Pokemon Fusion: Master League


The Hoenn League has ended. Ash Ketchum… got into 2nd place, having lost to Tyson…

Having said goodbye to Tyson and Morrison, Ash along with the rest decided to begin their way home to, as they left Evergrand City. Walking away, Ash at heart was troubled.

Despite showing his enthusiasm to win the next league, Ash felt like he had failed the team, being so close to winning… Brock may have got lust for battling once again, but not Ash.

Wanting to take some time off once he comes home, Ash kept it to himself, not letting the others, especially Pikachu, know about his discouraged heart after losing to Tyson...

It didn´t get better, as the gang had to separate in another crossroads, this time with May and Max headed home for Petalburg City while Ash and Brock had to go the other way to Kanto.

Having said goodbye, Ash finally reached Kanto, but to his dismay Brock had to go home too, reached a crossroad which separates their path once again. Brock said his goodbye, and left.

Reaching a pond halfway towards Viridian City, Ash decided to take a break and also let Pikachu get some time to rest a bit too, but what he really wanted was some time alone…

Letting his Pokemon out for some free time to play around, Ash left Pikachu and the rest alone for a bit and walked away from the pond. Finding a fallen tree-trunk, Ash sat down on it.

´´ You guys look happy… but you´re probably just as sad I am… I was so close… if I only had trained you all better… maybe even just a few minutes more everyday… then maybe…´´

Deep in thought about his presumed failure, Ash´s mood quickly cheered up with Pikachu having come after him once it noticed that he had wondered off, and asked what was wrong.

Telling Pikachu that it´s nothing, Ash tried not to give any mixed signs, but Pikachu knew him far too well to not notice that Ash wasn´t as alright as he looked and claimed to be…

Back at the pond, Ash recalled his Pokemon and unpacked from his backpack some leftover sandwiches that Brock had given to him, wanting Ash to have a snack until he gets home.

Hours later he arrived at Viridian City, but instead of going by the Viridian Gym, Ash wanted to get to the Pokemon Center instead, transferring his Pokemon to Oak and visit Nurse Joy.

With all his Pokemon transferred and having a nostalgic reunion with the Nurse Joy he meet for the first time on his journey, Ash quickly left Viridian City to continue his way home.

Getting closer and closer to Pallet Town just mere minutes away, both Ash and Pikachu got excited to get home just in time to get a taste of Delia´s lovely cooking…he was soon home…

But as always… the end for one long journey is always the start for the beginning of a new…

Pokemon Fusion: Master League:

I´m Ash Ketchum, a future Pokemon Master!

One by one, I make my dreams all come to life…

Heavy smiles, happy sorrows, I go through it all…

Be it alone, with my friends, even my foes by my side!

To be a Pokemon Master, one must change the way…

To fight… to love… to stand united, together forever!

To conquer golden hearts and silver souls…

Reach green forests, red mountains and blue seas!

Each step, each place, is a brand new path!

For me to walk on, towards the goal, of being a master!

My friends, come here and stand with me!

My love, a new adventure we shall see!

My foes, do tremble cause I have changed!

The little boy from Pallet Town is no more…

Before you is Ash Ketchum, a newborn hero!

Should I ever fall then I shall rise!

I´ll learn, adapt and change my ways!

The way of a Master, in my heart and soul…

With Pokemon Fusion, here we go!

Chapter 1: A Hero Returns.

With no time to waste, Ash quickly got back into the mood of coming home soon, as he ran off with Pikachu towards Pallet Town. Being close enough that he could slow down, Ash suddenly noticed that the usual road was blocked, and instead took a more sinister shortcut.

It didn't take long before deja-vu striked, as Ash and Pikachu fell into a pit. Reaching the bottom, Ash began to hear the ol´motto, along with the shadows of the trio that never quits.

But learning from their past mistakes, they made certain modifications to their little trap, as they sent out all their Pokemin incase Ash would attempt to flee or escape the pit-trap.

- Again?! Ok Team Rocket, now you´re really pushing it! Just wait until I get out of here!

- No chance twerp, this time Jessie dug extra hard, and Meowth has sharpened his claws!

- The time has come to say farewell to Pikachu! Alright everyone, all on the twerp now!

Cacnea summoned a Sandstorm, while Seviper and Meowth got prepared incase Ash would get out. Knowing that its almost the same as the last time, Ash tried to find Misty´s handkerchief, but the Sandstorm made it near impossible to move, let alone look for it.

Trying to buy Ash time, Pikachu tried to hit Cacnea with a Thunderbolt, but Wobbuffet quickly got in front and used Mirrorcoat. The Thunderbolt was aimed back into the put and hit Ash, as Pikachu knew it couldn't attack from a distance nor escape and leave Ash in the trap.

Managing to find his fork and spoon, Ash tried to climb up but failed, as they broke. With the sand trying to trap him, Ash took advantage of it rising up, getting him closer to the ledge. Being close enough, Ash grabbed hold but suddenly shrieked, as Meowth clawed at him.

Despite the Sandstorm and Meowth´s attack, Jessie knew Ash would almost never give up, as she ordered Seviper to strike at Pikachu, hoping to get it weak enough to snatch it from Ash.

Seviper striked with a Poison Tail, but it didn´ go as they thought, as Ash protected Pikachu by taking the hit, slamming into the pit wall with immense force. Seeing that melee attacks don´t work too well, Jessie ordered instead a barrage of Poison Sting all over the pit.

