Kyra was her name now, Jack died when she watched him walk out of her life…forever. Now she was the definition of beautiful, long, dark brown, straight hair reaching her shoulders, with a slender womanly figure, with a tight round ass and a nice rack as the men would say and she had picked up some muscles along the way. She was still stuck in New Mecca right where that fat bastard had left her, but she knew now he never really cared for a strange kid who tried to hide her true identity in boy's clothing, a kid who shaved her head, wore goggles, and even tried having a bad ass attitude just like him.

"God, he must have been laughing his ass off at me on the inside every second, the only god-damn reason he saved me back then was because of that pompous, cocky ass, pussy running, hiding, dick, let Fry die," Kyra full of rage. She stayed pissed off at Imam, the fucking holy man, who held her down while Riddick had made his escape from her.

"I hope that fat bastard is happy because I don't have a god-damn feeling in my body for anything or anyone, I'll have to thank him for that one day, that is if we ever cross paths again, nope just my own ass to care about," Kyra trying to shower but she was just too full of rage at that dick still being in her life in some shape or form, mostly in her dreams. Now 20 years old she had gotten a job at two places, local gym where all men came to fight her and make bets on her to hit the mat or even get herself killed, but she had trained from a merc who had grown old in his years, he had recently passed away. Of course she had also spent a year with a wild wolf pack and picked up on the animal instincts, which she impressed herself with. The men at the gym would always start off by trying to grab her ass which was always how most of them got their blood spilt and some died when they never had the sense to stay down but they were always determined that they wouldn't lose to a girl, so really most never made it out of the ring. Of course Kyra had her own scars, from blades, and places where her flesh had broke when punched or kicked too hard. Her reaction time was faster than any man's and sometimes she really made her own head spin with the speed of her reaction time, though she sometimes wondered how she had kept from dying. The other job was a job that Imam didn't approve of, she worked at the local bar, great tips for just serving drinks and food to unwashed apes that sometimes got punched in the nose because they couldn't keep their hands off the merchandise sort of speak. Tonight was the night before her 21 birthday, and she was working her turf at the bar, serving the apes that the entertainment and drinks always brought in,

"Hey Kyra babe, Cindy didn't come in tonight and you would make a lot more money on stage, can you cover for Cindy tonight?" Ben asked sweetly. Now Kyra liked her boss, hell, she would go as far to say that they were even friends, Kyra shrugged,

"I don't have any outfits and particularly I don't like to be grabbed or touched for that matter," Kyra explained as she filled a drink for the apes.

"Come on, please, I've give ya $100 to do it, and hell, ya might have actually have some fun, let all that stress go, be idolized, and great tips," Ben trying to persuade her.

"Well, if you get me some outfits from the other dancers, and let me punch the guys when they do grab me, and bump up that $100 to $200, you've got a deal," Kyra explained, Ben gave her $200 in cash, she smirked,

"Now, the outfits and you will have yourself one of the most sexiest dancers any of these apes ever seen, Benny boy," Kyra smiling as she playfully patted his cheek.

"I'll be right back," Ben going to the dancers,

~Kyra, what are you doing? Are you trying to get kicked out of Imam's house, or are you just simply trying to give Imam a heart attack? ~ Kyra talking to herself, she poured herself some very strong whiskey and downed the whole glass.

"Yeah! You're one hell of a girl K," one of the drunks slurred,

"Gee, you really think so Bobby?" Kyra sarcastically, knowing he was too drunk to even realize what he was saying.

"Alright, here's the outfits, why don't you go in the back and change," Ben giving her three different outfits. Kyra went in the back and changed,

"God, why am I doing this, so those big drunken apes can have some different eye candy?" Kyra confused.

"The tips, you'll be rolling in the dough and soon you'll be able to get a nice ship and supply it for years and never have to land," her mind reminding her.

"Yeah, just keep thinking about those tips," Kyra mumbled low. Slowly she came out with her old worn trench coat on,

"Go find a song I can dance to preferably one with a beat," Kyra instructed Ben, he smirked. Kyra poured herself another drink of whiskey,

"I can't believe I'm doing this, think money, think tips, great tips," Kyra closing her eyes.

"Have I got a surprise for you, for tonight and tonight only, you all have the pleasure of being entertained by our temp dancer, the beautiful, the gorgeous, most dangerous young woman in this city, and please I do warn you all, she does not like to be touched, here she is, Kyra," Ben clapping, everyone watched her head to the stage. Ben turned on a song for her to dance to, she took a deep breathe, slowly her coat came off, every man whistled and hollered out at her, they all gathered around the stage. Kyra wore a silk blue see-through thong and a fringed-beaded bikini top. She still wore her leather razor blade holders on her wrists and a leg sheath with two shivs she had made by herself.

"You can be my sexy princess warrior anytime," one guy slipping a $5 bill in her garter, Kyra bent down and flung her tits that were still in the bikini top but barely, at the man's face, as she shook her ass at the onlookers across the stage.

