Comfort From The Heart

It had been a week after the attack from the Domo's son and Draco, sending the turtles into different realities. Leonardo was able to work together with Usagi to get the family back together again, and back home to the lair under New York.

But that week had been anything but quiet, Michelangelo or Mikey had been going on about how cool the world where he was sent was. Where they were all superheroes with superpowers, straight out of the comic books the orange-clad turtle loves so much.

Raphael was sent to a planet where a dangerous but adrenaline filled race was happening, he loved it and had spent every waking minute reliving it by going out on his bike when they weren't training.

Leonardo, everyone knew where he had ended up, and had easily slipped back into the training that was disturbed by the attack but his mind was easily distracted when watching his silent purple-clad brother, who hardly talked about what happened to him.

Instead, Donatello kept to himself and worked on various projects like repairing his computer from the power overload and the gadgets that were now scattered in his corner. He was training with them all, but the normal banter was missing. Then there were the dark bags under the turtles eyes, the little shaking in his form showed the amount of coffee he had taken up to drinking to keep himself awake.

Leonardo sighed as he returned the swords to their sheaths on his back, he looked around the lair and found Mikey asleep with a comic book open on his chest and Klunk fast asleep on him. He smiled at the scene before looking around finding Master Splinter had retired for the night with candlelight flickering out from the small room.

Raphael's snores came from where the blue-clad turtle knew where his room was located, the only noises in the lair were those, the sounds of the entertainment area and the sounds of a keyboard tapping.

The oldest turtle closed his eyes and silently prayed before he reopened them, walking over to where Donatello was working on some program from what he could tell. "Donny, you should get some sleep... you've been at this all week" He said softly, resting a hand on his brother's shoulder..

"I can't Leo... I need to do this, I can't sleep" Donatello's soft voice replied, not turning around to look at his brother but had stopped working.

Leo was surprised to feel a slight shake under his touch, "Come on, time for you to get some sleep" He said in a more firm tone. "You'll just make yourself ill, like you have before"

Donny sighed and shook his head, wincing as he did so. He saved the program with a few clicks of the mouse and shook off his brother's arm as he got up. "I'll be fine..." He muttered and closed his eyes as the room spun.

Leo saw this happening and caught his brother, "Woah there Donny, come on... let's get you to bed" He said softly, supporting his brother as he led him away from the computer and towards the bedrooms.

Donatello sighed softly, "I'm sorry Leo... maybe you're right, maybe should try and get some sleep" He muttered as they slowly walked to the bedrooms.

"Maybe you should, and maybe in the morning you better talk to us about what happened... you've been like this since he sent you to that world, you haven't said anything apart from confusing us by saying we're alive" Leo replied as they got to the bedrooms, he helped Donatello onto his messy bed that had looked like it hadn't been slept in for over a week.

"I... I can't talk about it Leo... just want to forget it" His brother muttered in reply, turning away from him.

"Talking does help Donny, if I've learnt anything over the years of training then I know that... and you're family, if you ever need to talk to me then please, come and talk to me" Leo replied sitting on the edge of the bed.

Donatello curled up on himself, remaining silent almost brooding.

"This isn't like you at all Donny, but I'm going to head to bed myself... maybe in the morning you will like to talk, remember that I'm just across the hall" Leonardo replied softly and got up off the bed.

"You all died" A soft voice, cracking with emotion came from the bed behind the turtle as he started to leave. "I couldn't do anything to help... you all fought and died..."

Leonardo stopped and turned around, seeing his brother hadn't moved from his protective position on the bed. He remained silent to see if anything else would be said.

"The whole world was just depressed, under the rule of the Shredder... Mikey had lost a arm, and wasn't our Mikey... he wasn't the carefree, funny brother we love" Donatello muttered, staring at the blank wall that supported his bed.