Knowing it's the only way to protect Pikachu, Ash layed over Pikachu, as the stings that hit the wall bounced downwards and hit Ash. Pikachu tried to protect him by trying to attack again despite the massive Poison Stings, but Ash kept it firmly protected in his arms.

Getting pissed that their new plan is just a longer version of their failed one, Jessie told James to unleash Pin Missiles aswell, hoping all attacks combined would eventually hit Pikachu.

Knowing anything more than Poison Sting could be quite serious if it mostly hits Ash, James hesitated, as Meowth told Cacnea to stop the Sandstorm for awhile to see how it all went.

Despite the considerable about of Poison Stings that Seviper attacked towards the pit, not a single one had managed to hit Pikachu due to Ash protecting it with every inch of his body.

With his thoughts only focused on protecting Pikachu, Ash put the pain aside, as he looked up and gave Jessie a defiant look, showing her that he will take anything she throws at him.

Putting it to the test, Jessie ordered Dustox to use Poison Stings towards the center of the pit, while Seviper crawled down for a surprise attack. But nevertheless Ash still would win.

Seeing Seviper about to attack Pikachu and being right next to him, Ash ordered Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. Knowing that it would hit Ash, Pikachu wanted to try something else, but Ash ordered it to do it, knowing Seviper is the bait to lure out Pikachu into the Poison Stings.

Hit with Thunderbolt, Seviper quickly got out of the pit, wanting Jessie to weaken Ash first before it could attack Pikachu. Really getting furious that Ash even took on a Thunderbolt just to keep Seviper out of the way, Jessie ordered Dustox to send Stun Spore right into the pittrap.

Trying to take off his jacket to give to Pikachu as protection, Ash could barely move at all, as he then managed to take off his cap for Pikachu to use. But finally everything began to heavily affect him in the end, as Ash was slowly getting paralyzed from the Stun Spores.

Counting the seconds until he surrenders, Jessie still couldn't believe that Ash did not give up, not even when paralyzed. Sending Seviper down again, Jessie´s ego overshadowed her brain, as it didn't take long before Seviper inhaled Stun Spore and remained in the pit paralized.

Dustox flew down to pick up Seviper and get it out, as Pikachu took the opportunity to attack with Thunderbolt. With both her Pokemon down, Jessie shrieked at James to do something.

Wanting to wear down Ash a little with a Sandstorm again, Jessie shrieked at James for being too soft, as she demanded that Cacnea uses Pin Missile. Knowing neither Jessie or Ash would back down, James wasn't sure what to do, when suddenly something was heard. A bicycle.

Hiding in a nearby bush, Team Rocket remembered that they forgot to seal off the road they were on, as they had no other choice but to wait for the biker to unwarily pass by them.

In a flash the biker passed by them, not taking notice of the pit, as a bike-bell was heard. And Ash recognised it. As if sent from heaven to save him and Pikachu, Ash mustered up all the strength he could summon in his lungs, as he screamed out her name. The biker then stopped.

It was Misty. Hearing that Ash was on his way home already, Misty took the bike to Pallet Town, as she saw that the main road was sealed and then took the second path instead.

Hearing her name from where she just passed by, Misty stopped the bike, as a million thoughts went through her mind before she eventually knew. It was Ash. He was in danger.

Immediately turning around to go back, Misty used the bell three times to signal to Ash that she was on her way, as Team Rocket began to her getting closer and closer towards them.

Knowing she has to be warned, even Pikachu shrieked out for her, as Misty understood that it wasn´t just a simple accident or failed trap by Team Rocket. This time was far more serious.

Stopping just next to the pit, Misty looked around to make sure she wouldn't get into a trap herself, as she leaned towards the obviously manmade pit and saw Ash leaning over Pikachu.

Misty asked briefly what happened, but Ash was too exhausted to answer, as Pikachu instead shrieked out to her what was the cause. As soon as she heard Pikachu tell of Team Rocket, Misty took no chances and released her Pokemon to protect her while she helps Ash.

Politoed and Starmie kept guard, as Misty was about to climb down when Pikachu told her not too. Wondering why, Misty suddenly began to feel the light odour from Stun Spour, and realised that the air in the pit was almost filled with it. But Misty already knew the solution.

Told to use Rapid Spin, Starmie knew what Misty had it mind, as it quickly circled around over the pit, sucking up all the stun spores. Hearing something near the bushes, Misty told Starmie to send it all in that direction. Hitting the bush, Team Rocket had no other choice.

Getting out of the bush or choose to remain paralyzed in in there, the trio wanted to share their motto but were quickly interrupted by Misty, who immediately asked what they were doing.

- Me and Jessie have finally done the perfect trap, and we won´t let you interfere this time!

- Unfortunately the twerp got a bit more in the way that we anticipated, but now that you´re here, once we´re done you can take him to the Professor to patch him up nice and easy!

- Patch him up?! You all attacked Ash without him being able to fight back! You could have severely injured him! It´s unforgivable, even from you three! Politoed, Starmie, hit them hard!

With her arm pointed towards the target, Politoed and Starmie knew that Misty meant serious business, as both Pokemon attacked. With Seviper and Dustox incapacitated, Jessie relied on James, as she also told Meowth to battle and threw him right in front of Misty´s Pokemon.

Wanting to use the cover from Sandstorm to steal Pikachu and run off, James ordered Cacnea to use Sandstorm, but to his surprise Misty´s Pokemon countered without her saying a word, just standing there and watching her Pokemon battle without her verbal aid at all.

