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Chapter IV

Elena tossed and turned in her large bed, her pillows and blankets strewn about in a jumbled mess. Her first night in the Moon Palace was not a comfortable one; she couldn't get herself to relax enough to fall asleep. After a nerve-racking and awkward banquet with the moon god Kiran, Elena's brain was racing, and sleep seemed like some far away thing that she couldn't grasp. She stared up through one of the many skylights at the moonlight that poured into her bed chamber and found some small comfort in the soft light. With a sigh, she pushed away the remaining blankets that covered her body and sat up, turning to her feet dangled off of the side of the bed. If she couldn't sleep, Elena figured she might as well do something other than just lay in bed all night. Slipping off of the bed, she grabbed the black, silken, kimono-like robe that was draped over her vanity ottoman.

Slipping it on, Elena traced gently over the butterfly and lily designs that were embroidered into the silk in rose-pink thread. Tying the sash tightly around her waist, Elena walked into her sitting room. Opening the doors to her room, she peered out into the corridor and found it to be surprisingly empty. From her limited time with Myrran, she had presumed that the immortals didn't need sleep, and it seemed odd that no one was about. Silently, she slipped out of her room and let the door close behind her.

Elena walked down the corridor, making sure to look for landmarks to help her find her way back. Through the window arches, she could hear the calming song of the nightingale, singing sweetly to the moon and stars above. Finally, she made her way to one of the open courtyards, whether it was the one she had arrived in she didn't know. If it was, then it was more alive than earlier. The courtyard was filled with flowers, all of which were in full bloom. The air was saturated with their sweet aroma, and it gave Elena a feeling of intoxication. She made her way over to a small pool encased in marble. Night-blooming water lilies littered the surface of the water. Beneath the lily pads, Elena could see brilliantly-colored fish swimming about leisurely. She ran her fingers through the water lightly, and the fish, instead of fleeing from her, they came up and kissed the tips of her fingers. Startled, Elena pulled her hand back, looking down at the fish incredulously. They went back to their swimming, their scales shimmering a myriad of colors in the moonlight.

The atmosphere was calming, the air humid and warm like summer, but not overwhelmingly so. Elena stared up at the sky, at the vibrant stars and swollen moon. The beauty and soothing aura of the courtyard around Elena finally made her relax. She lay back on the fountain, staring up at the sky contently. Her expression became wistful, and she didn't notice how heavy her eyelids had become. She watched as brilliant-colored butterflies flitted and danced gracefully from flower to flower. A lazy hum came from other insects that were drifting about the courtyard. The hard marble of the fountain didn't even faze Elena, who was slowly drifting into a comfortable slumber. Everything was so lovely, so serene, and it was easy to give into fatigue.

And so, Elena drifted away under the open sky to the sound of the nightingales' lullaby. A moment or two passed before a tall figure stepped out from the shadowed cover of the blossoming trees. Kiran made his way slowly to where Elena lay. Standing over her, his dark eyes swept slowly over her sleeping form. He watched as a small smile graced her lips, caused by some wonderful dream no doubt. His cold gaze warmed slightly as he gently brushed a few, stray wisps of hair from her face.

Elena shifted under his caress, murmuring something unintelligible in her sleep. Kiran's lips quirked upwards slightly as if he were about to smile.

You always did sleep so well. He thought.

Without hesitation, he bent down and gently scooped her limp form up into his arms. Her head rested against his chest as he cradled her to him. Kiran made his way back to her room, finding it without difficulty. Opening the door, he slipped inside the sitting room before drifting towards her bedchamber. Carefully, he laid her down among the soft, mussed sheets. Gazing down at her peaceful face, Kiran felt a part of his frigid being warm. What was it about this Human girl that made him feel…alive? Then, he watched as Elena shifted onto her side and reach out, taking his hand in hers and cradling it to her face.

Kiran stared down at her in wonder, her touch oddly comforting. Suddenly, Elena became that little girl once more before his eyes.

"If you want, I will love you, Moon. I will love you forever if I can."

A slight smile bloomed upon his lips.

I have never forgotten, Elena.

Bending over her, Kiran softly brushed his lips over her forehead with great tenderness.

Sleep well, Dear One. He told her. May you have the most pleasant of dreams.

Carefully, he removed his hand from her grasp. With one last glance at her sleeping face, Kiran vanished as silently as he had appeared. As if noticing the loss, Elena stirred. Her eyes opened slightly, though she was not fully aware of where she was or what had happened. All she was able to distinguish was that it felt as if something was missing. The warmth was gone.

It wasn't long before fatigue took hold of her again, and Elena did not resist. She slipped back into her deep sleep, all thought of the emptiness forgotten.

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