounding into him.

"We're going to try something new. You might like it." Ishida replied. "And obviously you weren't listening to Ichigo so I'll give you the short version. Turn around with your butt facing me, and lean back a little bit."


"Just trust me." Ishida coaxed him around, helping him off.

When he was turned around he slowly lowered himself again, gritting his teeth as the muscles stretched again. Through clenched teeth he asked, "Is it always painful?"

"No. It just takes some getting used to. It's like working any other muscle. Once it's used to it, you don't feel the burn any more." Ishida replied. He was massaging Donny's shoulders in attempt to help him relax. For it being his first time he was doing extraordinarily well. The first time he had Ichigo had done it it felt like the kid had been nothing but complaints.

Once he was completely down again, Ichigo crawled on top of the bed and straddled him the way Donny was straddling Ishida. He pushed himself against Donny's chest, rubbing his erection against him as he slowly lowered himself down until the others. Donny let out a gasp.

"Why is it so hot inside of you?"

Ichigo shook his head. He realized that everything was new to him but seriously? Some of his questions were just plain bone-headed. "It's that way inside everybody. It's part of our natural body heat. Anyway I'm going to move my hips so you just sit tight and let us professionals do our thing." Without waiting for a response Ichigo grabbed onto Donny's shoulders and began to move. The boy was a bit better hung than his boyfriend and, even though he'd been doing it for years, there was still the slight stinging sensation as the muscles stretched more.

All of a sudden Ishida thrust upwards, sending a shock through Donny's body. Then came the kissing. Ichigo's hands worked their way from his shoulders to his face and was now gently holding it up in the direction of his. When their lips came into contact with each other, he let out a slight growl. Ichigo's lips were surprisingly soft and they tasted good. There was a slight hint of strawberry. They kissed until both their lips were puffed up and red. When they fell apart to breathe Ichigo started to attack the crook of the boys neck and along his shoulders. Donny let out suppressed moans, his voice resonating off of the walls. His body was covered in sweat and his it ached.

It wasn't long after the kissing started that Donny felt the sensation in his lower abdomen. It grew stronger and stronger and he knew he was about to come. "I-I'm a-about to come." He huffed, gripping once more onto the white bed sheets.

And it all stopped abruptly. Ichigo quit pounding down on him and Ishida stopped thrusting. Immediately Ichigo said, "Switch places with me, Donny. I don't mind him helping me with this experiment but the only person my boyfriend is allowed to come in is me."

"S-sure?" Donny panted. He waited patiently for Ichigo to pull off and then gritted his teeth as Ishida pulled out. He and Ichigo danced around each other so that they could switch spots. Within seconds they were at it again. Two of the boys thrust upwards with everything they had while Donny rode Ichigo. Now much long after they all felt it. Donny let out a slight gasp as he came, his seed shooting directly into Ichigo's chest and all across his own. Not a minute later he felt the orange-haired child come inside him, filling him up. It was so hot he could barely take it. Ishida was the last to come. He thrust a few more times before he filled Ichigo with his own white seed.

The three of them let out a sigh as they came down from the high. Ichigo coaxed Donny off of him and then pulled off Ishida. He rolled over and flopped onto the bed, laying down over his boyfriends spindly legs. Taking a deep breath he slowly released it, feeling as the energy slowly crept back into his body. "That was a fascinating experience." He muttered, covering his eyes.

"Is it like that every time?" Donny asked, sitting up, flinching.

Both boys shrugged.

"Most of the time I guess though let me tell you. Angry make up sex? That's the best kind of sex you'll ever have. Unless it's forced angry make up sex, like as in you forced yourself to be mad with the other person which made them mad and then you attempt it. Then it's not so great. Oh and... You'll never know how great it is until you've had sex with both sides. And Ishida don't give me that look. You know it's true." Ichigo replied, squirming as Ishida moved out from under his weight.

"It's definitely true. It's one of those things you really don't knock until you try. You might regret it later. Anyway, did we help curb your curiosity?"

"Yeah. You did. I think I've learned enough about this. I can't say for certain which way I'll end up leaning but at least I've got a better idea now then I did two hours ago."

A silence fell over them as they tried to regain their composure. After a few minutes Ichigo said, "Maybe we should clean up. We still have some studying to do." Smiling, he stood and grabbed both boys by the hand and led them down the hall to the bathroom.


Final Note: Alas, it is done. Fail threesome is fail but it was kind of fun to write. Thank you to those who have actually stuck around over the last couple years to see this story finished. I realize that I could have done more with Ichigo's condition but it turned out to be more of a story about him and his father working things out. Or perhaps that's the way I'd always meant it to be? Anyway, thanks for reading!