Politoed and Starmie were always once step ahead, even before James could issue an order, as Meowth tried to fight melee with Politoed, but Starmie quickly turned to protect it by using Rapid Spin, giving Meowth multiple hits before the last sent him flying right into James.

Trying to take advantage and hit Starmie with a Needle Arm, Cacnea instead received the final blow by a Mega Punch by Politoed, as Cacnea flew right into Meowth who shrieked.

Defeated, Jessie did not want to surrender without some form of payback, as she asked Dustox and Seviper for one last attack, one that should atleast leave a mark in the battle.

Knowing exactly what Jessie was thinking if without her even insinuating it, Misty told her Pokemon to stand back, as Jessie saw that Misty grabbed hold of Gyarados´s Pokeball.

- I don´t want to use Gyarados because once unleashed it would put you in a state far worse than Ash… but lay a finger on him again Jessie… and I will release my rage upon you…

Seeing her face, Jessie knew that she was serious, as she told James and Meowth to retreat. Not minding it, James carried Cacnea in his arms, Meowth carried Dustox on his back and Jessie carried Seviper over her shoulder, as the trio quickly ran off into the surrounding forest.

With them gone, Misty immediately called out for Corsola and told it to help out, as it used Mirror Coat and jumped down into the pit to pick up Ash and Pikachu. First coming up with Pikachu on it´s back , Corsola gently left it beside Misty and went back to go get Ash.

Despite not being injured, Pikachu had inhaled a considerable amount of Stun Spore but was still able to move around fairly well, as Misty took out some spray to reduce the effects of the spores. Corsola returned with Ash, as Misty put him on his back and asked if he was alright.

Barely hearing him, Misty opened up his shirt and listened to his chest, as she heard that Ash had inhaled so much that the stun spores had begun to affect his breathing. Spraying his chest, Misty knew it would take longer for it to react on human, if it would work at all on Ash.

Weakly hearing from Ash that he suddenly can´t breathe, Misty immediately panicked and asked Pikachu to try to shock him a little in an attempt to revitalise him. But with Pikachu still weak, Misty wasn´t sure what else to do but the only thing she could to help Ash breathe.

Opening his mouth, Misty took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as she covered his mouth, breathing into his lungs until the spray begins his effect. Push down onto his lungs to help him exhale, Misty continued for more than a minute, as some bad memories began to resurface:

´´ Come on Ash, breathe! Please Ash! Please! You can´t …you can´t leave me like this…´´

From the memories of Ash almost drowning when protecting the Ice Orb to Misty´s own incident of drowning when she got knocked out in the pool by the Tentacruel, Misty´s fears grew more as suddenly Ash had fainted and stopped breathing despite her attempt to help.

Now taking even deeper breaths in order to blow deeper into his lungs, Misty leaned over again to continue, but once she exhaled all the air she had, she did not get up to try again.

Remaining like that for several seconds, Pikachu then realised what Misty just did. She did not only give Ash the final last breath to bring him back. But a message to his subconsiouss.

With a kiss. Despite not having any air, Misty still kissed Ash, knowing it could be the thing that will wake him up again. About to faint herself due to lack of oxygen, Misty then felt it.

Air going into her lungs, as Ash began to breathe again on his own. Be it the spray finally doing it´s magic, or Misty´s own little trick, Ash woke up, as Misty got up to catch her breath.

Heavily coughing, Ash was at least breathing, as Misty asked if he´s better. With Ash nodding in response, Misty smiled, looking happy but at heart was terrified at what could have happened if she hadn´t shown up to drive off Team Rocket and save him just in time.

Recalling her Pokemon, Misty asked if Ash could stand up, but just by judging from his attempt to sit straight she knew he would need help in moving along. Carrying him on her back, Misty held Pikachu in her arms as she then slowly walked towards Pallet Town.

But then it happened. Something Misty may or may not have thought about, but would now make the whole situation far worse than it already was. Ash may be less in danger due to her help, but now Misty was the one in danger, as she collapsed, dropping Ash and Pikachu.

Asking what happened, Ash saw Misty turn away from him, as he then realised what was wrong. The combination of the spray releasing the spores and Ash´s exhalation should have sent the spores into the air, but Misty instead inhaled his breath. And all the spores aswell.

Beginning to get paralyzed and having trouble breathing, Misty quickly released her Pokemon and told them to go get help. They ran off towards Pallet Town but Gyarados remained, understanding it had been released to protect her and Ash. Misty then took out her PokeNavi.

Calling Oak´s lab, she knew both Oak and Tracey were outside on the backyard, but hoped that they or either a Pokemon nearby would hear her calling the working station in the lab.

Suddenly someone answered. It was Tracey. Having returned just to get some samples, he was just about to leave when Misty called. Trying to tell Tracey what happened and that help is on the way, she began to loose her voice and could barely talk, now fearing she might faint.

Managing to send a video request, the seconds it took to connect felt like forever to her, as her eyes and breathing got heavier. The video-link got established, as Tracey saw Misty on the ground with her head down, barely having strength to even hold the PokeNavi in her hand.

Seeing the Pokeballs next to her, Tracey understood that something was very wrong and told her to hang on, as he ran off to tell Oak. Coming back half a minute later, Tracey told her that her Pokemon had come and that Oak is already on his way back with them and medicine.

