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"Tell me a story, Gamma," Elena pleaded as she hopped up into bed, "please."

Elena's grandmother chuckled lightly as she tucked the young girl in under a large, quilted comforter.

"Which one, my sweet?" She asked as she settled gingerly into a chair beside the bed.

"The one about the gods," Elena replied, bouncing excitedly in her spot.

"I should have known," Gamma said, shaking her head in amusement, "maybe you should tell it to me. I'm sure by now you know it even better than I do after all the times I've told it to you."

Elena crossed her arms over her chest and pouted in reply.

"I want you to tell it, Gamma." She whined, pathetically. "Please!"

"Ok, ok," Gamma laughed, "I'll tell you the story."

A huge grin overtook Elena's face, and she snuggled down onto the bed eagerly so her grandmother could begin.

"Back in the beginning, there were two gods," Gamma began, "the god of death and the goddess of life. These two gods were united in an eternal bond of love and out of that bond they had seven children. Their children were the ones who created our world as we know it today. The goddess of water, of course, made all the oceans and seas, while her sister, the goddess of nature, created the land and all the plants that grew upon it. The gods of wind and fire together made a balance of weather, therefore creating the seasons of cold and warmth. Then, their mother, the goddess of life, created all the animals that would live in the new world, including the humans.

"She sent her daughter, the goddess of wisdom, to teach the humans all that they would need to know to survive. Once she believed they no longer needed her guidance, the goddess of wisdom left the humans to fend for themselves. The first born brothers, the gods of the sun and moon, were then stationed to watch over them from afar: the god of the sun during the day and the god of the moon during the night. For several years, the humans prospered, and the gods went on to watch them with much pleasure. But, as the years went by, the humans became arrogant, forgetting to pay homage to the gods in gratitude for everything that they had received. They believed that they no longer needed the gods' favor to be prosperous. This displeased the gods, and the god of death put a curse upon the humans. Instead of living forever as the gods would, the humans became mortal and were at the mercy of the weakness of their own bodies.

"The gods, saddened by the betrayal of the humans, no longer visited Earth. The only ones that still maintained contact with the human world were the gods of the sun and moon. They still remained, diligently watching over the small planet in hopes that there was still some good within its people. Though, through the years they were disappointed as disease and war scarred the once beautiful world. Sin and corruption had taken the place of serenity and kindness."

"It made the gods sad, didn't it, Gamma?" Elena chirped, her big blue eyes staring up at her grandmother.

"Yes, my darling, it did." Gamma answered, gravely, "none more so than the god of the moon. For even amongst his brothers and sisters, he was the outcast. Unlike his vibrant and shining twin, the god of the moon was quiet and often kept to himself. And sadly, he was without someone to love."

"Didn't anyone love him, Gamma?"

"Yes, his mother loved him very much. It could be said he was the favorite of all her children. You see, the gods all had a soul-mate, someone who they would be bonded to just as their parents were. The god of wind and the goddess of wisdom were bound to each other, just as the god of fire and the goddess of water were tied together. The god of the sun and the goddess of nature were soul-mates as well. The only one left without someone to be tied to was the god of the moon, which made him very unhappy. He grew to be cold and lonely, which is why the moon is always so pale in the sky. That is why he took to looking over the human world, to try to forget his pain. For even though there was so much death and suffering within that world, there was also life and happiness. With each new birth and fair harvest, the god of the moon is able to forget a bit of his loneliness."

"Did he ever find someone to love, Gamma?" Elena asked, softly.

"Well," Gamma went on with a whimsical smile, "it is said that, someday…the god of the moon will fall in love with the most beautiful human girl to ever walk the Earth and he will invite her to come live with him in his kingdom. She will then, become immortal and will stay by his side until the end of time."

Elena smiled wearily and buried down farther into the covers, unable to stifle the yawn that escaped her lips. Her grandmother leaned over and kissed her forehead affectionately before turning off the lamp on the nightstand. The pale light of the moon poured in through the window next to the bed. This seemed to calm Elena more and made her even sleepier. She gave a great yawn as she pulled the blankets closer around herself.

"Sleep well, my dear." Gamma told her, softly, as she got up and began to leave.

"I really do hope he finds that girl someday, Gamma." Elena mumbled, sleepily. "I don't want him to be lonely forever."

Gamma smiled over her shoulder at her granddaughter and replied, "Me too, Honey, me too. Good night, Elena."

"Good night, Gamma." Elena murmured as she turned on her side and looked out the window.

Through the blinds she could see that the moon was full up in the dark sky. The stars twinkled like diamonds with the same pale light as the moon. Tonight it was even paler than usual, almost shining with a blue hue. Elena thought it looked so sad, just as her Gamma had described in her story. With a small smile, she whispered to the moon, "If you want, I will love you, Moon. I will love you forever if I can."

Her eyes began to droop as fatigue began to over-take her. Elena closed her eyes and let sleep take her to a dream world where the gods from her grandmother's story lived. There she danced in green fields filled with her favorite flowers in the arms of a tall, young man with a kind, sad smile.

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