"Not a princess hun, I'm a killer," Kyra getting close to his ear and whispered very sexy in his ear, then pushed him away as she started playing around the pole and finally took her top off, every man yelled and whistled as they kept drinking,

"Oh hun, you can kill me anytime," another guy slipping a $10 in her leg garter, Kyra was slowly loosening up,

~This is pretty fun.~Kyra smiling as she climbed the pole to the top and hung upside down and slowly let her thighs work and press together and release as she slowly slid down the pole, she ignored the apes that were chomping at the bits for her wanting her, drooling all over their selves and she was the root cause for all of it. Slowly she met the floor and let her ass cheeks bounce together as she turned her head, stuck her finger in her mouth slowly pushing it in and out and then licked her hand and slapped her naked ass cheek. She spotted a man with ten shot glasses filled to the brim, she crawled sexily, like she was some kind of animal on the prowl, over to him and reached out and took a shot glass and threw it back, she took another and poured it down in the valley of her tits and smashed them together as she threw her head back, the man took the opportunity to lean forward and lick the Jack Daniels off her chest, but that was a big mistake, Kyra punched the guy in the jaw, cracking his jaw bone. She went around letting the men put their donations in her garters on her legs. Then she started taking her shivs out, which she cleaned every night, and started playing with them, rubbing them on the inside of her thighs and across her belly, the shiv was so sharp it left a thin line of blood in its wake. Imam came in to talk to her boss and was stunned when he finally realized she was the main attraction that night, Kyra didn't see him, she was too busy making money that was going to get her out of there. Imam left,

"That is it, I cant do it anymore, I cant watch her doing this with her life, with her body," Imam only knowing of one solution. When he got back home he radioed the man who was held responsible for all this, Riddick.

"I thought I told you only to use this is emergencies?" Riddick bellowed,

"It is, I cant take care of her anymore, she's out of control, she fights at the local gym and she's killed just about every merc that deems to fight the kid, then tonight I catch her being the main entertainment down here at the local bar, cant do it, I have a family to worry about!" Imam shouting. Riddick quiet,

"Riddick, I cant keep her anymore, I don't want to kick her out, the kid has been through hell and she is still putting herself through hell, its like she's punishing herself for being a bad kid…" Imam being interrupted,

"I'll be there tomorrow," Riddick cutting the communication. That night Imam was already asleep when Kyra stumbled drunkenly through the front door and up to her room. She took a shower and washed her body from the dirty day off her,

"Happy birthday Kyra, 21 years old," Kyra talking to herself as she scrub her body till she had opened her fresh wounds from the day. She knew somehow Imam had known what she had done that night, but she didn't care about Imam, or Riddick and apparently after tonight, she didn't seem to care about herself. Slowly she got out of the shower, she looked in the mirror,

"When did I lose all control? Was I ever in control? Has anyone ever really cared about me? Have they even thought how I would wind up after being abandon twice and then shoved into another family?" Kyra shouted in her head. She rubbed her face and walked to her room where she shut the door and counted her money,

"$2000? That's it, after everything tonight, and with the bets at the gym, that's it?" Kyra throwing the money in the air and crawling into her pajamas, she turned on the night light and turned the big overhead light off, she put a shiv under her pillow and crawled under her comforter. She was asleep when she hit her pillow, but it didn't last long. At 2 in the morning only 30 minutes of sleeping Kyra was screaming out and rolling around in her bed, when she finally jerked up, she pressed her back to the headboard,

"Lights 100%," Kyra screamed, Imam was in the doorway, he saw a scared young woman having a death grip on a shiv and shaking.

"Kyra," Imam slowly walking over to her. She got testy,

"I'm fine Imam, just go back to sleep, I'll be out of your hair in a week, I don't want to impose on you and your family any longer," Kyra getting a handle on her labored breathing. Imam sat down,

"Kyra, you were never imposing on this family, if you would have just relaxed and letting the anger slip away you would have enjoyed staying here with us, I've always cared about you," Imam strongly.

"Bullshit, you took me in because you had to, you felt sorry for a kid, because she didn't have anyone else and she was shoved into your arms and were ordered to take care of her, no one has ever cared about this kid, so I'm not going to cause your family any other problems, I'll be gone by Friday," Kyra harshly.

"Kyra," Imam started,

"Save it, I don't want to hear any more lies, its all bullshit, so get up turn around, walk back to your room, curl up with your loving wife and go back to sleep, I am fine," Kyra speaking slowly and clearly so she wouldn't have to tell him again.

"Kyra, you are out of control, look at your scars, you are going to get yourself killed, and last night, that stunt you pulled at the bar, you are in trouble, you are drowning, you are punishing yourself, cant you see that?" Imam hurt.

"Because no one has ever cared! My parents left me, Riddick left me in that cave, he came back only because of Fry and then he leaves me again here, where you hold me down and let him escape, so I have every right to punish myself, everyone else has punished me," Kyra laying back down. Imam watched her roll over and turn her back against him. He walked out and shut the door, Kyra balled into a ball thinking about her life,

~I'm all screwed up, how, why, what the hell is wrong with me, what did I do to chase everyone away? How do I get back control?~ Kyra confused, looking at her clock, in two hours her alarm would be going off.