Trying to keep Misty conscious until help arrives, Tracey could only helplessly watch as Misty fainted, and her breathing slowing down, even risking to stop completly just like Ash.

Minutes passed as Oak finally arrived, seeing Misty and Ash along with Pikachu on the ground. Walking up to Ash to see how he was doing, Oak could hear Tracey call out for him, as Tracey told him that Misty must have inhaled Stun Spores and that she fainted minutes ago.

Knowing that time is critical in such a situation, Oak carried Misty into a car he parked nearby, while her Pokemon carried Ash and Pikachu into the car. Oak then took off fast.

Almost crashing into his lab near the road in Pallet Town, Oak saw Tracey already waiting, as Oak handed over Misty to him while he carried Ash. Conscious but fairly weak, Ash looked upwards and saw Tracey carrying Misty, and wanted to reach out for her hand and grab it.

Not taking any chances and having called Nurse Joy from Viridian City, Oak put Ash on a resting bed as Tracey did the same with Misty. Oak then immediately began urgent treatment, and asked Tracey to go get Delia. Tracey was about to go when Ash grabbed his hand.

Understanding that Ash don't want her to see him in his condition, Oak still told Tracey to leave, as Tracey did what he was told and left. Ash then asked why he sent Tracey away.

- Because… this is more serious that it actually looks… you´ve already recovered well enough from whatever that helped you, but Misty…inhaled one very big dose at once Ash…

- But she saved me… so do the same to her Oak… help her breathe… use the spray…

- I´m sorry Ash, but that won´t help here… I sent Tracey away because of this…

Ash immediately got frightened, as Oak took forth shock pads and told Ash to look away, not wanting him to see what he was going to do. Taking off Misty´s top, Oak put on the shockpads and gave her a strong shock, but as feared she didn´t respond at all to the treatment.

Nurse Joy then rushed in, as Oak told her about what happened and how Misty reacted to the treatment. Telling Oak that he should be next to Ash, Nurse Joy summoned Chansey and immediately opened up an emergency bag, filled with medicine for very severe injuries.

Sitting on a chair next to Ash, Oak kept him company while also distracting him from thinking about Misty, knowing the stress could make it worse for him, and asked Ash for any current symptoms. But Ash could just not look the other way while Misty was in her state.

Asking if she was going to be alright, Ash got more worried since Oak hesitated to answer and waited until saying that she should be. Nurse Joy then told Oak that neither the shocks or the emergency paralyze inhaler did anything to help Misty recover. Suddenly Ash stood up.

Remembering that Misty breathed into him, Ash had a small dream for a short while in which she kissed him, as he realised that it was not a dream, that it was just the thing she did to him.

Asking Oak to step aside, Ash leaned over Misty as he took a deep breath and breathed into her, and did the same she did to him. Knowing he risked inhaling the spores again, Nurse Joy was about to push Ash aside, but Oak stopped her, understanding what was now going on.

Holding Misty´s hands, Ash squeezed in order to get her to react. Ash then began to feel the need to breathe, but he did not move away. And then it happened. She squeezed his hand.

Ash immediately stood up and told Oak that she would exhale, as Nurse Joy put a paralyze inhaler over Misty´s face. As if her entire breath was made out of stun spores, a yellow mist came out of her mouth and got into the inhaler. Once it was all inside, Nurse Joy closed it.

Still holding Misty´s hand, Ash saw her open her eyes, and asked her if she was alright.

- I am now… thanks to you Ash…I´m sorry, I didn´t think about that this could happen and…

- I´ts ok Misty… as long as you´re safe, that´s what matters… thanks for saving me too…

- If I hadn´t been there in time, they would have had Pikachu, and you… you´d be …

Knowing her line of thought, Ash tried to get her on other thoughts, as Tracey returned with Delia. Misty rose up, as Tracey hugged Misty, glad she´s alright, while Delia asked Ash what had happened. Telling her it´s a long story, Ash asked Oak if he and Misty could rest a bit.

Thinking it´s a good idea, Oak took Delia and Tracey with him outside, giving Ash and Misty some time to rest from their ordeal, but also knew there was another reason for the two to be alone. Now all alone together in the room, Misty asked Ash if he was really feeling alright.

- I´m ok, thanks to you Misty… but what you did to help… that was a very big risk to take!

- It was a risk I knew I had to take… I´d do anything to save you, even risk my own health…

- I´m not talking about the stun spores… Misty… you brought me back… by kissing me…

Blushing, Misty knew that Ash could not have missed it, as she wasn´t sure what to say.

- I don´t know what you´re talking about… I just remained that way much longer to make sure that what I was doing… I think some spores have come to your head Ash Ketchum!

- So you deny it? Come on, admit it! You know it and I know it! You kissed me Misty!

- Oh please, Ash you´re just trying to cover up the fact that you kissed me to bring me back!

Seeing Ash giggle discretely, Misty knew that he wouldn´t deny it as she denied her kiss.

- Yes I admit that, but I did it mostly because I know that you did the same to me Misty!

- Fine let´s say that I did kiss you Ash! What would be difference be, please do tell me!

- That way I know, that you´re really ready to admit that you have a soft spot for me.

Almost choking on his words, Misty almost thought she heard it wrong, but seeing Ash facial expression was all the proof she needed to know that he was serious. Misty finally cracked.

- Ok Ash Ketchum, I admit it! I kissed you! There, I said it! What else do you want from me?!