"Raphael had lost a eye... but hadn't changed from what I saw, fell out with you... or him... Master Splinter.... father..." He stopped and took a shuddering breath, "He was dead when I got there... Mikey showed me his grave"

The sword wielding turtle walked over and sat down on the bed, "What about the others? April and Casey?" He asked softly, noticing that he hadn't been mentioned like the others.

"April was rebel leader... Casey died... killed by Shredder" Donatello's voice muttered, fading away as he started to fall asleep.

"I'll leave you to sleep" Leonardo whispered softly, getting the blanket from the floor and draped it over his brother.

Donatello quickly turned around and grabbed his arm, looking up at him. "Don't, please Leo..." He said softly, pleading at him with his eyes, which were wet with tears.

Leonardo smiled softly and climbed on the bed, just like when they were younger and had fear of nightmares. Donatello instantly curled up against him, using his brother's chest as a what looked like a uncomfortable pillow.

"I won't leave you Donatello, just get some sleep" He said softly, hugging his brother against him. He watched as he fell asleep before getting comfortable for a long night.

It had only been a few hours since he had fallen asleep, but soon the twitching and muttering started, Leonardo was knocked out of his light sleep and looked down at his brother.

The genius kept muttering and flinching in his sleep, tears trailing down his face from where his brother had removed the bandana. He muttered a little louder forcing Leonardo to wake him up with a few shakes to the shoulder.

"Hey Donny, come on wake up" He said sharply, trying to get through the nightmare.

Donatello woke with a jump and looked around his surroundings before latching onto Leonardo, hugging him tightly and cried out the reaction to the nightmare.

This surprised the turtle, but he just held onto him and let his brother cry out the reaction muttering soothing words returning the hug.

Master Splinter watched from the doorway as slowly Donatello returned to the sleep he needed, "This is only the start Leonardo... he must have seen something traumatic" He said softly, coming into the room with a few books and a flask in his hands.

"He told me about most of it, but something has got me concerned... and its not the effort he's been taking into keeping awake" Leonardo replied, watching Donatello sleep against him. He pulled the blankets around his brother a little tighter as Master Splinter sat down on a nearby chair.

The leader sighed and told their father what Donatello had told him, "But nothing about me... not how I look, how I appeared... nothing" He finished as Donatello whimpered in his dreams.

Master Splinter frowned in thought and wondered what to say, "I too have tried to talk to Donatello but never got anywhere... not as much as you have managed to get out of him" He replied after a few moments silence.

"What do you suggest father?" Leonardo asked softly, looking between the sleeping turtle and their sensei. He watched as their father opened the flask and poured some tea out of it.

"Well just continue what you are doing now, offer him the support he needs and a ear when he wants to use it... I have tried and was waiting for him to come to me or to one of the others..." Master Splinter replied as he put the cup on the bedside table, on top of the books thinking Leonardo could catch up on his reading.

Leonardo sighed softly, rubbing the top of Donatello's shoulders in a small soothing motion to help him sleep better and hopefully peacefully. "I know father, I will just have to try my best" He said softly looking down at the sleeping turtle.

Master Splinter nodded and rose up, to return to his own room for the night knowing that Leonardo will be able to take care of his brother.

Donatello sunk down into a deep sleep amongst his brother's arms, the warmth and comfort held the nightmares at bay for now. He whimpered and flinched now and then when they tried to resurface but was chased off by a comforting rub on his shoulders.

Leonardo slowly dozed off after getting some of his reading done by the dim light in the room, he kept rubbing his brother's shoulder through the blankets before falling asleep for a little while.

As he fell asleep comforting his traumatized brother, he wondered how long it would be before the nightmares took over the genius of the family once again. He wished there was more he could do to help, his family didn't deserve this, Donatello didn't deserve this.

He was the most frail one, always latching onto the family when he was younger and still did, even now. To see everyone that he cared about dead or changed traumatically like he had was too much for the sensitive turtle.

The blue-clad turtle gently got Donatello's sleeping form into a more comfortable position for them both before falling asleep, hoping that the comforting embrace would sooth him and allow the turtle some much needed sleep.