Med Bay

Riddick sat Kyra down and she leaned back onto the table,

"You need to calm down that ass of yours, do you realize you are going to get your ass killed? This isn't some gym back on Helion Prime where you can be fucking saved every time you get beaten down, this is real life Kyra. I am not going to be around every minute of the day to save you." Riddick sliding her bikini string out of the way, he cleaned her shoulder wound.

"I'm going to have to remove the bullet." Riddick getting his favorite shiv out,

"I am not a child, I knew a long time ago I couldn't count on you to be my savior and I know you only came to get me because of Imam calling you. I could have made it on my own just fine without you." Kyra gritting out. Riddick finally popped the bullet out,

"What, fighting every merc that happens to walk into that gym, kill them and rip them off of the money after they bled out? Yeah, real good job Kyra, that last time you almost got your ass killed." Riddick putting pressure on her wound.

"I thought I'd try to thin out the pussies that were after you, so you could settle down in one place, and besides, once I got enough money and ripped a merc off of a ship, I was coming to look for your ass, to beat your ass black and blue." Kyra growled.

"What was your plan when you ran out of money looking, become a fucking dancer? Damn it Kyra, I left you there so you could have a normal life, a family, this right here is no life for a …." Riddick being interrupted,

"Choose your words real careful." Kyra narrowing her eyes at him.

"It's not what I wanted for you." Riddick not good at telling her that he cared for her.

"Riddick, I wanted to be with you, but you dropped me when you dropped Imam. You left me to my nightmares, to fight them on my own, I did, and I fought yours, I hoped you would come back to me when I was growing up but I realized those were wasted dreams. So, I started making my own way through life, I know you didn't come back for me because you wanted to, it was all because you had to, so why don't you just back the fuck off and as soon as we land I'll be out of your hair for good." Kyra growled out as she jumped off the table and walked to the healing tubs, Riddick followed her. She knew he was there and took her cargo pants off slowly, teasing him with her movements, he growled, his beast wanting to take her.

"This ship will not land till you get your act together, you will get control of yourself and you will calm down." Riddick making his way over to her, she turned her head, it was dimly lit in the room, when she turned her head he saw her eyes, they were shined.

"Kyra." Riddick softly, he knew how bad the surgery was to get the shine job done, but he wondered why and how she could have got enough money for a shine job,

"You never told me how much pain I would endure for the job, of course, mine, it did only cost me a pack of menthol Kools, and I don't have to wear the stupid goggles." Kyra slipping down into the healing water with a hiss. Riddick came over to the healing tub, and bent down,

"Whether you want to believe me or not, I am glad you are here, I just want you to control that animal you hide in that body of yours." Riddick cupping his hands in the water and letting the water rain down on the cuts on her face.

"So what this all comes down to is that you wanna die for me?" Riddick asked strongly. Kyra open her eyes and stared straight into his glowing eyes,

"If I had to give my life up for you, then yes, I would die for you, I rather live for you though, we are in this together now Riddick, and there is no turning back. The reason why I fought the mercs was because I wanted skills, I wanted to train myself, to better myself for you, to be good enough to be with you at your side." Kyra strongly. Riddick's animal side growled, growling because it had accepted her answer, and because Riddick would not take her like it wanted him to. Riddick got face to face with her,

"We fight, I train you, you listen to me, and no bullshit coming from your mouth, got it?" Riddick growled. Kyra was being turned on, she stared at his shined eyes,

"I am not scared of you, I never was." Kyra hissed out, Riddick's large masculine hand was around her throat before she could even blink,

"How about now?" Riddick growled through his teeth,

"Never." Kyra choked out.

"Do you understand my rules Kyra?" Riddick asked lowly,

"Yes, I understand your rules." Kyra snarled out.

"Good." Riddick getting really close to her and sniffing her scent, she closed her eyes, trying to get a hold on her arousal, he smirked.

"It's been a long time since I've smelt gorgeous." Riddick still holding her neck as he glanced at her closed eyes, he then glanced down at her body, he licked his lips as he slipped a hand down in the water and slowly over her skin and in between her clothed thighs, her nails sunk into his back, hissing just from the simple pleasure of his touch. He jerk away,

"Only in your wildest dreams kid." Riddick's voice rang in her ears but she knew he was already gone.

"Damn you Riddick." Kyra huffed, she hadn't ever been with a man before but her hormones were raging when she was around him, she blamed the animal, the pure wild animal raging inside her.

~I need to take this…whatever this is out of my system before I get my ass in trouble.~ Kyra closing her eyes and trying to relax but Riddick had done a job of getting her nerves all out of line.

~If he can play with me like this and think he can get away with it, he has another thing coming, he'll get his, two can play this game. ~ Kyra smirked as she started taking care of her problems herself. After she was done she walked by Riddick's room rubbing her hand on his door giving it a rich smell of her.

~Sweet dreams big guy. ~ Kyra taking the room across from his. She cleaned herself off and dressed in cargo pants and a sports bra and laid down and soon fell asleep.