Hearing the words he waited for, Ash put his arms around her and kissed her again, as Misty remained just frozen. But within seconds she got back onto her senses, as she put her arms around her, making the best out of the moment. What was a few seconds became minutes.

- I always thought… that I´d be the one to kiss you first Ash… but you beat me to it…

- Technically you did kiss me first, since I was paralyzed… but guess I win and you lose.

- No.. we´re both winners in a way… you got your first kiss with me, and I got you now.

- That´s true… I admit that this kiss was better than when you had stun spores in your mouth.

Seeing his attempt to joke, Misty gave him a friendly grin, wanting to make up for it, as she took hold of Ash´s head and gave him a better kiss to remember her by, making him lovesick.

With both having played around with each other, they got reminded of what they just went through, as both coughed at the same time, knowing they had to rest a bit. But not being able to let go of each other after what they just did moments ago, both pushed the beds together.

Delia was anxious to see Ash to make sure he was alright, but Nurse Joy assured her that both he and Misty are alright and just need some time to rest. Agreeing with Nurse Joy, Tracey noticed that Oak was a bit distant with his thoughts, and asked if something was wrong.

- Oh, nothing Tracey… I was just thinking about… something Ash said and did…

- Man, if I´d been there, I could have stopped them, they don´t understand how serious it was!

- It´s sadly a painful reminder, that if desperate enough, they are willing to do anything…

- I´m gonna go call Officer Jenny in Viridian, maybe she can help track down Team Rocket.

- Nurse Joy already called her, she´s on her way. But Team Rocket are probably long gone.

- Alright. But tell me when Misty is available and alright, I got to talk to her about something.

- Will do Tracey, and just to be sure, please go and check the Pokemon on the ranch?

An hour later, Oak had entered to see how Ash and Misty were feeling, but saw that they were gone. Having a good idea of where they are, Oak walked out to the ranch to look for them.

Bumping into Bulbasaur, Oak asked if it had seen them, but the look on it´s face was all Oak needed to see, as he understood and went back to the house. Going into the lab, Oak then saw Tracey, checking every Pokeball he was assigned for maintenance during the dayshift.

- There are times when even you strain yourself too much Tracey… but I still appreciate it…

- I guess you´re right… well I´m done soon… how´s Misty, has she recovered by now?

- I believe so, she and Ash walked out together just awhile ago… you needed to talk to her?

- Yeah, it´s about something she entrusted to me… something she told me to keep a secret…

- Well… due to what happened today… I don´t think you need to tell her anymore Tracey…

- Oak, you knew? But how, Misty only told me about it… did she, or Ash tell you anything?

- In my age and experience, it doesn´t take much to really see beneath the surface… but despite me knowing for such a long time… it is not my role to interfere with them two…

- You think that what happened today must have finally triggered both Ash and Misty ?

- It was already beginning when she left for Shinnoh… but yes, what happened today was definitely the final push they needed… to take the next step. They´re out back, in the ranch.

- I´m glad for them… and that I now know that I wasn't the only one with this little secret…

- You´re not…me,Delia, even Brock have known for a long time...what was bound to happen.

Delia then entered the mansion with Pikachu in her arms, back to full health after Nurse Joy´s full treatment. Putting Pikachu down in the living room, Delia looked around for Oak. Ash and Misty then returned and entered the room, as Pikachu was happy to see them once again.

- I´m glad you two are safe and alright now… have you any idea where Professor Oak is?

- I´m sure he´s with Tracey in the lab… Miss Ketchum, could you please call Tracey for me?

- Of course dear. Ash, you both could do well sleeping earlier today, so don't stay up ok?

Before they could even nod, Delia already went for the lab in a flash. Having walked around the surrounding forest with Misty, Ash began to get quite tired due to Delia reminding him.

- Ah why did she have to say that, now Im really getting drowsy… so I guess we should go…

- I agree, but not yet… there is something I want to do first… something I want to show you.

Surprised at what it could be, suddenly Tracey arrived, taking off in an instant as soon as Delia told him that Misty wanted to see him, as Ash told him that they were alright now.

- That´s a relief… it´s getting late so do sleep early. Misty, you said you needed something?

- Yeah Tracey… well, I want you to go get something I left behind in Ash´s room last time…

Perfectly understanding what she meant, Tracey gave her a little smile and went to his working station. Seconds later he quickly returned with a small jewel casing in his hands.

- Here Misty… I have kept it safe and hidden, just like you have asked me to…

- Thank you Tracey.. but don´t give it to me.. give it to Ash… he needs to see it for himself.

Surprised by what she jus said, Tracey realised that Oak was right, that they have come full circle. Handing the casing to Ash, Tracey decided to leave them and left the living room.

Opening the casing, Ash saw the heart necklace inside, as he then asked who she got it from.

- It was from Rudy… but before you make any judgements Ash… look much closer at it…

Gently taking it out, Ash got hold of the heart, as suddenly it clicked, revealing the pictures.

- It´s you… and Rudy… does this mean… that you decided to be with him from then on?

- One might think by looking at it… but no… he´s not alone in there Ash, look again…

Taking a closer look, Ash saw that the picture could be removed, as Ash tried to move it. Rudy´s picture fell to the ground, as Ash was quite surprised to see what was behind it.

- It´s me… but I don´t understand… if he gave this to you, then why am I also in it?

- Because he knew Ash… all he wanted was for me to be happy, be it with him… or with you.

Misty then handed it over to Ash, wanting him to keep it with him from then on. But Ash instead put it on her, as he took something from his pocket. Her handkerchief she gave to him.

- The necklace was meant for you Misty… while this was meant for me… so keep it on.

- But Gary has already left for Shinnoh, I want you to continue your journeys… I don´t know yet if I´ll be able to leave the gym, it might be weeks or months… so go ahead of me Ash…

- No Misty… I promised… so I´m staying, not even 493 Pokemon can´t change my mind.

- But what are you going to do for a whole year?! Everyone else will have a big advantage!

- Some have always had it one way or another, so I´ll think of it as a new challenge ok?

- Ash, this isn´t something to joke about, you can´t sit on your butt and do nothing for a year!

- Don´t worry Misty, I didn´t just come up with it right now, I have planned abit in advance!

- You have planned to get a disadvantage and let others get a head start… that makes sense!

- It´s not like that! The Hoenn League is over, so I don´t have anything else to do right now!

- Then I´ll give you something to do Ash Ketchum, and that is to go to the Shinnoh region!

- I just finished the Hoenn League, it´s too early for me to start anything right now Misty!

- Not really Ash… I really shouldn´t say this to anyone yet… but I came back because …

Suddenly Oak returned, wondering what all the noise was about. With both telling him at the exact same time that it´s really nothing, Oak raised an eyebrow in confusion to what they said.

- Misty and I were just saying that it´s nothing, we were just talking about my future plans.

- Ah a very good topic.. now that you´re done in Hoenn, what is your next goal? Shinnoh?

- Ash is definitely going to Shinnoh! Especially since Gary has already left, right Ash?!

With a look on her face that perfectly reminds him of her Gyarados, Ash still stood up to his beliefs despite her attempts to keep him on track, as he gagged Misty and turned towards Oak.

- Oh Misty doesn´t know what she´s talking about! I´m actually planning to stay for awhile!

- I see… well whatever your decision is, we support you no matter what, right Misty?

Taking Ash´s hand off her mouth, Misty reluctantly nodded towards Oak, as a shriek was heard. Within seconds Ash felt like his Snorlax had Bodyslammed into him, but be it luck or bad luck, it was just Delia, overhearing that Ash wanted to stay in Pallet Town for awhile.

Having her arms around him Delia told Oak that they should have a celebration part. Oak then mentioned that he had already planned a small reunion in around a week to celebrate Ash´s position in the Hoenn League. Misty just watched as Ash still remained in Delia´s vicegrip.

- Mom! It´s already enough that I have Bayleef, Muk and Snorlax pounding me, so let me go!

- Sorry honey, guess I got carried away… but I am very happy you´re staying awhile home…

- Me too, I could need some free time. Oak doesn´t seem to mind and Misty either, right?

With all three looking at Misty, she glared at Ash for using such a dirty tactic. But she still holds the winning card. Just by taking forth her PokeNavi, Ash knew what she implied.

- I´m glad Ash is staying, but he really shouldn´t let the competition get ahead… right Ash?

- Misty does have a point… but if you are so inclined to stay, you could always train at home?

Misty´s sneaky move backfired, as Ash nodded to Oak´s suggestion, knowing Misty can´t really argue with that. Finally letting go of the sudden rivalry, Misty suddenly got an idea.

- Now that I think of it, it´s actually the best option! Ash, come and let me tell you why!

Grabbing hold of his hand, Misty took off in a flash, as Delia just wondered what just happened. Understanding that she hasn´t noticed yet, Oak gave Delia time to figure it out.

Out in the open, Misty finally stopped, as an exhausted Ash wanted to mention that they did have a little stun spore incident not too long ago, but decided to catch his own breath instead.

- Oh boy…it´s gonna take awhile to get my normal breath back…what did you want tell me?

- While I was in Shinnoh, not only did I do regular gym battles for trainers that had come to fight me, I also got the opportunity to attend some interesting seminars and classes about…

- Misty, if your idea of keeping me occupied here by putting me in a class chair, no thanks…

- Just listen for awhile! What I´m saying is that I and the others that were there, some being gym leaders from Johto and Hoenn, got informed of what could be a new league tournament...

- Now that´s something else! But I told you already, I don´t feel like going to Shinnoh yet!

- Let me finish! First of all, it´s not only just Shinnoh, it´s a nationwide league that takes place in all the regions, and it begins here in Kanto. The official announcement is in a few weeks.

- So it´s like a super secret league where even gymleaders battle? That´s way over my skills!

- … anyway, the reason I attended it was because in a few months, when the league officially begins, I can take part in this new league, and be able to travel with you once again Ash!

- Why didn´t you say that directly?! A new league and you with me, what more do I need!

- Training. And lots of it. Because this league isn´t like the previous ones. It´s different Ash.

- But you already know quite a lot about it, since you attended the class. So teach me Misty!

- That´s the problem… we were only told so that we can prepare, that didn´t apply to trainers.

- So you´re not allowed to tell me until it´s official? Come on Misty, like who´s gonna know?

Hearing a branch crack, Ash and Misty turned around, as Oak coughed abit, standing right behind them. Both Ash and Misty became embarrassed that Oak had caught them red-handed

- Seems I´m gonna know… having foresight of yet official tactics results in getting the trainer license suspended for a whole year Ash… and Misty… I don´t know what to say to you…

- Don´t blame her, I was trying to push the info out of her, she didn´t want to tell me from the beginning, she hasn´t even said anything yet. If you´re gonna punish someone, let it be me!

- I´m sorry Oak… it was not my intention to get Ash to cheat in any way… he only wanted…

- Don´t worry you two, you know me better than that! But be careful next time, if anyone else had overheard you, I wouldn´t be able to help you. But here… what happens here stays here.

- Thank you! We won´t forget your kindness! What can Misty and I do to repay you?!

- If you two are so inclined to be in debt to Samuel Oak to show your gratitude, then so be it. To repay me, I want you two to, without question or hesitation, follow my words of wisdom.

Thinking he´ll just give another one of his motivational speeches, Ash and Misty thought they got lucky, but once Oak asked both to sit down, they knew that it must be more than just that.

- Shouldn´t you bring Tracey and mom here so they can hear your lovely speeches Professor?

- No, what I´m about to say is only between the three of us. At least for now. Until tomorrow.

- Oh, well I´m sure whatever it is, it must be something really serious. So please tell us!

Oak put his hand into his pocket, as he took out something and showed it to them. In just seconds, Misty felt like the most embarrassed person in history. It was the heart necklace.

It had dropped when Ash was trying to get Misty to stay quiet, and Oak noticed that she dropped it but didn´t say anything, wanting to see for himself if his suspicions were true.

With it open, Ash´s picture could clearly be seen beside Misty´s picture. Ash and Misty just remained frozen, not sure how to react to what was going on. Ash poked at Misty to start first.

- I see you found my necklace… how silly of me to drop it like that… I´ll just take it and…

- You two are in debt… so you will get the necklace back… once you answer this question…

Oak suddenly stopped, and an immense pounding sound was heard. Joking that Snorlax must be nearby, Ash tried to distract Oak and get Misty out of there, hearing her strong heartbeat.

- Oh Snorlax must be wandering off again! You should take care of it while Misty and I…

- Ash Ketchum, don´t take me for an old fool, I can clearly hear it´s just Misty, now sit down!

With his voice still not overshadowing Misty´s heartbeat, Ash could just sit and watch, as Oak sat down and told Misty if she was now ready to answer the question he wants an answer to.

- If I´m ready? Well usually I´m always prepared for some fun quizzes, but maybe we can…

- … I Samuel Oak, ask Misty Williams…to honestly, truthfully and without fail, with no false answer or other means to derail the undeniable truth… do you admit your feelings for him?

It got dead silent, even Misty´s heartbeat had stopped for a few seconds, before it began once again, as she fainted and fell right on top of Ash, who seconds later shrieked at what she did.

The Pokemon, hearing Ash´s shrieked, came to the rescue in believing Team Rocket was up to no good again, only to in confusion see Misty right on top of Ash, trying to get her off him.

Taking advantage of his submissive state, Oak kneeled down right next to Ash´s face, as he moved the necklace back and forth like a trance, distracting Ash, as it was his turn to answer.

- Oak, since you´re such a great professor and all, it would be great if you can get her off…

- … I Samuel Oak, ask Ash Ketchum…to honestly, truthfully and without fail, with no false answer or other means to derail the undeniable truth… do you admit your feelings for her ?

Seeing that the Pokemon were gathering, Ash saw that they were wondering what was going on, while Bulbasaur just had huge grin on it´s face, making Ash even more embarrassed.

- That´s a good question… in which I´m sure you will get an answer from someone else…

Misty woke up, and saw that she was on top of Ash, also seeing Oak right infront of her face, now she knew he was just playing around with them. So she decided to deliver the final blow.

Kissing Ash, she spared him the trouble of admitting it, as Oak still implied that he didn´t get his question answered from Ash. So Ash did the same, as he kissed Misty in front of Oak.

A shriek was heard, as Oak for a second would believe it would be Misty or even Ash, but to his surprise it was from someone else. Delia had come out to get Ash home, as she got there in time to see both Misty and Ash´s actions. Oak turned around and saw Delia burning red.


- Yikes! Mom! Ah nuts, this is just too unreal, this can´t be happening! Oak, do something!

Oak stood up and applauded, and within seconds the Pokemon did the same. Tracey came out and saw Misty on top of Ash, and seeing that Delia was there, he knew she was all fired up.

- Come Miss Ketchum, it´s getting late, cold and you should get back inside were it´s warm…

- Oh no Tracey! Not until someone gives me an explanation! Ash, you´re first! Now talk!

- Well… you see… I was.. then she came and… we then… I don´t even know what to say…

- Well I´m sure you´ll have all the time you need to figure it out at home, now move it!

- Tracey, would you please get inside and close the lab while I solve this little issue?

Tracey immediately took off in a flash or risking becoming cannon fodder to Delia, as suddenly she noticed something in Oak´s hand and snatched it from him. And then she saw it.

Wishing it was Muk instead, Oak tried to catch his breath as Delia put her arms around him and almost squeezing his insides out, yelling that her little boy has found his first girlfriend.

- That´s nice Delia… but unless you want my breakfast, stop squeezing the life out of me!

Letting Oak go, Delia then saw that Ash, Misty, even the Pokemon were gone. Oak knew that they all must have wondered into the forest. Oak then took Delia and got her back inside, knowing Ash´s Pokemon surely will bring the two back safe and in time for bed.

Getting deeper into the forest, Ash and Misty could hear his Pokemon trying to catch up with them, as Ash found a small cave to hide and took Misty with him. The Pokemon walked right past them, as they waited for several minutes until it was quiet. It got quiet. Too quiet.

- I think they missed us… Ah man, what are we going to do tomorrow… this isn´t my day…

- Well let´s face it Ash, by tomorrow half the world will probably know about you and me…

- Great… might as well plan a wedding, have babies and life happily ever after, right?!

Before Misty could even reaction to what Ash said that perfectly described what she had in mind for years to come, both looked outside and saw Pikachu. With a big grin. They´re busted

Pointing out were they were, it was as if Pikachu yelled out an charge, as all the Pokemon gathered just outside. Bayleef used Vinewhip, taking Ash and Misty out of the small cave.

Misty shrieked while the Pokemon threw both of them in the air to celebrate, as Ash ordered everyone to stop and put them down, managing to grab onto a tree to at least save himself.

But then it happened. Misty used her secret weapon. Activating a Pokeball, she dropped it to the ground, as a roar was heard that made even Snorlax almost start wearing diapers. All the Pokemon scattered in an instant, as Ash, Misty and even Gyarados laughed at their reaction.

Recalling it, Misty stood up and grabbed hold of Ash, but just as she was about to run again the Pokemon surrounded them. With no way out, the Pokemon got closer and closer to them.

- Okay guys, you had your fun, but me and Ash really gotta go now, so please make room…

Not listening to even Misty, the Pokemon were about to get hold of her and Ash again.

- Hey enough, it´s getting late, don´t make me recall you all! What do you want from us?

Ash regretted asking, as both he and Misty remained frozen. With a big smile, all Ash´s Pokemon suddenly made a kissing face, wanting to see one last kiss for the night.

- Well I guess we don´t have a choice Ash… but I don´t mind, I´m getting used to this…

With truer words not being spoken, both put their arms around each other and kissed. The Pokemon applauded once again and made way, as Ash and Misty finally could walk back.

With the lab closed, Tracey had locked and gone to bed, while Oak was waiting with Delia in Ash´s home, keeping her company incase she goes over the top once again with Ash or Misty.

- I always wished, maybe even saw some little signs, that the two might end up together…

- I saw it too Delia… but in the end it was for them to find out themselves, not from us…

- But you used this necklace to get them to confess… isn´t that contradicting what you say?

- The necklace you hold in your hand was the final piece. Ash and Misty have, for longer than you think, begun to realise themselves. I just entered as Mr Valentine to make it all complete.

- Why didn´t Misty tell me… she could have told me about how she felt about my little boy…

- Apart from your reaction… Misty didn´t tell anyone because she wasn´t ready to face it herself… but by tomorrow, many things will definitely change. For us all. But mostly them.

- But Ash… he never keeps secrets from me… why didn´t he tell me that she was the one…

- Ash never knew it on an conscious level, his feelings instead probably remained shrouded, until something finally made it surface. That´s why it´s mostly a big shock for Ash…

- But now that they´re together… what are we gonna do? And what are they gonna do?

- That Delia… is something time will tell. For now, I believe the best thing is to give them time, space and the love they need from us all. What matters most is that they got each other.

- I didn´t think he´d grown up so fast… and Misty… oh this is happening too fast for me…

The door opened, as Ash entered the house with Misty. Knowing it´s already late, it was a perfect timing to leave, as Oak said goodnight to Delia and asked Misty if she would be staying in Delia´s guesthouse. Both Ash and Delia quickly turned to Misty to hear her answer.

- I´ve got so used to staying here already, unless Delia doesn´t have her guest room ready…

- Oh my, I forgot to prepare it since you told me you were coming! But now it´s so late and…

Telling everyone that Misty could stay in his room on the upper bed, Ash took a big risk that in the end had payed off, as no one had any objections to his suggestion, especially Misty.

Professor Oak left after saying goodnight, as Ash went to the bathroom to wash up abit before going to his room to change, while Delia locked the front door and was about to go up the stairs when Misty suddenly asked her to stop for just awhile. Delia knew what was coming.

- Miss Ketchum… what you saw happen today with us… I just want you to know that I…

- My dear… I already know, somehow I always knew. You don´t have to say anything…

- I´m sorry if we went too far, it´s just…now we´re finally together, and it´s hard to be apart…

- Misty… it´s ok. I have always had faith in both of you to do what´s in your hearts… here.

Having wanted to keep the necklace for the night, Delia gave it back to Misty, as Misty nodded in response, finally feeling like she has received Delia´s approval and blessing to her new relationship with Ash. Saying goodnight, Delia went upstairs and entered her bedroom.

Misty went to the bathroom, noticing Ash was done and probably in his room, as she took from her travelling purse her pyjamas, far different from the one she left behind in the house.

Now changed into her pyjamas, Misty decided for one final thing, as she took forth the necklace and put it on. Entering Ash´s room, she saw that apparently he was asleep.

Not wanting to disturb him, Misty got up onto the bed above, but as minutes past by she still couldn´t sleep, and neither could Ash. Having his back turned towards the wall, Ash was fully awake, as both somehow knew that they both were awake, but decided not to take it further.

As if they were thinking of the same thing, eventually their eyes got heavier, as both fell asleep. Misty with her necklace around her neck, and Ash with her handkerchief in his hand…

A new day, a new Ash?! Chapter 2 Preview:

´´ Much has changed for Ash, be it his decision to remain home or the much expected reunion with Misty… but for a new Ash Ketchum, what does the next day have in store for him?´´

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